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Spoil all pornography and no pornographic talk about girls under 18.
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wairriors get in it's circlejerk time
thank you based frenchie
Emma Dumont - 156.jpg
>those hands
What are you implying? And when are we watching her progressive show?
elle butterfiles shoot.webm
>firefox only using 2.6gb
maybe the four-legged jew isn't so bad
can i get some fries with that jayden or what

do u want k to kill me
sabrina? i thought it wasn't out for a month
was worried she was fingering me for a second there
I wish women actually thought that. Maybe they would put in some effort to become more like Tay.
hey I made that webm like a century ago
cereal out the box.webm
Your legacy lives on :3
it was one of my first ones too, was still learning how to use ffmpeg properly.
that was also around the time that I thought it would be a good idea to make a tumblr blog. I posted that and a couple other things and quit because it seemed pointless. then like a year later I logged in to tumblr to get past their age filter and I took a look at my blog and that elle webm had gotten a few reblogs somehow lol.

I was too pleb to try figuring out ffmpeg. I can manage xmedia recode though. Still waiting to spot one of my Liz or Phoebe webms in the wild.
i love your phoebe content
dancers are nice but after watching the first day of these youth olympics I became a huge fan of weightlifting

if it makes you feel any better, I still need to google the names of any options that I haven't used in a while. ffmpeg is powerful but it's certainly not the most intuitive or fast way to do things

sunset walk.webm
she makes it easy
and they pretend not to have anything to eat in venezuela?
>when the long weekend is almost over and you realize you got none of the giant load of uni work you had done and now you're days closer to the due date but no closer to having them finished

At least I got to shitpost and watch youtube vids and live the neetlife for the weekend, I miss it
procrastinating is a uni privilege enjoy it while it lasts
not having a deadline as a wagie is far worse imo
I was a wagie for a long time and it was preferable
camwhoring isnt a real job
Yes it is so
gosh, im so excited for widows. bicki is gonna do so great.
what's the show about?
reee fucking telcos fuckeing my internet
genesissanchez66 - 42128585_177967736425714_4967924399241339276_n.jpg
hello and welcome
>john oliver preaching the lula gospel
I voted for the guy, no regrets, don't even hate him (just think he is a failure) and not even I have such a rose tinted view on him.
Screenshot_2018-10-08 Brazilian Elections Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube.png
Screenshot_2018-10-08 Brazilian Elections Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube(2).png
Screenshot_2018-10-08 Brazilian Elections Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube(3).png
comments are a goldmine
Emma Dumont - 155.jpg
That nazi is left wing thing is sort of bullshit. The issue is that in the German elections, they had a video saying Nazis were right-wing. Some HUEs corrected them saying they "they are just as much left-wing", and then the embassy played dumb and accused them of that.
Dakota Fanning - 9qUzgSxF2II.jpg
The fascism class is also bullshit. It was one guy, and the threw a chair because the teacher was comparing to Bolsonaro in class. The student was mad he was doing political propaganda.
i want this girl to come like this at my funeral. even the bouquet matches.
Kiernan Shipka - le3zqdijmxq11.jpg
cool story and all but the part I found amusing was the grown man going "i'm really scared, please, I just need a hug ;-; i'm a literature major, this is just too much..."
I don't like violence but I wouldn't ask for a hug on youtube because some guy somewhere threw a chair
also why bring up your lit major lmao

hey anon you have shit taste
sorry for being rude but yeah
Emily Kinney - 42003021_2101157653280849_6651385019945553231_n.jpg
He knows the Brazilian capivara army is coming.
I'm shocked there are no (top) comments blaming this on Trump tho.
yah fuck off
Nataly Alyn Lind - G5PInN_DqqY.jpg
Finally saw The Gifted ep2, sis caused a delay.
It wasn't that bad. I liked Emma's aura in it, she feels nice. And at least there was SOME power usage and action. Nat didn't show a lot, but bounced quite a bit.
the jew fears the samurai
best kind c:
classy piercing. whats her name?
ew piercing dropped
emma bartlett
Dove Cameron - 1m272do6kpq11.png
Do not want!
Do want.
mowa.zee - 41934566_348776532531992_1523770639475185796_n.jpg
>no comments on the nice ayy emma pics of the last thread
Ayyphobic and gay.
mowa.zee - 42002895_1905839613055273_8776651936572805382_n.jpg

open open open open
lel was wondering if the chain on her side in first pic was part of the outfit
godamn sluts
>wake up
>rape is now legal because hentai writers union took over the world
>go to beach
>see this
>what do
mowa.zee - 42519843_340643203149828_807486172633553211_n.jpg
Avoid being raped by her.
protect her from smelly French predators
it's not rape if you enjoy it silly doc

that's begging to fall victim too
if she enjoys it you're doing something wrong haha
Who is this? Insta?
mowa.zee - 32904648_573781672993391_3073460888867438592_n (1).jpg
Just a big butt brazilian, its in the filename.
She looked better when she was trying to look white. Most of her stuff is quite disappointing tbh fam. Well, thanks for the posts anyway I guess.
widows is a heist movie involving mostly women. coming out november 16th.


a picture for you!

kek. yes please.
Autofac 1705.jpg
I'm not very interested in her anymore, sorry.
Rescue that girl from that guy who takes the picture, before he rapes her.
Danke Sehr!
any other favorites besides debicki?

i think it's her bf/pimp not quite sure
Emma Dumont - 4SYvf_Ks9sk.jpg
>not man enough to get pegged wearing a cute dress
It always amuses me when you see people argue that fascists were left wing like they're so enlightened for seeing things how it really is.
The truth is, fascists called themselves the "third position" because they were beyond the left/right dichotomy and combined elements of both.
Sarah Gadon_06.jpg
That is what the hues were saying.
r8 this abortion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjl_9Sl0wBk
Doesn't look that bad. Is it cool to hate on it just because it's multiplayer?
looks like the most low effort cashgrab i've seen in a long time. poorly done sandboxes only last if the gameplay behind it is good
how cute would you rate her on a scale
0 not cute
10 top tier cute
low 7
3,5 for each leg
Nataly Alyn Lind - 41947233_741615592859452_7958321154505406120_n.jpg
Nataly Alyn Lind - 42750800_2155372628053921_3455495563744157515_n.jpg
Nataly Alyn Lind - 42445077_2144154649239213_5028317626590684398_n.jpg
She seems genuinely sweet.
Personally I'm going to withhold my judgement until I've played the beta.
pretty much exclusively bicki and sersh. i do have an asr folder but it's not nearly as extensive. i am from 4/tv/.

excited for this tbh

i mean i definitely won't be buying it for full price, but it looks worth playing.
look at mr populars who can't wait to play this mmofps sandbox mess with all their friends
nice irina i want to squeeze her flower

aaaaaay i love you already

>thinks he's the first who built his career on being a sexy midget like some kind of genius
>implying I have any friends to play games with
>i want to squeeze her flower
what did he mean by this?
buy me the new COD battle royale i'll play with you

mfw ella posting
I will die before I play that shitty game.
I thought you hated gooks and little girls? Why would you like Ella?
i like her dynamic with kpim
>ew piercing dropped
Piercings are the best man.
Katheryn Winnick - 42676696_271058213524756_7605274239019100914_n.jpg
*be lp*
>argentine peso bounced back up a few percentage points solely because Bolsonaro won the first round and we have a strong trade relationship with brazil
I take back what I said yesterday, I hope he wins
gabixpantoja - 43427085_272469806797268_4431565615546886787_n.jpg
Our stock went up 6% just today, and the Dollar went down 3%.
He said he plans on helping Macri (if he is still there lol)
I heard he was as bad as trump in terms of being a public face. Is that true?
Rosie Day - 34982609_269131000298444_869973366998564864_n.jpg
I don't think so. He is not an eccentric orange billionaire ladiesman, you know. He is a very common family man, lives like the average middle-lower class brazilian.

But he is an absolute boomer, says all sorts of boomer stuff and its like he came from the early 90's.
I wanna fuck Canada lads
he looks chill as hell.
hqdefault (3).jpg
One of the episodes most people hinge on him is his spat with a woman called Maria do Rosario:

She is a human right's activist/politician, and she was defending a serial rapist, that gang raped a 16yo with his 5 mates during 5 days, and then murdered her with a machete. But since he was 17 years old, Maria wanted him free and clear, and Bolsonaro wanted him executed, lol. And Maria is the feminist here.

She provoked him for a long time, threatened to slap and punch him verbally a bunch of times, pushed him, and then he held her away and told her to slap him already, that he would slap her back.
Media obviously cuts out the whole context and paints him as a misoginyst.
Oh, and she accused Bolsonaro of being a rapist (???) and he said he wouldn't even rape her. (Sargon-like) lol
Lmao. Me irl.
Watching Doctor Who. Actress is struggling. Mood is darker.
Not a lot of feminism, a LOT of diversity. Doesn't feel like propaganda yet.
It felt a lot like propaganda to me. The two white males are an asshole stepdad and a beta cuck who got a job he cant do through nepotism while we have a tiny unbelievable female Indian cop, a gargantuan black ape mum, and a disabled negroid main character whose disability plays no part in the story whatsoever other than providing some sort of backstory to him.

The new actress was fine, nothing special and certainly the worst yet but still not bad. The reason I stopped watching Dr Who was coz the writing got so bad and that's why I tried it again here (with Moffat gone) but it was still stupid af. Even worse, the new Dr has a very similar personality to the last two. I would definitely have liked it more if they'd changed the character a bit, or adapted it a little because she's a woman now.
Being shite is to be expected. its no Red Dwarf.
Not much is, but I humbly suggest you rewatch some season 4. The writing then was tight, and Donna wasn't the centre of the universe/the meaning of life like Rose/Amy/Clara. I hated her at the time but looking back she was a good foil to the Dr. Everything since Donna has been identical and of subpar quality, but season 4 was a strong sci fi show IMHO.
Nataly Alyn Lind - 43116431_270305993594124_9182713256098188044_n.mp4
I did watch Season 4, Donna was great, but I'm not sure if the writing/production was any better. It had less junk on top of it, now they need to cram shit personal dramas and stuff, back then it was more just the sci-fi shit and humor.
But the good bits seem to be on the same level, its just beyond their grasp to do relevant drama.
Any new sci fi shows that have started in the last couple of weeks that you'd recommend I try to squeeze between all my anime?
Maddie Hasson - 42078483_141453563477903_6023589953633485977_n.jpg
I have been recommended Maniac. It has frog-girl in it, and people say its pretty new. I believe its an anthology thing.
Ella Purnell - 42872638_2164846430502843_7038683021061223371_n.mp4
I think she is peak Ayy.
I do like Emma but I'm a bit jaded with all the Netflix crap. And because it's all already aired (rather than an episode a week) I have no urgency to get on board the train. Thanks though. At least this anime season seems to be pretty good.
Really big eyes
is this image what a full res magazine scan looks like? you can see the texture of the page.

anyone here experienced with scanning magazines? i would love to find some photo shoots and have them in ridiculous res. god it would be truly awesome.
Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 8.41.04 PM.png
Maddie Hasson - 42675613_261126634542123_7283482554347563665_n.jpg
Which is even real life?
The shogun never held de jure imperial power ie sat on the throne, and always exercised control through the legitimate emperor

fake news
the sequel to Venom is gonna be great
Where is that pic from?
>certainly the worst yet but still not bad
The worst is bad, no?>>28026
>she was a good foil to the Doctor
That's why I loved her from the first moment. She wasn't pretty, but she was REAL. I mean, Rose is like the perfect British average girl, Clara is too pretty to be real, not to mention Amy Pond. Martha is the dream niggress. While Donna is a real human character, one that you could meet soemwhere irl.
The worst is the least bad. She might be a 5-6/10 whereas the others are all 8+.

>That's why I loved her from the first moment. She wasn't pretty, but she was REAL. I mean, Rose is like the perfect British average girl

I was young, I just wanted more Rose to fap to and Donna is fucking ugly. That's why it was only when I hit my 20s and developed a brain to go with my penis that I learned to like her.
2016-10-09 20.32.25 1357578121544671673_11500678.jpg
>That's why it was only when I hit my 20s and developed a brain to go with my penis that I learned to like her.
tfw you liked the shy good girls from the beginning but you were too shy yourself to talk to them
>3 woman on the bloody picture
i meant the big qt on the left
Haley Bennett - 43455390_533664893721312_4890531071779068528_n.jpg

man i don't think it's even worth trying unless you have a scanner worth thousands and thousands
Jessica Barden - 42030498_817081038462307_5872299562401054223_n.mp4
I have a very old scanner, and it could show the paper texture already. Pretty sure any off-the-shelve today can produce results like that.
Charmed Reboot Cast Interview At The CW Upfront _ TVLine - YouTube (1080p).webm
look how big and fluffy her hair is
Ella Purnell - 43041519_1964626153607277_1846422372570106197_n.mp4
They look like clones made in a batch that is not very stable and each came out slightly different and one was left in the batch for too long.
Joey King - 580sgz8vy5r11.jpg
people do the strangest things. maybe it's for a role
really? guess mines just shit then

download (40).jpg
Would you do this absolute mad right-wing thot milf?
Caylee Cowan - lhqVW1c4Lwk.jpg
>radio show with bolsonaro's economist
>host checks the dollar price before the interview
>checks after the interview, the price has dropped by 1,3% percent
has nothing on the OG tradmilf fam
Oh, Instagram.
what feelings is my gf trying to convey with this look please i am autistic
Sarah Desjardins - 42466154_312265222908217_781519451840315392_n.jpg
Sarah Desjardins - 42002996_239315843601963_6937775722517757952_n.jpg
Sarah Desjardins - 43385548_1842480839205019_3517392936704057375_n.mp4
Hey waibros, check this out

Alessandra Torresani - 42682516_692442491121601_5278613590257282994_n.jpg
Alessandra Torresani - 42424014_251381395571853_7178616052758291638_n.jpg
Nice, will try. Thanks.
Who dat be on the second montage?
What a bad taste in girlfriends, boss...
Barbara Evans - 001.jpg
Barbara Evans, a brazilian model. Looks like a female Bolsonaro, lol.
I'm sure this ass tastes great
Mobile posting.
Very noice. I don't love dashchan's interface, but its very useable.
> Very noice. I don't love dashchan's interface, but its very useable
Lol I love that it comes with a "normie" theme that resembles facebook. But yeah in general it's mediocre. I'm not seeing the option to pick a flag or spoiler pics.
Dove Cameron - 42150454_2161907507402189_487704364263060917_n.jpg
Dove Cameron - 42881765_470699496671790_6619669531661554000_n.jpg
Dove Cameron - 42154287_488036491702033_173034027531088857_n.jpg
I hate how it stacks multiple images, you have to touch to see the thumbs. And many other design flas.
Its a pre-made kind of interface, Atom or something.

But it doesn't kill my phone, so very good.
She's nice, and I don't know who Bolsonaro is.
Too bad for that weirdo face accompanying it. Sorry!
Nice filename.
Dove really let herself go.
Dove has some nice friendly friends eh

Not a huge fan of bribri actually but I think she looks less weird than she used to. And I didn't find her ugly back then either, it's just that she was seriously overrated
Alessandra Torresani - 41459925_270252940283491_26962389902927208_n.jpg
Alessandra Torresani - 41994186_414636982400992_3004094623008485163_n.jpg
Alessandra Torresani - 42003945_297445034402332_5674718432526405244_n.jpg
>only now I realize the filenames are wrong
That is torresani.
hey doc do you think this fine upstanding brazilian citizen will grant me the privilege of dating his daughter if I prove to him that I'm a good trad boy?
Emma Dumont - 4SYvf_Ks9sk.jpg
How white are you?
the killers.webm
Why so #MadAtBri, sham?
I have pink nipples surrounded by moles
Marisha Ferland - 42603492_180446112847824_3591128137445406639_n.jpg
Then 100% sure he will. Whitening of the race is very popular.
Imagine not being a #SharbinBro
2017-10-31 19.18.26 1638029092790991009_11500678.jpg
brazilians have a good grasp on things
2017-09-22 18.13.31 1609730167600428694_11500678.jpg
2017-05-11 17.13.09 1512579839629869922_11500678.jpg
2018-01-01 19.15.02 1682963471379817073_11500678.jpg
I can't get over the proportions on this girl
nirvana à la sam hyde.mp4
crazy brown people what is wrong with you

#SharbinBroButNotSawyerTierBro reporting in
Remember that ugly manfaced popular girl I posted, talking about nightmares with guns?
Her mother is pro-bolsonaro (pic) and she broke up with her own mother because of her vote. lol
went from waifufuck to hatefuck candidate and everything is still right in this world
wow, she looks stellar. so looooong!
look how nice peyton's arms
Tom Ford Fashion Show in NYC - Hailee Adriana Elizabeth 3mb 567p.webm
Tom Ford Fashion Show in NYC - Photocall 3mb 567p.webm
that dress looked so good on her
makes for a great pitpusy
guillevillasimon on IG
thanks for the (You) newfriend I appreciate it
/wai/ vs my poor innocent waifus
true, fit girls always have the best armpits
insert pics of taylor hill's armpits here that i can't find right now

>paris panty
lewd, when did this happen
Rosie Day - 42686470_312612975987603_3385227147138253425_n.jpg
I think the left-wing candidate is not even trying to get elected. They have such absurd and shit propositions, like releasing most "non-violent" criminals in jail and not arresting anymore for non-violent crimes.
I'll be in my bunk
that story is a couple days old I think
her crotch looks nice and healthy

sounds good to me as long as there are exceptions
it'd be weird to legalize scamming for example
Lily Collins_ - 42331880_1886828058067654_7316279488499550460_n.jpg
I think you don't understand. He means stuff like stealing cars and breaking into vacant homes...
Crypto-mutt zoot suit art punks?
so your conservative candidate is some racist and sexist uncle and your progressive candidate wants to legalize grand theft auto and burglary
what is the average IQ in brazil again?
that's just london fashion lad
>tfw i'll never use my Phoebe gf's giant shirts for comfy at-home clothing
like fully naked and only her giant shirt on your naked body like chicks do in movies? what a fagget
I imagined wearing some shorts as well
Argentina 6-0 Austria.mp4
diversity is our strength
it's ok i forgive you and your now self explaining slightly homosexual fetish for flat chests

pratai, K and mongoloid central btfo
Screenshot_2018-10-09 #BuenosAires2018 - La palabra de Celina Di Santo, tras el 6-0 de Las Leoncitas en hockey - YouTube.png
#BuenosAires2018 - Gran participación de Valentina Aguado en escalada modalidad velocidad-loqIrWrNFF0.mp4
keep your people under control
Jean Daniel going in with the calling them beautiful instead of groping them flirting technique what a champion
It's not a fetish. I like small breasts and I like big breasts.
Caity Lotz - 42820951_476669072846694_5271302384997715033_n.jpg
Rosie Day - 42686470_312612975987603_3385227147138253425_n.jpg
>doll alita is less creepy than movie alita
This guy gets it.

I watched the original OVA for this just last week. Honestly it wasn't even anything special, I'm surprised that this is getting a Hollywood adaptation when there are much stronger anime IPs that remain untouched.
>instead of groping them
couldn't pay for the trip because he spent all his money on baguettes and berets

I see you too belong to the pragmatic boob appreciation master race
Krysten Ritter - 36021797_217139538915824_5343986467905470464_n.jpg
The manga is better, and its James Cameron's personal favorite anime. He has been trying to adapt it for decades. Jessica Alba is only a thing because of this.
Are you referring to Dark Angel? Did you watch that show? Honestly I've seen it a few times, it's fantastic - especially season 1.
Lauren Southern - f2b5bf94c7914088db588ab8928d65fb-imagejpeg.jpg
Yes. That was supposed to be Alita, but he didn't had the rights.
guess you just got a fetish for breasts then
quite a rare thing in a bunda filled 2018 culture

what's up? posting from work?
Ah that makes some sense. And what was season 2 based on then? Furrycons?

I'm WFH (work from home) today. Already done my food shopping and had a blood test so now it's time for shitposting, porn and anime.
I think tits are making a comeback anyway

did you see this? >>28278
No I did not - the post limiter means that I no longer read every post that I've missed overnight in each thread, only the last 20. Definitely super useful for me, will try it out now.
>so now it's time for shitposting, porn and anime.
kek how does the work from home part fits in this
Don't know what a bunda is, but I guess I do have a breast fetish.
and neck, collarbones, and lips
Posting from the app now. There does not appear to be a way to use our custom flags, though that's a small price to pay. Also pretty much impossible to do multi post replies, though that's standard with chan apps.
Oh and in answer to your question, if there's anything urgent that comes up I do it but that's usually just answering emails and phone calls. Everything else can wait at least 1 day so I just make a list and put it off until I'm back in at work.
yeah I found the lack of a custom flag option annoying too. I'd probably be better off using the browser since mewch isn't slow on my phone.

the only law that matters to me
"I don't wanna learn what I'll need to forget"
What phone do you have? I tried 8 different browser apps and limited all of them to only showing 5-8 posts and they all still lag at least a little.
Eliza Taylor - 33473397_2134126023489267_4575737537296859136_n.jpg
Maniac ep1 was ZzzzzzzzZzzZZzzz

May give it a second shot, but eh.
damn grandpa you've got some catching up to do with non-white linguo

okay comf enough
bet these are nice days to go through compared to usual


yeah i thought it was real dogshit dropped it 4 episodes in
if you thought first was boring the rest aren't any better