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Oekaki x
Spoil all pornography and no pornographic talk about girls under 18.
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Emma Dumont - 37949059_428458050976657_7312643070862819328_n.jpg
Mommy only.
Jodelle Ferland - 37152078_1837307099681494_326595510825648128_n.jpg
I wonder if the size of the online following of hollywood actresses is a strong factor in getting jobs already. It is a huge factor in modeling and soap operas in Brazil. Basically became a curriculum.
Maybe in Australia soon 'because it's hot' of course, silly boys.
Well I went to a private school but I'm told that at public schools the girls (or what passes for them) have shorter skirts and lower-cut blouses etc so it'd make sense given the degeneration of our social standards.

of course public schools here don't even have a real dress code.
Oh shit well then they'll probably be flooded with sluts wearing next to nothing. Damn what a place to grow up in.
Slutty outfits are relative now, too. I mean a lot of the girls at the coffee shop I go to switched from black slacks to just yoga pants for their uniform.
Sluts gona slut, but schoolgirls are different. Though I guess its not really much different at a school where there are no uniforms anyway. American puberty must hit hard.
2018-08-09 08.44.05 1842096569416727049_10710421.jpg
>schoolgirls are different
you and I must have attended two very different schools pink
>making a special participation trophy just for black panther
In my highschool times there were no uniform rules and girls did use somewhat skimpy clothing, but they weren't exactly sexy, just whatever was trendy at the time. All dressed the same, so none did stand out really.

But that was a while ago and my niece's generation dresses lower than prostitutes now.
RDR2 looks less impressive than I expected, still nice.
2018-08-08 16.25.40 1841604123145818529_9721868.jpg
never allow that girl to be sober again. clearly she's much better while on drugs.

looks better than in the first trailer tbh. I thought that one was pretty terrible.
>tfw if schoolgirls come by occasionally at work i see if a coworker near me checks them out to figure out their power level

last time a qt teen girl walked by my aisle my old assistant manager told me i should ask her out. good guy
2018-08-09 11.39.26 1842184832806665323_600297827.jpg
there was a girl at the store the other day who was probably the prettiest little thing I have ever seen in person. I could not tell you if she was 12 or 22 but who cares at that point. she was tiny, probably around 5', pale like chalk, super thin, with blonde hair and blue eyes. obviously her best feature was her face but that's hard to describe in words. just picture jordyn except not mixed.
lucky. those random angel sightings that stick with you are something.
Emma Dumont - 35jt2mIVJCM.jpg
Emma Dumont - 6pgxXtbv_o8.jpg
Emma Dumont - eAh7V4ouJzg.jpg
>just picture jordyn
i just pictured a bag of trash
Probando Un Nuevo Labial Y Les Mando Besitos!  Asmr-Niqbob-Zkg8-1.m4v
i watched this 3 times but with no effect
2018-01-15 12.08.30 1692895659100794593_43757100.jpg
u have to do it in front of a mirror
Rosie Day - 38081533_659109074451012_7953620004388208640_n.jpg
ASR, Rosie and Izzy
"you just have to light a few candles , slit a goat's throat, recite these few verses from the satanic bible and it will work i promise"
2017-12-06 16.57.55 1664050295414921919_43757100.jpg
these rocks will cure your cancer if you're able to channel their chakra energy during a full moon september and jupiter is aligned with your period
they should have casted emma instead of the girl on the left
she could pass for a schoolgirl
Emily Kinney - 38063288_450754882000548_1436575558744932352_n.jpg
Emily Kinney - 38673484_504604799965167_2846729261402411308_n.mp4
Emily Kinney - 38193718_513554299105249_1404863549021493093_n.mp4
cat cool.jpg
Yo homies
lips looking so good too

I was thinking about you yesterday all day long. I was seriously considering visting Argentina (Patagonia or Buenos Aires) with my mother or maybe alone. I'm not too sure now. I could literally go to South Africa and do a safari for the same price.
2017-12-25 21.06.23 1677946097103718429_1609997478.jpg
hey, sorry I'm late. I was thinking about you the other day too. You should come visit more often. god that sounds extremely gay

>with my mother
I'll finally get to see her again :^)

>I could literally go to South Africa and do a safari for the same price.
ah, my city has plenty of wild animals if you're into that
I also realized how fucking gay I sounded right there.

I've never been to Argentina. Actually I have never left my country. Finding out that 1 peso = 0,14 reais definitely made me more prone to want to visit the country and feel what it's like to be rich even though I'm a low middle class scum.

Do you live in one of those villages with lhamas and shit?
2018-01-03 17.27.10 1684358655595506053_1609997478.jpg

>Actually I have never left my country.
same actually
I think you could have fun here. It's worth considering. And it's probably safer than SA tbh.

>Do you live in one of those villages with lhamas and shit?
no, I live in the ghetto lol
Haley Bennett - 38757012_265129774305448_7261392664852618656_n.mp4
Haley Bennett - 38414072_1938045049590557_3165060208958504206_n.mp4
Sup, hornycat.
Emily Kinney - 37919785_202338810632559_6576696494798143488_n.jpg
100 Finale was ok, tbh. But just because they stopped trying too hard.
So you were talking about poor black people when you said wild animals? Fucking racist.

same as always

sup with you?
it's their fault for not being born into privilege
My shop might be fugged. I need to get that welder before I get fired.
Maddie Hasson - 37855405_1645668065560577_588855186106089472_n.jpg
Life is a grind, took today off to rest/recover, tomorrow I have to go out and stuff. Night.
still time to sue your boss for sexual harassment?
is this a proper outfit to pray in?
2018-08-10 00.13.57 1842564599694966962_295818954.jpg
tfw reading reddit comments about the abortion debate in argentina

>How is an unborn mass of cells a baby you psycho. It's not a human being, it's just a growth like a mold or an infection.

such pleasant people
2018-08-09 22.55.32 1842525130816119755_295818954.jpg

me soon
do potential beings have a right to life?
what if they made future viewing ultrasound so you could see if the baby would be good or bad and preemptively punish it with nonexistence. like minority report but ethan hawke is an abortion doctor instead of a time policeman
Board is back yay

How is it any more of a potential being than an actual baby? If you leave a baby on the street for a few days or pull its limbs off with implements it'll die.
Jaimie Alexander - 38714335_216467475690284_301933354873445838_n.mp4

Abortion is murder, should still be legal on life and death cases and I would need more studies to decide on rape cases. But it goes too far when certain religious groups claim that contraceptives are murder.
Karen Gillan - 37859623_224708458193372_8537572055829184512_n.jpg
Katheryn Winnick - 38275020_947706838745063_7941518633384017920_n.jpg
Katheryn Winnick - 38920075_267708500624614_4660147779400630272_n.jpg
Life and death cases just means its a choice between murdering the mum or the baby, so it's a medical decision rather than an ethical one. Rape cases are harder because the foundation of anti-abortionism is that the idea that you can murder a human being you consensually created is stupid, but being forced to take care of a life you did everything possible to avoid creating isn't fair either. Eventually the technology will advance to the point where the baby can be grown in a test tube or a professional surrogate from a very young age and it won't be a consideration at all though.
Dakota Fanning - _1IERx2raLM.jpg
The mom shouldn't be obliged to care for a rape baby for sure, but my consideration is only if carrying out the pregnancy and delivering it is frequently 'fatally' damaging to the mother or not, and to what degree it can be mitigated with proper assistance from someone with the right training.

If its been often a life ruining experience, for either the mother or the baby, I think it should be justified depending on the severity of the case.
has she had work done on her face?
help my gf lost her top and the nudist beach is still 1km away
Caveat, while I don't think it should be legalized, I think people should still do it if they really want to and the information on how to do it safely should be protected under free speech rights, etc...

I don't really mind the baby killing, I just don't think we can sustain an ethically consistent society if we classify things which are objectively murder as not. People who do it should know they are murderers.
I just wanted to talk about something not abortion
waibro mods, the issues we talked about via email have been fixed.
ywn be the bunny

he's on holiday, but thanks a lot for whatever it is you did
based and redpilled(not the picture)
and thanks
Cute waifu and based philosopher.

Also Berlin is covered in graffiti and kinda dirty.
second is denmark still right?
Second was Denmark, but it's too good not to post.

Some weird snake bird thing that's name I forgot..
Nah it was literally some bird/snake hybrid
Anya Taylor Joy - 37977013_270623017068458_5141237167988670464_n.jpg
I'll try, but for now I'll continue stealing cans of brake parts cleaner. /devilish/
Amalia Granata.JPG
2017-07-10 13.01.38 1555939788912493485_270358580.mp4
do you think she's pro-life enough to make a few babies for me
because id like that
Dove Cameron - 7f5v2ywfsbf11.jpg
Emma Dumont - 37943859_1806903636060005_4010637995693572096_n.jpg
Emma Dumont - 35515247_294799081101567_4886538865445595267_n.mp4
Emilia Clarke - L5KXGRp.jpg
Tara Strong.mp4
That mp4 is cute
2018-08-10 19.01.19 1843132038191019390_295818954.mp4
in my opinion her best feature are her tweets about the NYT
anyway how are you
I'm doing pretty well thanks. How about you?
2018-08-10 16.52.53 1843065470133328526_3255807.jpg
Damn the board broke again and I didn't get to reply. I'm doing OK, thanks for asking. also that's jordyn right? why is the pic so noisy? we need more beautiful 4k shots of that beautiful 4kg ass.

Could be worse. I will not resist.
>Damn the board broke again and I didn't get to reply.
2018-08-10 16.52.53 1843065470292842389_3255807.jpg
Oh, ddos... great. Thanks for the heads up.
It is JJ, and it's probably some filter she chose to use.

boyhair Cara looks cuter than I would have thought
Grace Victoria Cox - 38454153_1468771519891315_3985709606075629568_n.jpg
Don't recommend Ghost Stories. Cast is good and it looks good from the trailer, but its really not. Very weak.
Nataly Alyn Lind - 38492160_2159750674295112_2690427155188220602_n.mp4
joost DiDvFaSWkAAl9DA.jpg
Who's the lady in white?
Jodelle Ferland - 38080991_285406008709943_7937478542332264448_n.jpg
Nataly Alyn Lind - 35928172_1054111774751346_9155409423550644224_n.jpg
Nataly Alyn Lind - 26864055_1988296614823218_2025706580535672832_n.jpg
Nataly Alyn Lind - 38767167_265397554063577_7152468810764620876_n.mp4
joosten rivets.jpg
she's cuter in low light
2018-08-10 16.52.53 1843065480350587109_3255807.jpg
2018-08-10 16.52.53 1843065481290202985_3255807.jpg
2018-08-10 16.52.53 1843065470896618683_3255807.jpg
filters on apps are the worst thing to happen to waifu boards.

>cuter than I would have thought
she looks too cute in every pic from that set. but she needs to stop hanging out with the kardashians. and amber heard and every other celeb friend of hers for that matter. I know cara has the potential to be more than a pretty face but those girls won't encourage any other side of her.

jeez doc you're some sorta TV show locust. leave some for the rest of us.
I know what you mean. Hanging around those thots will eventually bring her down towards their level.
That third pic is extra cute
what about the 100 finale? tfw almost fully meaningless season when they could have just cooked up some bullshit excuse about going to point a to point b and people dying in pods or smth
It's not meaningless because, as DVT pointed out to me, Maddy getting the memories of the commander means she has Lexa's memories of being fucked by Clarke (Maddy's mum). That makes the season pretty worth it tbh.
lel lola actually has a nice thread on /cel/ dedicated to her
Yeah I've seen it around. She doesn't do much for me though. 2/10 dark eyebrows would not bang.
what about the eyes tho
she's like a cuter chloe
Eliza Taylor - 540full-eliza-taylor.jpg
Sorry lad bushy dark eyebrows are an instant fail for me, just like Cara. Also she has a huge nose and a bit of a fivehead. Clarke is by far the best fuckmeat left on that show.
damn hard costumer but just wait till clarke puts on more weight again and you'll have to go back to Avgeropoulos
She is #2. Octavia is 3. Then there is a power gap.

I don't mind if Clarke's Clarkes grow a bit tbh. I also liked the tinge of pink she had to her hair early in the season, even if it disappeared randomly at the end.
sexier mary sue than rey

you're going to ruin the costume department budget's be careful what you wish for

>I also liked the tinge of pink she had to her hair early in the season
don't have any picture of that i'll have to get some
2018-08-09 08.44.05 1842096569416727049_10710421.jpg
board (for some reason that I'm unable to ascertain I feel compelled to explain that that was an intentional misspelling of the word bored done for the purpose of my amusement as well as your own and as an excuse to make out of its explanation the most unnecessarily prolonged sentence that I could possibly manage within a reasonable time frame that did not include any form of punctuation at all and while also keeping it reasonably comprehensible even if in truth that does depend on the amount of experience the reader has in dealing with autism)
I know unnaturally dyed hair is degenerate and a warning sign but it was for a role so its okay, and also it was fairly subtle rather than just dunking the whole lot in a barrel of purple dye. I have this gif for you, and I just took this screencap to show how it disappears within a few episodes.
Katheryn Winnick - 38265284_2192518030967717_7348854408286830592_n.jpg
Its a mobie.

Did talk about it a while ago. Felt it was ok because it would be far worse if they kept on what they were doing. It was a cop out, but better than shit.

How can she be a mary sue if her leg is kinda bad sometimes? :DDD
Jodelle Ferland - 37862067_322070431870347_5074637794484158464_n.jpg
Jodelle Ferland - 38626311_944867435697270_5723096396526573233_n.mp4
Also: Have constant leg pain which is supposed to make her stingy and bitchy.

Still less stingy and bitchy than most of the cast who isn't in constant pain.
Katheryn Winnick - 38097211_291718571410014_653228804478599168_n.jpg
>when you a revisionism symbol of credibility, right next to the ALIENS guy
So proud.
2018-08-10 11.17.21 1842898507322515359_10710421.jpg
also does anyone else think I'm ready to write for the MCU? I'm sure I can write a joke lengthy enough that they could make an entire movie out of it. no need for any more actual dialogue from now on, all thanks to CC.

>but it was for a role so its okay
what a disgusting rationalization. you're not allowed to like pink hair.

wonder if he keeps the crazy haircut because it's the only reason anyone knows him
nothing wrong with the groupie "i do anal" look

>How can she be a mary sue if her leg is kinda bad sometimes? :DDD
lmao forgot that even was a thing
they probably intended the whole druggie subplot to be dedicated to her in the first place
Well we all like actresses here and they're inherently degenerate whores so one dying the tips of her hair temporarily for a role is okay in my book.

This guy gets it. He fucking gets it. Says the same thing as a nose ring but looks much nicer.
oh no no no no.mp4
At last she found the light.
2016-03-03 13.21.26 1197910539263973838_10710421.jpg
it's always about anal sex isn't it? and you still expect me to believe you're not a degenerate.
There's nothing degenerate about sex acts in private between two consenting post-pubescent individuals.

>Chloe has stopped pretending she doesn't exist

I don't know how to feel about this.
2018-02-28 22.12.27 1725089768364440474_457309446.jpg
2018-05-10 20.14.42 1776489578448563370_457309446.jpg
2018-08-07 20.51.33 1841010996198632849_457309446.jpg
officially on the right side of history

>two consenting post-pubescent individuals
now that's just boring. I take it back, you're a square
Katheryn Winnick - 38148616_649093888805589_3131198633185109004_n.mp4
I like how the girl on the right is sucking on her thumb and wearing thigh-high stockings. She should make more of an effort to be ladylike in the way she sits though.
wait wat?
2017-09-14 12.54.33 1603771425653573612_457309446.jpg
all the same girl https://www.instagram.com/lulilapri/
and I like it too
night wai
>She should make more of an effort to be ladylike in the way she sits though.

I think that ties the whole aesthetic together
Gnite fam.

Hey Doc can I add a new thing to the feature request list? The image hover is great but when I have the quick reply box up the image appears behind the box.

Also when I'm typing a long response, the words appear behind the "rules|8000 chars" thing which is annoying.

I think that's the idea, but it's a bit of a turnoff for me. I like women who eat and women who suck on things and wear sexy clothes but acting so outwardly like a whore is something I don't like.
Amalia Holm - 38097513_375356106333527_8513077827275325440_n.jpg
I had that fixed already, but I forgot to add on the pastebin.
Hollywood Walk of Fame Covered in Trump Stars... https   t.co ALxzj7tmuV .jpg
Damn you good fam, my questions come out after the solution's already been made. Thanks, and let us know once you've updated the pastebin.
images (11).jpeg
get with the times grandpa, whores are in right now
If whores are the times, then I will never get with them.
Wew. There was a big flaw in the last compiled one that would only run the script if/when you opened Settings. Much better now.


I also just removed the little thing in the reply box that overlayed the text. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'm having a lot of problems with this one. Every time I put it in it doesn't work, and then I click on 'settings' and I can only seen Posts, Posting, and Autorefresh as options until I clear my cache and reload.

Note that I don't want all of those scripts so I've been trying to mix and match the ones you just updated with what I already have, it looks like this.

Names per board is no longer necessary, mewch already does that.

My current implementation of the post hiding thingy is much more efficient, the CSS one you are using lagged quite a lot every post if the thread is long.

The last version of the script I posted shouldn't show any options inside settings anymore, it should show only beside it.

I made this version modified for you without the names in quotes and the drop anywhere, if that is what you wanted:
I just tried that script without the quote names because we have (you)s (still ending with just a } though) and I had the same issue as before. What do you mean by "it should only show beside it"? This is what it looks like for me. Also it has no effect at all, no image hover etc. Maybe I'll try a total reboot before you work any harder for me.
Should look like this. If you could show me your console it could give a hint of what is going on. (F12/Console).
It's annoying to try a bunch of options because I have to reset the cache for this site every time. But rebooting didn't do anything. Here's what my console looks like, left is before I put the script on, right is after I put the script on and refresh.

I'm using DarKelly and: https://pastebin.com/pdCuAFxn
Jennie Jacques - 34011322_398833573949797_6169990987679531008_n.jpg
Eh, doesn't really point me out towards what could be the issue. Will see if I think of something...
Alexandra Daddario - Alexandra-Daddario-Upskirt-TheFappeningBlog.com-5.jpg
Alexandra Daddario - Alexandra-Daddario-Upskirt-TheFappeningBlog.com-2.jpg
Alexandra Daddario - Alexandra-Daddario-Upskirt-TheFappeningBlog.com-15.jpg
is the whole family twerking at weddings a br thing?
Yeesh. I would want an arab wedding where they shoot guns in the air.

I like the shoes :3
Katheryn Winnick - 38838969_213017226224150_1824260313171040679_n.mp4
Not really? While doing those dances without being considered sluts is held as a "right" by a large portion of the female population, they usually do not do it at weddings.
So is the Dora movie actually being made?
Sarah Gadon_33.jpg
I think so, don't see what is the issue either.
Its far less bizarre than the live action Sonic movie, or the Turma da Monica live action (a 'historically popular' brazilian comics thing for kids. Imagine if they made a mickey mouse live action...)
take it easy.jpg
>the Seattle plane guy died

My gf is literally crying guys, I was playing his more humorous and sympathetic radio chatter to her earlier today and now he's just dead. He didn't even get to see the baby orca :(

blonde 3.jpg
I didn't know there was an issue. The movie will probably do great in the kids and older male markets.
Taylor Swift  - yre83d.mp4
arabic wedding pastry is the best there's a reason they're all obese in the desert

fine moves on the waifu

Emma Dumont - d21zkFHFYCo.jpg
Emma Dumont - NKuh_pPul3M.jpg
This grill is Emma's Stand in (kinda like a double, but not for stunts, just for composition and stuff). Odd face, but nice bod.
He did it, he really did it.
She's a cute

there goes my hero
Katheryn Winnick - v6DbrWUZbAw.jpg
>do you think they would give me a job as a pilot if I pulled this off?
>yeah ~
>nah, I'm white.
Heh, shit is fucked. RIP, nice fella.
you gotta be pretty blackpilled if you dont think whites can become pilots though.

i havent flown in years but i never heard a black pilot say 'we bout to land this bitch and shiieett
Ana de Armas - 32233039_955905281249213_7234138194042683392_n.jpg
I think his sentiment was more on the line of "there is no pity/mercy for a white guy" after the shit he pulled off, just hard jail and fuck his life, not about white pilots.
heh, that makes more sense..but it would have been a great comeback story
You don't think he would have been the next Jeremy Meeks?
Katheryn Winnick - 38812816_1802444139838474_32887977629712384_n.jpg
Katheryn Winnick - 38458169_220268811926728_7701763708194652162_n.mp4
She would be a passable hyper sexy children's TV host.
Katheryn Winnick - 38056524_327252244484134_9173341640763223202_n.mp4
Katheryn Winnick - 38099245_1493341257432359_8727985816929177115_n.mp4
Blue eyes do not make one white.
Yes, God, Yes (129).jpg
I was thinking in terms of going from criminal to rich social media hero
I want a tattoo like this but on my arm.
Should I do it?
Katheryn Winnick - FG8mg58YdW8.jpg
Katheryn Winnick - sydH-BbCVts.jpg
Katheryn Winnick - R-IrLV9s6Dk.jpg
No wonder Philippine's men are always looking elsewhere :P
Katheryn Winnick - hFi5guFxAF0.jpg
Katheryn Winnick - xvZH4FtR6r0 (1).jpg
Katheryn Winnick - mA-SLDiVCtY.jpg
That "elsewhere" too. heh. Not saying there aren't cute pinay wymens, but the ugly ones are pretty bad.
imo nothing is more suspect than a white man who's into dark asians
Roastie detected.
Vegas shooter fear and loathing.jpg
That's just my opinion as an evil white male.

And I said brown asians
They're okay tbh but too many failures go specifically for those for all the wrong reasons
download (16).jpg
Closest you can get to buying an army of sexbots in 2018.
It seems blatantly hedonistic to me.
That's the chick from the goldwater right?
Remember when we got diana to post here...
Aubrey Plaza - nolj2l6bvhf11.jpg
Aubrey Plaza - SkspKRp.jpg
Aubrey Plaza - ComplicatedSardonicDachshund.webm
Hotest fug gril.
2018-08-11 17.48.32 1843819473417627536_19109478.mp4
2018-08-11 17.51.09 1843821379426831857_19109478.mp4
nice choice of dress
Ana de Armas - naegaqowmhf11.jpg
At first I thought SJDubyas were overblowing as usual, but after watching, indeed DOOM is full of anti-sjw jokes lol

Lets see if they will mob and get our texas boi carmack to 'apologize' heh.

2018-08-11 15.07.28 1843739086242798907_9721868.jpg
Why is she so spergy though lol
Aubrey Plaza - 7gobyca3yfc11.jpg
Aubrey Plaza - lumn2oqv4rd11.jpg
Aubrey Plaza - b0e75uzyktd11.jpg
Don't be a sex-negative agephobic bigot. Kids can sell their bodies if they want to.
>Hadar Cohen
2018-08-11 16.51.47 1843791591867644498_265609959.jpg
that was a pleasant surprise when I watched the trailer. and yes it's going to cause an outrage, like absolutely every single thing that isn't fully and totally anti-white, anti-men and pro-communism. obviously the problem is not on the end of the devs but they may bend over and change it anyway. most do.

I'd gladly get laughed at by those two.
Saw a cute pic of Gillian I wanted the other day, in an uniform, looking femdomy. Couldn't save from VK on the phone tho. Sad.
The new Doom Eternal trailer is full of weird anti-immigration and anti-SJW dog whistles   GamerGhazi.jpg
Its kinda hilarious how confused they are by "anti-corporatism" being a right-wing position.
I wish all the loud effects didn't sound so fuzzy
Lauren Southern 023.jpg
How many decades of corporations barfing creepy distopian left-wing propaganda do they need to realize we are not in the 80s anymore?
2018-08-11 17.01.49 1843796663635238556_235387855.mp4
unf tbh

who is this qt with the fat titties?

you mean it's not revolutionary to praise corporations for adding a rainbow to their logo on faggot day?
34 (2).jpg
Aubrey Plaza - ac9247vh80f11.jpg
Who dat girl?
Also I must be very racist because I only caught one "dog whistle", the one about accepting demons as mortally challenged.
kingvuddha - 33020563_631124590580946_1979915829659041792_n.jpg
A lot of these stylish cuties I post are from a photographer that goes by kingvuddha.
I like how he is not decadent/degenerate, but still striking and sexy.

There is the "the earth is the universe's melting pot".
lol I had just got to that part
2018-08-11 17.06.02 1843798777614334311_9721868.mp4
wew what a semen demon, thanks

that's her name in the middle. I must warn you, she was not born female. but who cares tbh gimme that ass

I think the 'melting pot' line was a criticism of that retarded fallacy where people think admixture is an innately good thing for all the elements that comprise it.
everyone is dead and everything is on fire but the woman is happy because of a "diversity" that isn't even there.
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>incoming invaders
>says we should let them through
hehehe. looking forward to the MOON: Eternal expansion.
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so hot

nebula is best capegirl
Why can't Bella just do porn already instead of being a hippie?
Someone tell her porn is progressive.