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Oekaki x
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hai land of the /rus/

I am trying to learn the "Lord's Prayer" in the language of your country and was wondering if, in Russian, "Отче наш" is pronounced "oatcheh nash" or "oatchyeh nash"....

Ty....sorry for noon question
sorry for noob question*
i think i am mis-pronouncing "Отче".

It sounds like "oatcheh" to me but I think it might actually be "oatchee"...
I do not understand your transcription well, but it is not ee / [i] but [e] or [ə]. Anyway, it is not important since vowel isn't stressed.

Yet another thing, the prayer you describe is that is used by Lutheran and other Protestants. They use modern Russian language. But Orthodox use Church Slavonic language written in Russian letters. So the prayer begins with "О́тче наш, И́же еси́ на небесе́х"
Oche nash
>prayer is spoken in church slavonic

did not know that... i suppose it is a bit similar to how the Latin church does much of their service in Latin rather than vernacular language