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Oekaki x
Spoil all pornography and no pornographic talk about girls under 18.
Ana de Armas - 4bluku7k80g11.jpg
Joey King - xnwzxm8c4rg11.jpg
Get in, you are letting the ac out.
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2018-04-15 23.28.36 1758467076986866942_19109478.jpg
just watched Upgrade, thanks for the recommendation. definitely a modern classic in the action genre if you ask me. it's amazing that a bunch of companies and actors I had never heard of managed to pull that off.
Caity Lotz - 38618313_302407207206778_2838449044458569728_n.jpg
Totally is. I was expecting a robocop-ripoff budget thingy, but damn special.
2018-03-15 16.14.19 1735781150410367337_457309446.jpg
for being a big budget sci-fi movie, it really did feel like the passion project of some creative person from australia. it gives me hope, seeing evidence that it's still possible to make an expensive movie like this without having hollywood kikes shit identity politics and reptilian bullshit all over it.
Greetings from Chile.
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Emily Kinney - 38841124_1946219252102934_8110232026877001728_n.jpg
Juno Temple - 38909090_707486882923827_2884917536879542272_n.jpg
Jessica Barden - 38856262_2300157596721749_5378623811484647424_n.jpg
Instagram bot thread
Requests will be added when I get time
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So cute
Wait, I'm confused. What does this bot do? Is it an auto-download bot for images? Where does the output download to?
Ivana Kobilca - Poletje (1889).jpg
nope, just a tracker that links the most recent posts of accounts it follows
all the downloading is down to you
guess there isn't much else to do when you live in the amur oblast whatever the fuck that is
https://www.instagram.com/p/Bmoh8CQHY--/?taken-by=nathaliabrgr | an hour ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmoZmomFnrK/?taken-by=luunaby | 2 hours ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmneHLZnJ9x/?taken-by=kallanhoe | 11 hours ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/Bmmr1SFnIro/?taken-by=lilboowep | 18 hours ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/Bmmb6woF_8Q/?taken-by=_alice_glass | 20 hours ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmmGZw-HR8P/?taken-by=candyy_1999 | 23 hours ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmlpytTHlsU/?taken-by=unimallow | yesterday
https://www.instagram.com/p/Bmjgqy9H-_h/?taken-by=shirl4ine | 2 days ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmjZhKdH9Hu/?taken-by=kelly.lexotan | 2 days ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmjVdcmALix/?taken-by=bonjourelina | 2 days ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmeeByaFghm/?taken-by=lywi.gr | 3 days ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmZS7zLhNDa/?taken-by=nebulagomes_ | 5 days ago
https://www.instagram.com/p/BmWwlRYB6uv/?taken-by=hondakey | 6 days ago
She probably doesn't like getting too much attention from 14 year old wankers
See? She's not a slut, she's a pure cutie
What is this place anons?I'm a visitor looking for her.Was she ever here?
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Thank you kind brazilanon,she's mainly here on this /wai/ orbiting board?Or other places in here too?
She is mostly on /b/.
Its the main board. Almost everyone is there most of the time.
>comeback later and you might shitpost with your favorite instagram whore

I'm guessing she's not very liked in here either is she?
Then what is the purpose of /wai/?Do girls even come in here or it's just sad orbiters?Also did she tell her true story around here?
She has a very unique personality.
Most anons like to make fun of the guys that like her. Watch out for them, they are very mean.

>Then what is the purpose of /wai/?
Wai is a fun board to shoot the shit with your orbiter friends.
Girls do come here, they love the self-promotion.

You just have to keep coming until you find Brooke.
Kelly also posts here sometimes, but she is kind of a bitch. Watch out.

>Also did she tell her true story around here?
I don't know about that, I am in the Hirari Squad m8.(hirari doesn't come here)
cracky thread
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Tara Lynne Barr?
lolichan? it wasn't i my time, but I did saw her posted after the fact
Yeah, pretty sure that was lolichan. I forgot she even existed.
Yeah, checked knowyourmeme because I remembered that she used to post on /b/ after seeing that pic. Apparently some professor got raided in a CP sting and though he had no CP he had 2,000 images of her, some which were deemed "suggestive" and landed him in jail.

Two thousand images! What the fuck? I only vaguely remember her posting occasionally on /b/ now and then. Cracky-chan and Creepy-chan were posted all the time, but how was there a chan girl who posted 2k images on 4chan that I was only mildy aware of? I feel like I somehow missed out on some epic meme girl during the golden era...Sadness.
Creepychan thread
Haven't seen her in hella long. These look like rare pics.
is that kelly after breakup?
How the fuck do both the creepy chan and cracky chan threads have so few images? I can't dump more myself, as all data of mine prior to 2014 got accidentally rekt, but please post moar.
>Literally better than Kelly

Somebody asked me to post more pics of her so here's to you Anon
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Post this screen cap, I really need to see
Mai is literally the sweetest person I had the pleasure to know and I wish everybody could see how kind of a person she is.
Poor Kelly... I still believe in you. Use your herpmeds everyday. Be the best you can bey.
stay 18 the rest of life; be the best u can be in lifes.
Very nice, but not as good as Kelly
puritanical axilla edition
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You need an expensive loicense to even touch a truck here. Unless you mean a SUV kind of thing.
she can come too

same here but there are small trucks that are legally cars you can drive on a normal license
Ivana Baquero - 38202177_2636148306611339_2457554070290825216_n.jpg

That's my actual car. I'm talking a small 3-ton truck you're allowed to drive on a basic license.
Greetings from Chile.
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please does anybody have rare kellys
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I don't get mewchans craze with her she isnt really cute and just bitches on insta
>she isnt really cute
you take that back top40 pop thot shite worshipping pleb
Replying here because you really didn't have to make a new thread for that.
Image posted is not full size (view page source for full sized image)
How do you guys deal with the existential pain of knowing that you will never be Kelly's boyfriend? I can't, i fucking can't, i'm lonely as fuck, i want to kill myself, i stopped following her and watching her photos because it made me depressed as hell but i just can't ignore her existence, she's the only reason i want to live, which makes it worse because i'll never be with her
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dude shut up
is she aware of this site and the fans she has here?
There's only two ways to end the suffering.

Your choice
You know if you view the page source of Instagram and search for .jpg you can get a full sized image instead of a scaled one like you posted, right OP?
Nice necrobump, retard