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Oekaki x
/v/ is for discussion of all games you """""play""""", and some you don't. PC games, console games, arcade games, vr games, walking sims, dance pad games, h-games/eroge, tabletop games, CYOAs, and everything directly related.

Rules are:
>stay patrician to the board
>stay patrician to each other
>do not suffer lightly reddit, 9gag, discord, nor any other such plebeian cancer
>do not attention whore. This means do not use names, tripcodes, avatars, signatures etc. without cause and do not use them outside of single threads when not absolutely necessary
>spoiler ALL porn

If you think something needs to be changed, create a thread and it WILL be read.
despite all the hate, i fucking love this game. especially with mods.
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Starbound is generally poorly reviewed
is that the game that spent all their money on gary oldman and made the lead dev into a marty stu?
Post it OP, I wanna try
you only like it for the porn and you know it.
>20th anniversary of the most important game
>completely ignored
can valve just fucking die already
Valve only cares about pic related
half life is hardly the "most important" game dumbass.
At least someone remembered.
/v/ should have vidya nights the board that plays together stays together.what's something we all could play?
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but what does a steam group have that the boards don't?
Table top RPGs are cool, and don't require a console or steam, etc. u can even play in a thread or IRC.

there's more than just D&D... I like Rifts because the conversion book lets you be anything from any other game: Have giant robots fighting along side wizards from D&D or Catgurlz from a Neko Dimension, etc.
Funny you mention that, I'm working on a Fallout tabletop rn but it depends a *lot* on the system you run. A game like Feng Shui works much better for single sessions than say, Shadowrun.
a simple interface to determine what games are being played by which users and an easy way to jump in on games being played by mewchanners and simplified setting up events and whatnot.

what should the icon be?
I'll create a group and sticky when it's done
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How about providing some god damn context! Posting a pic of Jesus with a caption saying "stop killing games" doesn't tell us squat!
rossie, baby, please.
you're not photogenic and you're not a demagogue
What are the /v/ recs Anons? Apparently I live here now
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General picks my boy, the only things I don’t like are fighting, rhythm and sports games
there's the obvious:
fallout, morrowind, deus ex and human revolution, quake, brood war, counter-strike, half-life, dead rising, divine cybermancy, hotline miami, jagged alliance 2, gta san andreas/IV, unreal, 2hu, sims, mass effect, monkey island, planescape, simcity
Oh, breddy good. Add maybe Max Payne, the OG Doom, and I dunno Tetris or some shit? You fags ever play Battlefront 2?
battlefront II meme.jpg
I'm with this guy, Battlefront 2 was my shit back in the day
if you're a grown ass man that hasn't played doom you can just turn in your man card right now. Not your vidya card, your MAN card
I only played og battlefront and hated every minute of it. Maybe it's because I only played SP but all I remember is
>enemy has droidekas
>cmon you little pricks get in the vehicle I swear to FUCKING GOD I WILL TURN THI
>maybe one day I'll get a lightsaber but not today
and of course every encounter was pic related
(JPEG Image, 560 × 350 pixels).jpeg
Hit me with your best cringe /v/
The existence of this thread is more than enough.
screenshot thread
post pics of what you're playing
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woah dave.png
just tried this. pure autism. is great
have you tried this yet? is it any good?
all the body mods on skyrim have fucked up freakshow proportions because I guess modders don't look at women
What's the best competitive game, /v/?
I used to think it was 1.6, but then I saw shit like this
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The best competitive game is which doesn't have luck. By this definition games that have randomness (ex. random shotgun spread in fps or fog in rts) decrease the competitiveness of a game.

Also the best competitive game is what you play with a team and not alone --> so no 1v1 games like chess.

From all the limited games/maps/modes I know of I'd pick Instagib mode on CTF-FaceClassic map in Unreal Tournament 2004.
Yeah Splatoon is way more competitive than every fighting game ever
don't say luck, say probability
agree in principle, but there's a lot of skill to managing probabilities as well, just look at pro poker, ccg and tabletop shit, or managing recoil in cs, esp csgo.
>artificial complexity
>1 on 1 games cannot be competitive
I am wondering if this thread is filled with retards or if it is just one retard making multiple posts.
Hey /v/ let's have a greentext thread
>playin Wasteland 2
>have character with animal whisperer skill
>can recruit animals to follow party around
>recruit a random chicken because our goat disappeared
>owner's kind of pissed but fuck him
>after an hour of blasting raiders come to a water pump
>fix pump
>chicken explodes
>check corpse
<uncooked chicken nuggets
rip goober, a bro to the party even in death
>playing space engis
>decide to launch our monstrosity of a station into space
>coat the thing in hydrogen thrusters
>give up waiting for hydrogen to process and launch
>just before we escape gravity, pilot dies of unknown causes (his helmet was off)
>all thrusters turn off
>rush from auxiliary chair to cockpit, bumping into everything along the way as the station is falling rapidly towards the planet's surface
>barely make it alive into the cockpit, stabilizers turn on
>go to third person camera
>literally hovering just a meter above the ground
>playing Jagged Alliance 2
>take an anti-air base
>checking the storage room
>crate with nothing but piano wire
what were they using it for?
pianos duh
>kill a man for his library card
>it's expired
what have I become