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[Important] Moderator needs to be removed. Anonymous 07/07/2018 (Sat) 00:02:05 No. 3518
WARNING: /b/ moderator is trying to censor the board


He should be removed from his post effective immediately for even considering content censorship. If drastic action isn't quickly taken this place will be ruined. This is a warning from the past and from the future.
I'm in favor of letting the board grow itself and not touching content.
For example if it's /tech/ related slightly it belongs there no prob.
Boys Club is special and it has no theme so its no prob ever.
We're not losing any users and seems like we're gaining a few extra ones by not moderating content. The board has a feature where it purges low effort posts automatically if they are close to the middle of the catalog. This helps alot. I'm sure lop (The board owner) will take this advice wisely.
Open file (12.75 KB 656x257 1458328438082-0.png)
The global rules should be structured so as to be rules for moderators (what they can delete) rather than rules for users (what they can post).

Moderators when left to their own devices will delete posts they don't like. They can't help themselves.

If you don't have strict rules governing their conduct then they will abuse their powers.

Pic related. Three years ago the dud said the same thing you are saying now. Look how that turned out for him...
>sites i have sen die from too little hotpockets
add masterchan to this list lmao
It was a joke tbh
Open file (282.04 KB 1009x1009 1529975906735.jpg)
I suppose masterchan died for other reasons like pic related.
This is my biggest issue right now. My team is experienced though. I have talked to people like Trevor of Kusaba X and Krautchan mods to see how everyone moderates. Many restrictive and many not so restrictive. I will do my best to keep ontop of everyone though.
Open file (1.57 MB 4940x3740 1441376092263.jpg)
>i was only pretending to be retarded
Some meddling here and then couldn't really hurt. But then again I'm thinking you are just posting content frowned upon by many.
will never understand the small brained mentality of the average poster who automatically assumes mods just delete the "bad" posts
Random post deletion is fine by me as long as mods are having fun
why does %root have legal cp saved?
Open file (400.87 KB 1257x1528 5486.jpg)
legitimately triggered by this post tbh
Deleting anything at all is content moderation, don't delude yourselves.
Why faggot, do you have some sort of complex that dictates your thoughts and feelings should be heard and considered by many, instead of getting thrown into trash when necessary?
Open file (30.47 KB 450x305 1459300819075.jpg)
>when necessary
this is the key qualifier, i do not think the vast majority of "people" (i use this term very loosely) who become moderators are qualified to do anything...least of all judge content

generally speaking they are pond scum, although that's not entire fair - because at least pond scum actually play a useful biological role

i hope i have addressed your questions and concerns, and cured your terminal rulecuckery
so much autism and retardation ITT
Moderation itself is usually done with subjective criteria a moderator has to create on his own in order to, you guessed it, moderate the board. Your opinions and thoughts about how posts should be judged and removed when necessary will be vastly different than someone else who has been doing that job for a very long time.

There is no good mods and bad for that matter. It all comes down to whether if you agree with that certain mods policies or not, which is I repeat, is subjective.

The rulecuck has spoken, now you are free to go to 4chan/trash/, I had the impression that there were no moderation on anything other than CP.
Open file (15.89 KB 292x271 1415191040300.jpg)
rulecucks actually believe this LMAOOOO
Open file (261.94 KB 2048x2048 3167.jpg)
>moderation is subjective therefore moderators can never do anything wrong

galaxy brained rulecucking
As per my political affiliation, banning neo-nazis (just LARPers in reality) from /b/ is good moderation, in my opinion. You might disagree with me, scream freeze peach and shit like that but that doesn't invalidate my opinions whatsoever.

Good moderation is where you share the opinions of a certain mod. Mad moderation is the opposite of that. There is no objective criteria that can be applied equally to everyone.

Wew. Anything else?
>*Bad moderation is the opposite of that
A small correction, just in case.
>there is no objective criteria therefore mods should ban whatever they want
>there is no objective morality therefore i should be able to do whatever i want

this is straight up retard logic

dude you just got btfo'd with logic and facts, epic style
all powerful considerations of reason in moderation are worthy and noble

"think deeply about the world, and little of oneself"
Why would it be retarded? Who exactly determines the boundaries of morality anyway? You might shame woman who aborts their children because you might argue that those babies need to have a chance to live but turn around and start preaching race war and advocating killing millions of people based on your certain assumptions that skin color determines the right to live.

There is no morality, there are things you agree or just disagree with. Nothing else.
That morality may be socially constructed (and for the sake of this highly intellectual discussion I'm willing to grant that) does not mean it doesn't exist. It is a constitutive aspect of social relations - and necessary to the development of those relations. To say "it doesn't exist" its just silly. Morality is a signifier for the very real behavior of humans towards each other, and for the ways we regulate that behavior.
All I'm saying that "morality" is a subjective term that can vary person to person, country to country or culture to culture and it is unfit for regulating human behavior. The way we use the word "morality" implies a correct set of behaviors that defines the acts that should be frowned upon, and such a thing cannot possibly exist.
Morality is self-evidently "fit for regulating human behavior" because it has allowed for the formation of the complex, mass society.

If it were unfit, then it would lead to total social collapse. When throughout human history the exact opposite happened. It is precisely the societies with a strict moral code that developed beyond the tribal state.
>implying tribes don't tend to have even stricter moral codes and mores
non-functioning (not non-existent), which is why they aren't replicable on a larger scale
>btfo’d by facts
<waah waah ban ban!
you don’t belong on imageboards, go back
>mods *have* to agree with eachother and aren’t allowed to have their own opinions
>btfo’d by facts
nah, OP in that thread got butthurt when someone wanted to debate and school him on falsehoods in his "facts".
mods arent even people

i honestly dont understand how cucked you'd have to be to support these people

but i guess ur the same types who actually jack off to cuck porn
Important Update

Another (the same?) moderator is threatening to rulecuck /b/. Petition for his immediate and permanent removal.


Somehow this faggot mod manages to be worse than the fagposters shitting up /b/. Who would have thought? Fire this chump.
Open file (1.86 MB 3024x3024 drawnver.JPG)
But hotwheels is wrong. They didn't die from overmoderating. 4chan isn't "in progress" of dying, hotwheels wrote that post in 2015 and the 2016 election boosted 4chan to new heights in terms of users. 4chan actually isn't an excessively moderated website; you can post absolutely anything you want on 4chan and say absolutely anything you want in 4chan, they only allow you to do it in certain places however. For example, you can't talk about video games on /pol/. But you can certainly talk about video games on /v/.

4chon died because 4chan's /pol/ and /r9k/ were restored. These boards being deleted were literally the reason that 4chon was created. 4chon didn't die because of hotpocketing, 4chon died because it lost its niche. STI cared about how the mods treated his userbase. See https://gist.github.com/savetheinternet/5184784.

711chan was created with the intention of being free from hotpocketry. 8chan /pol/ was effected by some of the absolute worst hotpockety, but guess what? It still maintained its userbase. Even though imkampfy was the most terrible mod around, he managed to keep his userbase. Sites like meguca and /polk/ were made. /polk/ died. Everyone was happy when Codemonkey unfucked /pol/, but that doesn't matter.

There isn't anything wrong with having moderation as long as you do it with common sense and respect users. You do not need to let the quality of your board sink through the floor to keep it alive. It will do quite the opposite.
Don't worry, this isn't a rulecucked site.
Interesting. I'm not sure if rules solve any problem though. The two basic ones we have are enough.

No spam across threads and no illegal content.
why he doing this to her punani????
4chan isn't in the process of dying - it's dead. That is, it is no longer an image board. It's a social media website akin to reddit or twitter.

Most of what you've written is total bullshit and a manipulation of the historical record, as is typical of rulecks.

>you can post absolutely anything you want on 4chan and say absolutely anything you want in 4chan
IDK how anyone could type this with a straight face.
t. guy who spams gay porn bc freeze peach makes him butthurt
im implying that it is you who are in fact the edgy one (faggot/anime addict of some sort etc.)

there is nothing edgy about advocating for freedom
Censorship might actually help this board (b), in its current state there is no room for philosophical discussions, comfy posting, and giving advice all things that lower my anxiety in the evenings. I wish we could do a little better job censoring the spam, unrelenting pol spam (where it makes no sense to bring it up), and all the incredible amounts of uncomfy posting that’s going on. Not full on censorship. Also nek is a good mod let him control the content a little more.
>there is no room
there is always room, you are refusing to post those threads out of your own selfish reasons. if you actually posted those kinds of threads, there would be plenty positive feedback. policing content is not that answer.
This should be true but it isn’t – human nature is a little more complicated than that
pretty much this

what this retard's idea of spam is is one thread

one shitty /pol/ thread = "spam"

how about you just ignore shit you don't like?
The "one" shitty /pol/ thread(S) are spam. Because It's one user posting it, with the intention of provoking juden. He's not asking any questions or starting any sort of discussion. He's dumping /pol/ images to get at one of the mods...
Open file (1.79 MB 500x364 1459782987547.gif)
>it's spam because it hurts the mods feelings
Would it be possible to create a quarantine board to which removed posts are sent, still visible but can't be replied to (or can be replied to, guess it doesn't matter). That way the community can see what kind of threads are being removed and decide if the moderation is reasonably just or overreaching?
There'd probably need to be exceptions, thigh, for stuff that had to be removed to keep mewch out of trouble (CP), so there will still be potential for abuse.
Yes it's possible, and it's been suggested before. The idea has also come up a lot on reddit, and the CEO a few years back even said it would be a good thing to implement.

But moderators are violently opposed to it, for the same reason they dislike logs.
t. butthurt juden. if you don’t like it you can hide it, crybaby. it’s just one thread.


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