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>he doesn't know what mewch means

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Oekaki x
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How's it going today /int/
Watching porn, playing vidya, usual
Pretty good!
heavy feels.gif
My last 2 decent boards where compromissed.
If I comploain they tell me to make a dead board.
If I ask which chan to go I get no answer.
I don't know russian so I can't post on non-pedo boards on fox

What are some games to keep me busy? Since all chans have been kiked
>Since all chans have been kiked
im jew
depends on what you like.
I was thinking of Exile III myself, heard it's an old school top down wRPG with a lot of meat.
wew. Good luck with that. I grew up on the Exile games and they are pretty damn good actually. But the dev started circlejerking his own glory and he rebooted those same games over and over about four or five times now and through every cycle they got more and more dumbed down. Nowadays they're called Avernum instead of Exile. They're still essentially the same game storywise, with some nice additional lore and sidequests to them. But the gameplay got completely dumbed down and crippled
Yea. Played about 10 hours of avadon, the second reboot of exile i'm guessing, unless geneforge is counted among them. When seeing crpg discussions people quibble over a tob of dumb shit but one autist's voice over the years rung clearly over the cacophonous and dissonant din of /v/ and now I shall take his advice and play the damn game.