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Open file (1.21 MB 1080x1345 fattttt.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 1080x1345 79irnn.jpg)
Open file (46.14 KB 448x328 unnamed (2).png)
Mewch Thread #14 Anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 07:57:58 No. 5407
fadnad :DDD
Open file (1.91 MB 394x536 15261999426212.webm)
is pornographic talk allowed if they say they're 18?
Best the trailer park has to offer.
not sure if she's there to push and bully her sister or to boost her viewer count
Morning. Still 4g only. Kat posting is necessary.
Open file (3.40 MB 394x536 1526198749422.webm)
posing with her new clothes
yes that's what I meant by boost her viewer count
nice view. It looked like she was going to spit on the camera for a second

poor brynnsis, shes probably really mean to her ;_;
Open file (2.35 MB 293x450 15261999866212.webm)
Open file (3.79 MB 396x704 bully.webm)
wow you can't see anything
Open file (1.16 MB 2100x3150 1406083212315.jpg)
Stupid Sadie.
Open file (1.92 MB 3000x4200 8be5bb833817123.jpg)
jesus christ she's obnoxious. I feel bad for her sister she seems so chill in comparison.
Open file (279.69 KB 1000x1250 148927912640263.jpg)
The clock needs to go back.
I'd put my money on sadie if I were you. be ahead of the curve for once K ffs.
Open file (2.47 MB 396x594 1526200295830.webm)
Open file (564.58 KB 540x960 3262666723737.webm)
she nice most of the time but hits her sometimes too
What happened to Brynny? :(
Indian giver

>that face at the end

Open file (490.90 KB 1080x1080 thit.jpg)
she discovered boys
Open file (298.39 KB 396x576 1.webm)
she looks exhausted
Open file (4.38 MB 2985x4478 1442714826593.jpg)
I was already way ahead of the curve on Kiki and still am.
who else could have known her thighs would turn out like they did when she was just 9
Open file (1014.13 KB 2366x2769 1480618447831.jpg)
Dumb. I only created a folder for her in 2014.
>kiki the kike
>that chin
Open file (1.14 MB 2662x4000 1505543856806.jpg)
Kiernan is no kike.

Its perfect huh
Could use it to break rocks.
Open file (49.83 KB 480x472 1525823725595.jpg)
she can break mine anyday. but don't bully kiki she's one of the few non trash waifus
Open file (204.32 KB 737x1024 1485317153155.jpg)
>non trash waifus
Open file (581.19 KB 293x450 2.webm)
Open file (583.57 KB 711x400 1.webm)
who sung it better?
Open file (666.88 KB 640x1136 secret shoot.webm)
Open file (70.58 KB 576x768 1526190331060.jpg)
Imagine being Zahid in that pic and having to be all like "damn, Maisie, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your slutty clothes and horrific goblin face. I would totally have sex with you, both my reflection and the real me." when all he really wants to do is fuck another 8 year old in his tent. Like seriously imagine having to be Zahid and not only sit in that seat while Maisie Williams flaunts her disgusting body in front of you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her stretchmarks and leathery skin, and just sit there, station after station, hour after hour, while she perfected that pose. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her haughty attitude as everyone in the sub tells her she's STILL GOT IT and DAMN, MAISIE WILLIAMS LOOKS LIKE *THAT*?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch her mannish fucking gremlin face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day.
Open file (255.97 KB 1264x1919 1520010529716.jpg)
That's harsh, but true.
Open file (191.92 KB 1080x832 1526214424425.png)
maisie can be cute, I just love that pasta
forgot to say something about emily being a slut so here
She truly isn't.
Open file (213.24 KB 728x900 22 - zP4FoWi.jpg)
Open file (211.14 KB 608x900 23 - 0H2QKho.jpg)
id still go for it
Put a paper bag over it's head and I suppose so. She'd just be a fleshlight.
Open file (99.10 KB 675x900 41 - jX1tiuc.jpg)
lewd as heck
I forgot about the gag, wouldn't want to listen to it's horrible accent either.
Open file (3.83 MB 3712x5568 1487926383072.jpg)
Your instagram comments are getting out of hand
oooi yeaaah. feels so goood in me bum!
Open file (41.97 KB 640x427 1422756713958.jpg)
I thought the gag was a natural outcome of the fleshlight scenario

umm emily seems to like them
Open file (823.11 KB 2550x3612 1509237762107.jpg)
Truly a disgusting land of accents.
I suppose.
Open file (211.64 KB 1620x1080 1499634443826.jpg)
Squeeze her neck until she stops making bong noises.
Open file (494.90 KB 1470x2205 1452309343288.jpg)
Emily doesn't know what she's saying.
I'd be surprised if she could read.
Open file (58.15 KB 668x668 3479.jpg)
I bet she's conditioned well enough that she'll take her shirt off for whoever asks.
murder is bad, even bongs

sexist. emily is a strong independent woman who can be with any older guy she wants
Open file (73.14 KB 940x545 1466830250218.jpg)
Not murder, just prevent from talking.
Open file (1.52 MB 1997x3000 1442270921935-1.jpg)
Rude. I'm at least 60% sure she can read.

That might be true but she still doesn't know what she's doing. Her mother should be a better influence.
Open file (199.99 KB 1080x1350 20160325_185321.jpg)
she's sexy though
not cute idiot, sexy
I love goblinas now
>tfw no super comfy kat to comfort me from this isp that won't even take calls on the week end.
it's Ascension week-end good luck getting anyone to work anyday of this week
You need a Kat to rub your ears.
Open file (1.09 MB 1080x1080 mama sophia4.jpg)
r8 my mother in law
nice lil asian sophia
Open file (249.08 KB 597x599 1514860421055.jpg)
Ran out of backlogged shows. Now i have backlogged waifu movies.
Meme's so dank i would drive myself against the bridge.
Open file (2.84 MB 640x800 1526200392202.webm)
Open file (2.07 MB 1080x1080 1526238707169.png)
seems like alina is in dominican republic
what about the handmaids tale? downloaded that the other day

just make sure she doesn't cross the border to haiti
Open file (2.82 MB 854x480 dogo-4.webm)
i hope she stays to the east where she is
Open file (45.39 KB 850x480 DdE7IFsW4AUSTT_.jpg)
Looks like feminist porn.
Open file (732.42 KB 640x1136 1526244189188-0.mp4)
Open file (466.92 KB 640x1136 1526241719482-0.mp4)
Open file (626.05 KB 1530x2048 1526246813821.jpg)
>hop in faggot
Open file (72.10 KB 640x640 DdEqy00V4AAt2vu.jpg)
Open file (40.80 KB 538x537 DdEqxB_VMAEISv3.jpg)
Mommys for mothers day.
no it's Children of Men mixed with consensual rape
my mother in law and mother of my children
Open file (61.68 KB 600x620 woof.jpeg)
Why do flies try to annoy humans? They don't get food from it and are much more likely too die.
Open file (69.63 KB 683x1000 1526246833033-0.jpg)
im sure most have a suicide wish, flying around roads
Open file (1.25 MB 1044x1398 57a2c0493888887.jpg)
flies are my spirit animal
suicidal idiots with a scat fetish
Well memed. flies are constantly fucking tho.
Open file (571.27 KB 1332x2000 1523316335859.jpg)
se- I mean cute
Open file (1.61 MB 2621x3500 1526256338446.jpg)
She doesn't look too bad
Open file (157.47 KB 640x800 lewd.jpg)
anon has very high standards
We don't sexualize annie in this house. Not anymore.
Open file (837.03 KB 2002x3000 1526050985227.jpg)
>anon has standards
Ooh. Very lewd.
Open file (1.15 MB 2400x3600 1418043363275.jpg)
>low res
I wouldn't expect this memery from an american
Open file (154.37 KB 576x1024 1497218817880.jpg)
mean ;;

yeah im sure she didnt realise her bikini was so loose
yeah americans are usually the best posters
Open file (146.45 KB 1365x2048 1525362757022.jpg)
Not liking an ugly Jewess is a meme?
going from strength to strength <3
all due to her brains, skill and personality I'm sure
I thought she was already 18?

dont be sarcastic
Open file (2.81 MB 2615x3922 70005728_dsera-040.jpg)
>switches to meme of the month ultra normie game
>gains followers


Honestly, I say this with complete sincerity. I genuinely hope she kills herself or gets killed, perhaps hit by a car or in a terrorist attack or something.
She is a garbage cunt of a person.
lewd ryry

poor slava
Open file (2.06 MB 4256x2832 1524614975951.jpg)
You seem like a lovely person.
k can you speak this well yet?
Open file (2.47 MB 3311x4967 dbf722852417214.jpg)
Why poor me?
I'm fine.
Open file (494.61 KB 500x230 gu15.gif)
a good way for her to cheer up when she's sad would be to make more thinly veiled softcore porn for her audience to masturbate to. I wonder how much she makes selling her body on the internet. I imagine it must be easy to make bank when you just have to show yourself and your company basically builds itself around you lol
Open file (1.21 MB 3097x3871 1434019369809.jpg)
I'm not quite that good
Open file (207.28 KB 1280x1920 1522176352892.jpg)
What language is he speaking?
hey only like 1% of her content by volume is softcore porn bully, and I enjoyed watching her before I started fapping to her

nipponese moonrunes

gotta work hard if you wanna get that perfect geisha waif
hey buddy
Elle is so talented
Yeah, total spontaneous accident *fires up the thot oven*
Your posts were formatted as memes.
>blocks your car

youre all so jaded
Activated my trap card
Open file (840.35 KB 330x480 1522060010650.webm)
You just activated MY trap card.
Open file (1005.46 KB 3816x2672 11231645165415654.jpg)
Sometimes I wish I weren't.
Open file (624.42 KB 1080x1080 bs78o2nbd.jpg)
activated my dick
ivana so hot
Open file (237.14 KB 1920x1036 _2018-05-12-15h58m02s429.jpg)
Her bf is one of us.
rare footage of a celeb in their human form
speaking of brains, skill and personality
Open file (1.00 MB 1927x2900 Lana (8).jpg)
God of War seems like such an American thing. It's like nobody outside of the US gives a shit.
Open file (1.56 MB 640x800 ri.www_BiNGyNpnCWj.mp4)
do not ignore my insult pls
not sure why you said that tbh stef is all personality
Open file (642.88 KB 480x480 STAF12.mp4)
do not ignore my whiteknighting pls
my mum taught me that fi you cant aay anything that isnt transphobic then dont say anything at all.
Open file (6.48 MB 480x270 gu7.gif)
sounds like you had good parents
Open file (1.58 MB 2000x2760 1454213248596.jpg)
Poor tato can't speak at all
what went wrong haha ;_;
Open file (443.09 KB 969x1100 ad7d65487065823.jpg)
nothing tbh you seem pretty capable and likable
I was lamenting all the mistakes my parents made. then again they could have been worse
Open file (187.74 KB 800x1000 1463416888401.jpg)
>spoonfeeding random anons who don't even have the decency to contribute a picture or say please
Morning. Internet at last.
Open file (15.99 KB 480x362 1520357634450.jpg)
Good opportunity to guilt trip him
>waking up to 40+ new kat pics
Open file (2.01 MB 640x800 ri.www_BiFaUG-HtDl.mp4)
phoebe combes is her whole name btw I forgot I did a bit
Open file (2.37 MB 2000x1327 1520010560006.jpg)
happy mother's day cause i'm about to impregnate you

Prolly has some nipple covers. Or we are very unlucky.
Open file (152.31 KB 2048x1352 1520207843026.jpg)
> 40 years old
Sad she wasted such good genes.
She has a huge family with tons of kids, she didn't even need to breed.
Open file (941.27 KB 2159x3000 1526171242293.jpg)
You can't have enough of a good thing like her.
I have to assume she can't have them, because she sure likes them.
Open file (329.37 KB 1220x1156 1497284007993.jpg)
Nice get.
There's a word for people like that btw.
Open file (1.31 MB 640x360 N21H_jr0rwaRs-Bj.mp4)
>off duty brazilian female cop
>robber shows up, she pop him 5 times with a .40
>she gets a medal
>leftist media/social networks get butthurt
Open file (824.40 KB 775x510 1526245537678.gif)
based crop
Fucking lol
ywn go dumpster diving with saoirse
Nice banana squeeze technique.
Open file (122.32 KB 1568x669 1471913501528.jpg)
lewd bewbs
I wasn't sure if it was her or a friend, other pic confirmed her.
>farfaraway posted all of those kat pics in even higher res
you watch the expanse right? did you see it's getting cancelled already?
And a bunch of new ones too.
Yeah. I saw some 'save the expanse' shit on twiitter. Pretty sad, show has some strong qualities to it, but I can understand the low viewing. High barrier of entry with those unlikable characters and its hard to give a shit about earth/mars/belters. A bit too nihilistic of a view. BSG you could actually care about the people and stuff.
Open file (590.70 KB 1536x2304 157.jpg)
Open file (578.67 KB 1536x2304 125.jpg)
Open file (712.42 KB 1536x2304 150.jpg)
Open file (2.13 MB 2750x1833 166.jpg)
Open file (475.40 KB 2030x2925 1526300442028.jpg)
yeah syfy didn't get any money from streaming so they just gave up considering the kind of young audience for such a show
Open file (2.95 MB 287x330 bella so cute.gif)
Open file (71.11 KB 791x764 97.jpg)
Open file (95.62 KB 800x884 147.jpg)
Open file (426.29 KB 202x360 top tier waifu.webm)
So, Darling in the Franxx is radical right wing conservative propaganda.
Open file (15.83 KB 294x294 15165449895070.jpg)
>dat pey
semper fidelis brother
Look at her smug face for finally finding someone smaller than herself.
Open file (628.08 KB 1920x1080 Mothers Day.mp4_snapshot.jpg)
Better dead then red
should become a kindergarten teacher
she didn't even shoot him again while he was down, needs to go to American cop school

the actual phrase is better red

me as the banana
Open file (75.33 KB 576x1024 DdMGvcEV4AUWJ5n.jpg)
Westworld is nice, but this season is slower than the first.
Open file (41.31 KB 586x586 CFK0A3tUUAAmN9e.jpg)
It is?
I thought it was about killing communists
me eating out

that doesn't make sense though
was about to drop about the second episode's retarded siege tbh
I interpreted it as "I'd rather see a man be killed than that same man become a communist"

and I guess it's been used both ways
for real? the first season dragged on quite a bit before starting to give answers. slower than that doesn't sound good.
It's not dragging, but its more about crossing ts and dotting is. Not confusing like tree first season.
Open file (157.09 KB 897x1200 DW1q95ZWsAUyEk9.jpg)
That's a cool hat. No meme.
I take it that you could care less
khia on next mad max
Bed tiem. Lets have a comfy day tomorrow (today in some timezones).
Cheers to that
good comf sleepy schedule you got here
gimme a 14yo br slut right FUCKING now
Open file (112.58 KB 1080x1349 1488818007801.jpg)
uhhh wtf??
if I had one I wouldn't be giving it away would I
Open file (15.43 MB 1280x720 slut dance5.mp4)
Kiki isn't even br dum k

You wouldn't even loan it around?
Open file (2.58 MB 3000x3390 1497698449350.jpg)
I like how the other girl didn't even pretend to be fazed by the kiss
Open file (451.72 KB 1080x1302 hhhcr.jpg)
if you mean rent then sure
you just know her poor parents spent their life savings on those tits
I hope the investment works out for them
yeah the disgustingly painted walls remind me of abi's room and your typical third world shitrooms
poor girls
where's the bra andreja
with a little luck she'll use her tits to make a thousand times what her parents paid for them

>where's the bra andreja
only low IQ submissive women with internalized misogyny wear bras
Open file (241.48 KB 615x615 h5rdfh.jpg)
so now its ok for teenage boys to get hormones and fake tits but girls cant get fake tits and I cant even use steroids??
>only... women... wear bras
Open file (1.86 MB 3000x4446 70000438_dsera-007.jpg)
who's that christian probably br girl
thx she cute not many pictures of her
you're welcome
Open file (561.96 KB 2448x3264 DQVGyG8.jpg)
r8 my gf wai
Open file (97.40 KB 1200x675 DdBO0FZVAAA2zpZ.jpg)
oh god not that creepy model again
*runs to hide under bed*
gud study
w-we're all friends, r-right?
Open file (266.39 KB 1208x499 abortion demons.png)

Imagine having a waifu who literally campaigns to murder children.
Open file (104.58 KB 1600x900 hWZjq6k.jpg)
>anime avatar
Open file (158.93 KB 1050x741 1520121346566.png)
>ad hominem
Open file (1.03 MB 2721x1732 B7g69Jn.jpg)
I'm sorry was I supposed to address the unsubstantiated satanic ritualism?
Open file (321.16 KB 1252x1240 1504757184547.png)
Only literal brainlets sperg over a picture accompanying a post rather than the content of the post
Alternatively you can explain why your waifu likes to murder children.
Open file (137.44 KB 1920x1080 1512318844240.jpg)
what waifu
The one you're posting???????
Open file (651.41 KB 768x1024 107245051.jpg)
oh yeah well sersh is a satanist, but it's not some conspiracy
Open file (119.82 KB 1200x900 1512327020771.jpg)
Explain yourselves weebs
Saoirse says i have to kill unborn children i follow her waifu command
No Entry
I think it's only for minions, these no good worst kind of anime characters have really been trying to infiltrate nippon lately
completely forgot I meant to post those two as well
do you like https://www.instagram.com/brittanyanwender/
she seems like your type, just no br
mm yeah she's a cute
Dream today was a near-future murica, I was travelling there for business, most stores were automated, trying to get a meal and couldn't because I didn't had enough 'social credits', even tho I had the money.
>I slept and woke up alone, I'm very happy for having peace
Roastie literally forgot how its like not to wake up with some random guy next to her.
I'm pro-child murder, but not pro-normalization of child murder and certainly no late-stage child murder. Sersh doesn't seem to do either, so she is alright.
Open file (127.86 KB 797x1199 DdNEaZBW0AAXg7-.jpg)
Britbongs, we will be requiring photos with timestamps of such loycenses to continue to allow you to post on NSFW boards, ok? The queen demands it.
black market porn sales will rise, only your dealer will know your tastes
she's pure sex in this capetrash
I like her diversifying, even if its beneath her.
TechLinked became better than NCIX Tech News was, nice to still have my silly canadian tech news bits.

she's almost 50
after you've proven yourself like she has there's nothing wrong with doing retarded capeshit and blockbusters for money or fun
there has to be a full version

shes not been in much this season of westworld
cute dance
yeah but tbh never liked her character much so it isn't much of a waste
need more maeve
Open file (689.32 KB 640x640 1526238380983.png)
you looking forward to their adventures in japworld
i dunno if they'll ever show any of it to be honest, might get a cool new nip sidekick though
Open file (264.87 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
Open file (312.38 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
Open file (312.43 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
oh i thought most of next weeks show was going to be that
She is going to say "I know kung-fu", isn't she?
Open file (386.93 KB 1321x1891 1499737972014.jpg)
wtf is that from? next week's trailer? i don't remember any of this
Open file (1.20 MB 2852x2195 1519363539068.jpg)
something cheesy for sure

was at the end of the episode and the teaser here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAS3pMuhq7g
didn't realise so many quality waifus were in recent capeshit

rip HBO budget
Open file (3.29 MB 2211x3317 1524366477258.jpg)
most went on that cgi tiger
hungry gal
Open file (4.06 KB 323x69 clipimage.jpg)
Open file (101.39 KB 800x719 Dc92VB6U0AEOMQd.jpg)
Lug ad id, id shows how many posts you didn't see in that board since you last looked. Always wanted to make that :3
Pretty cool feature!
Still trying to make it work right, because there is a lot of cases to deal with, lol.
Neverending Story remake when?
Open file (19.49 KB 332x378 Dc9b_5vWAAE7DAR.jpg)
Open file (259.62 KB 1336x2000 002.jpg)
Open file (170.42 KB 1663x2500 07.jpg)
Open file (592.25 KB 1000x1300 001 (4).jpg)
Open file (851.13 KB 1080x1080 Atreyu.jpg)
Yep. That's all the rage now isn't it?
Open file (672.57 KB 725x1000 13aRCrKu_o.jpg)
Too autistic.
Open file (248.91 KB 1135x1700 neverending row.jpg)
The struggle is real
Nice cleavage for a boy.
I thought the same thing
Open file (141.25 KB 1066x1600 DdRAX03XkAAHroV.jpg)
Open file (170.27 KB 1066x1600 DdRAX08XUAECcDQ.jpg)
r8 my mega S
Open file (1.12 MB 3264x1836 20180516_142134.jpg)
r8 my new subscription

umm sweety you shouldn't wear your outfit from 5 years ago
Open file (128.10 KB 350x342 DdR39ObUQAAPeKE.mp4)
me on the right
Open file (1.79 MB 2000x3000 nrqdjk.jpg)
that poor cat
Literal morning.
Remember, guns are bad mkay.
Open file (527.96 KB 3000x2000 Holly Earl - 4.jpg)
h n n g
hon hon
>open first contra-points video in a while
>voice sounds like a morning show cartoon dubbing now
Open file (51.27 KB 576x1024 CO5wBFWUsAA8l-k.jpg)
Open file (855.57 KB 978x550 1526447065053.webm)
U got something to say about her???????
does it lick

jfc rachel

did sophia spike her drink yet
Open file (120.19 KB 900x900 1526240633305-0.jpg)
no comment
Stop posting retarded K/TB memes.
how else am i supposed to justify my violent mygonistic fantasies involving her?
working well thanks
It has a smol bug that shows like, 30 days or something, on a very new post. but fixes itself later. Will fix it later.
i'll take payment in kind
She needs to do a lewd film.
What kind of lewd film?
I do wish she was in more than just Transformers and Bates Motel.
Her dad is rich as fuck you'd think he'd buy her more roles.
Would all of them.

A movie about recent hollywood scandals, in the style of Eyes Wide Shut?
Open file (214.06 KB 918x1384 Peyton List - CyuyVMp.jpg)
Open file (272.29 KB 1024x1544 Peyton List - L62tAWm.jpg)
Open file (234.32 KB 1024x1544 Peyton List - nKMBUBg.jpg)
Open file (34.74 KB 450x600 1519362260911.jpg)
now i have 2 monitors im twice as distracted! brilliant!
muh dick

it's supposed to make you twice as efficient dummie
i know, not working as it should
Open file (83.17 KB 1024x683 1526496391566.jpg)
get a third
yes! need to balance out the other side
my aryan genes are just that strong
should i really be to blame for liking thots in braces?
Open file (1.31 MB 640x640 dance elle.mp4)
white aligned teeth has all to do with male attention not with health
harlets the lot of them
Open file (121.97 KB 938x1172 blush.jpg)
>pics of preteen girls licking ice cream cones

What board is ths?
woops, blame google
Open file (495.50 KB 467x700 britty.png)
Uh...hi everyone.
wow nice to see you again, I was thinking about you the other day. how are you doing?
"don't be evil" my ass
Open file (53.55 KB 523x700 1463110081591.jpg)
how was I to know searching 'braces cute' would be mostly preteens
Google Images has tons of literal child porn. They will bend the rules to filter out conservative news, but that shit, that is "free speech".
she's so boring when she doesn't smile
Open file (34.87 KB 298x292 bugs bunny coffe.jpg)
What's up, doc?

How romantic. Great to see you too. <3

I'm doing terrible. You?
Adults can have braces too. Damn Google.
I don't mind the generic model expression, but yeah, she has a charming smile.
Observing chan worlds collide, wondering if we will ever see Marina's tits, planning to sleep early because of errands tomorrow. Ya?
oh... that sucks. I'm doing terrible as well but then again I always am. it's more of a part of my nature than any actual circumstance. anyway I hope things get better for you soon.
happy birthday jojo
Open file (53.06 KB 480x720 watchyoudie.jpg)
I'm planning to sleep early too for the same reason. Aside from that, just another shitty day where I regret not killing myself last december when I had the chance. I'm always cuddling my cat though and that makes me feel better.

I know that feel. Consider yourself embraced, bro.
hey uploading pictures of naked children to the internet is a cultural right

what does google think I am, a pedophile?

hey you did good on that test didnt you
Open file (648.83 KB 500x250 where is the pussy.gif)
>uploading pictures of naked children to the internet is a cultural right

Isn't that the only reason to join ISIS?
forni, if you ever find yourself seriously considering suicide again, please PM me on steam. I don't want to waste that opportunity for a suicide pact.

I usually do well on tests. What does affect my mental health is my total and absolute inability to build relationships with other people.
What did you mean 'had the chance'?
Open file (28.10 KB 600x726 1464677732805.jpg)
>What does affect my mental health is my total and absolute inability to build relationships with other people
Open file (46.69 KB 604x453 DdWnyAyXcAA3kza.jpg)
Open file (43.29 KB 378x546 DdXMZL0VwAAdGzw.jpg)
Open file (225.24 KB 1600x1833 gallery_hayley-atwell.jpg)
Noif, sillybois. Stay comf.
lol, Rob

Open file (465.12 KB 500x707 suck no.png)
>What does affect my mental health is my total and absolute inability to build relationships with other people

I have schizoid personality disorder. I found out a few years ago when I got diagnosed after an entire life of going by different treatments and psychologists. It felt like a relief finally knowing wtf is wrong with me but in the end it didn't make it any better. I still can't get treatment. Meds don't work, I can't work on a job, I can't finish anything I start, I can't study, form attachments to people, I can't feel much as my experience with feelings is very limited and primitive and I can't have any drive/motivation. I feel you, bro. Apathy consumes me. In a way its good because it makes me way stronger than most people 'cause I don't feel their shit and I rarely allow others to hurt me 'cause of lack of relationships, but it literally keeps me from actually living. I'm sick of not being able to do anything. If I was like that but happened to be rich life would be a whole different matter.

>I don't want to waste that opportunity for a suicide pact

I already deal with the thoughts and doubts of someone who was raised as a christian regarding what's going to happen after-suicide and I don't want to deal with those thoughts knowing I took someone else with me. I don't want to take you. I want you to be happy. If my mind was clear about the whole after-life matter then instead of just killing myself I'd probably kill some people before. lol

Goodnight pussyman.

I was in the process of buying a gun - illegaly, of course - and my only "friend" was helping me, as he thought it was for protection. When my family found out (i fucked up) they told my friend, he blew the deal, my money got confiscated and they sent me to a mental hospital. I spent a month there till convincing them I was okay so they'd let me go.
Open file (2.00 MB 500x281 gu8.gif)
poor forni this is the worst place he can come to for encouragement
but hey catharsis is good right?
Open file (33.72 KB 567x760 preda.jpg)
No need for encouragement. All is fine. <3
Open file (747.25 KB 500x213 gu77.gif)
>I can't feel much as my experience with feelings is very limited and primitive and I can't have any drive/motivation. I feel you, bro. Apathy consumes me. In a way its good because it makes me way stronger than most people 'cause I don't feel their shit and I rarely allow others to hurt me 'cause of lack of relationships
I have the opposite problem
trust me, you don't need any reciprocal relationships in order to have people hurt your feelings
Open file (41.03 KB 500x248 sad lion.jpg)
>reciprocal relationships

Oh I know. The non-reciprocal ones are the worst. Oh well, life goes on I guess.
Open file (1.08 MB 1080x1350 born to sparkle.jpg)
Damn. It sounds like you were well motivated to do it.
i do remember you talking about getting a gun
well at least good you didn't end up with one
yeah and I'm not talking about romantic ones exclusively. even just how people in general will find you weird simply because you're not an extrovert. it's aggravating.
Open file (3.61 MB 640x1136 doge.mp4)
Open file (177.00 KB 1920x1080 20180517_172415_335.jpg)
r8 my gym gf
Open file (722.01 KB 1016x715 1406001039731.jpg)
Why does she look non-white?
I saved her from the jungle
Open file (311.55 KB 623x606 1524537295635.jpg)
Very bad decision. Should send her back.
Too early. But, good morning.
>nat getting SHIELDED
sup guys, only one more assignment to go

long time forni
Open file (20.40 KB 306x306 1409655359030.jpg)
Same as me. Hype train
Open file (252.21 KB 960x960 1516049691220.jpg)
you got many exams as well?
nice classic kiki
Open file (139.58 KB 700x1024 1437103800106.jpg)
2 exams. One take home exam.
A great kiki as always.
Open file (2.91 MB 279x440 1517615496592.gif)
nice, ive got 2 degree exams and 7 license exams
excellent vintage
Open file (2.95 MB 2564x3621 1413514681243.jpg)
For one i get to see a collection of 15 questions, 9 of them make up the exam.

So I really only have 1 exam and 2 exams I will already know the answers for.
Open file (1.32 MB 1080x1082 1517601787615.jpg)
doesnt seem too bad, although i bet theyre not too simple
Open file (122.08 KB 1024x768 1457493873243.jpg)
You'd be wrong. They're pretty simple lel. But i don't want to jinx it and fail somehow.
Open file (1.09 MB 1590x2323 1516037212751.jpg)
oh, better learn them questions then haha
Open file (53.07 KB 480x515 1505842860461.jpg)
>kiernan posing with food she doesn't eat
Open file (1.85 MB 500x281 1520905186290.gif)
Why do girls pretend to like pork butt?
Aaaaand home...
Open file (9.52 MB 4331x5507 1514394469.jpg)
id pork her butt iykwim
*delicious pork butt

What was your outside adventure about this time?
Open file (1.73 MB 978x550 alina-confused.webm)
hate these, gifs making them into videos
Meds, food, nothing new. But my leg was/is hurting quite a bit so it was worse.
Open file (195.09 KB 2000x1333 1411667315199.jpg)
So fad
Open file (108.14 KB 1200x675 DdVl8PEWsAAqMoh.jpg)
Open file (184.91 KB 1199x798 DdVl7EzX0AE8vnc.jpg)
little did he know she was a trap
Women are nearly five times more likely to show an automatic preference for their own gender than men are to show such favoritism for their own gender, according to a study in the October issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 87, No. 4).
Not sure about that, women always prefer male doctors, drivers, etc...
Through four experiments, psychologists Laurie A. Rudman, PhD, of Rutgers, and Stephanie A. Goodwin, PhD, of Purdue University, used the Implicit Association Test to discover 204 heterosexual college students' automatic gender preferences and gender identity by asking them to associate positive and negative gender-free words with either "men" or "women." They also tested participants' self-esteem by asking them to associate those words with "I" or "others."

Both male and female participants associated the positive words--such as good, happy and sunshine--more often with women than with men, Rudman says.

Moreover, men and women tended to show high implicit self-esteem and high gender identity; however, men showed low pro-male gender attitudes, according to the study.

"A clear pattern shown in all four studies is that men do not like themselves automatically as much as women like themselves," Rudman says. "This contradicts a lot of theoretical thinking about implicit attitudes regarding status differences."

More specifically, men are historically and cross-culturally viewed as the dominant sex, so it might logically follow that they'd have a greater in-group bias, Rudman says.

To explore why their study found the opposite pattern, Rudman and Goodwin evaluated several possible reasons. They found:

Women's high self-esteem and female identity, on average, bolstered their automatic liking for women, whereas men's liking for men did not rely on high self-esteem or masculine identity. In other words, women can be characterized as thinking "if I am good and I am female, females are good," whereas men can be characterized as thinking "even if I am good and I am male, men are not necessarily good."

Men and women who implicitly favored their mothers over their fathers--such as by associating more positive words with their mothers than their fathers--also showed a pro-female bias, which suggests the influence of maternal bonding on gender preferences. In addition, people who reported being raised primarily by their mothers also showed pro-female bias on the IAT. Researchers, using self-reports, found no evidence that maternal attitudes influenced gender attitudes. In concert, these results are consistent with the theory that developmental events can influence implicit attitudes more than explicit attitudes, Rudman says.

Men and women who automatically perceived men as more threatening or intimidating than women also had pro-female preferences, suggesting that negative male stereotypes can promote greater liking for women.

Implicitly, men who reported liking sex also preferred women, but only if they were high on sexual experience. Men low on sexual experience showed implicit sexism to the extent they liked sex.

"These results suggest that for men, pro-female bias is moderated by sexual gratification," Rudman says. "By contrast, women who implicitly liked sex also preferred men, whether or not they were high on sexual experience."

Another possibility the researchers didn't test: Heterosexual men may be concerned about being labeled a homosexual if they show a bias toward their own gender, Rudman says. Women may be less concerned about this stigma, she adds.

Rudman aims to continue to use self-reports and implicit methods--such as the IAT--in future studies to further support the hypothesis that explicit and implicit attitudes can both be legitimate and genuine but can differ substantially when they stem from different sources.

"If we treat each [gender] attitude as likely to be bonafide but influenced by different causes, we can begin to map the complexity of the human cognition," Rudman says.
>Men low on sexual experience showed implicit sexism to the extent they liked sex.
Open file (936.41 KB 640x640 HopefulSpeedyIbex.webm)
post more feet
Sani could still pull off Caprica if she put in some weight to fill her up.
>Humans S03E01 720p HDTV x264-MTB EZTV
>The 100
>The Expanse
>Handmaids Tale
>now this
too much airing at the same time
Open file (719.66 KB 936x1187 med.jpg)
And then drought and cancellation of the ones who lost the fight. TV is pretty stupid. But things are improving with netflix and at least some odd shows can show up during the droughts.
surely an anfisa afficionado
ANFISA in brazil is our FDA. Got me confus there, not sure what you mean.
ANFISA in brazil is our FDA. Got me confus there, not sure what you mean.
was a 90 days fiance /tv/ meme for a while after the episode aired
Open file (509.07 KB 800x1200 1460921791395.jpg)
Colorful girl
what did Esther mean by these
Open file (42.70 KB 600x480 9c0.jpg)
Open file (137.93 KB 960x960 P7.jpg)
wow she actually models what she's selling
what a good girl
Open file (77.50 KB 640x640 ArSyta7.jpg)
did she already sell all her bras?

how else do you get men to buy your clothes
Open file (97.93 KB 960x960 P7 (5).jpg)
Open file (128.83 KB 960x960 P7 (7).jpg)
Open file (118.72 KB 960x960 P7 (10).jpg)
which one should i get for my mother

i thought the main target were women
Open file (1.12 MB 1914x1707 1524794262855.jpg)
first one would make a v sexy mothers day gift

do girls like nipples?
Open file (72.57 KB 667x1000 667full-kara-hayward.jpg)
Jordy is a "then" waifu?
Open file (139.74 KB 960x960 P7 (2).jpg)
who doesn't like nipples
I want an app for buying girl's hair
Open file (110.25 KB 1080x1225 NfnQuWP.jpg)
Open file (72.50 KB 1080x1350 nlQbt2q.jpg)
Open file (1.29 MB 2850x3497 05 - ZIl5q8g.jpg)
banjifags edited the image

plebs I guess

like a serial killer app?
jordyn is a never waifu
More like a pls notice me Rowan app
Open file (1.80 MB 371x209 1526562696462.gif)
say something really problematic on social media
Open file (1.80 MB 371x209 1526562696462.gif)
say something really problematic on social media
Open file (352.98 KB 2000x1333 1526372621296.jpg)
>brutal rape on daytime tv
Open file (3.40 MB 2363x3000 1488433252394.jpg)
Kids are at school, its okay.
Why you post that while quoting me?
Open file (38.77 KB 400x400 35697.jpg)
@RowanBlanchard Who would you rather? Hitler or Thanos?
>ypovw she pushes it in
You're talking about a knife, right?
Open file (1.37 MB 1080x1349 h5hbrn.jpg)
Open file (1.08 MB 1080x1349 heheh3.jpg)
totally random, also k wasnt here

rather what? that btc tho

is this what housewives want to wqtch then?
Thread is bumplocked, maybe time for another?
How can you tell?
The little X at the top of the thread that says bumplocked if you hover over it.

Need new threado
>top of the thread

Never look back


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