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Open file (700.48 KB 2365x3548 002.jpg)
Open file (657.15 KB 1333x2000 ZIWJAriz_o.jpg)
Wai thread #22 Anonymous 06/13/2018 (Wed) 18:15:51 No. 9104
only best waifu allowed in this thread
Open file (174.52 KB 1280x743 U0NSboe0qao.jpg)
not off to a good start then :^
Yeh, instagram posts all out of order in the website, ok on my android app.
yeah you're terrible at it
Open file (2.85 MB 978x550 1528279687290.webm)
how did she get so 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘲𝘶𝘦
does anyone know anyone who is currently live on IG or has a livestream replay currently active? i want to test a livestream downloader

also pic related for the OP
If not by some stupid writing, this season would have been great. Fucking dumb reason for Alycia to be all mad with the blonde nurse, jesus.
Open file (928.69 KB 640x480 thank you.mp4)
Hey guys, I added some premium dns to mewch, so things should load alot faster starting in the next few hours. I know most of you are from Brazil, there is now a special datacenter serving mewch from brazil. Just lmk in >>>/meta/ if you have any feedback. Thanks guys..
Open file (574.18 KB 1600x2202 TriScbX.jpg)
Cool. Will comment once my internet unfucks itself and I am able to notice if it improved.
Conservatives are not entitled to respect. They are simply bad people. You have no right to complain about the consequences you face for being a bad person. Instead of complaining, you should become a good person. Complaining only makes those consequences more justified.
Open file (34.40 KB 349x323 DffYNHDUcAAKD-R.jpg)
>accidentally double tap the cellphone button and open the camera
>this kat pic is on the screen and for a minute I have the illusion she is a 'person', and how it would be like to photograph her
>feels everywhere
I didn't ask for this.
Open file (45.02 KB 800x620 enya-bakunova_25.jpg)
but not in a studio, that would be boring
perhaps on a grassy hill or near a river in the middle of a forest
tfw your waifu supports fags
Open file (37.22 KB 720x404 holly earl 0_0.jpg)
>concerning oneself with the drivels of a child
wtf I love preserves now
If only they didn't get to vote
me w my sis
None of that is true power, the real issue is fatherlessness and men can do something about that regardless.
sex siblings
Open file (75.52 KB 1080x1080 1528831679659.jpg)
Open file (495.67 KB 1797x2700 1466161701110-1.jpg)
Why isn't this thread filled only with pictures of Kiernan? Silly people can't even stick to a theme.
Open file (7.20 MB 1920x1080 1470444957230.webm)
Ignorance of perfection is no excuse for not posting her.
Is there an archive? I haven't been here since about halfway through #16, and I'm sad to see that it (and it looks like every #'d thread before it and between it and this one) are gone.
Open file (104.06 KB 750x741 1469440796775.jpg)
No archive for them sorry. Threads from here will be kept just locked though.

The last 2 are still here. They were deleted since they were at sage limit and some people were posting cp in them as an attack on mewch.
Lexi finally posting some quality content
Open file (1.03 MB 1997x3000 1458943125905.jpg)
S: The Content.
How does she get away with it?
Is this black enough for the alpine slav
tfw i used to have her brother as friend but he never posted anything with emma in it for a year or so, so i unfollowed him, and now that he's hanging out with her and probably posting top sexy rares of her i can't see them because he won't accept me as friend anymore
Did Jane add you?
i haven't tried to add her yet, but since you only get one chance for evaluation, and i don't have any cool edits on my page yet so i might chances to get added are very slim if i'm being realistic
Open file (1.56 MB 2929x4003 246c1a894459214.jpg)
ayy lmao
>"hey big bro take a pic of my aaassss"
yeah but gibe anyway
Open file (1.30 MB 2832x4256 1444185989239.jpg)
stupid pervert
"Big bro what are you doing, I'm changing; don't photograph me like this! [laughs]"
Open file (3.80 MB 1280x720 1528570454808.webm)
why is incest so popular with waifus?
Open file (366.57 KB 1537x1825 79e6a1888824814.jpg)
probably overexposure to anime doujins
Open file (305.15 KB 852x1281 1465221078383-3.jpg)
Don't post kaykay
Open file (3.89 MB 540x960 1527029847419.webm)
rude she's very talented bully
Open file (2.96 MB 2124x3000 1438918920813.jpg)
Too talented for someone like you to post.
Open file (115.04 KB 1080x791 1527772014236.jpg)
their face when *

I'm a talent appreciator
doesn't matter she hot
wtf that was reply to >>9147 I must have deleted the post number by accident
Open file (2.89 MB 419x240 V6i9.webm)
Open file (676.06 KB 3150x2100 72074419_picturepub5.jpg)
she's so into it
Yeah, the lack of new drugs is totally the problem/solution...
>watch the latest episode of The Expanse
>Bobby doesn't stomp on my balls

Why do I even bother?
>she doesn't look any better off-screen
rude af fam I don't insult your waifus
I didn't think you were into her looks, more into her butch penis stomping qualities.
Honestly I duno, I hate coconuts but she makes my penis go doki doki for some reason.
Do you got other stompfus?
Well I'm a switch so I want most of my waifus to stomp my balls one day and then I want to tie them up and smash them from behind the next. Most of the older actresses I have liked tend to have a higher proportion of dommey thoughts (eg, Olivia Wilde, Kristen Bell, Natalie Dormer, Diane Kruger), but none so completely as Bobby. I have no desire to have regular sex with her at all, I just want her to beat me up.
>Millie Bobby Brown of 'Stranger Things' leaves Twitter after becoming an antigay meme. She's 14, y'all.
RIP my other chan. Went offline yesterday and the admin hasn't been positing or responding for a whole year.
Open file (349.28 KB 1920x1080 eh.jpg)
is it the br one?
Yeah, xchan. Some cool anons there, not sure if they can find me now. lol
Bring them here
>come back to your car
>see this cuteboy on your bonnet
what do?
Tell him to fuckoff and don't give him a buck for watching my car.
Have her save my parking spot while I go to lunch
/v/ was right about feminists in videogames
sooo lewd
i miss her in colony
Reminds me of that "gameplay is subjective" screencap that was going around.

Burn it all. It's the only way.
Even Snake lost his ass.
Open file (10.75 MB 1280x720 Young_and_Beautiful.webm)
who gives a fuck dood nothing matters except communism and weed
my parents just don't understand

yeah the situation is looking dire. censorship and identity politics everywhere. DICE and their new Battlefield is probably the saddest one for me. you can tell they became honest to goodness SJWs because they lost any sense of nuance, and any criticism just makes them more rabid. they think they have all the answers and it's IMPERATIVE that their politics be shoved into everything.

I heard about that
the ironing
Open file (87.23 KB 1200x675 DfmJVJGXcAEoG1x.jpg)
Open file (47.60 KB 619x521 DfmprQDUcAABH0B.jpg)
Open file (47.95 KB 694x390 DflM69SUcAA2_31.jpg)
If history repeats itself, the censorious wave will soon flip sides and the conservatives will be using the political power and censorship tools built by the progressives against them en masse.
Open file (66.58 KB 1068x1335 1800962853541547912.jpg)
and I thought we hated the US in argentina
turns out they hate themselves far more than any foreigners ever could
I always hated america since I was a kid, but mostly the american government. I used to think of the american people as douches, but knowing them as I got older I just thought of them as people who were just as fucked as everyone else, but lacking self-awareness (which changed over time).

But these people go from -8 to 8000^, from having self-awareness to pure suicidal self-hatred.
Open file (15.46 MB 400x230 ritual pro-aborto.mp4)
Open file (83.71 KB 806x1007 1800252934547034297.jpg)
this is a fun one
I thought social justice witches were just a twitter meme but clearly they're not

those people would never kill themselves though. they're way, way too self-important for that.
Consensus building. lol.

I'd like to put her in a consensus camp.
Open file (100.32 KB 867x1024 pride month millie.jpg)
This is so cool

<3 you Millie!
Gracing this thread with perfection
Open file (99.15 KB 1080x996 1800908011146017305.jpg)
and potatoes


Open file (311.09 KB 1280x1600 1514343748209.jpg)
She deleted her twitter over this. Doesn't she know it's pride month? She should be proud of her beliefs.
schadenfraude is unhealthy
Open file (61.50 KB 456x810 notsorry.jpg)
Makes sense, seeing as how enjoyable it is.
Open file (988.74 KB 2106x3000 1427325784192.jpg)
Has Millie seen any of these?
She is so rolly polly.
>when the weif posts suicidal videos
Who was it?
Open file (537.80 KB 1306x1919 8e47a8861769684.jpg)
Imagine actually deleting your twitter over a meme.
Sum lewd titty model I have been watching. Doubt she will actually off herself. Just bipolar likely.
imagine being 14
Her singing made me think that someone actually died. I guess that isn't the case.
Fun fact: The memsters that did those are progressives, left-wingos, its an 'ironic' meme. The media has been soft on them for it and instead of calling them evil monsters, they report as if memes spontaneously sprout on the internet and have a mind of their own.
Open file (1.60 MB 2117x3000 470390016_master.jpg)
Plenty of 14 year olds (and younger) are mature enough to handle such things.
don't you have anxiety problems?
Open file (23.95 KB 573x372 (1) Twitter.jpg)
lol assface is real.
the absolute state of of pedophiles
Open file (318.86 KB 2048x2565 EPvUuDm.jpg)
Open file (57.93 KB 658x960 Dfs6EomW0AASqd0.jpg)
That is what happens when you chew on a gun and fail.
but you can't empathise with her?
The memes were made by gay/lesbian twitter users and /r/LGBTeens. She proly nuked her twitter because she was afraid to react in any way that would mark her as homophobic. If they were "deplorables", I bet she would just call for their heads and have orgasms while feeling like she is #resisting.
Was there any reason they chose Millie to meme around with?

Also kinda funny that the gays are admitting to making anti gay propaganda
I don't get it
Open file (712.79 KB 1920x1080 1514615552102.jpg)
a+ imagery
I have something she can #resist
Open file (316.29 KB 747x960 1471251700051_0.jpg)
Everyone gives me shit all the time for being too sensitive.
If I, some fucking white male pleb, has to deal with it, then so should a cute millionaire girl who everyone loves and will have anything she wants handed to her on a silver platter.
Besides, I've learned that by far the best way to deal with things is to ignore them. The hard part comes in fighting the urge to respond.

I want to see Millie orgasm.
Open file (1.47 MB 5248x3501 QGFkV5uS_o.jpg)
>I want to see Millie orgasm.

I can show you
I can't read that. It's all nonsense posted by fags. And there isn't even pics of waifus.
I think even gays feel relief to break taboos under their own oppressive culture? People are retarded.
Open file (109.58 KB 1080x1080 1799485116498990623.jpg)
I can smell the low IQs

I'm starting to think tato just needs you to describe your own failings in detail at least once a week because it makes him feel better about himself
Open file (298.51 KB 1200x1600 1471182708361.jpg)
I'm waiting..

That sounds pretty accurate.
>I guess we decided we couldn't let the straights have all the fun, and have elected to shoot ourselves in the foot.

>Happy Pride Month!

lol, night.
privileged people can be sad

It's just so personal, really weird thing to see on mainstream internet

fuck you
Open file (1.42 MB 1280x1920 BryanaHolly.jpg)
Stop posting Renata.
Open file (132.63 KB 780x780 sara-grace.jpg)
well okay sorry
but you kinda don't need to remind him of something on a regular schedule when he already knows it
I don't even disagree with you about millie but leave poor slava alone jeez

what a nice dress
*anime runs towards you*
>leave poor slava alone jeez
Open file (251.16 KB 220x164 yuyu.gif)
Open file (96.04 KB 640x629 1429205362122.jpg)
Looks more like a very scared run
Open file (291.60 KB 1280x1280 1528984848931.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 2407x3610 1460784614939.jpg)
Moral of the story is to kill the rabbit and take his garden?
pic unrelated to u
Why is the fox always the retard? I thought foxes were smart
foxes are dumb thats why we call girls like her vixens
Open file (606.03 KB 1470x2205 1452309343289.jpg)
I already know i'm the good in this world.
Am i that ugly ;-;
Open file (954.05 KB 2136x3216 1429279958771.jpg)
Well she is running towards you.
Open file (3.91 MB 2507x3063 a26b96895620214.jpg)
VERY fast bee girl running at incredible hihg speed
Open file (2.47 MB 3000x1995 1442623046480.jpg)
Open file (95.20 KB 1024x576 DfnLVW-U8AA1doo.jpg)
How is OUAT sci-fi? What is shadowhunters?
To normies, sci fi is anything that's not a drama or crime show. And it still can be if they have some gimmick.
Open file (57.21 KB 666x687 DfuLKDAWAAAghZZ.jpg)
Open file (1010.77 KB 3160x3254 1519054948762.png)
post yfw australians cant play cyberpunk
If it gets "banned" doesn't that just mean that I'll pirate it instead of buying it? Like I would have anyway
Open file (818.95 KB 2000x3000 1438140485383.jpg)
I'll just pirate it then.
Australia is a fake country anyway.
Open file (537.45 KB 1024x576 y67nt98biwv01.png)
>I'll just break the law then.
Just like your ancestors!


Funny little comedy series I highly recommend for anyone with an Antipodean sense of humour.
I don't really think that pirating a Polish videogame is really on the same level as stealing bread (what my ancestor was First Fleeted for).
Open file (2.21 MB 2850x4218 1438140485351.jpg)
Don't still my stirner memes that I want to post

This worked really well for Ghostbusters. Lets do it again.
Open file (89.72 KB 420x420 1524884757743.jpg)
But I don't get to blame jews for anything
>I hate smiling
She does, she said so many times.
Open file (8.34 KB 223x232 Dfuqa7-UwAEc55p.jpg)
How does "extreme nudity" differs from regular nudity?
Open file (571.55 KB 791x791 1512789292523.jpg)
Maybe the nude person is doing a kickflip.
colonscopy gameplay?
yacht life
sambarks makes me want sum fucc
Open file (39.27 KB 500x1003 DftRmVSU0AEK3Wk.jpg)
This new normie meme, "big mood", "big think", etc... is very... Idiocracy.
Open file (6.45 MB 2628x4096 1513528800872.jpg)
Still less disgusting than most humans I see day to day
best trap you've seen yet?
Open file (815.46 KB 1364x2046 168363.jpg)
I guess so, now that I think about it.
Open file (27.36 KB 501x333 DfwXraKXUAMGhoy.jpg)
Open file (730.83 KB 886x570 1529044554555.png)
Skylar was cool years ago
Open file (167.09 KB 1244x1390 yAupVWz.jpg)
Open file (893.94 KB 1402x2100 168362.jpg)
who dat?
Open file (1.60 MB 1080x1134 hannahgmccloud4.jpg)
Open file (503.76 KB 1152x2048 meme shirt.jpg)
Pretty cute for a 56er. Is she just an insta model?
i think so, i found her very recently so idk much except she's a native canadian or something
teef :3
>obligatory /pol/posting
Open file (1.39 MB 4032x3024 we've tried nothing.jpg)
And that's supposed to be a "serious" news source? All those article links might as well be punchlines.
except the one about Millie bullying
it's like the media in Idiocracy except less colorful because it looks more trustworthy in b&w
Open file (132.54 KB 1438x829 it means 11.jpg)
I need to watch that one again. It's been to long.
top of my kek
ahh yes idiocracy is some of my favourite cinema

me hiding in the closet filming
Open file (27.36 KB 350x392 1511076722168.jpg)
Turns out the article is about how the author's husband died

We'll see about that fanny pack one though.
pls tell us how it turns out
Open file (192.10 KB 720x1280 1512005232351.jpg)
Chris Pine wears a fanny pack for some movie. He's still handsome so the ladies still want to fug him, fanny pack or no.

I liked the dead husband one better.
Chads can literally suck cock and play Nintendo Switch and women still want to fug them. Much like pretty wamen can be cum buckets and still get romantic men after them.
yw for the spacious cuck closet
Open file (3.69 MB 4000x6000 slick hair.jpg)
Normies, man.
The shit they do makes me sick.
Open file (127.24 KB 1080x1350 rwr.jpg)
I mean it serves its purpose as a point of reference perfectly
maybe I should try to find an example of bad media in german new wave films to make my analogy more appropriate for tato's exceptional taste
that wouldn't be fedora at all

degenerates, all of them
Open file (392.34 KB 768x505 1509298119685.png)
That girl has amazing bone structure
I wanna bone that structure iykwim
Open file (2.86 MB 640x640 1529098197122.webm)
Open file (66.30 KB 500x644 f5c.jpg)
Surely you meant french new wave haha

Idiocracy is just the go to for edgy teenagers who hate society
Not disagreeing
to be fair I only know about it because of /w's pedo movie nights

>Idiocracy is just the go to for edgy teenagers who hate society
I'm aware. I only watched it because it was mentioned a few times in steam chat
Open file (81.61 KB 800x1393 Falling_down_d-fens.jpg)
>not enjoying edgycore movies
I mean it's good fun, and I'm no elitist, but it's just fiction. Wall-E was much better without the lazy cynicism.
unlike with idiocracy I've always wanted to watch that one but I never get around to it. my mom loves it.

yes I realize it's fiction. just because I watched a movie that is popular on reddit doesn't mean you have to explain things like I'm a redditor
don't think I watched any Pixar movies other than first two Toy Story ones. most just don't grab my attention I guess.
It's an interesting movie. Lots of fanservice for white wageslaves.
hormone therapy paid off

*sings marseillaise*

>During the interview, Bundchen said she wasn't an avid social media user, adding it was her sister who created her Instagram account.
>"It's not my generation -- I have to be honest about that. I'm older, wiser. If I had to promote myself in the way girls modeling now have to do, forget it. I wouldn't do it," she told Vogue's Rob Haskell.

instathots btfo
how will they ever recover?
tfwywn give marina 1on1 private english lessons
iit's a well known fact best waifus don't use instagram or only very sparingly
*see saoirse**
Open file (1.69 MB 1280x720 intotheforest.webm)
or the tomboy queen
yeah... probably not. kpim looks very cute like that though. her smile's gotten a lot better too. warmer.
they're comfy, but maybe they're too simple and not edgy enough for you i dunno...
Open file (603.85 KB 2100x3150 72074415_picturepub4.jpg)
>life is a joke
>"End" sign
>maybe they're too simple and not edgy enough for you
>edgy enough for you
my posts were a lot more sincere and nice before you guys discovered /waifuist/ and I was forced to adapt

looks like a fish

very subtle
my spirit animal
Open file (18.45 KB 624x352 RS01E03-EPD-00048.jpg)
that flannel shirt
stay away she's not a lesbian yet
tfw a giant bimbo will never flatten your city
why live
Open file (698.17 KB 982x900 why.png)
>Lexee isn't thicc anymore
Open file (73.17 KB 842x581 DfsFfuhW4AATvG5.jpg)
Last ep of Expanse was quite trippy. I enjoyed it. I assume that sun-exploding beam thing is basically a message. Don't fuck with us or we blow your sun up, bitches. Likely it will turn out into a war-of-the-worlds thing in which they are the universe-police and you have to be a good boi Belters are gonna get the sun blown.
Oops... I meant a "The Day the Earth Stood Still" thing.
lexee is perfect! perfect!

hm as a book reader ......................................................................
Open file (907.88 KB 2100x2729 1461839593125-0.jpg)
Open file (543.39 KB 256x192 gundam wryyyyyy.gif)
>kiki isn't thicc anymore either
Open file (134.15 KB 716x960 15053076373811.jpg)
Can I feel your hat?
and my gloves too
Books are better than movies in most things, but it also has some serious limitations. It completely lacks that extra something actors can bring in, even the best author can't write down at every moment how a beautiful face is, or how a charismatic expression is, and its also limited into how much you can get into someone else's mind. No matter how well written the book is, 90% of the mental imagery is still yours, and I start to feel isolated, like if I'm masturbating to my own imagination instead of enjoying the work of others. Its weird.
I didn't spoil that.
Open file (1.04 MB 1973x3000 1443855264287.jpg)
tfw kiki was never thicc
truly best waifu
but thicc kiki is best kiki
Open file (2.28 MB 2403x3600 1446757557802.jpg)
Strong thighs isn't thicc
Waifumania XI: Kara and Snoopy vs Alex and Levon in a steel cage match

Head pats AND handholding? Don't wake me from this dream
it is in my white man's dreams
Has any of you ever waifued/had feels for a book character? (I haven't).
such is life
Open file (1.21 MB 2400x3600 1446863492456.jpg)
Feels? Like what? Romantic feelings? Or sympathetic ones? If the latter then plenty.
I haven't, though I hardly ever read story books.
you and nastenka?
Open file (864.45 KB 1536x2048 1468106455788.jpg)
Then no. Not really. Might be some girls who I like, but nothing like that.

Of course not her. Maybe Margareta/Gretchen from Faust so far. She's pretty cute.
Open file (381.97 KB 2048x1536 DMt5BbpU8AISOHM.jpg)
*has feels*
>got cable tv fixed
>liberal propaganda everywhere
I regret everything.
Open file (480.47 KB 600x521 1518506615521.png)
is ok fren
Open file (93.45 KB 620x670 1461683075536.jpg)
did you enjoy the laborious france-australia
I only watched the first half. Was boring.
Seems it livened up in the second.
Open file (44.94 KB 610x641 Df04o3dVMAASyw7.jpg)
She seems like such a sweet girl
i wonder what happened between them

she is, i wish she posted more
grate brown girl
Open file (74.66 KB 1200x675 DfwJhgIWAAQcJ7a.jpg)
Open file (179.70 KB 703x628 Radio11.jpg)
Hnng. Maddie has super thicc legs and hips.
Open file (843.89 KB 978x550 dogowaving.webm)
Open file (2.88 MB 978x550 baddogo.webm)
Open file (316.52 KB 888x1020 ggsa.jpg)
>argentina 1 - 1 iceland
Open file (129.05 KB 1080x1080 sleeping dogs.jpg)

r u black?
you could try to dig a tunnel from GB to netherlands, and if calculated your way correctly, then a dutch gf could be waiting just for you when you come out on the other end
Open file (154.87 KB 1280x852 1519354437617.jpg)
might be easier to find different transportation, then try finding one

heard lots of them hang around and do what you want for a small fee
California changed her.
i don't see any implants or obvious botox lips yet
Open file (904.64 KB 1565x1102 1529173804414.jpg)
now get zendaya to do it plz
Open file (860.21 KB 488x360 1519845744957.webm)
always honk when you see a cute girl
oh bb dat hair on dat face
Open file (65.16 KB 1000x667 IMG_20171111_234415.jpg)
The words came to me to express my feeling about The Last of Us 2 trailer.
It wasn't made for the lesbian gamers, it was made for the straw misogynists in their head. It was made to 'pwn them' and not to actually 'represent' (or even please) anyone as they claim.
Open file (253.45 KB 737x313 mfwtb.png)
Its only me or there has been a drought of cute and good female musicians in the last few years?

This one is cute, but she is shit.
Open file (1.25 MB 1200x1059 DfznluLUwAAgzxN.png)
There is some good stuff, but most new singers are 'hipster' trash that act as if they are on heavy medication and can't sing for shit.

Autotune made singing lessons obsolete.
I don't feel very pwnd. I like non ugly lesbians.
Open file (1.04 MB 2850x3691 1438503948851.jpg)
Not bad for jpop
>the straw misogynists in their head
are you saying most western men aren't actually murderous woman-hating monsters out to rape and kill for the fun of it? what an outlandish idea
It depends on how positively they review the game
Corporations virtue signal for the very same reason "feminist male allies" do, because they have some horrid shit in their closet to hide. Its very telling.
Open file (427.01 KB 591x588 1529159375074.png)
depends if wai is representative of western men
Open file (155.12 KB 1080x1350 1525899866281.jpg)
I thought it was perceived profitability. Someone should do a study on the relative profitability of media with female/homo protagonists.
Money is what it's always about. I guess there's more to be gained than to lose by virtue signaling.
Open file (126.27 KB 960x1200 DWua0NuWkAEs0aO.jpg)
it's by far the easiest way for any shady corporation to improve their public image these days. they just have to change their website's logo for a day or put a rainbow flag on their packaging and twitter and reddit will instantly love them more than they love their parents. it would be retarded not to do it.
Open file (1.08 MB 1080x1350 born to sparkle.jpg)
I don't get why people are so easily appeased by that shit. Aren't all corporations evil?
D E P O R T!
what does this expression mean?
Open file (115.04 KB 1080x791 1527772014236.jpg)
good post
Open file (85.93 KB 1080x873 jade2.jpg)
good post
fuck me
Open file (357.11 KB 765x956 nsuz77.jpg)
something about lexis expression
Open file (84.73 KB 960x960 1802550987416987744.jpg)
does she go to the same tanning salon as trump?

I think that's just how her face be
No she just spends as much time on the beach as Trump on golf courses
Open file (202.95 KB 557x414 1802373828169931103.jpg)
I'm third from the right
Why are lesbians so weeeeeird
Open file (62.36 KB 500x398 1325179519484_f.jpg)
idk about you but weird people are the only people I can stand
me on the left
Open file (493.28 KB 1080x1349 jwbb2be.jpg)
they like women
Open file (468.95 KB 1080x985 crackhead jayden.jpg)
doesn't count if you're not dealing with them irl poseur

>waiting for australia to show up to take a picture
bad taste
>doesn't count if you're not dealing with them irl poseur
it's not my fault that cool weird people like that are so hard to find. I mean look at this board, it's available to the entire planet and there are only like 10 of us. I know we don't do much in the way of advertising but my point still stands.

>bad taste
that got me thinking. what would australia taste like if it was a flavor?

preach it melanie
idk if you were here when we discussed record stores a few days ago but her album was front and center in the one I went to. no childish gambino or shawn mendes to be seen. I like that place.
Sounds like a good store.
Give them your monies.
it would probably be better if you gave them yours tbh
our currency loses value faster than a girl who hit puberty
this caters to only the most hardcore weirdos the cream of the cream
cheap beer and strawberry icecream
Open file (150.55 KB 938x1200 1529095621720.jpg)
>our currency loses value faster than a girl who hit puberty
Bad Ellehu!
Open file (1.00 MB 1080x1080 1802427814609675659.jpg)
>the cream of the cream
I think you aren't supposed to translate that idiom...

>cheap beer and strawberry icecream
why the strawberry ice cream? is it supposed to represent the sweetness and deliciousness of female australians?

don't ask me to be creative with the analogies at 7 AM. it's a naughty one but just roll with it please.
it's actually cream of the crop
no esl bullying

reminds me of eternal summer
no, I meant that you're just supposed to say 'la creme de la creme'. we don't translate it in spanish and I think most anglos say it in french too.

>reminds me of eternal summer
ohh I see. do you like hot days? I don't remember if you ever talked about that
only poseurs do that
funny to see them all fail to spell conoisseur correctly though
don't care much for it but i much prefer 30+ to 10 and less
non white genes in action
Open file (130.14 KB 1080x1080 1528014670025.jpg)
how hot does it get where you guys are? 40+?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCOtVF6dglY new mishmish vid. I just learned that she's 17

>don't care much for it but i much prefer 30+ to 10 and less
I can understand that, for me it really depends on the circumstances. sub-10° is nice when you're inside, drinking tea and listening to the rain. not so nice when you have to be outside.
exactly 40° is the hottest it's ever gotten. most summer days it's gonna be 30-35°
-5° is the minimum during winter ~40° max during summer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-33Oaq4eXI i just learned that she was born a boy i didn't
wew that body, her blue top isn't showing it enough
Open file (422.54 KB 1080x1311 hehehrh.jpg)
why are aliens posing as yt traps

sounds nice
Open file (1.19 MB 1080x1080 1802572521443431367.jpg)
emma is everything. she may be a total normie but she makes up for it with that face.
night fam it's super late
is posing in front of the boys restroom a way to come out as a trap?
wishful thinking
seeya goodnight

looks like the football team locker room to me
no thanks im just asking the professionals
in my expert opinion I do not think so. but I would need a good look at her penis to tell for sure. I thought you were someone else
sorry i'm nowhere near as cool as the other french poster you thought you were talking to
dont make it even more confusing by posting the same girls as me ya weirdo
Open file (513.30 KB 1080x1080 ngdyu87.jpg)
he's mostly just rude. Did murph get in an accident that paralysed her face muscles?
we're one and the same now so learn to deal with your newly found love for traps

shot by crips after a drug deal gone wrong now her face is all plastic

dm her and tell her to deliver more bikini pics it's summer
>top 10 ways to get blocked on instagram
>jastookes is following
what does it mean
Open file (142.92 KB 480x360 th7uihbv.jpg)
if she doesn't post them there's no point following anyway.

nice photoshop

>newly found
Open file (2.89 MB 640x1136 1528015093882.webm)
>its a woman talking about her urinary tract infection hour on the radio
means victoria secret soon

It is ultimately, its about keeping activists and journalists from exposing their shady profit maximization practices, worker right's violations, etc... like Amazon employees who receive no pay if they don't meet their quotas and even bathroom breaks count, so they tend to pee in bottles and leave them hidden around, and have an over 40% mental health breakdown ratio.

So they "we love the gays!", and the media never speaks about it.
Should I bother making a cream soda? Never seen anywhere serving it here. Sounds ok.
>cream soda
how does one make that?
Something like, make a water+sugar syrup with vanilla and lemon, then wait it to cool down and mix it with cold carbonated water. Drop an ice-cream (cream?) scoop on top optionally.
sounds like a hassle but do tell if it turned out good or not
Buy legendary pack of razer products for a night with Karina.
Does "a night with" include her bullying me with her feet and calling me names in Russian while spitting on me?
Open file (2.82 MB 854x480 dogo-4.webm)
nice outfit hehe
She is russian, not german. She will just take it like a dead fish and not swallow in the end.
where's the ecstasy when you need some?
Open file (124.59 KB 494x740 1524495095993.jpg)
pssst wanna buy some pills
Open file (258.26 KB 1920x1080 armor geddon 2.jpg)
Aside for the 'fus, Haters Back Off is a bad show. And it has two seasons whereas Everything Sucks only got one.
Fucking netflix
rate this mugshot
Open file (845.65 KB 1741x1152 Francesca-Reale3261.jpg)
Not too bad, though her lips look dry.
A fine jewish mother.
I don't know why she was crying the whole season it was only a few fingers.
Absolutely retarded PSA tier forced meme. Very contrived too, because its produced like a normal/good show, but has all these weird pointers.
>henry tries to get past it
>"henry, you are piratically a misogynist against yourself now"
Its like its a self-aware satire, but its not.
Each episode could have been ~10 minutes shorter.
Spent too much time explaining sexual assault, paraplegics, etc.
Also didn't delve deeper into that step sister's sex-lust for women.
She is not lesbian, she is just racist. She was so progressive that she repressed her lust for white men, and the limp nigger dick didn't do it for her.
Open file (185.99 KB 1502x1000 Francesca Reale 2.jpg)
What is this show about?
Open file (100.36 KB 459x685 sits.jpg)
Open file (64.77 KB 640x640 sleeps2.jpg)
Open file (99.10 KB 640x640 sleeps.jpg)
She is nice.
Open file (2.23 MB 640x640 refrigerator.mp4)
In paper its a sequel to Jumper, the movie. It has some pretty nice stuff about jumpers. But its 80% a PSA of rape awareness and other stuff. Kinda forced, but not bottom of the pit SJW crazyness.
Open file (295.01 KB 480x360 OW65DuQ9lk4pqjt1.mp4)
Open file (1.05 MB 480x360 Eq3erl0TbwHyj0qL.mp4)
Open file (21.78 KB 357x371 Clipboard-1.jpg)
Open file (1.74 MB 640x640 Maddie Jumps.webm)
It sounds painful
Open file (31.95 KB 382x353 Df7F2vhXkAEm7sm.jpg)
Open file (51.64 KB 576x371 Df7F0m7WsAELr4V.jpg)
Compared to the shit I take on a daily basis, its pretty innocuous.

Open file (90.20 KB 617x1000 flowers.jpg)
That guy is really something. Four reasons I'd send him to the camps, and that's just from his twitter bio.
Open file (1.12 MB 1080x1080 1802572485078930234.jpg)
bunny ranch's employee of the month/10
Open file (136.26 KB 3840x2160 Impulse.S01E02.bum.jpeg)
>sargoy and dankula joined the ukip
Open file (882.06 KB 1080x1229 1485346131481.jpg)
Maybe people just care when an arg dies and other fans are not reported?
makes sense. we're the only people that matter.
Open file (210.90 KB 695x1050 Cortney Palm - 234d.jpg)
Or everyone hates them and celebrate it.
I like the ones where normies get hurt
Open file (3.08 MB 1920x1080 DisloyalRadiantBluet.webm)
tfw when your classmates are too fat for .50cal
That's the navy railgun prototype right?
Open file (72.08 KB 1024x640 1529231312384m.jpg)
Pretty sure there have been gay main characters before.
I think it's a tank shell

that cannot be. he said LITERALLY
Found it https://youtu.be/BS0KgdzMB5A?t=2m42s

The perfect weapon. You could shoot through the entire school
oh so it is a railgun
looks real nasty
perfect for fantasizing about killing everyone I don't like
Open file (119.92 KB 576x768 1529279843278.jpg)
I don't think it's something you can carry yourself

I can't actually think of any game that has a scripted gay mc. but open rpgs have let you homo for a long time now. Fable let you marry dudes back in 2004 and I'm pretty sure you could have kids as well
Open file (660.41 KB 1996x3000 blonde 3.jpg)
who would you railgun first?
>I don't think it's something you can carry yourself
I never said anything about carrying it. just need to come up with some idea to get them all in the same building and I'll be sitting outside with the railgun.

>I can't actually think of any game that has a scripted gay mc.
every game with anime girls ever lol

Open file (369.66 KB 1280x1642 Lydia Graham - nKHSgFS.jpg)
I'm not giving anyone my plans fantasies for massive extermination.
Open file (342.48 KB 1000x1500 rogue 11.jpg)
Is this new? She looks cute.
Open file (176.25 KB 594x392 1421280130832.jpg)
Blonde is a better colour for her.
Open file (243.84 KB 1600x1200 1474843295660.jpg)
Fucking bastards.


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