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Oekaki x
Spoil all pornography and no pornographic talk about girls under 18.
Index Catalog
Candice Accolla - 36161013_1334606273339367_1009467062889742336_n.jpg
Strictly forbidden to post frogs itt.
Katheryn Winnick - 36578275_1657642764334621_3042098479104107957_n.mp4
Either is fine.
Those are toads.
my name was just gone from the field, probably due to some changes on the site
i will try to imitate cc maybe later as non flag poster and give him a bad reputation
>implying I'm not cc imitating Pink
Alexandra Daddario - Slow.mp4
In portuguese, 'dadeira' is slang for a slut that will just sleep with anybody. (From 'dar' (give (herself)).
Gives a different initial impression of this fine lady due to linguistic differences.
radodajka :^)

from "rad" = like and "dati, dar" = to give, gift
Moffet - buyrsj2597911.jpg
I would read it as "rabo de jaca", ass of jaca, a huge tropical fruit that grows on trees, can kill people when falling down.
In favela culture, there are sluts who adopt the name of fruits that describe their bodies, kinda like super hero names. "Mulher Melancia" "Watermelon-Woman".
Too bad she is skinny.
image (2).JPG
This is a mulher jaca.
Katheryn Winnick - 36657962_1020994938055829_3202244778863362048_n.jpg
what about ducks
Ducks ain't even people.
Danger noodles are invited VIP tho.
delete this
name my band
Duckface and the Smiles.

Is the girl on the right wearing contacts or are her eyes naturally that luminescent?
Caity Lotz - 36775991_495720614222194_9093505557402222592_n.jpg
Annie should stay away from Kaylyn.
Thot Conference
Why the fuck do we have captchas now
Me no captcha. Maybe its just while they're changing stuff around.
I had a captcha the first time I posted after the updates. Maybe it's once a day like 8ch?
Damn, I was hoping England would get through yet another game against a second-rate team through refball and penalty shootout luck so that I could see them absolutely devastated by a decent nation like France or Belgium, but I guess it was asking too much from the poms.
>look nice and have pretty lips
>make ugly faces for the pictures
It's like the 8chan captcha. I set it to 2 days to not be an annoyance. It's currently a bug though that I can't shut it off. We'll get to fixing it tomorrow.
Jennie Jacques - 36161532_195069381136292_1073665347812327424_n.jpg
Jennie Jacques - 36802613_388374525018812_6376502910875860992_n.jpg
The new layout is trash btw.
Why not just copy Yotsuba and be done with it.
because everybody else does the exact same thing.
Evangeline Lilly - 8avo3yv71d911.jpg
>he is some kind of homo that wants all fancy yotsuba instead of BBS all text page
For good reason..
you're just not used to it yet.
raffy sadie rowan.jpg
I don't like that it takes an extra click to change the theme. And the captcha.

Other than that it's ok.
Captcha should be gone fully tomorrow. Just a little bug.
Adding the favicon change too.

Let me know if there's anything else that's broken or annoying please.
Too many thots posted itt and not enough paragons of female perfection like pic related, make it stop
sadie sink.jpg
Also I like that hovering over a quote link doesn't spaz out if it's near the bottom of the page.
Maddie Hasson - 36588619_190410761653932_7988284814283243520_n.jpg
>enable yous
2018-07-11 02.08.37 1820879038061692816_1609997478.jpg
oshit I love the new frontend now

took you a while to notice
sadie 10.png
Layout in layman's terms. Lynxchan can change front ends easily, For example I can make the website look like waifuist's site with minimal effort. Just a simple command.
sadie and dog.jpg
Oh, ok.
you don't have to do that
Lol I don't plan on it. They have private code anyhow, as do we. I did pay someone for what we have now and I'm glad you guys are enjoying things a bit better. Tomorrow comes the favicon notification like 8chan and 4chan have.
make it open source mane
Come on, leaf. He paid to have it written.
I'm a bad boy, I like proprietary code. But if you ever want to help work on the site feel free to contact me dude.
You must stop posting thots like in your pic. Clogging up the thread.
2018-07-11 15.50.22 1821292632572560237_18511452.jpg
one thing I'd like to see is an option to get rid of the horizontal highlight on the top part of each post. I prefer a design that is as flat as possible so as to highlight the actual content.

capitalist pig. you are idiot american pork. china #1
Why does Sport Compact make women so strong?
2018-07-10 01.46.02 1820141561800122965_18511452.mp4
idk i just want her to use those biceps on me
yeah, sure
You want her to beat you into submission? I'm not sure she has the biceps for that.
>The loneliness of the long distance waifu
2018-07-11 00.32.04 1820830457871057907_1609997478.jpg
definitely compact. lexee is a virgin.

sometimes I forget just how impressive my physique is

>lexee is a virgin
not a high vibration response
I've always imagined this was you on the right.

Lesbian sex doesn't count.
2018-07-11 12.17.01 1821185245690748977_954310674.jpg
>starting next month women looking to buy a house in buenos aires are going to earn more points in their mortgage loan score than men
>except for married women, who won't enjoy any benefits
I take back my mockery of the UK's politics
Average single working people have a chance at home ownership in Buenos Aires?

Not too bad if true
smh female privilege
because they're female

not really. you're probably going to miss payments unless you were already capable of affording it by other means
group b.jpg
group a.jpg
group c.jpg
group f.jpg
group d.jpg
group e.jpg
group h.jpg
ground g.jpg
France bestgirl
Tomboyish Ellen (6).jpg
this is top tier character design. my favorites are france and australia. I'm not sure why argentina is an elf but it's among the best too.

and I like how all the eastern european girls are well endowed
I'm no weeb, but I'm partial to Japan.
international harem.png
r8my harem
>adding the favicon change

That's fantastic thanks. Would also like to see local times or at least relative times, and a post counter (etc) at the bottom right. Long-term, definitely need inlining.
iran, portugal and russia are kinda meh. colombia could have been done better (more curves and less clothes). saudi arabia is downright unsightly. I think that one may be political.
what's wrong with morocco?
and why is england a boy in a skirt?
I don't know.

Why is Germany carry a Louis Vuitton trunk?
Why is Uruguay's tummy firing a cannon ball?
2018-07-04 09.23.35 1816024538381460487_1609997478.mp4
too much yerba mate in the morning
so pretty
mahmud69 asked...
god i wish etc.
What a stupid pedo
If only it did
2018-07-03 03.42.27 1815128056910874527_235387855.jpg
it should have happened earlier in her life and only left her disabled in order to turn her into a more mature and overall better person
she has top tier airbag protection
That screaming is cancer.
Too late for that, the best case scenario is some unpredictable accident rendering her dead or disfigured to ruin her bimbothot carefree life and make her as ugly and miserable as myself haha fuck I hate women

She could go up some sizes tbh
me too except when they're male
me + my friend got matching tattoos, what do you think
saoirse on the left.jpg
72098024679 - caraeleanor cara and eleanor blog.mp4
how will donsadl fumfps ever recover????
she's still cute though
what is her name/IG again
you fell for it but it's ok i had heavy doubts too as to wether it was saoirse or not
that's her friend's https://www.instagram.com/scarcurtis/
don't mean to make you feel bad but I only noticed the filename after replying. is the other person even female? I assumed it was a male friend of hers

I love that name. it's so feminine and fierce at the same time
I think it's her https://www.instagram.com/p/BiNAhv1DHdX/?taken-by=scarcurtis

scarlett's a big shot UK tabloid journalist now and very rich she's a good investment
holy moly she may actually be worse than me with punctuation. see, I got that from /b/ and she probably got it from tumblr, but in the end we are all very much the same.

this is going to sound very mean but I'm glad she works for a tabloid and not Harvard or some major public institution. too many people have been getting super important jobs just for being progressive and well connected. like this is the rare instance where working for a tabloid is the honorable thing, you know what I mean?
just wait until she becomes the most important british influencer™ and her word salads get some traction
Rachel Cook - dnhU6zB.jpg

Brazil has some feminist laws, but I don't entirely disagree with them. "feminicide" is the crime of "killing a woman", and it gives you extra jail time for it. But women get the same sentence if they kill other women, and so forth.
This was created due to actual significant number of boyfriends/husbands just murdering the shit out of their partners because they thought they were cheated on, and since our jail times are low they believed it was worth it anyway.

That said, that just shows how the whole crime punishment system here is fucked, but its not a particularly SJW'y law. And other divorce/child care laws are pretty even.
Hey Doc, sometimes I'm getting 5-10 seconds of browser freezing when I hover a reply link/backlink. Do you know anything about this?
Emily Browning - 960full-emily-browning.jpg
worksonmymachinetry to see if there is an error in the console when that happens
>no way to unspoiler all of those spoiler links at once

I have a another thing to add to my site wishlist.

But yeah when I was posting that it also froze up when the captcha came up. I am not a programmer or coder or whatever though so you'll have to tell me in babby terms how to see the console and pinpoint the right bit.
Emma dumont - oihdsdo.jpg
Candice Accolla - 35575528_1028414150642059_312126874106986496_n.jpg
F12 key opens it up.
Looking through her stories, I forget how many qt actresses come through this area because of the filming industry.

Never once seen one, though. Need to get out more.
I refreshed the tab and the lag went down to 2-3 seconds but it still exists. I am also getting it during posting and I think when I select images to attach to my post.

The f12 key thing didn't help either, I'm on a Chrome-based browser so I did that and clicked console and the log appears to be empty. I did see a performance tab though and that says that when it happened it froze for 5349.1ms.
I keep getting this thing too. ON chrome sincei gave up on pale moon.
this is one of the worse image board systems i have ever used! its over complicated code and buggy as fuck gonna try anonsharer.org instead.
I use Iridium, which is exactly like Chrome but with less botnet. A bit like Pale Moon was for Firefox. Would recommend.
In 4 days it won't matter. All firefox/chrome from phone anyway.

Plus theres runescape mobile now. I'm fuckin' set ey.
Wow nice. Playing Shadowverse on my phone was my gateway to anime. There's definitely a place for good phone games if you're out and about a lot, which you certainly will be.

I'm still trying to come to grips with F/GO though, there seems to be a lot of shit and after getting through the initial story I'm left staring at a menu with too many options.
Eloise Smyth - hq1arguisi911 - Copy.jpg
Try with a dif browser to compare. I doubt your CPU is older than mine and mine only slgugs a bit when opening the image thumbnails.
Eloise Smyth - 1118full-eloise-smyth.jpg
Eloise Smyth - f0fb151c4c863d0066afabcedfa488f9.jpg
the fuck am I reading.
I started f/go but it didn't really hook me.
My CPU is fine and the rest of my PC works fine while the browser is dying. It only started today or yesterday I think. I tried resetting everything back to default (no JS and default theme) but that didn't do anything.

I just tried with Chrome though and it seems to work fine.
Eloise Smyth - cd06c03346d8c87ac53fdfb81a8de049--curriculum-vitae-eloise.jpg
>Stormy Daniels arrested for groping undercover police.
Wasn't it during a performance? These puritan laws are so stupid when it comes to strip clubs but strip clubs are dum anyway.
Emily Browning - 540full-emily-browning.jpg
Just because one walked in a strip club doesn't mean its not rape if you touch him! You need verbal consent!
Isn't it also arguably prostitution?
It's the cops that are the most extreme. They can arrest anyone for anything they wan't practically.
Anya Taylor Joy - z9B7o67.jpg
Anya Taylor Joy - 36772886_1707147576000752_7161832432499425280_n.jpg
Literally pozzed.
what happened
Cute tbqh
She looks nice
looking very pretty but how much can she chug?

eating an apple.webm
I saw a vid of an asian girl chuging soda and she would shake it around while drinking it so the soda would pressurize and shoot down her throat faster.
Was impressive.
Sounds like a good technique. So many girls here could learn from her.
Mina Sundwall - 36148863_575675096161499_4138214325569454080_n.jpg
>changed the time I go to the centre to do supermarket so I can go to a thrift store that doesn't open in the mornings and is only open one day per week
>buy tons of good warm clothes and stuff for dirty cheap
The downside is that I get home nearly dark, very sketchy people on the way
just thingken about life
golden globes 2017 03.jpg
>firefox updates
>nothing changes except for now half the pages I try to visit don't display

I never learn
Open the menu at the right top, click the question mark at the right bottom, click "trouble shooting information" and then click on "refresh Firefox". It will give you a warning and I suggest you to read it before continuing. This should fix your problems as far as I'm concerned. You can also flush the cache while you are it.
Jodelle Ferland - 36501896_398952553845601_1893305271514562560_n.jpg
Freckly. :3
Frecks are cute
Has she been doing any livestreaming?
Emma Dumont - 27051354_2074766382811081_775971874512306176_n.jpg
None since she started filming again.
what is your favourite cyberpunk anon
2018-07-12 15.53.26 1822018955080809715_265609959.jpg
where the hell did this come from
wtf you love nick land now?!
Brynn a cute. A CUTE.
the intellectual dark Web
taylor penis reaction roll.jpg
2018-02-08 12.35.23 1710303803558265289_954310674.jpg
He's a philosopher - Nick Land. /lit/ really likes him. He's pretty cool.
2018-02-10 13.06.09 1711768845113768597_954310674.jpg
I can't remember the last time I got a sincere answer from an australian so thanks for that. I didn't know you guys browsed /lit/.
images (4).jpeg
I'm more of a posadist
It's probably the only other board I browse these days.

Now you a suck
bnvx fc.jpg
I'm to insecure to be sincere. and yes ive read many audiobooks, all of the classics rand, rupi kaur the list could go on
t. still hasn't fulfilled the categorical imperative by reading Kant
tfw this didnt clarify anything for the muslim asking it
2018-07-12 20.16.07 1822151165362654994_19109478.jpg
I found /lit/ fun for the first few weeks but after that it became super contrarian and edgy and I had no reason to go there anymore. it's not like I read a lot of books anyway.

but what about jk rowling?
As it shouldn't
It gets more fun once you read more of the classics and get little memes or hints at things like that. I tried it once a few years ago and didn't like it because I didn't understand three-quarters of the shit they spoke about.

I don't think it's edgy really. Maybe something people ironically talking about philosophy.

But it's a nice place to get ideas for books to read or a very rough idea for philosophic ideas.
but i would never expect anyone else to endure that

tbh i read the harry potter books like half a dozen times. wish i hadbranched out as a kid
Do you now this model? She even has your name.
They're also going against the categorical imperative. Truly heathens everywhere.
bost ig
Did I finally best you?

its probably less edgy than most of the boards, it is very elitist. like k i didnt get it when i first tried but after reading a lot of history and a little philosophy its ok.
maximally delicious chocolate
2018-07-12 21.14.29 1822180497768306731_265609959.mp4
it's been years since the last time I checked on it so I'm willing to believe they're less annoying now. but like you said it's kind of pointless to browse a board where people only discuss stuff you aren't interested in. I mean I do like philosophy, but it's one of my subjects at school and I routinely read articles from aeon.co and similar sites, so adding full length books on top of that would be a bit much for me. I always liked fiction books better anyway. I don't remember ever reading a book that was about an academic subject. the joys of not attending uni I guess

yeah, that and LotR were the only series I read twice. they're great stories even if rowling is a bad writer and tolkien had some questionable habits

I'm good thanks
bost ig too pls
mammary delicious something something other word
Books on philosophy or literature become infinitely more fun when you're not doing them for school or forced to study but can go at your own pace. I hated reading stuff when I was in school, but now it's quite a fun hobby.

Normally read a few books at a time so you're not locked in to one hopefully not, boring subject at a time.

I barely read my uni textbooks anyway.
I haven't gotten around to listening to any of the metal bands pink recommended yet
but feel free to recommend some 1100 page classics if you want
I'm sure I'll get that done in a sec

hey I'm not forcing you

Remembrance of Things Past is a nice easy read
That's you're waifu's

>recommend some 1100 page classics if you want

Les Miserables, the seven chapters of description of the Parisian sewer system is riveting.
Read Count of Monte Cristo. It's super comfy and a fun read.
dont listen to these goobers read this
i thought you didn't like genre fiction
2018-07-12 12.17.50 1821910434777893866_52388125.jpg
uhhh I already did in 2006 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C42SqZRbqc

now that's what I call literature. plenty of detailed diagrams in there I hope
flower_lynne_ - 36161306_204642610234969_186140511059312640_n.jpg
So, they made a philosophy based on the penguin of doom as their prophet?
Read Madame Bovary then
Katheryn Winnick - 36953076_505419819915994_6058534503072839112_n.mp4
absolute unit
Heh. Australian media is bitchy.
Sky News Australia on Twitter   .@Lauren_Southern says she feels 'zero shame' for being white. MORE  https   t.co ykweMevBOK #fridayshow…  .jpg
Lauren Southern. She is in stralia doing some interviews for TV.
funny i also dont feel any shame. can anyone tell me if shes coming to melbourne so i can suppress her right to free speech.
>says she feels zero shame for being white
This seems like a kind of passive aggressive headline. Almost implying you should.

Meanwhile in the UK, this was the left's big "fuck you" to Trump.
>australians advocating the feeling of shame

Also I thought she was banned from traveling to aus.
i appreciated this
I read it as more like 'this is the kind of stupid thing she says'

>Also I thought she was banned from traveling to aus

That does sound familiar, maybe it was the UK or somewhere else

um thanks
She was banned from travelling to the UK.
Then she was planning to go to NZ for an event with Molymeme but the Mayor of Auckland overused his power and cancelled it because it was using council property. NZ border agency denied her entry because she was banned in the UK, but then wrote back to her a few days later saying it was a mistake and she was allowed into NZ.
*shoots you in the foot for calling her unladylike*
Hopefully Canada bans her while she's gone
It's against international law to make someone stateless.
But what if they're white?
It's 👏 Okay 👏 To 👏 Be 👏 White 👏
*throws her cobra at you for ignoring her*
Why are girls so mean to me?
That's not a cobra.
Jesus Christ, even Grace probably can tell that.
Learn your serpents, fucking retard.
brought it upon yourself by being that weird guy who spends more time on his car than with his niece

won't be so cocky when her cobra poisons all of lauren's pitbulls till they all die excruciatingly
>tfw no niece to throw snakes at me
>"Hello anon I'm your new niece."
>"And I'm your new sister!"
She's cute and all, but that scenario has no less that two black men joining the family.
you don't want that? i feel like there's so much you could learn from them.
DeWQVQTUwAAoe6o.jpg orig.jpg
Like what?
1448233935015.jpg <