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am i the only non npc poster here?
see? this one is an npc
a broken one
tell me do you bleed?
damn you are a npc after all
Karl is that you?
Workers of the world unite.
you are pretty good
In my Soviet there will be universal fraternity of all races, including the African, given that all set aside "racial ideologies" and contemptuous grievances and such things as this.

Darwin of course says we all came from a common monkey if you go back far enough.

Just because a person or their is dishonored in one country does not necessarily imply that that person or race is without honor elsewhere in the world.

Let each persons' ability and good virtuous conduct speak for itself, that's my take on it.
That is not to say that an African or anyone else should not champion "racial ideology" (as they do in Amerika) but that their personal ideology and identity should not come between them and their fellow citizens.
Just because a person or their race is dishonored*
This is pretty hawt, btw.

ikr in soviet union all races were equal I just use the meme to troll yankees
so in soviet union were no racism at all even earlier than in america
In America certain states as early as the 1700's were founded upon the basis of freedom of religion and equality of all races.

Some examples would be Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Regarding the Soviet Union, I have not researched the Rus or Socialism/Communism enough to know a lot about it. I know that the Soviet Union was a nation of heroes who accomplished brave and glorious deeds and I think that's how I'd be forced to view those folks were I in their shoes at the time.
Same thing I'd say about the Nazis. We all have our shadow aspects, although I do not think that evil is glorious.
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in soviet Union there can not be racism cause you are not a georgian oar ukranian or african you just soviet
speaking of us ya guys didnot let negros walk with whites till 60s our supreme leader was a georgean and nobody cared
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gender and race equality countrywide soviets got ya beat
its funny how you guys think that soviet union was the same as north korea
We all have our shadow aspects.
true soviet union has it cons ..... it collapsed
Без названия (10).jpg
I find it funny how mainstream media makes terrorist out of Mandela, Che and others
whats you fav communist song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fty23qExQA
Undoubtedly some form of Chinese or Korean pop music, if I had one.
so ya sjw?
I am a SJW, I'd reckon.
you think its fair to say there is no racism towards white people cause a lot of sjw think so
U.S. has had laws protecting minority ethnic groups since even before the American Revolution, but perhaps not a centralized beauracracy that handled it back then.

One time the U.S. made alcohol illegal throughout the whole nation.

I think the Soviet Union was a bit anti-Semitic if I remember correctly. I think Lenin b& certain forms of Jewish cultural expression if I remember correctly. May have been only Lenin, though?

A lot of people talk about "Jewish Conspiracy-theory" when talking about the Soviet Union, such as that it was a "Jewish conspiracy" to take over Russia and exploit its people. Not sure though. I haven't researched it but it is talked about frequently IRL when talking about the Soviet Union IRL such as with Christians and the Alex Jones crowd.
*do you?
is it racism to think so? i guess not
Of course not. Look at those who dislike Slavs let alone the whole planet who hates White people.
Maybe not "The whole planet", but referring to anti-imperalist sentiments.

Slavery was not the white man's 'race war'. Africa of course already had institutional slavery.

so you are normal sjw? thats ok just dont get jokes too close to heart
If you do not know me IRL and we are just conversing then you are just an innocent and seemingly intelligent/noble anon.

If you are part of a network which gangstalks me then I'd say you are in the wrong and have little merit in real conversation and little authority to dictate the life of another.

Having said this, I consider myself somewhat of a socialist/communist so peace betwixt us for that.

Sometimes I have to troll to bring my enemies out of the woodwork. I apologize. No disrespect intended towards your fair land.
I am half Slav, lol.
you are being stalked? anyway im just random anon nothing personal
Ah, okay of course. You seem pretty chill, "no homo". "It's whatever, bro".

Sorry about the negative comments about Russia, in the past. Probably a pretty fun place. I was just saying it to see if I had any Russian Intel. groups following me around IRL.
why do tehy follow you buddy? also why did ya brought no homo ?

im really concerned about you why would they follow you buddy?
lol just saying "no homo" to be funny

regarding people following me, we discuss frequently here on MEWCH the topic of "gangstalking"

that's what i'm referring to, "gangstalking"....of course i cannot really tell if people are actually following me around....i am more inclined to say that what i am experiencing is some sort of spiritual phenomenon like spirits haunting me and paranormal forces harassing me and stuff of that nature

the most common umbrella term to learn about stuff like that would be "gangstalking" in engrish


Okay Buddy stay frosty