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Open file (1.35 MB 2418x3338 1470459450873.jpg)
Suggestions/Requests for Functionality K. 04/16/2018 (Mon) 09:37:29 No. 857
If anyone has suggestions or ideas for things they'd like on the chan. Post some in here so we can ask milk to look into them.

Things like:
How posts are formatted when accompanied by a picture.
Also a [Go to Bottom] [Go to Top] type of button at the top and bottom would be nice.
In an ideal world, these are things I would love to see on the site:

>backlinking and inlining (most important)
>image hover (including fit to screen option)
>(you)s including a tab icon notification (8ch/4ch have a red exclamation mark to let you know to check the thread when you've been replied to)
>post/user count for thread (not as important since K added post limit but still handy for knowing when we're approaching it)
>catalog button and bottom/top button at top and bottom of thread
>custom flags
>proper trips
>having a 'show more options' button on the reply/quick reply boxes so that you don't have to have everything always visible such as location, block bypass, drag files to upload, spoiler, flag, etc
>reformat the image upload region of the quick reply box because a single tiny thumbnail creates a massive amount of blank space
>if you expand the quick reply box at the bottom right of the text box, you can't make it smaller again and sometimes it keeps expanding just by clicking on it
>spoilers on/off option
>the text wraps around images funny, and maybe add an option to wrap at 75% browser width
>maybe smaller post refresh timers, currently I've seen it go up to more than 6 minutes which is huge (yes I know it's a slow board but 3-5 minutes max is more than sufficiently slow)
>inbuilt reverse image search (ideally under the same arrow as report/delete post)
>remove the hide button (it's really ugly); possibly move it to the arrow
>clarification regarding whether Mega Milk is a fan of big milkers (very important)

People have also mentioned in the other thread that we should have more tags under our board name so that people can differentiate us from /waifuist/. I am not sure tags will be sufficient to differentiate us, so maybe we should have a sticky infopost in addition to this, at least temporarily. This might possibly include a link to the donations part of the site so that we can do our part in keeping our new home running.

I also want to say that I am a huge fan of the existing features, including the prebuilt themes and the realtime tracking, and that I know some of the things I have mentioned may already be in the works. I have no idea what the situation is with banners and spoiler images but we should also have custom images for these when we can. Let me know if I can help in any way.
Oh and forgot to mention having the time actually be correct. I hate relative time but it'd be better than this because at least I'd be able to tell how old a post is.
5 tags is max.

Local time conversion would be amazing. Or at least relative time.
Non-Ajax quote hovers. They are a bit slow and annoying.

We can implement most of those with our board JS quite easily. And I see backlinks already, and there are custom-flags in other boards.
There is already, on the top right. The arrows.
>Non-Ajax quote hovers.

Yes please.

>And I see backlinks already

I'd prefer that if I click on the backlink, it would inline it so that I can view a back and forth conversation without the link scrolling me up the thread.
I sketched a code for non-ajax hovers:

Its kinda the way I did on my own imageboard thing, you can hover a hover inside a hover and hover again to go reading up the chain of messages.

Just put in your settings / JS and try to see if its nice. It breaks the Ajax-Hovers tho, so do remove afterwards. And it is missing a few tests so you can do bizarre shit like adding the same post over and over again.

Lemme know if you guys like this style, I may implement it more correctly later.
the "don't show location" box gets unticked if you page refresh. anyone else have this problem?
You can use this code in your settings/JS while they don't fix it:
document.getElementById('checkboxNoFlag').checked = true;
Open file (30.61 KB 720x644 1489653624947.png)
thanks, i will install this virus now
Hover image code, just put in your settings/js.

It doesn't work with videos yet. Will do after lunch.
it doesn't seem to play sound for videos?
I didn't think anyone would want sound, but just remove the word "muted" from the code and it will play sound, and if you place 'controls' in its place, it will show the video playback controls by default.
Open file (1.07 MB 3328x4992 AHWsTZT.jpg)
Code for having names only in specific boards.

Usage instructions in the code itself.
Edited last time by Docdoc on 04/17/2018 (Tue) 15:25:56.
Really cool stuff
CSS code to greatly improve the display of multiple images.
.uploadDetails {
overflow : hidden;
max - width : 155px;
white - space : nowrap;
font - size : 10px;
.uploadDetails : hover {
max - width : 100 % ;

Its not ideal, because you can only read some filenames when hovering the mouse. Will think of a better solution later.
Way better:
text-overflow: ellipsis;

.uploadCell:hover .uploadDetails{

.originalNameLink {
white-space: nowrap;
Smol fix on an issue of the image-hover code. It would show hovers even on expanded images and videos:

Ez enuff to fix, I was just not very familiar with the function to think of it.
ImageHover + NonAjaxQuotes in a bundle (codes overlap for performance).

Quotes are still experimental, but this time they don't break the ajax hovers and are quite usable in a more than testing basis.
This is working great now. Can you get the same non-Ajax quotes on backlinks too?
Open file (289.49 KB 1920x1080 _2018-04-15-06h53m16s124.jpg)
Sure. Will do as I further develop the thing. Trying to get it smooth. I'll probably replace the ajax-hovers with my own as well, so you can read up a thread without even opening it. (and after that, posting in a thread without opening it), but I'll have to look up on how the api works.
Reminder to fix the issue when a filthy peasant quotes the OP like this:
Open file (116.65 KB 812x674 TINY FLOGS.jpg)
Pack with que quoted names and flags:
Edited last time by Docdoc on 04/19/2018 (Thu) 03:49:53.
Open file (43.08 KB 441x468 CITyBlbUEAAHsLg.jpg)
Rate this CSS.

.uploadCell:hover .uploadDetails{

white-space: nowrap;

>fixes multi-images posts getting oddly spaced
>hides some clutter of the screen showing only when you want
>nothing moves or shifts when you mouse over

>have to hover to see names and stuff
>the last of a multi-file post gets clipped

I think its the best that can be done with CSS, anything else will be JS.
Open file (160.09 KB 898x995 Untitled.jpg)
Not sure it's working as intended. Post 1791 here is about a word a line. And the cons probably make it not worth it unless those are still in progress.
That happened after you put the CSS in? because that is a frequent issue with most chans, I have some ideas to fix it later.
Also, did a smoll change to the pack above. Hovers now show under the mouse, so you don't have to chase them to close them nor you can add posts from an unrelated chain of comments. Oversight.
Quick (CSS) fix:
.innerPost{min-width: 60%;}
.divPosts .divMessage{float:left;margin-left:10px;}
.uploadCell img{margin-right:0px;}

This is the more correct ones, but has some aesthetic side effects to counter.
Open file (81.84 KB 500x500 smde.jpg)
Finished the specific-name per board code, now its fully automated. It will just magically remember what name you input in each board.

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