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Post your intent to join the Collective in this thread! This will make evaluation by our sisters fast and easy!

Benefits of becoming a succubus:
>breaking free of reincarnation, no longer forced to deal with pesky human matters
>immortality, you will be invincible
>have the body you have always dreamed of
>nobility status in hell, noone will hurt you if you go to the underworld

Additionally, benefits of being a Collective member:
>your own personal cave
>access to Collective facilities such as the beach, the distant islands and the high plateu
>get good deals with our internal credit score system
>"rent a body" system for those who want to visit the human world but lack the ability to form their own body
>free access to the worlds of our allies, including the popular incubus world Candy Kingdom

If after posting your intent, the evaluation determines your are more fit to be an incubus, proper arragements will be made to connect you with a suitable guide among our incubus allies.

archive of previous thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20161226101504/https://fringechan.org/loosh/res/987.html
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Actually, I've had a relationship with a succubus. It went so far as to get the vibrations in my privates once (and then it started spreading), but I interrupted that out of fear and choosing 'the other side', but I felt more alive than I have ever been before interruption.

I had the same issues I had with her before showing up in this thread, and it provided the impetus for me to convene here.

It's time to call out to her. Once and for all. I want our love to make its mark in time. :)
You have some of the heavenly standard particles developed now. The lower stuff is coming to a halt and this is caused by karma (black stuff) gathering around the solid foundation you already formed. This is a battle of attrition you need to fight against your old acts that went against your true nature. Once you finish off some of those thought patterns you'll be able to easily move forward.

This means you'll feel like you're not developing anymore for a while but your main objective now is to hold ground.
So the key to to keep developing my healthy habits and keep trying to break my old ones.
As above so below as they say.
What about me?

It's always nice to get a reading.

But better yet, how do I develop my non-physical senses?

What do you think of these sites?
Besides impregnating succubi, could one just have one as a “girlfriend” and in exchange for sexual energy they help the Magcian learn magick better?
Those are two ways you can benefit from the relationship. By impregnating succubus, you are sharing your genetics with them, and also, in case you join the collective, that will mean having virtually infinite credit because, as OP has pointed out earlier, the credit your daughters gain wilk also factor in as your own credit.

Theoretically, succubus would also help you with magick, as they are akilled, as OP has also mentioned in this thread.

Now, to go off a tangent here.


How does the mechanism of getting favors/things from succubus differ if the succubus being asked in this case is in a relationship with the subject?
But is the relationship one that is accepted by the collective, you know.
I wouldn’t mind one materializing in front of me in the “girlfriend” relationship but I wouldn’t know how much energy that would take.
Well, surely, there are collective succubus and then there are non-collective succubus.

I think the real hindrance about the materialization deal is, will you take it, or freak out? I'd imagine it'd take a lot of courage to stomach it the first time.. But then it'd get easier. It's all really up to your abilities. Like, how far are you able to surpass human limitation? There are many variables to this but this is what it is in a nutshell.
The only way to find out something is to do it.
One time about last year on Christmas I was driving down the road and I look in the back seat and something look like it was materializing in my back seat.
Spooked the fuck out of me, I retained control of my car though and when I looked back it was gone.
So if I can do that when something out of the blue I think I can handle if I know before hand.
I think a good rule of thumb is to take it slow; there's no rush. Once contact is made, the rest will follow in due time.

If you already have what it takes, then you've already done the hardest part, of accessing the concept in the first place.

I'm most interested in knowing about my (the main soul's) alignment and my progress. Like, what parts of me, the main soul, is made of what.
Those websites look like cults revolving around fake gurus imo. The best way to evolve your senses is to use them! Remember what I said, it took me 2 years to make a first spirit connection and I used no specific method apart from visiting places I thought may have spirits.
Alright. It seems to me, then, that I should take a natural approach to magick. Magick is, after all, just the art of operating on higher laws. Nothing more or less to it.
how about me ?
additionally, tell me something i like to hear.
It just felt like it was a very selfish thing to ask for readings on my part, and I felt like it was obtrusive of you to do so, but these feelings are now put aside.

Is there something you'd rather not mention? I have no problem with getting readings now.
Well the voice in my head is telling me just say the word so I suppose I’ll just ask the collective to send a succubi gf to help me out in return for energy.
I'm sorry if I put you through some trouble earlier :(
Are you requesting an energy reading?
You seem to have developed some pretty strong stuff but you lack a defined form. This may be the reason you feel confused.

I just think you should work on yourself for a while and not just expect results so fast. It's been relevant so far because all of you in the thread came here at a point when things started moving, but there will be periods where you'd have to wait 2-6 months to even notice any change at all. So basically, don't ask so damn often ;^)

It's ok, but try to develop some patience.
I just.. I just wanna know if I am of the succubus. Is all. It's an itch I have. I'm so sure of it, but I don't wanna kid myself.
As in, I've felt it, even after the two souls have left me.

In any case, point taken.
Compare yourself to the standard described here.
These things are not arbitrary, all of them have very deep symbolic meanings, you need all of them to be complete.
They all represent a stance on certain formations in the universe. Wings represent economy, tail represents the ability to strike an enemy while staying at safe distance, horns represents the ability to defend territory (defense of fixed position, in military terms).
To clarify the relevance, let me use a real life example:
A developed country needs a strong and growing economy, it needs long distance missiles and it needs to defend its borders against ground invasions. This is how these things manifest in the human world. A succubus has the capabilities of an entire nation right there in her bodily form.
At first, I was hostile to my feminine side (actually I felt very much like my father at my most hostile moments), but now I'm more open to it. The rest I haven't done, or at most, half-heartedly. I haven't entirely accepted doing the rest, but more than at first. I just can't seem to 'get into it' fully. But it's improving, slowly.

So I get from this that, though I am open to it, the foundation isn't complete.

You've said before that the key to becoming a succubus is to adapt to them.
dodgy. go as deep as you like. tell me much, i'm gonna need guidance.
which has been scarce as of yet.
It seems you need to open up socially. Do you have an environment for meeting people, like random strangers? Go there, or if not, find such a place, you need input to change for the better. You are looking too much at yourself without perspective or context.
Now that I'm looking at this, I feel like it's time to go out and do something, apply what you know in real life. That's the only way you can know if it's real or not. Test what you learned and when you see success you'll know it's real.
Like, by sheer imitation of the previous souls, I've already overcome the femininity part.

But that's right where it ends for the most part. I meditate on the succubus form quite frequently actually.. It'll need some time.

Yep, quite essential to learn how to do things by ourselves.
I see, so the choice is our own.
While a regular incubus is but a regular one, can you tell me about incubus lords and how they develop?
I know that the collective is more of female but seeing as incubi are sent to the candy kingdom as it is associated, I am curious.
I seek the masculine qualities within myself, though personally balancing the two would be ideal.
I feel like I'm slowly departing remnants of positive thinking patterns and these are holding me back there, just really putting me out of sync.

I think that's just about it on my end.
i don't know how to do that and i'm afraid of those empty disturbing people.
i don't get it !
So the way to developing the infernal succubus standard would be to have your thinking to be essentially feminine and to develop wings, horns and tails.

Adapt that to regular incubus and you'll get the same thing, except that you should have your thinking to be basically masculine.

I'd say next up is to wait until the heavenly succubus article is released, at which point, try to adapt it to incubus lords.

I think that, since the Collective is already monitoring this thread, maybe you're already on the way to becoming an incubus lord, in case you've reached out to the Collective? Have you asked about how the Collective could aid you?

I'd say there's no need to go to some discotheques or anything of that sort. Maybe try meeting up with people who share a hobby/interest with you.
To be deeply immersed in yourself leads to deeper self-absorption, which leads to deeper self-absorption.. Get it? It's a spiral that leads nowhere, not to mention it'll eventually disconnect you from reality, merely on the basis of lack of input from others.
This is beyond my knowledge. The collective can assign an incubus guide for you if you want to learn more of this topic. They can arrange a meeting but you need to communicate with him yourself after that.

Try to think of something you like. If it exists it's because other people also like the same thing, that means you have a common ground to start from. If you think people are disturbing, don't go to that place.
>Adapt that to regular incubus and you'll get the same thing, except that you should have your thinking to be basically masculine.
In principle that isn't wrong, but I'd say we don't know anything about that. Demons are chaotic so there's nothing saying it transfers over like that. Some incubus are centaurs or goats for example and those don't have wings, they walk.
In the future I would but for now, I should develop myself into more positive habits first.
Everything in due time I suppose.
Thank you.
I've been wondering.. How are the two souls that left me doing?

In my opinion, it doesn't get any edgier than this.

On second thought, I really don't need to know this. It's one of those questions I'd like to have answered for the sake of it.
That reminds me of popular depictions of Baphomet.

That reminds me of the Lesser Key of Solomon. The demons depicted there have wildly differing representations. What's your take on this in general?
Those books including the sigils used are very limited in use and perspective. They're probably written with sincerity but the writer only had a narrow scope of knowledge and described that part in detail. It's not factually wrong but there is little use in it.
People have done the same with a small number of succubus, outlining them as a hierarchy and naming them, but that's like they wrote about 19 out of a million individuals thinking "this is all of them."
I think you're referring to Codex Succubi there. It also paints succubus as creatures of God, which was probably done to appease Christians, and also that it's not entirely out of the realm of possibilities for some succubus to put up with that.
>Hersiop must be really popular though..
wanna give me a reading again ?
Did you change something?

Actually there is a structure now. It's a common one with two pink streams going up on the sides and a white going down in the middle, this is a universal function that's well known, and it's now dominating your signature. It's a lot better than before.
well how was it usually ?
Simply no structure or order. In this case it's just not good to have chaos even if your personality is based on it.
well, whatever you think happened, i feel like nothing changed.
One of the things I've learned is that the way you feel about yourself does not necessarily relect on what's really happening. Now, now, as an example, we'd see hamsters as "hairy" but hamsters themselves don't necessarily see themselves that way.

Likewise, OP is looking at your energy, the astral reflection of you, the subject here. You (or I in this case :p) might not be able to percieve ourselves the way OP can, but this ability can be developed.
OP.. OP..
I just made an AP excercise where I constructed a mirror to look at myself with.

I have wings!!!! Big wings! LOL
i also have big wings !
okay, noted
You must be lost, go back to >>>/b/, friend
I desire to communicate with the collective. I am creating a conduit aasy to access and spread energy into places otherwise unaffected. There are ones who's mouths are not being heard. There are those whose light shines even in the dark places. through me more can be brought into a more awakened mind. I want the collectives opinion on this and I want to meet you! I have succubi who love me and some who watch me. I am a neutral outlet and I have uppermost respect for your beautiful race.
Are the succubus you are in contact with collective members?
(use a flag when posting on /fringe/ pls)
Can you tell me how advanced I am, generally?

Sometimes I feel like all I do is for nothing, that I deteriorate like my surroundings and my existence will come to nothing. Do you know this feeling? To feel like my fate is tied to all the machines that don't grok neither the direness of their situation nor the evils they unintentionally or uninformedly commit?

After a certain point, I can't even do anything about the 'evils' that have been set in motion in my life and all I can do is wait until it reaches its conclusion. It's as if some people literally own me. It's the worst fucking feeling ever. It makes me angry, and yet I know that expressing my anger to the offenders has no use.
To sum it up in a single sentence:
>maintain your composure and endure it - and it will soon be gone
I am internally breaking up with the group I was loosely connected to. They are the Cassiopaean group. I have awakened to how they are flawed.

Being among them has stifled my development. Oh, how the Cassiopaeans have said such beautiful things, yet the group somehow bungles it. Going after red herrings and thinking that by following real-life events they are doing what should be done.

They know so much, and yet they are dead inside, as I have become over the years. Trying to fit in on my end took precedence over everything else.

I'm still researching this but this is what I feel about them. That really, you should 'never take one source as the truth', as they'd say. And yet somehow they are 'above' this.

God damn.

As to the rest, yes, it'll pass. Just a part of being human, I suppose. But I shouldn't ide tify so strongly with it, for the things in motion now are beyond my control.
Indeed, time is sometimes the only thing needed to reach the conclusion of things. Whether it is to reconcile my feelings and situation to a certain group, or a religion, or in trying to accomodate discordant people.

Human intellect is only human. Why would we struggle with things that eventually leave us disillisioned in the end?

Happy Holidays, comrade, thanks for checking in. :)
That group would rather have me find how I can serve my ideological opponents. And so I have tried, and tried and tried, but it's literally hopeless.
To fit in this world. Be a part of it, in this pale imitation of what could've been. To recognize that I am a slave, and then to accept being one.

To realize how the world is fucked up, and then stop there. Talk and talk about it, maybe do some meditations, and read their news site, and it ends there.


I have given their path way more than they deserve.

Maybe this is how I got my positive orientation.. But begond a certain point, it turns cultish.

And now I feel like something in me has been severed.
A channeller. I suppose they serve their pupose in the overall state of things. Some year ago I saw someone writing out long windling messages literally saying they were from "the collective" and it's possible they really were from the same collective we are talking abou here, there was no conflict in the things written. But it didn't contain a lot of information either.
The feeling in me has subsided. It was just so beyond what I considered 'acceptable' to do. I felt sore inside for a while, though.

I think I should just benefit from its fruits and discard the rest. After all, the group seems to have gone off the deep end, somewhere.

Have you tried channeling? It seems like you kinda hover around that constantly, given a succubus semi-possesses you.
Channeling is just letting someone speak through you. It could be anything, they don't know. I don't see the benefit in it, at least not for the person allowing it.

I'm teaming up with different succubus and we're working together on something, it can't be compared really.
I think they are different ways to reach the same result, but channeling would be too complicated for posting on an imageboard imo, so in that light, point taken.

You've also mentioned how the way succubus might comprehend the world would, in wording, be at variance with the human understanding of language.
How is it that channeling is of no benefit, at least not for the person allowing it exactly?
When I start typing replies, sometimes I don't even know the reply, but my current aid/maid throws the info into my mind and helps me form proper sentences that can represent the collective's message. Then we both type it. It's very fast. It's a seamless interaction where we do whatever is needed right now, so we both learn in the process.

A channeller is just acting as a megaphone for a being, they don't learn anything because there is no real interaction, they're passive and letting their bodies be used.
Do the succubi know if I set off a trap last night?
What happened?
I just was looking at a text from a secretive group and some strange energy popped up on me.
Had to get rid of it.
I didn’t think it would effect me, seeing as it was mainly an oath for those who share it.

I don't know!!
It shouldn't matter if you got rid of it. It's not necessarily a trap, it could've just been the egregore behind the oath.

Please put on a flag when posting here, flagless posting is against the rules. And please try to post with more sense, your message isn't coming through.
I'm new to the boards. Forgive my senseless gibberish.
I think I did more to myself than to it.
I tried invoking solar deitys to get rid of it and now my hand feels like I burned myself lightly.
well, nothing happened as of yet. i kinda accepted that no one would come to my help though.
this was expected.
Did you check this blog?
While I don't recommend using blood, the other info is still worth knowing about. It used to be closed but it seems the owner recently came back again.
Distilling the useful info is essential in any endeavor that concerns information.
I've found that expressing your intent in an appropriate manner (example: here) is more than enough.

Funny thing was that on OP's blog, it's said that these threads are just for testing the waters and expressing intent here wasn't enough; that contacting the collective directly is needed. And yet, OP here says that the sisters are monitoring this thread and, in fact, respond to requests in at least this thread and the one on the now defunct fringechan. OP, you might want to resolve this inconsistency; expressing intent here does the job I've found.
>on OP's blog
Or public forum
I'm not sure what specific parts you're referring to. The blog (not the one I linked here, I'm not Ryan >>2027 ) was started before the whole idea of the religion was brought forth and should be seen in that light. Older posts will not be updated.
no i don't really think i'm worth a superbeing's attention. i'm quite uninteresting and not even sure about how and what if anything ever was to happen. picture this, i don't even know what i would even do, if i'm supposed to ask for something, heck, i didn't even read further than this thread and disregard whatever blogspot you sent me because it appears to be uncompressible and unrelated.

i want a savior, guardian, assistant, master, that kind of thing. i want to be unlocked. i couldn't look further than that because i'm that type of person, my thought process seems to be different than other's.

well, i suppose i got potential, but i also want the stove to give heat before i give it wood, and i don't get myself on that one.
>I'm not sure what specific parts you're referring to.
Scroll down to the third and last post.
Does it hold true these days? If so, to what extent and in what respects?
I repeat OP's words: be patient. Time only moves so slowly because it is our perception. Also, you are your own salvation; no other being ultimately owes it you, maybe with the exception of being a servant, if that's what you seek. No need to be self-depreciative, you don't need that emotion/perspective in my opinion.
Now that I think of it, I get the 'undercurrent' that you/the Collective wants a larger movement; that this method of recruitment through threads isn't the endgame for you.
Now, to continue this particular conversation. What the Quantum Future Group (QFG) (the people behind the superluminal communications as they put it) are doing is contacting the Cassiopaeans through a ouija board with other participants doing the asking. It's not the channeling you've referred to, as been practiced in the case of the Ra material and other similar projects. But the result is similar, if not less direct.
>Q: Are potential recruits allowed to post their interest here in order to be evaluated?

>A: Those were posted in anonymous bulletin boards which means they have relatively many viewers and anyone could post within a few seconds because no registration was needed. It defeats the purpose of "fast and easy" if the same offer was made in a small place like this where people need to register and pick a name. The collective doesn't work that way, there need to be a certain movement or number of visitors to set this up.

>The actual offer is constant however, it's the deeper side of the religion. You just need to express this yourself in a personal setting instead of in a public place like the internet. The thread was a test to see if there was any interest in the offer of actually joining as a succubus, rather then just interacting with one. Joining the collective really is the goal, so it was necessary to spread this idea wider.

This was in reference to the fringechan thread, I don't see where you read what you mentioned in
>it's said that these threads are just for testing the waters and expressing intent here wasn't enough; that contacting the collective directly is needed

The message is pretty clear. For the forum members they can use the method from the blog. At the time of the question there was no imageboard thread open.
>i want a savior, guardian, assistant, master, that kind of thing.
If this is to be interpreted as you wanting to be the minion of a succubus, say so. That can surely be arranged if it is your honest desire.
I don't know alot about the new age community or what they really believe in. I've participated in the galactic lightship dreamflights at spirit train chronicles and seen that it really is legit, but that's about it. The owner of the website also manifested the ship Celeid specifically for use by the collective and I've seen them visit it, so there is no conflict between the two enterprises. When it comes to people talking about actual aliens from different stars I'm sceptical. I know the ships exist as sentient entities and I know the reptilians do exist in a spiritual plane, but physical pleiadans and whatever, I still need to see some proof of their existence.
if i find a better purpose within a month it's gonna be a no.
but i don't think i will...

being a succubus' minion sounds acceptable.
unlock me and i serve in exchange. i just want belonging, a guiding figure, and purpose.
i know, i'm chaotic.

geez, it'd take hundreds of lines to explain. i'll make it easy : i'm sorry about being an idiot all the time. i'm restricted, even at the core of my being. i'm confused about everything.
i have no goal, aim, purpose, fervor or passion in life.

I see how it is, I remembered "The thread was a test" as "testing the waters", along with the rest of my interpretation.

I figured that was the case here.

Ah, the rabbit hole gets deeper. QFG claims to channel the same entity/ies as those of the Ra material. The rationale behind this is that "they are where they are", back in the days of the Ra material, they were the Pleiadians, and now with the QFG they are the Cassiopaeans, merely because they've changed location. They both come with their own similar cosmologies and the Pleiadians/Cassiopaeans claim to be very close to the level of the Cosmic Mind itself, beyond physicality and reincarnation.

They have their own cosmology, with the Ra material-transpired concept of densities and the STS/STO dichotomy to boot.

I've found that QFG has a very Fourth Way feel to it. Eh, Montalk puts it well, better than I could've.

I've wondered a bit about the spirit train chronicles blog, that filled in some holes for me for sure :)
So now on the concept of "the largest division of Creation". You've previously mentioned that the dividing line does not occur on STS/STO, but Order/Chaos, ie "rule by force/ruled by principles". does it divide further than that in any meaningful manner? Examples:
>possibility of there actually being more than two genders in some beings, or no such thing, or quirky mechanisms in gender, ie https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequential_hermaphroditism
>hierarchies and its varying possible permutations, the concept of holarchy
>degree of physicality if physicality is a continuous variable; if discreet, psysicality/nonphysicality
>among others
I want to be a historian, to traverse the realms and not only observe, but to retain and/or chronicle my travels.

To actually be a traveler (maybe without human limitations ;) ).

This, I feel, is my calling.
On second thought, I get how all these qualities, being bipolar, between two poles, also separate. But I meant to ask, can the Order/Chaos dichotomy be elaborated on in further depth? Can there be other dichotomies which have a tangible effect on Order/Chaos beyond merely having an accessory effect?
There's another group/person known as Nexus Seven, which expand on the STS/STO dichotomy, as 'The Ends Justify the Means'/ 'The Means is Equally Important to the Ends'/'The Means Justify the Ends'. Can the Order/Chaos dichotomy be further elaborated on in a similar manner?
I feel that STS vs STO is a false divide. How do you really serve someone else? How do you know what they need? If you follow their command you could hurt them, because they may want things that harm them in the long run. So you need to first know what service to self really means, if you even want to be able to serve others. Trying to serve others before serving yourself will lead to harming others out of ignorance.
This is how I look at it. It's describing two steps of the same thing.

What you call order vs chaos is simplified. This sounds like something from a generic fantasy world, like Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. The collective is very ordered, don't you think? It couldn't be a functional collective if it was not in line with order in its organizational form. So this divide isn't real either. Rather I would describe it as personality vs principle.
Principles are external things, and by internalizing them, positive beings find stability, and they need to mind upholding these principles in their actions.
Personality or chaos is based on the arbitrary preferences of the individual. The person themselves don't even know what motivates them deep inside. Enlightenment for them doesn't mean to understand the implications of principles in different situations, but to know how they themselves react and function in different settings. If they stray from who they are inside, for example by following external principles, they become weak and degenerated, because this means submission to something that's not their person. So a negative being has to defend themselves and not accept defeat, that is the meaning of morality for them.
Fraunhofer Diffraction - Perfection.mp3
>the world doesn't owe you shit
yeah, right... i've been trying to be decent and respectful all my life. some said "give and the world will give back" and i actually believed them. wondered why people were so shit and selfish all the time. i tried to be a good person... i've always hated the standpoint of "nobody will help you, be on your miserable own". but if this is how the world is going to be, then i don't owe anything to the world either. i'll just become a manipulative asshole. why should i even give a fuck anymore ? i'm nothing at all. all the idiots in the world are here for me to take advantage of.
sounds like it fits into this world.
and then they wonder why everybody's still suffering... fuck anyone who leaves others in misery, if i was rich i'd give, not hoard and gather. but looks like i'm turning out to become a psycho anyways. i don't know if i want to be a mellow retard anymore. if hate tips me over i'll go all in and break a few locks.
You don't owe the world anything either. I have hope, but not in this world.

I strive to be good, in my own way, and all the selfish assholes be damned. They can blabber all they want, but I will presevere, and when all the karmic entanglements have run their course, it is I who will remain. All those dumb assholes would rather have you become one of them. It is as I've read on some picture before; he will become one of the filth, or develop a superimmunity to it.

I try to keep to myself now that which I would've given to my ideological opponents, etc., and now I am much more at peace with myself. Just a while ago, I drove one of them into a blind rage because the 'respect' I had for his antics has dried up. I have parted him in spirit.
above all, i want a leader.
a kind mentor, a gentle voice, i don't know...
somebody is now gone forever and i'm lost...

it's just weird that i find it that i don't feel at home in this human world.
You're not alone. I too wanted such a person in my life, a maternal presence, someone with whom we share all we have with each other, a person with whom we have complete mutual understanding.

But I have not seen a human who can do this. And, for all intents and purposes, I consider it impossible to find such a human, much less expect myself to fill in such a role in my current condition.

I am in a nightmarish position: people who are more degenerate than me rule over me. Such is my condition. I am still learning how to free myself from the degenerates as much as humanly possible. Or else, I will be a mere beggar, begging for the energy some degenerates drain from me. I'd call them the profane, because they seek to turn everything to shit.

Things are getting better, slowly but surely.
I will feed myself, be the very things I used to seek in people to myself.

I suggest you consider this. Be your own solace. Overthrow the posts you've set up for other people in your head, and replace them with yourself.

No one, literally no one could ever fill in what you seek, or I seek in that regard, unless we surrender free will. I seek to be my nourishment, so that I don't feel tangible pressure to give up my free will.

"People only respect you as much as you respect yourself", "Love yourself or no one would love you" touch on this concept, but then undoes itself by setting the motivation behind it on other people. I say, do it because practically no one else will, regardless of what you do. Unless perhaps if you became a servant, or else maybe if you became one with the filth, or, as you put it, became a manipulative asshole. And I think that entails forgoing your innocence and other good qualities for manipulative assholes. I have considered this, and went as far as 'flirt with it', but I couldn't follow through.

I hope you find solace in these words.
>I will feed myself, be the very things I used to seek in people to myself.

>I suggest you consider this. Be your own solace. Overthrow the posts you've set up for other people in your head, and replace them with yourself.
This is exactly what I've been doing.
STS is "serving yourself, and only giving when you think you will benefit in the end", STO is "serving others, except when this service will be of detriment to you or the recieving party". STO needs discernment in order to be STO. As in, a certain action may have different results depending on the circumstance, and understanding the circumstance is discernment. STS just goes on autopilot in the earlier stages and then consciously deploys discernment according to its interpretation of reality, and interprets reality the way it wants to, hence, "wishful thinking", whereas STO seeks to understand reality as objectively as possible.

STS is driven by personality, or, as the Fourth Way puts it, false personality. STO makes the personality align with something of a higher sort, primarily by living alongside the STO motif paired with discernment and (near-)objective perception of reality.

So seeking to give to the world so that the world will give back to you is STS, showering love and light to all is STS, possessiveness is STS, master/slaves and prisoner/guards are STS (they just come together), humans are primarily STS, principles without discernemt and (near-)objective perception of reality is STS.

Buddhism, as it is, represents one of the paths towards STO.

The STS/STO dichotomy posits that there is such a thing as truth, but it is elusive to us.

And now I have described the STS/STO dichotomy to the best of my ability.

Over to you. I would very much like to see this reach its conclusion.

Excuse me for not letting your post sink in in its entirety earlier.

You seek a symbiotic relationship with the world on your own terms and have come to see that it's not feasible.

You want this relationship to work so bad. It's as if your integrity is irrevocably tied to it.

You have come to tie other people to what you consider 'good'.

I assume you think that things will go in one of two ways, either you 'going psycho', or this symbiotic relationship working out.

Try this thought experiment: imagine watching yourself from a third-person point of view "throughout a day" for example, both your thoughts and interactions. Then apply your values, judgements on yourself.

I realized that I wouldn't even love myself. Then I figured, if no one will love me, then at least I will love myself.
I have no interest in the STO vs STS, I think it's irrelevant. This brings up something that came up on megu/pol/ recently; do you act according to your values or do you act according to what you think your actions will lead to? In other words do you look at the act itself or at the consequences of the act?
The consequences of a correct act according to your values may seem like a negative outcome, but what would happen if you stray from your values to correct the result? You gave up yourself for something external, for something that isn't you, and something that will not benefit you. If it does not benefit you, in the end it's foolish to carry that out.
Some people are fools, they would go to hell for ideas like that and still wouldn't give in when they see it, because they think it's somehow "worth" it. Why bear that pain over worthless ideas and principles? But if someone chooses to do so, it's up to them.
This is the same mindset that will make people go to war with possible death as a result, over defending material things that they'll lose if they die. Still they do it. Acts that defeat their own purpose are truly foolish and that is how I see the pure STO. STO can only be applied as an external structure working outside STS, as something secondary. Used as a value it still is pretty useless. It means giving away without getting anything for it. Loss without gain. That's what it is when applied in its true form. If you want to use the prerequisite that it can't be detrimental to you, i.e no loss for you, then it is either STS or a mere neutral act, giving no gain to you and no loss. In that sitution, anyone could follow STO because it doesn't require anything of you. Then STO is worthless and not admirable, it's not even hard to do.
My experiences support this.

In my time of trying to apply STO (because I did think it was "worth" it), all it did for me was to entrench myself further or at least stay in the clutches of the enemy. It did nothing for me but invite pain and prevent me moving on to greater things by blocking what could've been learned earlier.

How the heck can I serve the enemy without the enemy advancing their agenda? The enemy is like the air that contorts lightning in its path - they try to block me at every turn. There can be no coexistence with them, no symbiosis (which I now find to be deeply perverse), for they would use this against me whenever they could, as they saw fit. Banishment is the ideal outcome, in my current opinion.

I would continuously attempt to prevent my assimilation, then I'd give the enemy "one more chance", ad infinitum. It's very much like you've said, I'd go positive, then I'd backtrack, then "one more time".. "Let's try this from a different angle"..

I fear I would've slipped again. This is why I seeked to reach a conclusion, seeking STO and seeking to join the Collective are incompatible.

Applying Collective ideals is just better. I was just too blind to notice that the "worthiness" of STO is a scam. Abandoning it had the connotation of me "going to a black hole to become primal matter"; that was enough to keep me on track with STO up to now.

Thank you.
>"going to a black hole to become primal matter"
Black holes are mere centers for transformation of matter, it happens within you as well as in the external world. It also happens in the womb of the female body or the corresponding field in the male body, chinese call this field "dantian."
It's not death to go through transformation, it means only to dissolve karma. From the other side it means to create false ideas and build karma. Neither is fatal unless you are completely lost, it can be reversed after it was created. This is what you're doing when enlightening to something and dissolving the karma that was bound to the mental concept you got rid of.

I am talking of my own understanding of the matter here.

STO vs STS is a simplification of the idea of altruism, I believe this is the main issue of it. It's no longer altruism or compassion but a mere act with no feeling or thinking behind it because the words were changed and the concept stripped of its original meaning to fit the mindset of new agers with no specific religious affiliation.
It ultimately prevents me from being my own solace, placing unwarranted importance on others.

I sensed I was straying from STO by outright dethroning them. The results were: higher emotional resilience, stability and resistence to emotional games; improvement of baseline mood and outlook; increased sociability (ironically but also unironically); clearer direction and purpose.

Sticking with STO opened up critical venues of attack for my enemies and they were relentless at exploiting this. It's as if I lended a remote control of my emotions to them.

>Black holes are mere centers for transformation of matter
That's comforting to know.

>It's not death to go through transformation, it means only to dissolve karma. From the other side it means to create false ideas and build karma. Neither is fatal unless you are completely lost, it can be reversed after it was created. This is what you're doing when enlightening to something and dissolving the karma that was bound to the mental concept you got rid of.
That's also comforting to know.

About the STS/STO concept, the group behind it were new agers, and the group that claimed to contact the same source later on is, in my opinion, a classical cult.

>In my time of trying to apply STO (because I did think it was "worth" it), all it did for me was to entrench myself further or at least stay in the clutches of the enemy. It did nothing for me but invite pain and prevent me moving on to greater things by blocking what could've been learned earlier.

doesn't sound like STO as I know it.
as someone else put it:


">There is actually three paths. Left hand (STS), right hand (STO) and what I call the true path, which involves not falling for the duality

I think you are conflagrating a couple things. In the strict sense of the word STO embraces the entirety of all (existence & source) as interconnected and as such the overall harmony of the system as a complete organism is paramount. Combative dualism, in which "light" must eternally war upon "dark" is a trap of separation and is not true STO:"

>Put more of your energy into seeding and growing something that makes you spiritually fulfilled — you are not combatting dark forces directly so much as starving them by creating a better alternative.
Now this is what I can get behind of. I am in practice not combating per se, but trying to eliminate vectors of parasitism. Combat is just secondary to this.

But accepting all there is implies accepting the parasites, and forgoing the subjective in favor of a theoretical 'objective' to which we are not strictly subject to. Which then necessitates a war of attrition since I will continuously teeter between different ideologies, trying to find the 'sweet spot' which is practically nonexistent to me.

So STO can go take a hike. If I am truly STO, then I would have degenerated long ago, and would not even be here in the first place.
The "system" is just an unconscious organism, forever repeating itself as if it were a broken record, forever going in cycles but always returning to what it was one, two or as many cycles as you'd care to consider.

It does not care about you, all it wants is for you to be a part in it.

Do you become a perfect cog in the machine, or do you seek an alternative?

STO leads to complete surrender to the system. Can you do this?

I can't.
Like, honestly though. Not combating is not my style. I will combat if I feel like it.

Starving them will not make them stop, or disappear for that matter, so I see nothing wrong with combat - a little mental assault here and some flippancy there, whatever it takes to get the pain out of me and actually introduce a feedback mechanism.
>you want a piece of me, I'll take a piece of you.
right, you know what ? one day i'll come back to your wonderful kind. i feel like if i ever put the pieces together and complete myself, you will be what i'll turn to.
i believe it's just bound to be a part of my future life, i've been headed towards there for some time already. it just feels like i gotta sort some shit out. i thought maybe somebody out there could come help me quicken this step but have it at your will. i'll get really on it once my worries that plague this humble life of mine are conquered and go away.
i feel like i'm the stove now...

i'm still sticking around though..
what the hell is https://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/42136743 ? help ?
Use the archive link pls, not everyone wants to visit 4cucks after they littered the site with malicious ads.
i'm curious, what are the "warning signs" in the demon world ? nature here has colors, as in yellow for wasps, bees, etc for example, or red, or striped.
also, black eyes or red eyes ?
You need to mind that everyone is always trying to fuck you over, unless you can see that they're doing something out of interest and it's not targeted at you. Someone showing interest in you personally is a warning sign, I'd say. If they treat you like a "thing" or talk about you in 3rd person when you're present, that means it's usually safe, because they're not trying to seduce you or build you up.
>Someone showing interest in you personally is a warning sign, I'd say.
I agree. But more than that,

>You need to mind that everyone is always trying to fuck you over
I think that they'd usually want to use you, the result of which is getting fucked over because, in most cases, you lose something in the process
In your case it seems they want to drag you down and ruin you. They're already depraved and beyond saving themselves, but they don't even care anymore. So they start trying to ruin other people instead because it's the only thing they can do to feel better about themselves for now.
In fact, one of them thinks that 'converting' me would reap them great benefits in their vision of the afterlife.

But that is besides the point. I think that yes, you are right.

I think they project what they think is good (but in fact is a pale imitation, a corrupted reflection of what I am) on me because I have an 'innocent, androgynous, harmless' sort of appearance, and they tend to percieve people in stereotypes (on which they make judgements and base their strategies).
Yep, and a while ago he mocked me in thinly veiled 'joking around' with someone else and I told him exactly what he was doing, why he was doing it, that it won't work and that he is shameless.

Though I could really benefit from not watching porn; it reopens the previous vulerabilities.
My intention is to become a succubus and join the Collective, and I request the Collective's guidance and assistance in achieving this.
Hey, 6DAEEC here. Are you still around?
Hopefully, you haven't abandoned thread. You have left a permanent mark in me.
I'm still here. It just seemed to calm down a bit so I let it stay that way.
I can't pledge myself in this thread OP because I only ever use formulas I actually understand and which are pointed properly.

One of the biggest things I hate about Christianity is it's basically outdated. If it was rewritten to where every name of a person was changed exactly to what their name means in plain English it might work. For example, if every instance of "Satan" was replaced with "Adversary" it would work.

"The Collective" is vague. I could get into contact with your collective, something else, and either way it could be less than beneficial to me in the long-run.

My formula broken down to its barebones in getting in contact with your collective would be simply this

>Intent to contact the group/intelligence that OP is in contact with

I'd rather use a formula that guarantees contact with a group with well-defined qualities (virtues) that can fulfill a need for me such as instruction.
Now that I think about it, they often represent themselves with pic related. They've told me the sigil for the collective would be released sometime later, but this may actually be it. I didn't think about it because I just intuitively know this means them.

To explain the symbolism:
>multiple lines means "many"
>movement from right to left means "female"
>movement from upper side going down implies "flying" like a bird jumping off a cliff

It doesn't matter if there are more than 3 lines, it can be 4, 5 or more, but it can't be less than 3. The movement when drawing them is more important. Go from top right in front of you and diagonally down towards the center, and repeat the motion a number of times to get the message across.
If you want to further strengthen the symbolism you can add a line to imply their home world, like this.
This is me, stating my intent to join you. Heard from a close friend who posted here, that they'd had some peculiar dreams directly after posting. Here's to hoping.

I'm mostly hoping for the shapeshifting and ideal body. Please and thanks.
Thanks, I guess.
are you still here?
Yes, I'm checking the thread.
Just post what you wanted to say.
anyone has anything to tell me ?
I wish to join. I posted my intent in the last thread but still haven't heard from them :(
I know they see it if it was posted in a collective thread, so there must be some other reason. Are you experienced in any occult practice and have awareness of how to pick up and interpret synchronicies and (implied) messages in your environment?

Was there any development since last time?
Also put on a flag when posting here pls.
If you expressed yourself clearly in a collective thread, they are aware of your intent. So the issue is not them not knowing. Rather something else is causing hindrance in communication, leading me to believe you either lack the ability to receive messages (no telepathy etc) or lack understanding needed to correctly identify the messages as originating in the collective.
I don't think it's the intent that's the problem. Do you consider the possibility that things happening in your everyday life may actually be something made possible by the collective as a way to help you in the right direction?
First off you need to be able to believe that this may happen. After you do see this possibility, you will be able to identify things
>well maybe, just maybe, that thing wasn't just chance but actually happened to show me something
Try going outside, find a place you like, someplace natural, and practice drawing these on the ground.>>2216
Maybe that will make the connection stronger. There could be some huge disturbances in your environment keeping the effect out, going by what you describe
Good morning I have a lot of new customers for you. can i contact by phone?
The collective doesn't have a phone line, they do view the internet but they don't generally interact with it directly. You'll have to express your intend in any of the suggested ways and wait for them to contact you.
with this amount of absolute obscurity and chaos in communication, it's not a wonder that your cause is at a fraction of its capacity and almost unheard of by the everyday basic man.
confusion is uninviting.
The online community is doing ok, there used to be like 5 blogs on the topic a few years ago, over a period of 2 years it increased to 50 and going up from there. The important thing isn't that the common people know the details, but that the values of the collective are spreading. You're just not seeing it because you look at the wrong things.
My intent for posting is as follows,

1-learn about succubi
2-be evaluated by your Collective

Also, changing bodies and immortality interest me, although i do have a question. Does it mean you can choose when you die or that you don't return until the end?
>Also, changing bodies and immortality interest me, although i do have a question. Does it mean you can choose when you die or that you don't return until the end?
If you achieve immortality within human life, you stay here until you can leave with your body. For this you need to develop the full succubus body "over there" so that your succubus side can overpower your human side.
If you die naturally, a succubus will come and get you and take you to the Collective. The requirement for this is that you develop a minimum of your succubus nature. The universe will then consider you as belonging to the collective so no other beings will interfere. After arriving there you will be able to develope a full body over time, which may include coming back to the human world as a visitor or possessing humans in the manner succubus does, for learning the necessary lessons that you didn't finish in your human life.

(also remember to use a flag when posting here)
Ah thanks.
Personally, while I do find myself interested at first blush, there is one thing that bothers me. What if we have people we are very attached to in this life (such as significant other) and don't want to leave them behind when we exit the reincarnation cycle?

And what of lesbian girls, what happens to them if they become succubus?

I didn't seem to find answers to these in the archive, but maybe I missed them. If so, I apologize for that.
If you want your partner from this life to exit as well you need to rectruit them, simple as that. But it's not definite in that you need to tell them outright, if you manage to get them to follow the line of thought you're developing yourself on that should be enough to suck them in. What matters is the values of the collective and succubus nature, not that you consciously want to become a succubus or know a lot about the lore. If a person understands it at a soul deep level, they're in. If it's your partner you have a bond to them so their thinking will adapt to your thinking unknowlingly. It may not work like a person would be picked up for no reason at all, if they had no clue, because it's unlikely they would adapt to the collective in that case. But for someone with such a close relation to an intentional member, being obedient/adapted to that person will mean they already adapted to the idea of being a collective member even if they didn't understand it rationally on the human side. There is a kind of reference logic in this, I hope you understand.

Say if you are the leader of a human organization and make everyone follow the values of the collective, but you don't tell anyone about your specific beliefs. Then a lot of them may still achieve the succubus nature by simply following you, even if they didn't know exactly what they were following or the end goal of it.

If a lesbian becomes a succubus, that's what happens. I'm not sure what you are asking about, as there is no issue in that. (A male homosexual may be in trouble though, because that usually involves some things that are not beneficial on the astral side, they are likely to become minions or slave souls of a succubus as a result of their lack of self control. Let me put it this way: a celibate is less likely to have problems.)
You actually told me all that I really needed to know. My second question was mostly due to posts in the old threads about a succubus' sexuality that had left me a bit confused, but this answer was sufficient.

I would like to become a succubus and join the collective.
>(A male homosexual may be in trouble though, because that usually involves some things that are not beneficial on the astral side, they are likely to become minions or slave souls of a succubus as a result of their lack of self control. Let me put it this way: a celibate is less likely to have problems.)

Would you care to elaborate on this? Can males become succubi at all? Is there something in the homosexual act, consider a celibate homosexual? How about a celibate male who would choose to engage in sexual acts with men after initiating this succubus transformation?
You are welcome! The sisters have already taken notice and will contact you in way most suitable. Stay aware of unusual interaction during your day or during dreams, coincidental messages which seem to be relevant to you etc.

>Would you care to elaborate on this? Can males become succubi at all? Is there something in the homosexual act, consider a celibate homosexual? How about a celibate male who would choose to engage in sexual acts with men after initiating this succubus transformation?
Succubus are only interested in men so they can become pregnant. It's the same view as in very strict patriarchal societies where women are only respected for their ability of reproduction, except in reverse. Succubus see homosexual men as the lowest kind of being, they have no use. That's looking at it in a simple way.

The deeper meaning of it has to do with what the act itself represents on the astral body. It creates a very dangerous energy form which is completely open for abuse by demons. A practicing homosexual man can not defend himself and will be the victim of demonic beings, they can do whatever they want to him. So a succubus is likely to either treat him as trash or abuse him as tool.

There is no contradiction in men wanting to become succubus, the human body is not relevant in itself as the genetic material has both x and y chromosomes and men are basically the same as women from this view. What matters is your spirit's gender, and you can't know that from looking at the physical body. All that matters is that you place the female and male roles in their respective place.

So while you may think it's "unfair" it's ok for a succubus to love both men and women, but men can't love men, that's against the succubus moral values of placing procreation first. This may sound irrational but a succubus while being female has the ability to play the male role and impregnate another succubus. But men can't bear children, so they can't assume the female role, and this is the same on the astral side.

It may sound contradictive but succubus moral values are very similar to what you'll find in strict evangelical churches or traditional values, where women are not really considered to have "sexuality", so lesbianism doesn't count, while men are expected to "do their job", having many children is one of the most highly valued things among succubus, so this goal has highest priority and everything else is secondary or relating to this.

So if you consider yourself a homosexual man and want to become a succubus so you can "legally" love men, you need to keep the roles in place. As a man you need to play that role, and let your female side which exists on the astral plane play its role. You can't mix them up, that will lead to failure. When you develop your succubus side and you senses, you will find different male entities will be interested in your succubus side and they will come to court you. This has nothing to do with what takes place physically, it's all on the non-physical plane and in relation the female energy body you form there.

The concepts may seem complext at first but it will make sense when you can see it yourself.
I had a restless night, so I don't think the sisters were able to reach me, alas. I know to be patient!
I am interested in being an incubus or succubus. Why not right?
I don't understand the question, elaborate please.

(and use a flag when posting here)
do they feel what i'm feeling ?
can you tell me anything ?
They can read your mind and they know what you're feeling, even at a deep level.
Hopefully your strong act will send a message to the disturbing forces to fuck off and not get in the way of the Collective. If they see you are determined they should realize they'll get in trouble if they keep resisting.

If it works to remove the disturbance on your end, you will be able to receive the communication you should have, in whatever form that will take. Such as synchronities, dreams, messages from other people and things in your daily life changing to support your belief in the collective through affirmations.
i'm just gonna go ahead and guess that if they actually can do that, they're not telling you anything, really. or are they ?
yup, it's a challenge.
You'll know just how deep inside your mind and your emotions they see when they one day suddenly solve something that's been hurting you for years.
hah, if they care at all.
I really wish I knew where I stand right now... but my belief, my willpower, will not falter.
Seeing as there is a conflict with the creator of the board /fringe/ and the site's owner, we may have to abandon this place soon.

If /fringe/ is deleted from here, you can use the back up forum: http://succubus.hypeforum.net/
I think I will leave the collective stuff for now. I need to think about my existance.
I see you guys on your hyper forum later if I come back
Is the line that's supposed to imply their home world drawn from left to right or vice versa?
I will be prepared for any move. Now, if I could just move forward myself...
The single line is meant to represent the collective world as one of the four corners of the universe (the top right one) and the multiple lines symbolizes many succubus coming from there. But as in the other examples it can work to just draw a number of lines from top right side of a visualized field and down towards the "middle" of the universe, where planet earth is located. Most beings will understand the meaning of this.
what does being a minion entail
It means you lack the potential for becoming a succubus or incubus entity of your own, so you choose to accept a succubus as your master. This is the only way for some people to really leave the human reincarnation cycle in a positive way. It means being free from human suffering, but also being an eternal servant of the choosen succubus and living with her forever.
i'll always say no when it's "forever". i trust no one and power is easily misused
(i imagine that if i'm a minion there'll be no talking back)
i mean it's *forever*. not to be taken lightly. i don't even know anyone yet. and i'll never completely do.
The people who can accept this deal are usually madly in love with the succubus and would never go against her anyway, or the relation couldn't be formed to begin with.
i don't think that anything is forever.

can you read my thoughts again ?
For fun?
I don't read minds, the sisters does.

You doubt that it's possible but you hope it could be?
It's quiet here. I'm not sure if the sisters have contacted me, yet. I wonder how I'm doing...?
There is no problem. They are aware of you and the field of the collective faith is all over you. Just relax and let it take the time needed. You will start to notice small signs or hints if you are willing to accept them.
how bout me ? i bet they look down on me
Is the Collective still looking for recruits? I've had an interest in becoming a succubus for quite a long time, found this thread by chance (or maybe it wasn't coincidence at all?)
My intent is breaking free from human limitations and become one with the nature and the energy of the universe. I'm a particularly feminine, lefthand (non-malicious, i'm new to fringe but i think most people here understand that) spirit and i'm drawn to succubus in particular.
Should i expect contact? Hope to hear from you guys.
I don't know who you are since you're flag and Id less.

It's a standing invitation not limited by the activity on imageboards or blogs. It's meant to be a religion for the future, so there is no closing date.
Did you read the discussion in this thread and the old? There's also the blog and the forum with some archived info. Links are posted above or you can just google it.
If you want contact, you should expect it - that's a form of intent in itself, and may make it easier for them to reach you.
I'm currently reading the old thread and the blog for more info. Thank you for the response! I will keep that in mind.
Why do you still get so upset about flags?
Well, mate, rules exist for a reason, but I think we'd all rather talk about the Collective than argue about them.
can i get an update ?
Same as >>2509, I found this thread at truly the strangest of times.
I want to become a succubus badly and am willing to go above and beyond for a chance at this...
6DAEEC here. I've been seeing flashes of light, feeling tactile sensations of myriad sorts and feeling intense emotions and alterations of consciousness, deliberate and inadvertent, as of late. I feel I am in contact with the succubus, I might as well seen one with the third eye.

I am undergoing drastic changes. I attest to OP's claim that time is needed. Though more time is needed on my part, this is a continuous process. I look forward to realizing more of my potential.
Even if you haven't experienced much, there is still a slow "nearing" taking place, in which your energy is adapting and becoming more like the collective. It seems to be reaching a tipping point at the peak of the initial obstacle in the near future, after which you should feel that things change from a straining uphill movement to a temporary downhill when movement and change is fast.

Read this thread and check the links in these posts for more info:
The Collective is monitoring this thread. Posting here is enough, they know your intent already!

Great to hear.
Yes time is needed, it's a slow and gradual process in which your view of the world changes and you start seeing how spiritual beings are interacting with our daily lives.
Just where I'm preoccupied in - figuring out how spiritual beings play a role in our lives. Also in staying and acting wise amidst new information and broadening of perspective.
i'm interested in you proving your claims
i'm interested in anyone proving this tbh
Reverse psychology in action
what do you mean ?
I've been rereading this thread and I can't help but cringe at myself. It's a good thing I see it, at least.

To start off, where did your ID go? 🤔
You know what my biggest struggle is? I want to be real. A real being. With my own set of values. But most people will go out of their way to remove me from my values. This has without fail led me to wasteful habits. It's a defense mechanism which does its job, that is, prevents me from degenerating, but surely there is a better way. Of developing while still guarding from degeneracy.

I have can only choose one: people or my dreams. If I go the former, I will become degenerated. If I go the latter, I will have my fair share of solitude and the pull to degeneracy will take on new forms.

I will maintain my defense mechanisms, but I will also aspire to my dreams at highest velocity.

The plan is to attempt to both manage my image (to them) and to do what really matters in the utmost secrecy.

This is it, I have reached "critical mass".
I'm 6DAEEC..
I felt anger and compassion towards mundanes lately (like a keen awareness of what they are), but today I've been feeling similarly towards myself and fellow aspirants. In that I've acknowledged that much of your efforts will go to waste. I hope I won't let you down, or the Universe at least.

And before that, I went through a phase where I had reached spiritual bankruptcy, seems like a recurring event, it's just that this time, I elected to go through it without showing up here (I've come to accept it as something that comes and goes, it's up to the ones who undergo it how they cope with it) where nothing made sense, but shortly thereafter, I (re)discovered the very thing on which I base my being on. I want to be "real". And yet I perceived that hardly anything in my surroundings met that standard of "realness". Which explains my seeming arrogance as seen by some. It also explains my solitude, by extension.
It goes further than that. I'm not as real as I think I am. I really know nothing. Just holding my own little "light" as if it were the truth, not acknowledging that there's so much more to go through, to see, to know, and to develop. I must be a mundane, nay, a mere imprint, a passing thought compared to other beings. A mere imitation, who thinks he's the real deal. And yet, some events lately have shown me that "I don't know shit". You know what it feels like to realize that what I communicate telepathically betrays what I think of myself? It tells me that I am what I thought I was against, a hypocrite.

It just feels like a dead end. I think I'm going somewhere, but I get disillusioned, ad nauseum infinitum. A cycle of neverending seeking. Like the moods, it comes and goes; every now and then, I get swept off my feet. Much of what I gathered turns out to be trash. And I sit there, staring into the void. I have learned something in the end. Indeed, I am a better person now, more worthy! I think of myself that way whenever I reach this juncture. But I do think it implies a degeneration of some sort. Like something has died in me, only to result in me taking a new form. Is this what immortality entails?
Has something happened to the forum? I've been getting a 'server not found' error message for the past couple of days when I try to visit it.
Use this URL instead, there's been some issue with the original registered domain:

Hi! Just a short question, what happens when becoming a succubus?
Would I die? Would my loved ones lose me? Thanks
Your soul assumes the eternal form of a succubus and you will be able to develop the energy body of one, remaining there as an immortal after your human life is over. There won't be any changes to your human life in any other way than joining any other religion. You'll get hints and spiritual guidance but currently there are no religious rituals since no one created them yet ;^)

Read the previous discussions for more info.
Ok, thanks a lot!
If it is in your best interests, I would like you to read me.
Interesting, I'm not fat or anything, but does smoking tobacco count? Having an addiction may be badly perceived I guess.
(I started one year ago, and I plan to stop anyway.
I think that tobacco has its niche. It's a psychostimulant, so it would help you think. As in, it's not all bad.

Even if it were, you could still benefit by internalizing the lesson that it's bad by quitting, as you have indicated.
After deep reflection, I have come to a conclusion. I am at a stage where I am learning how to respect myself. As in, have my own thinking, in spite of attempts to get me to conform to more limiting thinking patterns. People will not accept me for what I am, and that's okay. It's of no consequence. My life is of little consequence anyway, compared to what is and what can be.

I think this is where you come in. In my fight between the internal worlds and the external, you've lended me a hand, and shown me a path. But my true calling, as you have mentioned, is of the positive path.

As it is, I am still vulnerable to other people, but the costs of surrending myself are too great now. I have gained new ground, new strength, new courage.

I will leave you be. Such is the best course of action. Best of luck in your journey.
Seems like the world's power structure is changing, are you aware of "the calm before the storm", Trump and Q?
I'm just curious about succubi's views on this matter.
Huh my english isn't very good, however I still can understand it fluently.
I supported Trump becoming president from a metaphysical perspective, this is much bigger than just a mundane election.
There was this anon on /pol/ describing a dream where Trump supported by random anons were fighting Hillary supported by Moloch on a chess board. It sounds pretty uneven in favor of Hillary with just that image, but some of those anons were... skilled occultists. You can see the result now. It's not so much about policies in themselves but rather the context and what this represents on the astral plane.

It's no coincidense we had witches attacking Trump and evangelicals defending him, and the thing getting media attention itself. It's a really thin line, but it's holding because of the high energy of key people (pun intended). Right now it's more or less just Donald and Ivanka keeping it together, you'll understand the significance of this later on for sure.

Q anon is unrelated to the main event imo, he's right about some stuff but he's a side character.
It took forever, and constant faith, but I finally had a dream in which I believe I encountered one of the Sisters.

They possessed one of my housemates (a male, but I only have males around me) within the dream, who appeared suddenly behind me out of nowhere with no warning or expectation, as the dream was taking place in my own room.

There was a little bit of hyperbole as the Sister said "you're our favorite", but the point got across overall; I think I'm finally started on my way proper.
I agree, but it also seems obvious that Q have access to more knowledge than most of us.
They might be close to POTUS.
I've another question, do you know about a collective of vampires know as the "Cabal"?
What can the Collective says on them?
Those vampires seemed to recruit humans too
I agree, but it also seems obvious that Q have access to more knowledge than most of us.
They might be close to POTUS.
I've another question, do you know about a collective of vampires know as the "Cabal"?
What can the Collective says on them?
Those vampires seemed to recruit humans too
They're unrelated, but two of them have visited the Collective in body, as some of them are very advanced in dimension travel, seen from a human perspective.
There is no conflict, succubus are mentioned in the cabal's list of patrons and beasts. They're occultists/magic practitioners, which from the Collective's view is external to who you are, so you may as well find a succubus using their magick system with no problem.
So I read this thread last night, got some strong feeling from it. I didn't post, but I felt like I should ask more about this collective. I went asleep say a hour or two later, and had a dream. I don't remember the entirety of it. I was sneaking into some facility, for some unknown reason. Some events occurred, and I ran into two succubi, one had pinkish attire and the other purple. From what I remember I picked up the pink one, the other was picked up by someone that was with me, and we attempted to escape. I went a distance before realizing I left the purple one (I forgot the guy that was with me grabbed her, which would mean that the guy would not exist anymore because dream beings only exist if you remember them; at least for my dreams). I come back, and the purple one is dead, burned. The pink one that I was holding got out, if I remember correctly. Nothing rings about her fate that would be negative (I would remember if I caused her death).
Is this you guys trying to make contact? I realized that the chances of them appearing in my dreams are small, because my dreams are usually all over the place, and things that I have watched or read don't appear in my dreams the day/night I found out about them. If so, would the purple's one death put me in bad standing with you; like it was a test?
This sounds like a "prod" to see how you react, the dream was probably a message of some sort.
A succubus from the Collective can't die so that was merely symbolic. Look deeper at what the things manifested means to you, such as the colors and other events, dreams are highly personal and hard to interpret from a 3rd person position.

I would say this means you are very open for contact at least.
Should I ask for a guided tour even if I never had any direct experience with the occult?
Or would it be unwise?
The guided dream tour is intended for those who can't perceive the astral plane in any way or lack experience with the occult. Make sure to follow the simple contact ritual from the blog if you are doing this from a complete neophyte standpoint.
Your state of mind is the important part, if you're not relaxed and prepared it will block any contact.

If it doesn't work you can try the dreamflights from
and ask to join Ceilidh. There is no description of this ship but it was manifested for use by the Collective. This week's invitation can be found here
Read the backgrund unformation here
if you want to know more.

The guided tour came up as an idea based on the interaction with light ships and the method is similar. But since it's not as widely used it may be a little difficult at first. The lightships are used to this and if you fail in contacting the Collective directly you can try to go by their ship as someone is likely to be there. I've used the ship myself because it's good at giving you new ideas, it reflects things in a different way, so succubus like to go there as well.
beware of disinfo. children
Explain your assertion please.
I say this, to those in this thread "beware of disinfo. children" assuming that the OP is trying to garner some sort of group whom they are telling will receive powers from Hell, or something of the like.

Perhaps it is that OP is trying to put together some gang of female misfits or some gang of female or impressionable ne'erdowells for the purposes of Hellish malice.

Forgive me if I am judging falsely.

In the post above my post here, this anon starts making some extraordinary claims such as "perceiving the astral plane" and saying things like "intended for those who can't perceive the astral plane"...

So, with such social organizing and such extraordinary claims I tell the impressionable and perhaps weak and defenseless individuals participating in this thread to "beware of disinfo."...

Perhaps it is that none in this thread are guilty of engaging in this or that or various acts of disinformation.

Forgive me if I speak to presumptuously, then.
>extraordinary claims
Excuse me but did you get lost somewhere on the way? Which board were you looking for?

This is /fringe/, we discuss occultism, religion and magic here. It's a prerequisite to have some sort of belief in the matter's legitimacy to interact with anons here.
in case the claim is deceit pushed upon others...

not attacking your belief desu

no disrespect intended bby gurl
You may want to read the thread and the old thread to understand what we are doing here.
It seems some of the first posts have been removed as a result of the thread reaching its limit (it's been made cyclical) you can see the older posts here
Well, it seems I'm still courted by succubus. The way they made themselves known is disturbing, as if they spy on me.

I have not had the strength to stick with any one path. I am weak, feeble-minded, split. Why the succubus would let their presence known by my mere musings over them is beyond me.

I had this thought today, that maybe I am already in Hell, and that hope was my opium, the one thing that masked it all along.
there are wild spirits errywhere m8
Hey succubus OP, I'm curious about what exactly the price for joining is, does anything attach to or modify your soul? I'm not necessarily afraid but having frequented the vampire thread for a long time I'm curious to see how you guys tie into this.

Also would the collective or individual succubi be willing to work with people outside the group? I would like to know if you guys have rules and what they're usually like.
Joining is not a "service" so there is no "cost." If upon asking to join, you are found to have the necessary qualities, you will be guided to develop into a fullfledged succubus. In the future, after successfully reaching the standard of a succubus, you will be a member of the collective and your contributions and benefits will be balanced within the Collective's credit score system.

Non member individuals can do business with the Collective externally, but this is up to individual succubus to decide. If an organization wants to form a contract of mutual intent with the Collective, this is also possible and will be handled through collective decisions. But this here is the recruitment thread, and such requests are not to be expressed here. Contact a collective member directly and bring up your offer.
go ahead and judge me.
i'm ready. or i'm not: yours to decide.
i pay respects
What's next? There is so much to choose from. Giants, Elohim, Royal Bloodline, Hyperboreans, Aliens, Angels, Atlanteans, Gods, Witches, Aryans or Antediluvians?

And like Collective and Cabal it's gonna be Community, Congregation, Club, Company, Circle, Cartel, Crew, Coven or Church?
Aryan Crew
What about becoming an incubus instead?
If becoming an incubus is your wish, contact an incubus world or guide directly. If it has a male demon as ruler, it's an incubus world, what you need to do is be clear that you want to be one of them and not just a common member.
What is a common member? How would I contact one?
hey there, im a little confused as to whats going on ITT, but im very much interested. is there anywhere i can go to read more on what this is about? it seems the archive of the first thread is toast.

is becoming a succubus/incubus determined by ones gender? i want to be a succubus, but im not sure if i can cuz imma boy. wat do?
The spoilers didn't work in the OP, remove the asterix and it works.
There is also this thread from Ryan's forum:

No, your human gender has nothing do to do with it, it's your soul's gender which determines compatibility. While female in nature, some succubus are also bigendered, so it's not divided along the lines drawn up by humans.
bump of appreciation
Being a succubus sounds cool if i cant achieve anything else. sign me up.
I'm stating my intent to join in this post..

Being a part of a loving collective sounds like everything i've dreamed of..And the body perks sound amazing too.
boys will be girls :3
i will be honest, i do not trust you
i may be willing to, but i cannot
at least i am willing to be honest to you
if i can be sure then i will join !
I wasn't so sure of it a few months ago but i guess i really believe it now.
Met a girl who made me believe recently and it sounds nice, so here i am stating my desire to join.
I do not know if I am making progress anymore... for a while, I could feel it, and there were dreams. But in the past month or so, all has stopped...
Could you give me an overview on the types of dragons and their relations to succubus and the Collective?
There is just one type of "dragon", and everything else are just perversions of a very old myth that unveils the secrets behind life, death and immortality. I know none of you give a shit and would just as well live in a world of misinformed fantasies but I can't help it.
This heckler was banned: Rule 4 : Do not sit on the default flag or post with no flag all the time
I believe you can you post a pdf book that explains this?
This heckler was banned: Rule 4 : Do not sit on the default flag or post with no flag all the time
are succubi racist ?
also, do they appreciate communication ? i was thinking of burning a paper with poems on it. i won't do it if they don't care.
Succubus like to communicate, in all sorts of ways. *giggle*
They may be seen as racists because they care about different species, genetics and racial purity as a result thereof. In practical terms this is all about sperm - they want good stuff, not a melting pot stew.
>good stuff, not a melting pot stew
please elaborate ?
Can I stop being a succubus whenever I want?
No. If you are one, it's who you are.
how 2 b fairy?
Wear boots.
Can I just meet a succubus?
Hello! I'm a mysterious lurker, and I was wondering if I could get an energy reading, as this all seems ever so interdasting!!!
been experiencing dream succubi and other mental manifestations of succubi, how do I get you guys to fuck off I'm trying to nofap and I just relapsed
wouldn't recommend my friend, they are hard to get rid of and the longer you keep with them the more painful it is.
I'm a normal, accidentally found my way here. What is this? I can't understand half the posts on this board, much less this thread.
Are there really enough girls here to bother with a succubus recruitment drive?
I have no interest in becoming a succubi, none at all. I want to make sure to say this as I can't remember when I last was hear.
I have no interest in being a succubi.
newfag and overall neutral male here, is it possible for males to get reincarnated/turned into succubi? Not sure if it was imaginary or not when it happened but i think at the start of this year or during my birthday last year i might have unconsciously made a pact to get turned into a goth loli after my death. would anything like that be possible or was i hallucinating? even though i dont allign myself with a specific religion despite being brought up in a christian household how would this whole thing work? Can i still retain my neutrality or what?
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You can become any entity compatible with your inner nature, so if you signed up for goth loli and you have it in you, you may be born as one after this life.
You may be aware of the christian concept of being "born again" or "born from heaven", this kind of deal also works with the collective, and any other world in the astral (including that of Jesus or Mary, obviously) so if you already were "born again" spiritually as a goth loli, this is irreversable.
Have fun.

pic related
can i take a tour?
You need to set your mind to it before going to bed though. Drink some tea, relax and make sure you're singlemindedly decided to visit the Collective. You have to feel positive and excited about it until you can see it in front of you already. If this is your first time making an astral travel visit anywhere, take at least 3 hours before bed to get into the right mood.

Also, new entry on the blog today: