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Open file (80.25 KB 544x767 Ai.jpeg )
Succubus Collective Recruiting Thread - Rerun 𓆏 10/19/2017 (Thu) 10:52:21 [Preview] No. 99
Post your intent to join the Collective in this thread! This will make evaluation by our sisters fast and easy!

Benefits of becoming a succubus:
>breaking free of reincarnation, no longer forced to deal with pesky human matters
>immortality, you will be invincible
>have the body you have always dreamed of
>nobility status in hell, noone will hurt you if you go to the underworld

Additionally, benefits of being a Collective member:
>your own personal cave
>access to Collective facilities such as the beach, the distant islands and the high plateu
>get good deals with our internal credit score system
>"rent a body" system for those who want to visit the human world but lack the ability to form their own body
>free access to the worlds of our allies, including the popular incubus world Candy Kingdom

If after posting your intent, the evaluation determines your are more fit to be an incubus, proper arragements will be made to connect you with a suitable guide among our incubus allies.

**archive of previous thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20161226101504/https://fringechan.org/loosh/res/987.html**
>that GET
My intention this:

-to become a succubus
-to have the body of my choosing
-to be evaluated by the Collective
-to be contacted and initiated

May it be so.
You will be contacted by a guide in the most suitable manner. This includes (but not limited to)
>dream interactions
>possession of humans in your surroundings to transmit subtle messages
>physical manifestations in public places, taking the form a of a human and approaching you
>possession of (mostly flying) animals such as birds, bats
>direct interaction with no manifestation, touches, whispers etc

The sisters will be reading this thread from now on and handle requests directly.
why are you guys here instead of the other /fringe/?
just curious.
Too much spam bumping irrelevant threads, bad attitude, getting cursed/spelled after posting real info etc. It's not a climate for constructive discussion over at pigchan.
Thread theme.
thats fair.
How have you as an individual progressed under these entities
Open file (106.93 KB 800x567 kemono friends2.jpg )
Meeting them has changed my life, they've shown me real happiness. I had never before known the real meaning of "love." This is what I feel for them, with none of the inhibition of human relations. They have no sadness.
Moreover this has happened over a number of years where they showed me things in dreams and in real life, before I knew the word "succubus." I have seen their world - or rather felt it - it's an intense feeling of belonging, stronger than any desire in the human world. After a longer time of interaction I have come to the realization of who I am, and what I am doing here. It may be called a kind of enlightenment.

I am now spreading their knowledge in different arenas, there are more people out there like me, waiting for this discovery. It's not for everyone, it's for those with a specific potential, which is why a willing request for evaluation is needed.
Did you ever feel a sudden strong desire of being her, when looking at a picture or a succubus? That the volcanic landscape is comforting like a mother's arms to a child.. this intense emotional response may be a sign.

They have also helped some of my friends and family members in escaping hopeless situations and depression. This is how wonderful and capable they are.

Pic may symbolically illustrate the process.
This is true. Over there it is a constant fucking battle with people with very negative intentions, always trying to find new ways to mess up the board, to discover loopholes in the rules, to get away with as much shit a they can, and then there's the constant curses and LHP magicians using people as guinea pigs, sometimes you get bullshitters but then there's people who just lurk or who do post who really are able to fuck your shit up and get you involved in exhausting and long drawn-out magickal wars. I hope we can get some rest here and get this place very well protected from people with bad intentions on astral level so we can filter them out more, make the new /fringe/ more attractive to good intentions, leave the filth to rot on 8chan. Moderation is one thing but to really protect the place we got to create a different thought atmosphere and hope and pray the idiots don't shit everything up.
psst, rule 6 is still in effect here.
I am confused, aren't succubi just a superstitious explanation for wet dreams?
No. Succubus are however just women of a certain type and typically possessed of no physical body, only an etheric and astral one.
>tfw this mundane doesn't know the nature of dreams

ProTip there's a mental plane and during sleep you interact more strongly with it.
Also characterized by horns, wings and a tail. Not all of them have visible horns or tail but wings are required.
There is some general confusion of concept when talking of succubus in these places, where a lot of people use the term for any kind of female spirit as long as they exhibit sexual interest of some sort. This may be how the term's been used historically, in the christian context where any such interaction is viewed as sinful. So they sloppily call them all "succubus" and "demonic" with implications of degeneracy from this religious context.

This thread is about a specific group, the Collective, which has their own definition. They are particular about using only the word "succubus" with no regard for grammar, as it is considered a title by them. So if it is one or many, it's still just this same word with no change of form. If you see someone using "succubi" with an "i" they are not talking of the collective.
Another distinction is that of spirits vs entities. This definition may not be used elsewhere, let me explain.
>Collective members have a fundamental achievement, in which the reincarnation process has been internalized at a cellular level. This means theoretically, instead of dying and being reborn, they give birth to themselves and remanifest in the same form and maintain their memories. But as this happens on the cellular level you will not notice anything. This is what they mean by an "entity."
>A "spirit" on the other hand is a non-physical being still passing through the reincarnation process externally. This means they can be a female spirit this time, after a time has passed they are reborn as a male spirit. Maybe they will be physically incarnated as an animal or a human. So spirits are unstable. With the old terminology some of these female spirits are labled "succubus", but they have not internalized their reincarnation process so in the eyes of the Collective they do not count as real succubus.

For this reason, the offer here is to receive guidance and become a fullfledged succubus entity in control of your own life, with no need for external reincarnation. Your form will be stable.
What does the Collective gain from this? More members make the collective stronger and richer, it's that simple. Starting this recruiting campaign was a desicion made collectively because it benefits all members.
Basically, people thought that they had wet dreams because they were "bad" and had "dirty thoughts" so they just created a mythical being and blamed it. A bit like how eclipses were explained historically.
*no flag newfig detected*

You obviously don't know what is going on when people dream. Dreams aren't subjective or random, they are all astral shit. People ask how to astral project; just go to sleep nigger and have a dream. If you want to view the etheric and remote view stuff by wandering around out of body that takes a little more practice mind you but it's just an extension of the practice of astral projection; something that everyone does every night (well except for people who don't dream).
argh please don't bastardize that word

entity literally means "anything possessed of behaviour" and distinguishes something as not a mere object.

Such such a shoe that talks to you is an entity. A shoe that has no behaviors and just lays there is an object.

Also what you're calling succubus should just be called immortals.

...and spirit refers to the essence, the awareness, back of all attachments.
Well... these are the definitions they want me to use, it's how they're to be understood within the context of the Collective.
>Entity, the word implies unity, which elaborates into the complete integration of the reincarnation process, as described above.
>Spirit, used in the sense of essence, but lacking fulfillment, something which has unrealized potential.
>Succubus, in this context a female immortal with characteristics as described above.
"Immortal" alone is too vague, this word describes high level Taoists as well as vampires and devils with no distinction between them.
Open file (4.52 KB 212x238 thinking_emoji.png )
Not convinced. Do you happen to have better reasons.

What is this credit score system and what can I do with it?
If you don't see the benefit in the points described, I guess this isn't for you.
The credit system means when you do something for the benefit of the collective, your esteem within the group increases and you can ask for favors. Asking too much while not contributing will make your value drop in the eyes of others and you will not get any favors any longer. One easy way to increase your value to almost endless levels is to have many daughters, because their support will be counted as your own. Your score will never be negative, so you will not lose anything if your daughters contribute less.
What kind of favors?
Open file (27.25 KB 698x227 guided_tour.PNG )
Also can you explain this?

Can you elaborate on this fair price?

Also can you touch on these incubus allies?
>Also can you explain this?
Your soul will temporarily leave your body and visit the collective world. To make this happen, a succubus will have to act as your guide. Depending on if this is in the interest of the collective or not, the general view of the benefit of your visit will determine how much energy the collective wants to spend on guiding you. If your potential for future contribution is high, you may get the visit for free -it's treated as an investment. If you just want a dream experience like a mental relief but don't want anything further, there will be an energetic "cost" for moving your soul to the collective and for guiding you during your stay. This will mean you need to pay back by perhaps guiding another person in real life. Maybe a tourist will ask you for directions a week later and how you handle this situation will determine if the payment is complete. It requires a bit of awareness of the relation between this world and the other side.
>Can you elaborate on this fair price?
See above, it means they know the exact energetic cost needed for this to happen while maintaining a balance, it's not ok to do just anything as that would upset the balance in the universe.

>Also can you touch on these incubus allies?
See this blog post:
The topic is also discussed in the archived thread linked in the OP:
as well as here:
Anything is material to non-physical entities so they see abstract ideas like emotions or situations as something tangible and concrete. This means only your imagination is the limit (and your ability to pay for it).
For example, maybe you just want to feel slightly happier. Then you can ask for that, and they will find something that would make you feel this way. It may be as simple as a stranger smiling at you and saying "hi" which puts your in a better mood for the rest of the week. These things could happen, and they know exactly how to manipulate reality to make things happen. It also works within the collective world concerning metaphysical matters, I just used this as an example.
I might be interested in taking a tour. I don't particularly have anything specific I want. Is there something like a bazaar there where I can browse services and make a deal?
Actually now that I think about it, there is something I could use some help with but I'm still looking for something within your responses before I can commit to really putting out my intention.
Normally you would have to go through the visualization ritual as described and communicate your request after connecting. But since we right now have this thread active here, it should be enough to post a clear intent, such as other anons did above. The sisters are monitoring this thread.

If you want to discuss specific requests you need to be able to establish a telepathic connection with a member, carry out a proper summoning ritual for manifestation, or use the method of semi-possession for direct communication.
Newfigs will have to do with posting blindly here and raise questions during the dream visit.
Can you expand upon this?

>Collective members in particular care about genetical purity and health, so they reaquire you to at least stay moderately fit if you don't have perfect genes.
If you as a human want to mate with a succubus, you need to have good genes or make an effort to better yourself. Personality traits are inherited so they don't want the genes of obese lazy people.
>inb4 you mean humans can mate with non-physical entities
Yes. The essence of the male body exists on their side too, it's not just your physical body. What you do in your life will exist on your energy body as well. During pregnancy, the genetic material of the male is incorporated with the succubus' genes, adding to the already existing genetic material. This may sound like cheating but it's one of the reasons succubus care about this. They can absorb the results and experiences of male efforts this way and get their knowledge.This is another topic, but it's the same concept as "blood memory" in vampire lore. They still need to be able to apply it, but it means they really do have the material. Male entities can't do this, they can only learn by personal experience. The same actually exists for humans, but it's not particularly useful because you can't take your genes with you in reincarnation anyway.

If you aim to become a succubus or incubus, your 3D body doesn't matter as such. But you still need to make an effort, you can't be a fat slob and eat fast food if you want to do this.
So this is not just for becoming a succubus/incubus but mating as well?

And is there something like a bazaar?

Can I provide my services as an offer? Frankly the prospect of being business partners and just friendly seems fun enough to me.

Is it good enough to offer anything I could potentially provide?
Put on a flag when posting here, newfig, non-flag posting is against he rules.

It's not like there is a baazaar in the physical sense, but you can call it that conceptually if you want, in the sense that there are many available services for a price. But this specific thing is too complex to be handled here. This thread is only for expressing interest in a connection and asking questions for info. You will have to connect with a sister and discuss this directly, such as your offers and what she can offer you in return. If you do not have the skill currently, start practicing!
Learning telepathy is highly recommended, but if you can place yourself in a state where you can accept a direct manifestation, this is also possible. As explained in the blog, the main obstacle is the human mind. It simply isn't allowed to upset the human condition by manifesting out of nowhere unless the person has adapted themselves to an altered state. Breaking the human illusion isn't allowed.
So can I just hold the collective in mind and send out my intent?

I'm generally quite good with dreams. Do I just sit and wait in my dream?
For improving telepathy do I just keep the collective in mind while keeping myself open to receive a message?
What can I expect by practicing telepathy?
Now you've posted here which is drawing attention, but I would still recomment lighting a candle or incense in a dark room at night when doing this at first to show them you are serious. You may also go outside and draw a symbol or sigil of your own design in the dirt on the ground. Demons are generally attracted to this stuff, it's an ancient form of communiation so they're sure to pay attention if you do this.
Apart from that you should visualize strongly the face of the succubus you want to talk to, your preferred type, simply. I suppose you can do this before going to bed to get into the right mindset and express your intent. I haven't used this method myself because it wasn't needed, but it works for contacting other entities in dreams so I don't see why it wouldn't work for them as well.
A few times I did have someone appear in my dreams after talking to them, but it was more of a companion experience. I can't tell how a business setting would play out.

Normally I receive guidance on what to write, this is what came to mind right now.
Is sage fine?
I believe in the other threads you mentioned not to use sigils because it would attract other entities. Given my history I feel like that might happen and the reason I didn't practice things like telepathy is because too much shit started fucking with me.
So I don't have to visualize any in particular?
Any natural smell should do, though they prefer rose. Using sigils of your own design and formed by your intent is fine. It's only a problem to reuse old sigils created by someone else, unless they were made for a specific demon and you manage to recreate the original ritual setting exactly, then those can be used as well. But those obviously do not work for the collective. At one point I was given indications that a specific sigil could be used for contacting the collective as a whole, but it seems the time for releasing this isn't ripe yet. It will be posted online when ready.
How long does it usually take?
A successful dream interaction usually takes place the same night, if you prepare properly and go to bed with a relaxed mind and in the correct mindset. You should "feel" the connection even before going to bed.

In other cases it may happen during the week. It depends on your specific situation. As stated before, be aware that for some people they may have a first connection physically in a public place. Some girl you don't know may approach you somehow and this can be one of them acting the role of a human. I can't tell which method they'll use.
If you specifically asked for a guided tour, they will attempt to arrange it.
Is it an issue if I didn't have a particular girl in mind?

If I'm not sure whether or not I did it properly should I just try again?
This is the method described by them. At least be aware of it, you can use your personal preferences though.
So do you do anything else for the collective besides advertising? Do you do things at night?
I interact with them all the time. One acting as an assistant is in a constant semi-possession state, helping me with daily things. Not the same one I should add, they take turns because the interest in observing the human world is pretty big. It's the fastest way of communication. When I type the replies here she will slip the information I need into my mind seamlessly, so I can start typing out the post instantly without asking her first.
They also help with other daily things I can't elaborate on for reasons related to maintaining the human illusion.
Different demons and other entities get involved with the human world all the time. The difference is that this is voluntary mutual cooperation, while other people get possessed by degenerate demons without knowing it. Only faithful religious people and those with a strong mind can avoid possession by malevolent entities, it's that simple. Not believing in it is no protection, that's just a delusion armchair occults spread to feel better about themselves.
Would you be able to tell me if I'm doing anything wrong or if I did fine?

What to they like about humans/the human world?
>Reply as follows:
There is something blocking you. You did pretty ok but you need better groundwork, you lack fundamental understandings and sensitivity. It appears as a thick "blob" of white energy standing out and blocking your own vision, you need to strain yourself to wear this down. It relates somewhat to a lack of knowledge on a personal level, it may be related to not knowing how you yourself function on an emotional level. It may be compared to a nearsighted person not being able to focus when looking at something. Search yourself to get a better idea of what you want from this. When two people talk, you need a mutual talking point or there will be no communication.
Can you elaborate on
>fundamental understanding
>thick blob of white energy
>blocking my own vision
>strain yourself to wear this down
>get a better idea of what you want from this
>mutual talking points
What is described is the energetic image of your situation. You performed the attempt to connect correctly, but it wouldn't work because you don't seem to know why you are doing this. It's as if you called a phone number, but when the other person picked up you were silent and didn't understand that there was a person on the other end. You need to be able to see the situation as a social thing, you are not alone when doing this. It's the same thing described here:
The question you asked
>What to they like about humans/the human world?
...is part of it. It has all been laid out at length in the linked discussions above, from the forum and the archive. All you need to do is read it and understand the meaning. It's also the topic of on the blog, you need to learn to "read between the lines."
Are there bad reasons? Or does there have to be a profound reason?

Do I just have to be honest and say everything I want, even if there are various reasons?

Hypothetically, if I just wanted a daughter. How would that transpire?
>>Are there bad reasons?
Some humans would think so, but that's their opinion. The collective does not engage in degenerated acts. It's based on the simple measurement standard of being beyond the kind of things that would place a person in hell after death. A succubus will not accumulate this amount of debt, only humans are foolish enough to support ideas and acts like that. Some of these things are ideologies in the world today, and humans think these things are "freedom" but after they die they will face debt collector demons who will bring them to hell to pay back. If I told you what things to not do, you would probably use all sorts of modern thinking to criticise what I said. None of that matters in the end, in fact the collectve itself quite recently got into this business. There are now hell dimensions run by the collective, accepting assignments from the common hell of the human world. So if you think it's "bad" to send people's souls to hell, forcing them to pay for whatever horrible acts they committed in the world, then you'd probably think the collective was engaged in "bad" things. In the end it all comes down to the struggle for more territory and control in the universe. If you choose the side of the collective this will be for your benefit as well. So do you still then think it's bad, if it's enriching your afterlife?
>Or does there have to be a profound reason?
If it's profound or not is a human concept. The collective is older than the current universe. Succubus of this type are of an ancient race of demons who exist beyond the end of the universe itself. There is no way for someone within the boundaries of the current universe to grasp the full meaning of this without stepping outside of the thinking of opposites negating each other until destruction.
>Do I just have to be honest and say everything I want, even if there are various reasons?
Being completely honest is a requirement, succubus reads your mind so you can't hide anything. If you're trying to leave something out they will see it right there in the open anyway, and you'll come off looking like someone who's not honest with himself. You can't fool them.

>Hypothetically, if I just wanted a daughter. How would that transpire?
That's perfectly understandable. It's a valid reason for contact.
If I were to do this I'd rather do as much as I can for her end up as good as she can be.

>If you as a human want to mate with a succubus, you need to have good genes or make an effort to better yourself. Personality traits are inherited so they don't want the genes of obese lazy people.

Can you elaborate on what good or better yet, optimal genes are? What are optimal traits?
You'd have to be adapted to your mate, first off. So that means you need to be realistic about your condition and what a suitable mate is. This may be a major obstacle for a lot of people.
Because genes are inherited, your family history may be a sign. What a succubus needs are masculine characteristics to fill in what she is missing, so you need to be able to do this part. It's hard to be too concrete about it, but you need to focus on what is genuine. Living a genuine life close to nature, with an understanding of your place in the world as a being living for a short time in interaction with other species. That's because this is reality, being unrealistic and building yourself up as a human individual is a useless trait. That can't be passed on. In general, anything that will work for many generations to come is a good trait.
And what masculine traits are generally missing?
And can you give an example of genetic traits that would generally be accepted as optimal. Examples of what has been accepted previously.
I've tried again with a request. Can you tell me if it was good enough?
Just wait and see. You need to work through this yourself, all details can't be told to you. You have to understand things yourself as well, be patient.
Is this page on the collective accurate?
The overall info is correct, but not the details. From my understanding that website is part of a role playing game. Names and specific things about colors, tails and so on are not correct in my opinion. It's possible the person who wrote the articles received this information from an entity who believes this to be correct. There are different views depending on who you ask, it may be right within a smaller territory, but not when you look at other areas.
It actually explicitly stated that it's a work of fiction
what if i am already a succubus?
Then you are free to join the collective.
okay hi !
before we go any further, prove your claims to me.
then list any and all negative points of joining your cause.
note that :
[ I hereby declare void any contract produced under ignorance of any information, partial or total, relating to your cause.
In order for me to consider any form of integration into your cause, you must provide compelling and irrevocable evidence in the form of unusual and harmless appearances. If compelling and irrevocable evidence supporting your claims is provided, i shall seriously consider your proposal after knowing all about your cause.
This contract is valid, not just because it is my written will, but also because your proposal has been produced in a written format as well. Thus any answer to that written proposal in the form of a written offer or contract is valid in the frame and terms of the aforementioned written proposal. ]
Do note that i can be highly dedicated, but as you're on Mewch's /fringe/ (and mistyping plateaus)
i'm sadly afraid you're just another RP...
whatever, scan me.
show yourself.
tell me your vices.
and then we'll see.

hope you're real !
The word is correctly spelled in the world description page, if that is what you're talking about.
If there are any typos elsewhere it's mere keyboard errors or lack of proofreading or the fact I'm not a native english speaker. If you want to complain about this and be taking seriously, please use capital letters in the beginning of your sentences. ;^P

Your contract at least shows you're aware of how to handle demons. The sisters will give you the needed signs if they consider you a possible recruit. And I'm sure they're looking for loopholes in your logic right now.
For someone attempting to be "smart" about this you seem to be missing the big catch right there in the OP.

>>breaking free of reincarnation, no longer forced to deal with pesky human matters
>>immortality, you will be invincible

So are you free from reincarnation or unable to reincarnate and stuck as a succubus forever ? If you can chose to not be a succubus anymore what is the penalty if any ?

Death and reincarnation are part of the evolution of the soul they also prevent you from getting stuck in your ways like an animal. If you go down this path after awhile you will probably settle into a routine, get comfortable and spend the rest of eternity with the collective. This might be what you want, but you will never get beyond the level of the collective if you never leave. It's plateauing your spiritual development.
>It's plateauing your spiritual development.
Not at all. You will still be able to manifest yourself in the human world and go through the necessary trials in different historical periods if that is what you want. The collective exists beyond time (as previously explained) so there are many chances to interact with the human world in all kinds of societies. This is a common practice which is why the concept of human-succubus interaction is well known in different cultures and time periods. The advantage is you won't be limited by chronological time, birth, aging, death and memory loss at rebirth.
i don't do things before i know sufficiently about them.
you got me, i never really got the habit of capital letters. the "i" is still lower case by choice, though.

i have my quirks... i'm guessing some already won't like me just from the short things i've posted. let's just hope i end up being useful somehow.
does the collective believe in fate or the idea that an individual soul may have more draw to specific aspects.
Aspects as in ideas/colors/flows.
The collective does not generally understand chronological time as a concept. They look only at the process of aging of single individuals and how they interact. It forms a map of some sort, in which people interact at certain points and this shows how society develops. If they want to interact with a person they pick the most favorable spot in time, looking at it from outside as if it was a thread already laid out.

So the question of fate is a matter of if this thread being a person's life can be moved or not. It's based on the characteristics of their soul, which does predetermine certain behaviours and outcomes, while others may be up to chance.
Now about mating with the succubus, I would like to do it.
Would it be physical manifestation or just a dream visit if I was found to be suitable?
It depends fully on your ability to interact. Some do manage to handle a physical contact, others are better at interacting with them in spirit form, there are all kinds.
If they decide yes, tell me later won’t you?
Do they have any knowledge of reptialians actually have “human” descendents on the same physical level as regular humans.
If they decide to meet you, you will know. I'm only here to spread general info, not to act as a contact.
They don't know of any reptilians existing physically, those are only on the spiritual plane. Though a lot of the aliens also live in that dimension so it's not like they're just spirits. They have technology there as well and they also die and reincarnate, it's a different physical plane, but seperate from our so we can only refer to it as spiritual from our perspective.
what kind of person suits you best ?
This question will be answered by reading the previously linked threads of old Q&As.
nobody will love a person asking useless questions.
How about this.
If one joins the collective, can they at some point split off from the group and form their own?
i doubt the collective would yet enjoy another group running around. at least, that is what i imagine.

Collective, you see in me a soldier. i'd rather obey than initiate.
I think asking is important, it may incentivize many if they work within this “collective” or spiritual corporation and not only have the ability to contribute but one day having one of their own.
Like if one works within a regular company their entire existence they would like to move up through it but also have the chance to start up their own as well.
Not everyone can be the top of the pyramid in one organization.
I like collectives and community’s but to me to have my destiny by the hair and to strive forward into the unknown as master of my own path and reality is ideal. Your destiny, your will.
The question implies a situation not existing in reality. The collective is cumulative, just like the body of scientific knowledge keeps increasing and expanding, it does not shrink. That would be like un-discovering something, it can't happen.
Because we are talking about an organization existing beyond chronological time, adding something means it is within the collective forever, because it was simultaneously added in all time periods. It's a difficult concept but I guess you can compare it to the doublethink in Orwell's "1984" where
>Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.
..until it is decided that it had always been at war with Eastasia. While this book describes a surreal dictatorship altering historical records, the reality of altering timelines do function this way. If you were to join, it will be determined that you were always destined to join. If you do not join, you will never join and will never have been a member.

Those who can't join for different reasons but still want to do business with the collective can become an ally. This is the solution for those with a male body on the astral plane corresponding to the dimension of the depth the collective exists in. This means you may be male here in the physical and a few levels beyond, but after that your real form could be female, and then you can join. The situation can also be opposite, or your body may be the same gender all the way. It may be hard to determine at once, which is why an evaluation process is needed for those who cannot naturally access those dimensions.
why specifically Orwell's 1984 as an example ?
It's well known and often referenced on chans and it has some good descriptions of complicated mental concepts. It implies the kind of mindbending thinking you have to perform to understand reality beyond the ordinary. It's a pretty clever book if you look at what ideas are brought up in it, story aside.
It's also an ok manual for how to run a massive organization, which happens to bear similarities to how things actually function in the world and in the astral. It just has that monolithic understanding. If you want to be succesful you should realize that big brother's organization is how to do it, in principle.

Let me take for example the relation between predators and prey in the natural world. It was recently discovered that a large population of prey animals remain uneffected by the predators hunting them, despite a lack of pasture grounds created by their large numbers. Contrary to researcher's expectations, a small population of prey animals would not thrive. They would be too nervous and paranoid about being hunted that they didn't even eat or breed; high availability of food and territory didn't matter.
This is why you should aim for large numbers and attempt to maintain the thinking of large organizations in any situation. "Anonymous" in different incarnations of the movement (we still are part of it as anon users on any chan/bunker as far as outsiders are concerned) have this mindset and it doesn't matter if some kill themselves or get arrested for crimes. The stories do not scare people off, rather they are circulated and has a bonding effect on anons as a group. This further illustrates the example.
uh, what are the first signs of presence ? it's not exactly blatant as of now.
It's personal, but in my example
>birds flying very close when I'm outside, or birds acting strange or funny or showing seeming intelligence
>girls giving me attention when I'm outside for no reason
>sounds of wing flaps when there's nothing to explain it, as if I had a huge bird flying behind my back
It's also not even been more than a week. When I ask for a physical manifestation it usually happens after around 2-3 weeks, these things are not always so easy to arrange. If you're so undetermined you need constant affirmation this just isn't for you. This is the formation of a religion, it's an extremely slow process. For christianity it took 300 years.
But I can say at once I know they've made breakthroughs in some places already, such as manipulating what's in the local newspaper. There's been some weirdly unpolitical and funny articles at least a few times a week now and I know by the style that this is trademark collective ideas being spread.
Will the collective endorse a passive religion of worship or will it vindicate it’s followers who go full crusade style.
I’m probably not going to be around (hopefully not as a human at least) when the religion really blossoms but I am just curious.
Regardless of the religion and such as long as joining doesn’t interfere with my life and interactions with different groups then I’ll join.
Freedom won’t be suppressed in any manor will it? I would count manipulation of ones own thoughts and desire as suppression of that.
This is meant as a practice of worshipping the supreme femininity and aiming to become one in the life beyond. I do not know how this will manifest, though I can tell you right aways there is an intent from the collective to dominate the world and replace the current faulty patriarchy in the universe as a whole with a matriarchy (All of this has been explained in the linked threads above).
Demons work by manipulation and deception, this is not something you can avoid when living as a human. You will be manipulated by demons all the time. All of your emotions and desires are constantly being monitored by beings wanting to take advantage of you, so your statement is based on ignorance. When you follow a faith, the deity will protect you from manipulation by beings opposing the faith. This is the same in all religions. BUT, this does not mean you will not be manipulated by your object of worship. The difference is what intent lies behind the manipulaiton, not if it exists or not. Humans will always be manipulated, period.
What would you say the extend of this manipulation be?
Open file (3.92 MB 750x500 1511103726879.webm )
i knew it would be subtle, but this compromise results in less convincing happenings...
>this isn't just for you
as expected, you're not giving out free candy.

i am quite wary because i could write off "people and birds acting weird" (except the bird flap thing ?) as some kind of personal paranoia; and then because i'm always very wary of what the otherworld has in store for me. i can't bind myself to anything without knowing everything about it and actually agreeing to it all.

i'm probably a bad candidate, but i just want to serve...
Take for example, when you see something and feel you want to own it, what is your thought process?
Do you
>1) think about how to get that thing, or how to get the money for it
>2) question your desire for it and evaluate it based on if it would benefit your life and the lives of others in the long run
If you go by #1 you are following demonic manipulation. A succubus would never act on a desire for anything without considering all aspects of the consequences, now and in the future, for herself and her environment. So if you tend to act on desires without thinking, a succubus would protect you by manipulating your thinking or your environment to stop you from causing self harm. There would also be some kind of hint to make you realize that you're acting irrationally.

A demon with ill intent on the other hand would offer you the things you desire and then charge you for it. In the end they'd even want you to give up your life and your soul to get something useless in the human world. That's what religions warn about when they talk about "satan", it's just any hostile demon trying to trick you into doing something immoral.
this is really, really interesting

could you link to the spot with more information on this?

maybe point us in the right direction of evidence of such things?

These are the external sign even a mundane could experience. The reality of my interaction is way too developed to be believable for an outsider if I talked about it in detail. There's just too much of a difference from the life of someone who's not had any clear experiences of the supernormal. That's why I'm careful of what I describe as expected results. Some people who joined in the fringechan thread described very clear signs but they were already pretty deep into occultism from my understanding. At the initial stage it's up to if you can believe in it or not. When you get past that it's just ordinary life for you. Of course there's that small thought at the back of my head popping up trying to tell me "what if you're just crazy" but when it comes to the real life effects those are real and this is just how things are. Doubt exists in the human world, as well as rationalizations of the supernormal to maintain the illusion of the world being just dull and "normal." People just want it that way so they can go after whatever hedonistic things they feel like without feeling guilty about it. Then they'll be fetched by debt collector demons after they die and be made to suffer to pay back for all the horrible acts they committed. But since mundanes are what they are, and no one will come back to tell of it after going to hell, it just keeps happening. That's why there now and then are prophets and others warning people and trying to spread religion. It's just the way it is.
cute lit'l girl there
See the forum link in this post
The evidence is in your own head. You'll be able to observe these things happening if you pay attention to your own thinking and feeling. Lets take another common example, when you see a girl you're attracted to, how do you react? Do you consider the actual consequences of your interaction with her? Most people don't and they'd give you 100s of reasons not to restrain yourself. This is the rationalization process used to explain away the reality of it, and it's what degenerated demons take advantage of. Try resisting it and really stopping to think next time this happens and you'll see yourself how hard it is. This resistance is your proof. People around you, all the conditioning that's been insterted into your mind, it will all work against you and try to make you give in to mindless hedonism and nihilism.
Oh and if you were asking about the greater community there are numerous wordpress blogs on the topic. You can use the blog link from here>>1384 and check the list of followed blogs. Those bloggers also follow other succubus blogs so you'll have no problem exploring the network.
Outside of helping develope is an an succubean entity, will they help us develope other abilities if asked?
Like, guiding us on them.
You can ask for assistance with magic works, they're very good with sigils and spell casting in general. If you need someone to practice with such as interaction with non-physicals all you need to do is ask. Though you'd need to have reached a certain skill level already to do this of course.
For collective members all such services will be handled by the internal credit score system, while non members will have to negotiate the price per case (This also goes if you make use of the services of non-collective succubus).
Only been about 2 days and I think I’ve seen a sign as described.
Interesting or maybe coincidence.
You know when fringechan was up I almost did join before but I opted out before anything happened.
I do find it interesting though, both times I decided to join it seems out of nowhere a women seem to have more interest in me.

coincidence and synchronicity are one.

I believe it's not something to be dismissed.

I've had 3 times in my life where I decided to get my shit together and a woman that I was magically attracted to appeared in my life like *that* each time.

I'm in the midst of the 4th and there are several such women around this time, though this time I have to be more forward than before, due to having more capacity for it.
Hi, I'd like to know how I've been doing.
A little bit of context for your question wouldn't hurt.
Ah, I felt like I should add context, but I retracted. Oh well :)
I am the one who's been introduced to the Collective from fringechan, who has also agreed to become a succubus in that thread. I have also asked about other religions and have claimed that, once while going down a flight of stairs, have seen for a split second a young woman.
Right, and you want confirmation of your progress?
From what I can see your field of faith is pretty clear and carries a strong energy, you seem to be in direct contact with the greater field of the collective religion. Your personal achievement actually seem to include the essential succubus nature.

I have to say it's a bit surprising to see this in such a short time for someone who joined from that thread, but it shows the sisters really know what they are doing, even if you may not feel much of a difference yourself. I used my own ability for viewing another person for this.
The greater field, as contrasted to the lesser field? What are the implications of this? Does this mean I am heavenly?

Also, as regards to the forum, and life experiences in general, I've been through a lot. As in, constantly mentally struggling with what I've compared to the Gordian knot. Nonetheless, a deep longing has emerged, an acknowledgement that no obstacle is eternal. Neverending hope.

Ironic, that I've had the lingering thought that I've "sold myself short", that a part of me wanted to go along a positive path. But I've seen that the division between the positive and negative are sublime, beyond words. It is not heaven or hell, good or bad.

At one point, I've come to chase away (figuratively) the succubus, but they are always there, somehow; the least they can do is uplift my spirits when I need it the most.

Let's see how this goes. I accept the implications of my next reincarnation being a succubus. Maybe then I can have a clearer view of what comes next. It's not the end anyhow, definitely better in at least some aspects than being a human.

'Tis true, that I wanted confirmation as I have second doubts, but on the other hand, undeniable events have happened that I cannot simply sweep under the rug.

Thank you for being around.
When do we know if we will be guided to a succubus or a incubus?
>The greater field, as contrasted to the lesser field? What are the implications of this? Does this mean I am heavenly?
The greater field, as in the world wide field of the religion rather than your own personal field. It means you will easily receive guidance and it will directly manifest in your life.
Everyone starts out as infernal, but some quickly rise to heavenly before finishing the infernal step, then they go back and fill in that part. You have a solid foundation in the infernal. Depending on how you develop from now on, it will be determined if you will die of old age and join the collective that way, or if you will manage to form an eternal human body and stay here until you are finished with all human matters. This is part of the impatient succubus nature, a lot of them are immortal beings of the astral plane but they didn't finish all of their human matters, which is why they keep coming here and allowing themselves to be summoned. If you do not finish in one session with the eternal body, you may live with the collective and later come back to human society for short visits to finish the things you didn't take care of before leaving.
It may come slowly as a realization building up over time until you know where you belong. There will be signs. You may want instant results and this is normal, but after 1 - 2 years you will have a better understanding of the process and how it changes you. It's often subtle, consisting of little things appearing in your life over a longer time period, leading you to a conclusion at a certain time.
Years is fine, I have plenty of time and if my long term goal is met I will have a lot more, I am just very comfortable being a man so I hope I embody a masculine form as an incubus.
Also I have already come a a realization that has been staring me in the face for months. In that note does the influence of deity’s weigh into account of this process and how it goes?
The outcome should be a matter of your own inner nature, at least concerning if you will be a succubus or incubus type entity. External influence may change how a person develops and if there is success or not, but the question is if this is only external and happening by chance or if it is a manifestation of the inner nature of the person. It's a bit of the same question as if the egg or the hen came first.
I've deleted two of my posts because they make no sense and I regret having had put them out.

That aside, I'd like to know how I can develop the heavenly side, and also about forming an eternal human body. I get it if more people are needed to have done the fundamentals first, but it's worth the shot from my end.

Next up are, how do I come to utilize the direct connection with the succubus collective? Anything you could recommend?

It seems wierd that I, having come so far, am rather clueless, at least from the vantage point of my everyday waking consciousness. How did this happen, beyond my honest yearning to become a succubus?
The fundamental inner nature manifests as a single particle, it has the form of a pink or red circle. Just one such particle in your being is enough for the standard to exist. With time more will be developed but the point is, your entire being and any external human matter is below this part of you. It's a fixed point, it does not show itself any more than the ground you walk on. You can rely on it but you do not ponder its existence in your daily life. If you really search your mind you will be able to feel this firmness. It didn't exist before. Your human thinking will not fully grasp this, because it's something beyond the limited human life.

Now for the issue of the eternal body. You need to somehow fulfill all parts of your life, now and future reincarnations, to create a situation where you do not need to reincarnate externally, but will re-form in your current body. This is also a circle, and mundanes are doing this by creating their own future externally - they are having children and raising them , contributing to the world so that they can create the environment where they will be reborn in the future.
Yes, I'm saying this in a concrete sense. Your grandchildren may be your future parents. If you do not care about them properly, you may be poor and mistreated by them as a child in your next life.
All of this, you need to handle within your current lifetime. That means investing not in the world, but in your current setting to maintain yourself right here. At the same time, you can't disregard that this is changing the future for you and for other people who would have had interactions with your in your next life. You still need to fix those things. At the tipping point, you will have nothing more to pay back to other people and you will see your own future is only for you yourself, in your current life. Will you be able to handle this? You can't put anything aside as irrelevant if it concerns the future of the world, because you should have been a part of it, but now you are not going to make use of the reincarnation system. This may also mean you may consider celibacy, monks have realized this in the past as well. If you do not plan to reincarnate, why create your future family line? Meditate on all this and find the answer for you.
For the first point, thank you for the clarification.

As for the second, well, I have grasped the concept of me being some of my ancestors and descendants. This needs deeper reflection on my part, but at this point it seems to be a tall order to do this through the eternal body method. Celibacy in my case should be out of the question, as it's not only my say that has a part on such a decision; so does my family, as in my parents and other relatives.

More questions on my end:

How has the religion been doing?

What is my role?

Is it reasonable to say that succubus are swayed too much my desire?

And finally, is there anything else you'd very much like to say at this juncture?
The field of faith has been spread over a very large area, almost covering the earth by now. This is partly thanks to the internet being able to spread information and create faith in individuals in distant locations. It's currently very thin but each person upholds the field within their own area acting as a knot holding the web together.
Try to live by the standards of the collective and feel your part in it, it will be individual at your own place and still a part of the collective as you are connected by the field of the religion already. Trust that the sisters will guide you and focus on what you need to do in your personal life.
Succubus are not "swayed" at all, but they tend to often be impatient and restless at the infernal level. This is just how they are after maturing and reaching the heavenly standard they develop patience and will calm down.

I am mentioning the issua of celibacy, because after forming the eternal body it will no longer function in the same way as your human body. The human body is mortal and will end, it is part of the larger system, it's a mere component in the wheel of reincarnation. This means if you are no longer goind to be a part of it, your body will no longer be a part of that system and the fundamental function that would ensure that you produce future generations will no longer exist. Using computer terms it will be like uninstalling death and procreation, because those are 2 halves of the same program. Your body will still have all the functions but they do not work automatically any more, instead you need to control bodily functions you had up until then taken for granted. In reality they were running a pre made program as a part of the reincarnation system and after cutting yourself loose from it you do not have it anymore. You may simply lose interest in these things completely. Humans are mostly functioning on "auto pilot" and are not aware of this.
It took me a while for everything to sink in. So these are my conclusions:
-that I am practically an agent provocateur; I am a locus point through which the collective can have influence on the world. I observe that even expressing my opinions and interacting the way I do in everyday life, to some extent, is concordant with the collective and thus assists in its spreading, if only in the form of planting seeds. That also ties in with some principles I go by, such as attempting to be frugal in what I want and thus not straining my credit. This frugality also helps turn me away from degeneration, though it's not the only factor in this case.
-that I should tend to my personal life more, and weed out the applicable self-doubt and other senseless thought patterns. I came here to challenge and I got what I really needed instead, some down-to-earth advice I could've picked up earlier, but didn't in its entirety, or at least not to this extent. This would also have the side effect of developing my personal field as to more fully manifest (within reason) and/or align it more closely with the greater field as a result of closer adherence to the collective, akin to how a pet undergoes accelerated meta-evolution by interacting with humans. Also gives newfound purpose and strength, as I now know that I should do the best I can the sisters will do the rest, as per the scenarios you've given.

I think the next step in these quarters is for me to lurk and await further developments.

Thank you for the feedback!
I noticed how spoilers work on this site a while ago. Which makes me wonder, did you stress-test me? I felt terror well up on me gradually; at first, I just observed it, but then resolved to actively suppress it. Was this you?
You by the time I posted that? I have no idea what caused that. I've been viewing other people for a long time and also started threads specifically for it. No one has ever brought this up.
Might as well be sheer anticipation.
First it was one raven who flew close
Then 3 low flying ravens.
What could it mean?
Not afte reach other mind you
The first time was one and this time was 3
Drawing attention? You can try interpreting it if you want, it may be meant as a message for you if that is how you usually think.
Like, the number 13?
Maybe, I think one of them flew just above my car while I was in it too.
But if nothing else I’ll take it as a good sign.
I feel my biggest block is in my lack of non-physical perception. I don't really know with certainty whether any thought I entertain is really mine or not. It just seems incomprehensible to me. I also fear that some of what I experience are products of my mind rather than true experiences originating from without. I suppose there are many, many factors in this, so something must've compensated for it. I have a psychometry of sorts (I can get a 'feeling' of things). What are these redeeming qualities? My first answer to this would be my innocence, to which other people have testified.

How can I strengthen my ethereal senses, so to speak, if it's a worthwhile undertaking?

Also, I have some intrapsychic conflict regarding this whole matter, of becoming a succubus. Maybe it's a lack of perspective on my part (an example would be how some people I know think that a person can only be one of two things, religious in Abrahamic terms and not nihilistic/degenerative or an infidel who's also nihilistic. There is, in fact, a higher perspective that bends the variables in ways unthinkable to the lesser ones). I have an idea of the other factors.

I remember what happened immediately after accepting to be a succubus. I felt something touching me and what I think were assuring words (such as: you'll become a succubus), though the latter I don't trust 100% because of my aforementioned ineptitude, though is more believeable to me because I felt something touching me.

I made the decision with the mindset that I might not be accepted by anyone else, if you get what I mean. I was in a miserable state of mind; a result of cumulative life experiences.
Open file (1.25 MB republic.pdf )
I've always had belief in the supernormal myself even if I had a period in my mid teens when I had thoughts of questioning everything. In the end I remember sitting on my bed looking at the doorframe and having this thought:
>you're trying to make this all look normal, like this is all there is to life, but I don't believe you!
>I'll beat you, I'll show you!

It all happened spontaneously and I felt a distant mind behind everything that's wrong with the world, and felt a strong need to rebel against it. Is this mind satan, is it the zionists, the feminists? At the time I knew nothing of conspiracy theories and the x-files hadn't even aired yet. The atheist phase I had was aimed at the betrayal of the church, in retrospective. I never doubted Jesus was a good guy with supernormal abilities, but the religion itself and its followers disgusted me.
Knowing this as my background I hope you can write your questions in a form that I can better reply to.
I've had doubts of different kinds, like that of the existence of the eternal soul, and wether there is a fixed moral standard vs moral relitivism. This seems to have disappeared during my high school years after reading Tao Te Ching and the pop culture interpretation of it; The Tao of Pooh, along with Plato's The Republic. This confirmed my long standing beliefs and made me give up doubt.
In fact I'll attach the Republic here to this post, read the story starting on page 478. This was an eye opener for me, as it's incorporating the eastern view of reincarnation with the western system of heaven and hell. It may be a good starting point for someone with a christian background.
I, myself, was raised a Muslim, but I broke from that religion the hard way - the culmination of compulsive and fundamentalist outlook (read: harsh, rigid and blind in one stroke) leading to a sudden change in mindset.

I've had a deep revulsion to the state of the world, the way how all things good seem to turn into rotten husks of themselves. How the worst people run the show. How things that don't make sense to me now bear influence on me and my surroundings. Whenever I meditated on this evil, I would feel suffocation and that it wanted to own me, to destroy me, to utterly overcome me. I dreaded the world; I knew that any lasting good I do in this world is liable to perversion. I had no hope for the world, or for myself for the matter. In my interactions with peers, I attempted to be genuine and I've stood with the underdogs at one point, for which I've paid the price.

Or, rather, let's move on to the idea of work. Work seems unnecessarily convoluted to me. Older societies didn't have things this needlessly hard. And yet here we are, enduring these artificial difficulties.

I couldn't buy the idea that this world is all there is. I see no point in the rampant materialism or its counterpart, the Abrahamic religions. Nor All of these would've lead me to nihilism.

I have read from many sources and now my concept of existence is akin to the Kybalion. The idea of a cyclic existence, implying there never was a beginning or end to existence, which is also expressed in your blog, makes sense to me.

Essentially, even from the beginning, I worshipped God out of love. But Islam for me was essentially at variance with this, leading for me to a cognitive dissonance cascade. And at the moment I had a radical change in mindset, I've rebelled to all the things wrong in Islam and its followers, in general. It lead to an acute awareness of the state of the world, and I didn't like it. I would put it like it was put in the Eugene and Linst story, as in the distinction between the "neutral" and "blind assertionist" mindsets. It's just some sublime difference in perspective or other metaphysical aspect that I, in some way, have always had.
I have some sort of defense mechanism where I make myself dumber than I am, but alas, this has become second nature. It has been with me since childhood. I suspect my father is the one who lead to this developing in me. The perceived benefit from this is to make myself "less appetizing" to predators, and to make my life easier. The flip side is that I shut myself off of my fullest potential, and to add insult to injury, it deadens my senses, locks me in a state of constant sadness and anxiety and it even leads me to blocking my own thoughts..

Today I had this "defense mechanism" go down, only to put it back up after someone made a tactless move signaling underlying envy to me. It going down is a result of meditating on the essence of succubus.

Ah, I don't want to turn this into my personal blog, but just as a point that something's happening. And I like it. :)
If your ideological opponent suggests ways to circumvent your moral conviction with the purpose of making you accept his inferior view, you don't have to "understand" what he's saying.
I do this all the time. When someone tries to lure a person into immoral acts they always aim at your weaknesses, your desires and bad habits, wanting you to "think for yourself" so that you find your own personal excuse not to follow your ideals. At this point, keep persisting in demanding the other person telling you exactly what he means. Don't try to understand it, act like a new recruit in the army, blank stare and understand nothing but what is explicitly said in the dumbest way. Being dumb is not active resistance, so make use of this. Question the things you don't agree with based on not understanding anything of it. Never apply your opponent's view.
In the end they'll either give up and call you stupid, or they'll expose their own ugly reason for holding that view. Once they do that you have moral superiority and do not need to listen to him anymore, anything he says can then be discarded based on his immoral motivation.
Do you have an idea on the time period the collective may let their seal out for public use?
Btw does she have blue/red hair and a blue dress?
What function do these degenerates fulfill? What is their purpose?

Commence rant..

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!! I made myself dumb for a reason. It is maintain a low profile. Lower beings will not perceive me for what I am anyway, they do not deserve to know who or what I am. They will see me under their own terms and they might as well defile me while they're at it. And besides, those who can understand me will see right through this anyway.

I don't get what the heck is up with this epidemic of heart-wrenching, soul-crushing ignorance but it is what it is.

I think what I should do is maintain the strategy under the context you've mentioned rather than apply it to my whole being. The problem is that, by applying it to my whole being, I also restrict my assertiveness and freedom of thought. Commence rant..

This surprised me. Holy moly, this hits home for me. I have many ideological opponents and some never tire. They always come back for more, and more and more, and it drains me. From the "blind assertionist" Muslims to the "God doesn't see me" Muslims to hedonist women.

I always act dumb just to avoid ideological conflict, because it's stupid beyond belief to engage in it. It's useless, and sometimes I say we end just where we started but it doesn't even matter. There's this one person ("blind assertionist" Muslim by the way) who's been telling me to go to the gym lately but I refused on the reason that it has a hedonistic atmosphere. But god damn it's no use, I go right down to the nitty gritty but then he says things like "you haven't even tried it, why are you relying on stories" and other variants of THINK FOR YOURSELF and he's lately said "I don't get how you think" and then he tries again as if he has the upper hand! And they don't get that they are part of the dreadly apparatus that provoked me to act dumb all the time!

One of his strategies is to bring up my weaknesses, desires and bad habits as to, in his mind, debunk objective/non-personal points I bring up. I've told him that my flaws, being subjective, have no bearing on the objective points I make. But he still uses this. He also has "hope" in this wretched society and tries to provoke me to invest in it by bringing up the aforementioned weaknesses, which to me is a failed endeavor.

Some of these people are brutal, tactless and think their ignorance is their strength. They are also relentless and.. we are all on the same level playing field, as humans. This is what I mostly mean by saying "How things that don't make sense to me bear influence on me and my surroundings."

A few times, I've slipped a bit, realize my error and break down. I have, in the past, "submitted" to the inferior view, as in give in to a life-altering demand and, in another case, to "submit" to a worldview, which were very bad of me to do.

The sigil will be given to me when there are enough followers to spread it widely, it's meant to help people reach the infernal standard and will have to be followed by a manual of some sort. That is all I know.
I have similar experiences of people in my surroundings, which is how I developed this tactic. There's also a constant ongoing battle with society manifesting in a struggle to get information from a government agency. I know how to wear them down, and bit by bit I'm getting things my way. But once I break one person down and get one step forward, they replace that person and I have to start over with a new one. On the greater scale I can see correspondances to how people in the government are being replaced after giving in.

It's a war of attrition, and they are losing it because they can't bend their minds around the idea that one person's mental and spiritual capabilities are greater than any democratic nation if the person refuses to accept it. If you agree to the idea that all people are equal, you cannot make demands, your morality does not allow it. Once you see yourself as superior, as the real owner of the assets you need in your life, they have nothing to put against you. The only thing they have is this little idea inserted in a person from an early age: that you need to "earn" your way of living by submitting to the demands of the mob.
>No, I own this country, I will defend it, even if I am alone, and whatever I need for this cause is mine to use.
Yesterday, I fucking gave up and thought in my mind, "I want to become like you." And yet, I would revert right back, worse off than where I started. I'm so sick and tired of these assholes. They are so numerous, so persisting, so utterly hopeless. They are the Gordian knot I've mentioned before. The biggest fucking issue I have. The cruel psychodrama they pull out, making me feel deader with time. I've lost respect for myself because of them. I've given them so much of myself. No wonder I've become like a lawyer at certain points, fighting for the smallest asset like my life depended on it. Because it does.

I simply cannot give in to the mob and maintain my integrity, my ideals, maybe even my life. Choose one. What I've done is submit to the mob only when I feel I absolutely need to and even this takes its toll. Turns out my family's been another face of the mob all along. I am alone, for better or worse, in determining my fate, and no one else.

I remember, in my youth, where a sense of "firmness" formed in me. Suddenly, I was self-aware in a way I wasn't before. I was also no longer acting spontaneously. It is right at that instant, where I believe I've started using the defense mechanism. This was a discrete and memorable event; it had drastic effects on me. What was it?

This struggle, I had no words for, yet I felt it viscerally. But the nightmarish and gaslighting effect it had on me made it "unspeakable" to me. It terrorizes me to no end. I've had threats of abandonment hurled at me from my family. It has gone so far as for me to confuse the event I had in my youth with the "Gordian knot". I really could not have put this forward in a series of concise paragraphs as you have.

This is the most meaningful and lucid conversation I have ever had so far. Thank you
"I want to become like you" towards the aforementioned "blind assertionist" Muslim, by the way. And I can feel his hedonistic agenda, I swear.
The way out for me was to find a social context where I could do things with control, because I wanted to. Where hypocrisy doesn't exist. Then expanding this context and overriding the parts of society you need to have contact with. I'll try elaborating it without doxxing myself.

When I was in high school I started training karate. This was something that broke completely with what I had done before, and it suprised everyone around me. In reality I came to this point step by step. It started with an interest in japanese video games. Those were in english which motivated me to learn english. By the time I was 12 I already intuitively got the grammar. I don't know how, it just "clicked." After that point all I did was learn new words and new ways of forming sentences. This somehow gave me a feeling of being a member of a greater context, something beyond my own country. In reality this connected back to my kindergarten days, at that time I met a lot of children from other countries. Not immigrants but rather mostly asian adopted kids. I remember that "international" feel from back then very positively.
When I came to the training hall I was respected. People were actually nice, because I was interested in the same thing as them, investing time in it. Just meeting someone from karate practice on the bus once, someone who'd not been forced into my life through madatory school, someone greeting me because we knew each other from a voluntary context. I still remember that time clearly.

From there I found a similar context at a boarding school. Some people may think negatively of that environment, but this was something I choose myself, I picked it based on their outspoken values and ideals. It was a place where drugs were forbidden, no alcohol was allowed. This was a huge deal for me, because I hate the drinking culture of my country. People are obsessed with alcohol. You can't meet people in a social setting without being harressed by people asking you why you don't drink. They keep nagging, picking on you, saying
>if you only had some drinks you'd FEEL BETTER
>RELAX A BIT, stop being so stiff
This is the one and single thing I hate the most about this society.
Anyway, these positive experiences of social contexts where I could actually relax around other people without being harrassed by self centered and narrowminded people attacking anything that's different from themselves, are still there in my mind. I'm going back there and by now I'm no longer respecting other people's views, at all. I'm giving them the same treatment, no matter how many they are, I don't care. If I don't defend my views, it's obvious no one else will. I know there are other people out there who are actually nice, normal people. So I don't listen to the dregs at all. If they start arguing I will not listen, or right out tell them they are wrong without listening to their counter arguments. Whatever they say I repeat
>it doesn't matter what arguments you bring up, because you came to the wrong conclusion
The only time I change my mind is after evaluating the discussing when I'm alone and can weight everything properly. I never give in when discussing something, out of principle.
You know what, though? At least we won't reincarnate into this goddamned earth again. It's a wonder how this place is still up and running, a wonder how I've held out without succumbing to degeneration for so long, a wonder that we've even met here and are having this conversation.
To be born, wiped of all memories, into a place rife with danger and bubbling with confusion: is this not Hell in itself?

Personally, I would've preferred to live a simple life. But this is not for me.
I was never exposed to an alternative. It seemed so far-fetched to me at times that I regarded it as impossible. There were a few people I could enjoy being around, but these are few and far between.

And yet, with time, I have become more resistant to such manipulation. Because I know where it's coming from, the same source that seeks my total annihilation, that has flipped this world upside down.
I have some flaws in my manner of thinking. Some triggers, perhaps? Or susceptibility to messages in certain contexts, such as TV in my youth.

I think that the whole bunch really do not deserve the time. Your treatment of them is very straightforward and sets the boundaries really clearly; I've come to prefer passive resistance instead, and will probably use it in cases where the blockhead's here to stay for a long time. The most frightening thing about them is their numbers and their ruthlessness if given the chance.
I would go so far as to say I musunderstood succubus as the enemy at a certain level. I know some people would.. The effect of giving to the mob is eventually incorporating their mindset into mine, or rather, having my own mindset going fuzzy, so now I'm a bit of a jumbled mess in the head. It's quite difficult to have a thought I have of myself stick, which is a reason I've been posting so many times. It's as if if I think too clearly, I'll incur their wrath.

I am glad that I am finally free of their clutches, from the illusion that I need to pander to them.
Things often become clearer to me after writing them down in an argumentative setting like an imageboard. I think you need to test your logic like this for it to really stay in your mind. If you've beaten someone with it and seen that you can withstand criticism, that thought pattern is obviously stronger than another person, so if it was to go away, the other person's view had to be destroyed as well.

That way, as long as you beat one person, anyone still upholding the view contrary to your own, will also stabilize your own thinking and upholding it.
Alright, having had read some more on the subject, I have a clearer understanding of this project.

Would it be a good idea to learn magick? I know where to start, but I'd like to know if there are any warnings I should heed. Like, of course I won't go cursing random people; my primary goal is to develop my astral senses so that communication with the collective can be made more easily and more efficiently.
There is no problem learning magic. The only thing to warn about is "psychic vampirism" as it's a dumb way of stealing bad energy from other people. Don't do this, you may absorb their illnesses as well.

Instead you should focus on building up your own energy, you are your own energy source, your body has the ability to produce what you need already inside it. This is a matter of willpower, to not take the shortcut and start relying on others.

A succubus will aim to be self supporting in all areas of life, including magic. If you need external help, make use of the services provided by the collective. They will not accept things beyond what you can afford so this way you won't be indebted to other beings.
I have now a good grasp of what to do. The biggest threat my opponents pull out is to threaten to withdraw services, etc. I depend on as a bargaining chip/"blackmail" for their sick ends. The solution is to become self-sufficient in my personal life, and then cut them off as completely as possible. This has been a repeating scenario over many years; they really want to make conform. All of their leverage has been dismantled except for this one thing, as my mind is now clear from illusions and ambivalence further tying me to them. Now all they can do is ruin my mood with their baseless arguments and emotional games (read: carrot and stick strategy concordant with their mindsets); once I am able to stand on my feet, then I can move on to active resistance.

Now, I just bide my time and am going deeper in the path of passive resistance. One such example is controlling my emotions as to make it more impervious to them, which also helps keep my head clear, thus preserving energy and helping my cause.

I have noticed that I usually think in a loose manner; a theoretical example would be that, if someone mentioned a cat, I would think of Tom and Jerry and then, by way of the resulting attached thoughtform, open up potential venues through which I could be attacked. So not only do I control my emotions, but also my thoughts.
>if someone mentioned a cat, I would think of Tom and Jerry and then, by way of the resulting attached thoughtform, open up potential venues through which I could be attacked.
That's an interesting point.
People often use this tactic, but in my case I'm usually free from wild mental associations because I simply do not think abstractly at all. These tricks do work on a lot of people because they are stuck in their own ways of thinking and will instantly jump to conclusions, assuming what was referred to was their own personal interpretation of the idea. I always want to go by the official definition so the tactic never works on me. It took me a long time to even realize what the point of this tactic was. It's very frustrating to be met with this when asking for information, getting the reply
>what do you think yourself?
when one has no clue.

The following argument usually goes along the lines of
>I don't know, that's why I asked
>but surely you have some idea
>no, if I had I wouldn't have asked, now please tell me what you mean
>I can't tell you, you have to find out yourself, it's different for different people
>then tell me what it means to you?
>no, you have to do this yourself, what I think won't be relevant to you
>but I don't know anything, tell me so I get an example of what it could be
>(turns silent trying to avoid taking the conversation further, attempts to change the topic)
Better than being loaded with triggers meant to put you in your place, right? LOL

I notice I've come to use essentially the same tactic myself, in an attempt to derail stupid arguments. It had better leverage than bringing good points up would.

There was a point where I chose to "harden" my emotions and thoughts many years ago, in my youth but after the drastic event I mentioned earlier. I told someone I put too much trust in about it and, as a result, I was dissuaded from continuing.

I've compared leaving your thoughts and emotions to the wind is like having incontinence. The way I see it, the best course of action in this arena is to think as forcefully/intently as possible, and to do likewise with the emotions. But emotions are weird. You can't just attack fear; you'll end up feeding it. So what I do is constrict my emotions instead.
Thinking abstractly is synonymous with thinking forcefully I should add. You see, I just noticed that a stupid thoughtform came up, blocking further thought in this regard and making my previous post less meaningful than it should.

Understanding the concept is not the same as utilizing it in its fullest, I would add. Quite frustrating that I'm not fully conscious..
Also, the idea that people jump to their own conclusions by way of wild mental associations, etc. adds a lot of subjectivity, leading to strained ability to understand speech/text.

This ties in to the idea that the understanding of language ties in to how advanced/deluded the person you're talking to is. Geez, telepathy makes more sense now.

It's like a natural barrier/reflection of any given person's wisdom.
Another point I would add is that I have a habit of mirroring other people's way of typing. This is related to the mental narrowing I have which literally dumbs me down, not to mention it also has the effect of gaining the other party's trust/getting their defenses down. Also, there is the underlying motivation of seeking approval and sympathy. This mental narrowing is compounded by my loose manner of thinking.

So keep this in mind. Try to analyze the underlying meaning rather than the surface, while not being clouded by the underlying emotional manipulation. Time will tell if I eventually develop my own writing style.

The post you made about ideological opponents freed up a lot of garbage, and as a result, my posts are more coherent and less manipulative, but I see room for improvement.

I was like a beggar before that post. I was desperate for energy, having had been so drained.

And then this is an attempt to make myself seem more genuine. Because I still seek something. I think it's companionship. On an imageboard. Look how far I've gone!

Jokes aside, I cannot thank you and the collective enough for helping me navigate these dire straits. I trust that it did not go to waste, that I will, someday, repay you for your efforts.
This is me being self-conscious, a residuum of past traumatic experiences.
All our interactions are to some degree organized by the collective deity for everyone's benefit. Like the rest of the collective, she rests outside of time and can predict any thoughts we are going to have, and will manipulate events accordingly for maximum enlightenment for all participants and lurkers.
I'm curious to know about that event I had in my youth, the one which had drastic effects on me. At first, I assumed this was when my consciousness was seated in this body; later, I have come to see it as the source of my troubles, as the changes in behavior and thinking I had attracted some special attention. Now, I'm considering that it might be the introductiom of succubus/demonic nature in me. But the event in itself was arbitrary. I was merely reflecting on myself and the surroundings then.

Was this event related to the collective?
I cannot tell.
I only know they kept appearing in my dreams for many years before I knew what was happening. There was also the random girls who looked straight at me on the street once, and I remember that once time perfectly clear still, there was a calm in her expression and a mild welcoming in her eyes completely unlike anyone I had ever encountered before.
There's been all these small events building up to a point when I connected the dots.
My case was similar, but was accelerated when I happened to find the fringechan thread.
One of the succubi.
At least one that says it is one and asking me to fuck it.
Succubus in the collective world are always in the nude, but they could appear as dressed when leaving it. The blue dress usually implies a succubus with heavenly standard to some degree. That is all I know. There are 1000s of members so I can't know who visited you.
Are there male succubi tho?
yeah i recognize that i'm probably uninteresting, but i'd have preferred an explicit refusal instead. no happening gives me no will to push deeper.

what are the biggest red flags for candidates ? what not to do ?
I'll take a shot at this, for shits and giggles.

There are succubus and then there are incubus. Human males can become succubus, because succubus also work in paraphysical spheres.

Don't let mundanes know about it. To do so is to go against the aims of the Collective and hurt yourself. Along that tangent, don't kill yourself too. You'd become a servant that way. Succubus are strong; they don't have weaknesses.
well, nobody knows about this love of mine. except you perhaps.

who needs something ?
Are you sure about that?

All in good time, all in good time.
>Are there male succubi tho?
It depends on how you define "male."
A human can have either gender physically and still be a succubus in soul. But a succubus' real gender is always female. To complicate matters more there are succubus who can play the male role even in the astral plane; meaning they can impregnate other females. This still doesn't change the fact they have a female body, it's an aspect of them being spiritual entities so things are not as fixed as they are in the human world.

A the male demon counterpart of succubus are incubus, this means being male in soul, not in necessarily in body. A human female could be a an incubus in soul.

It took around 15 years before I even connected the dots about the collective. During this time they had been nudging me now and then repeatedly without me even understanding the signs.
so, what are the green flags then ?
You mean specific signs?
See post
But there were also dreams in which I was looking out from my window seeing the entire world on fire, a huge forest fire consuming everything as far as I could see and the sky filled with dark clouds and smoke.
The fire got closer and closer and I felt a hopelessness grabbing me as the heat penetrated the walls. I would in these dreams often go outside and see the wooden walls of my house start to glow from the heat, or I would climb onto the roof trying to keep the fire away with buckets of water.

These dreams would come back now and then during a number of years, I think first time was high school and it kept on for 10+ years after that.
It ended with two dreams that were different.
>First dream: I'm seeing the same forest fire but this time I don't feel any fear anymore, it's as if I gave up hope and just accepted it. Ok, the world is ending, I can't do a thing to stop it. At this time I find a tunnel and go underground to hide. I have a feeling I'm not alone there but a number of girls are also in the tunnel.

>Second and last dream: I wake up in the morning and go outside, somehow aware of the forest fire last night, but I'm still alive. The entire landscape outside my house has tranformed into volcanic rock with huge cliffs. I look at the grey rock and feel very comfortable, like I'm finally home. The feeling of belonging and longing for this place remains after waking up from the dream.

After I connected with the colletive's members I knew these dreams explained to me the state of the collective world. It exists in a place beyond the end of the world. This was symbolically shown to me by the tunnel, in my native language the word for that kind of passage can also mean "end of the world" as it can be interpreted as "go under." So the feelings of wanting to maintain the human life and even the universe as a whole is futile and something I need to give up. The collective world is beyond time so it isnt' touched by the end of the universe.

Now I don't know what kind of experiences other people would have, this has been on a very personal and emotional level, concerning philosophical themes that may not be relevant to someone else in the same way.
i want to know what is good for a candidate to have or be.
What would the collective say the incubus/succubus of creation ratio be and do all the succubi go to the candy kingdom?
I would look over the old threads bust the link makes it difficult on mobile.
The OP link was messed up as a result of not knowing spoilered links needs an extra space to work.
Do you meant the ratio universe wide? They tell it me it's 60:40 in favor of incubus.
Not all collective members visit the candy kingdom.
UniverE wide is fine, what about humans as a group?
Human souls do not have a fixed form, it changes with each incarnation. The process of evaluating a human soul is complex and slow. It's only done for those wishing to join the collective so no estimate can be given. (is what they tell me)
hah, as soon as i grabbed a crow plushie, an actual crow croaked outside - once.
do crows croak once ? that was pretty weird.
i'll have to watch out again expectation bias. same story runs with people who claim to be followed by a certain number, when in reality they only pay attention to that one particular number so they see it everywhere amidst the thousands we see every day.
A bluetit came in through my bedroom window today. Birds do sneak in sometimes if I have the window open but it's been a year since last time at least. Does it mean anything? So far I'm not sure, but I can say bluetits are quite rare birds around here. I can't say I saw one even once before this year.
i like blue tits
Before the beginning of time, proto-humans have made a choice, a crucial choice that have made them "fallen angels".

Looking forward in time, there are three paths. We either return to the proto-human state of existence, spiritually, or into becoming demons, or stay stuck in the present state of being, only to face this choice later.

Your project aims to recruit people in the light of spreading the negative philosophy.

Though it is a path, deep down, it is not the path for me.

I hope you understand. We humans are born blind into this realm, to our own devices, thrust into the mercy of karmic machinations and one another.

Our true purpose here is to choose. Knowing the true implications of negative existence (we are already in it), it is not the freedom I seek.

You have consulted me so that my vision may clear. Although the road forward is fraught with further obstacles, I have gained sufficient energy and willpower to choose. The next step must be done.

All past contracts, agreements, and ties are now void.

Thank you and goodbye.
All roads lead to Rome my friend, hope to see you there if we meet.
I think I might as well see what the path has to offer anyway.
I feel the succubus have left me. I entered the religion for the wrong reasons anyway, they got me out of my mess and now I can choose.

Not all roads lead to Rome, it's not that simple. Black holes exist for a reason..
Maybe, I’ll still ride it out to see what happens.
Up to you.

Remember that the battle is fought through us. Consider all options possible before choosing.

Search, and the path of the heart will find you.

Today is the last day I will reply to this thread, much less entertain the idea of succubus. Don't think you're forced to join once you say so; I thought so. Let's see what karma brings, though.

Nothing lasts forever.
I'd add that, as long as you're human, there is always the possibility of choosing, revoking choices and looking for choices. If you see it fit to try out a choice, then go ahead. Just keep in mind that not all is at face value.

The above project admits that demons lie and manipulate. Hence, why would they at any juncture be honest? Anything they do can only be to their perceived benefit.

I think the demons must be mad out of their minds now; I got a sign that pretty much tells me so. They also stuck around a bit more than I'd like.

Being that I had the seed within me that could lead to this scenario, why did they proceed anyway? They must have really got their calculations to a T, but alas, a black swan barges in and throws everything off. Wishful thinking, folks, it's the Achilles heel of these types.

To the peddlers of this path, you have lost the battle. And yet, I know you will persist, looking for other marks. And sometimes, you will succeed. And so be it.

I want you out of my head and all my futures. Demons have caused enough trouble for the human race, and now they want to "help us"? Hah, more like "oh shit, the end of the world is coming, soon they might escape our grasp, might as well invite them into our hierarchy".

So long, suckers.
Can I even leave?



Can I ask why you took such an odd turn?
If you reply that is.
It just seems you become very hostile to the idea/project so quick. Anyway though, I hope you find what you are looking for, so good luck.

I don't even know how I could accept the idea of "succubus". It's like saying you can become a Pokemon. Pretty weird, huh?

It has to do with another layer of thinking. This has been a repeating pattern of me, of continuously changing sides. Though now without the Gordian knot I have confidence that I can choose more wisely. And stick with it for once!

I want out, out, out. A part of me wants out.
A part of me wants in, a part of me wants out. Yet I feel it in me. A part of me yearns to stay.

Have I lost my mind? Have I lost any hope of truly getting out?

Something inside me weeps.

Am I, for better or worse, scheduled for reincarnation as one of you?
>I feel the succubus have left me.
I see a definite change in your engergy signature. Actually this is not strange or surprising. Humans have a minimum of 2 souls, some have as many as 9. It's not uncommon for one of the souls to reach some kind of enlightenment and leave the body early while everyone else stays.
So my guess is the part of you who had developed the succubus essence was not your main soul, the collective noticed this and took that "you" directly to the collective to not disturb the "you" who doesn't belong there.

As you said here
>Ironic, that I've had the lingering thought that I've "sold myself short", that a part of me wanted to go along a positive path.
I'm going to guess that part of you is the one I'm talking to right now ;)
May I recommend you check out the falun gong thread, it may be what you are looking for.
Open file (31.92 KB 328x166 29855.jpg )
If any other part of you is destined for the collective, be sure they will not let that "you" be lost. It may be a difficult concept to think you have multiple personalities in your own head but this is how all humans are. Just relax.
There is nothing strange about a person having both positive and negative souls. This is part of what is perceived as dualism and the conflicting angel and devil within a person. It's not only a struggle within one soul, but between souls as well.
Oftentimes it's not even a question of possession, it's the person's inborn souls doing it all along.
If you are having trouble choosing sides then just let fate decide.
Flip a coin or roll some dice and let fate decree your destiny.
Only a piece of us goes? Unfortunate, I wanted to see them personally as a whole.
I cannot be of two opposite groups. Hence why this has happened. Look at my flag for God's sake!

No, I cannot believe it is that I have more than one soul; more on one personality, I can bite.

That part of me that left, it also felt sad about this, didn't it? I can remember echoes of it's first few moments outside me. It was.. in despair.

I can only assume that that part of me joined the Collective from the start, while the rest of me didn't join in.

Fair enough. I would have preferred to integrate it with the rest of my personalities, but this works out too.

Lesson learned, I had better go in with the full weight of my being next choice or forget it.

I definitely felt tired after a certain point, but I've regained much of my energy a while ago.

No, there are parts of me that would entertain the succubus concept, as much as they'd entertain fancy, novel merchandise at a supermarket. That will have to go. As in, made to fit in the new framework.

I will have to say, good riddance. That little shit caused enough intrapersonal conflict already. Besides, that's what creation is about, the continuous clashing of realities leading to different outcomes.

Nope. That's just stupid. You're better than that.
>That part of me that left, it also felt sad about this, didn't it? I can remember echoes of it's first few moments outside me. It was.. in despair.
I think you are misinterpreting it because you are still mostly human. Letting go of despair ironically means letting it have its way with you, just like the scene in the anime Madoka Magica when (spoiler)Sayaka turns into a witch. It's sad and beautiful at the same time because it's realizing all of your potential, which of course includes the entire spectrum of emotions. So from here you'd only see the sadness but you're looking at it from the bad end, not seeing the happiness on the other side, because you are yet to give up your own despair.

>I can only assume that that part of me joined the Collective from the start, while the rest of me didn't join in.
Yes, that is how it is.
So, this means at the present state, all sides are satisfied. I was having heartbeat problems before this.

Does this mean the rest of me will follow? God damn this better not be the case.

Hell, the fact I'm still in this thread means something in itself.
Heartbeat problems being a congenital feature of my vessel. My genetics aren't the best, to say the least.

This will mean future interactions with that part of me as a separate entity? Oh boy, another thorn on my side! And my heart.. Oh boy, oh boy.

This will mean.. Further clashes!
I lament, I lament this state of existence. I wail, I wail.

It seems at that moment, when I chose to join, was etched in the tombs of time far more than I'd have liked.

It cannot truly be revoked.

The Collective took that part of me away.. So that I wouldn't destroy it! So I wouldn't dissolve it back into my being, from scratch, much like how we are born, wiped of all memories. It has taken that part of me in hostage.

I cannot expect to benefit from the Collective, and come out unscathed.

Folks, be extremely wary what you choose. Think, think and think some more, if you are in a state of bankruptcy, do not run to demons for help thinking you have no choice!

I am complicated, split.

I think I get it.

I really cannot go back, now, can I?

I have fell for an ancient trap.
Your choice is your own. Make the decision and you will not be denied.
If I don’t think I’ll come to a conclusion I’d like I just flip a coin.
Nothing personally wrong with it I think. Our path no matter it’s action is always moving. So let see what a little unknown deciding can do.
This is in your current understanding. I really mean it when I said different souls. That part of you was only a part of your human existence, it is seperate from you in all other ways. Nothing has been removed from who you really are.
I'm tired, I let that romantic part of me speak far too much.

They are sending conflicting messages. Being sly.

Is there a linkage between the part of me that went succ and the rest of me, or are we severed, and thus free of one another?

Like, you are saying it's on the other side, while the rest of me's here, implying we're linked. And then on another stroke, you're saying it left me while the rest of that doesn't belong there was left behind, implying separation and a severing of ties.

A part of me wants the fact that I joined to be permanent. And yet another wants to throw the whole thing in the bin and move on.

So what the heck's even happening?

Is that part of me doing something more than I'd expect?
Oh, good.

So what did you mean when you said I'm still mostly human? What's that other part?
I think your main soul who's speaking here with me, really do not belong in the collective. But another you does still. You may not be "free" until this "you" has also left you.
This would all be so much clearer if you had perception of the non-physical but it is what it is.
The part stuck in suffering sees only the negative and lives in blindness. The enlightened part is of god or buddha and see that the suffering leads to happiness. I'm not here using the term "god" in the abrahamic sense, but rather in the sense of beyond human, super human or divine. A demon lord or a succubus is also a "god" in this regard, being free from suffering and reincarnation.
Can the collective say anything on us so far?
What a fun predicament I'm in. The fun never ends, does it?

Yes, it is true, a large part of me loves to wallow in suffering. It's stupid. Oh, how I love it so, my sympathy for it is great, but it's still a dumb animal. Disregard it. I will deal with it later.

I could never understand the biggest negative part of me. It really did disturb me, and in the latest stages it was 'taking over'. It might have been trying to take the rest of me with it. All it took was for the rest of me to consent. Which didn't happen.

That last part of me that yearns to be one of you, why hasn't it left? What can I do with it?

This is so surreal. My head spins.
Keep reading the discussion here, it's for you too. Your energy signature is also slowly changing. I can't tell what this means yet, only that you will get closer to knowing what is right for you.

It is a different entity, you two are seperated in all aspects except for the fact you share a body here. When a person has nothing more to achieve as a human, it's ok to leave early. It may be that your destinies are linked, in a past life you could have been different persons, close friends.

Let me tell you, I traced the past of the other souls I had, and they were all from diverse backgrounds. Two of them were germans, one was from korea, one had been an american, all different people in their past life, and now we had to share this one body. Do you understand what I'm implying? There is a shortage of possibilities to reincarnate as human, everyone can't get their own body to use alone.
Thanks, I already realized something very important.
I believe it points to a chaotic nature. I have been getting offered sweets as well from customers out of the blue lately.
Maybe it’s a sign.
I think I get it now.

We have all benefitted in the end

Thank you for this. I have newfound respect for you.

The negative part in me is growing, though.


I don't want to go through this again.

Did you leave it in me to be my own microcosmic agent provocateur? You know, maybe to keep the balance up? "Psst, there's also another chance for you."

On second thought, this romantic part of me, I can find an outlet for. It's just so romantic.

The enlightened part is a result of me joining another group earlier, or at least has been strengthened by it.


So this intrapersonal conflict will go on until its conclusion. Because I couldn't choose between God or Mammon (figuratively) properly.

I wanted to undergo this experience, to reach a conclusion.

I wanted to be free of tying myself to ignorant people, and then to go towards the positive. And you, the negative alignment, have helped me through this.

Well, well.

I'm sure one of the reasons of this having gone so long is that it's also free advertising for the collective.

Hmm, hmm.

I won't be learning magick. I have no use for such practises. It can only be a distraction for such a positive aspirant as I.

And yet, how hypocritical of me, who reaches out to the negative still for more consultation.

I can only conclude..

That the fight goes on. Through me. And within me. Different souls, with different interests. And I, the main soul, the one typing through this keyboard, am wondering what to do with that negative part of me.

Positive and negative do not touch, they are eternally seperated. But in the human world there is interaction.

A positive being going through degeneration will turn negative, and may be caught by a negative entity. This may in fact be their only chance at any salvation, because in giving up their soul to someone else they are no longer responsible for any of their sins, they already paid the ultimate price.
This is why the interaction is allowed by the positive gods, though it is warned against.
From this came the mythical stories of God and the Devil collecting souls and sharing them between themselves.

This is also why the collective mentions this. It's not that demons like sinners, it's only that this is allowed. A person who's turned into a hopeless individual with no other future than an eternity in hell has no value to God anyway, in this extreme situation they can escape by what is known as "selling your soul", throught a ritual. I'm explaining this so there is no confusion or accusation of hiding the truth of the matter.

There was a case of someone in latin america who was obsessed with an anime character. This was posted about on fringechan. He ended up hangning himself with a chain, in the image of the character wearing a chain around her neck. This character was the representation of a succubus and she indeed did receive his soul. This is what he wanted, and whatever small happiness he got out of being kept in between the feathers of her wings forever, it's still better than the hell described in religions. This is just how it is.

You should avoid degeneration, but some people can't.
My father cast me out of his favor; he deemed me a failure. This rejection was so painful for me that it produced a similar result. Most people are stupid heartless and, they just pelt more rocks at me rather than understand my condition. It is the reason why I felt not even the positive could accept me.

But it is much more complex than that, in the long run.

Can the Collective take away any negative remnants I have? If not, how come? They already took the "big one" away.
Hey, odal rune guy. Are you still following? Seems like the time has come.
>Only after a soul has become self sufficient can it be allowed to leave the human life early and join the collective world directly. The condition has not yet been met with the one still with you. As for any other, they are not to join the collective even if they are negative, you will just have to deal with them. They cannot join because they are of male alignment and do not show proper interest in any of the incubus dominated allies of the collective.
Alright, sounds reasonable.

With time, she will grow in me. The worst I expect is a rerun of the 'taking over' scenario; in fact I expect it, but her actually taking over is unlikely. I have already taken over, and I will see to it that I shall herd them to their journey's end on this big blue marble.

The one still in me is weak, and she weeps indeed. But soon enough, she will join her sisters. Her suffering will end someday.

If I were to consent to the taking over of the 'big one', over the long run even, would it result in more souls joining the collective?

Would I, the one speaking through, have joined as a result?

Or just in general, does not the dominant soul's alignment have an effect on the rest?
The dominant soul is only dominant when it comes to the control of the human body. Anything beyond that is up to the individual soul.
Do you think The incubus will aquire a religion as well or perhaps just play a small part in the succubi one?
Interesting. So this means that I, the do inant soul, will naturally care the most about its/my own fate, while the others, seeing through me, and perhaps also influencing me, will eventually go their own ways. Amd this was a learning experience for us all, all of those who could absorb it that is.

Alright, seems like my 'time' is running thin.

It's been a pleasure. In retrospect, this turned out much, much better than I expected.

Even though I may still be interested to know more and more and more, I figure some of this isn't for me to know, or rather. E spoonfed. I trust the sisters will eventually settle this case.

They already have numerous cults all over the world, because unlike the collective a lot of them want to be leaders and have minions to rule over.

You've probably seen shilling for Joy of Satan which is one of them.
I wouldn’t mind having a small cult following.
Is that against the rules?
Hey, you know what, I think it's not a good move on my end to cease all communication.

My initial hostility has been decreased. Much of this hostility was based on the false premise that I'll be forced to join. Alas, this is not so.

I will try to stay level-headed throughout all the emotional complexes I have.

I would like to give an update on my subjective experience.

I definitely feel a change in my usual state.

The biggest feature I can deduce from succubus are stubborn. They never give up. Never, ever, ever, ever. They will also struggle for what they think is right; no amount of failure will turn them away. I have also become more relaxed in my approach. I have become more 'unified'.

Today, I've seen some sort of white light, more complex than what I'd expect. Did that soul that departed me visit me? Or was it something else?

I understand the idea that she has found her place.

Is there a way I could communicate with her?
To rephrase, how is she doing?
Nonetheless, I still seek acceptance, companionship, friendship to fill the void in me. And yet, that can only hinder me.

Even if I am alone in a strictly human sense, that does not utterly hinder me from my birthright. In fact, it can only accelerate it.

I sacrifice my attachments to you, that I may move on. If I must, I will wash my tears until they run dry, but one day, the Light will shine in.

Farewell, farewell. Forgive me for coming back and beating a dead horse.
The issue here is that starting a cult for human reasons will lead to degeneracy. The collective never tried before because they lacked a member with deity status of the kind necessary to spread religion. Now that they have one, it's ok to form a religious field because it they can actually lead people to a kind of salvation. It doesn't matter that this won't work for everyone, even Taoism only teaches very few people and they still are a legit religion.

The difference to incubus cults is that these do not intend to spread widely. They have their incubus lord with his own territory in the astral plane and he can bring a number of people there and they can stay that way. But it doesn't work on a large scale, so they end up being a "satanic cult" and shunned by most of society.

If you manage to reach the standard of an incubus lord and form your own territory with borders you can defend, then you can come back and do this. As a human, you shouldn't attempt this, you'll at most be a fake guru or start a cult that doesn't do anything other than block people's spiritual development. A lot of fake cults like this will just lead to hell, they don't have anything to offer, because there is no leader who can arrange the afterlife for them.
>Today, I've seen some sort of white light, more complex than what I'd expect. Did that soul that departed me visit me? Or was it something else?

>I understand the idea that she has found her place.
I think the remaining soul has also left for the collective, your energy has changed again.

I may have seen her, someone in my surroundings looked at me intensely for no reason, this may have been her possessing that person. This often seems to happen, that someone would come by to greet me this way.

As I said above you energy signature coming from the post has changed again. I don't know in what specific direction other than that you're moving upward, it's looking brighter and has a well known structure.
That’s fine, can you elaborate on incubus hierarchy though? I’m just interested.
Cults aren’t a main objective anyway.
In fact, better let this communication end by itself.

I figure I'm out of the maelstorm by now.

I was so hostile for so many reasons. Partly it was a reenactment of feelings of rejection i had in the past. Also an attempt to emphasize my choices. But it doesn't matter so much in the end, the rudeness. I appreciate your forbearance.

>I may have seen her, someone in my surroundings looked at me intensely for no reason, this may have been her possessing that person. This often seems to happen, that someone would come by to greet me this way.

That is what I'd do, stare intensely. It probably means she's trying to understand you, to meld with you or to 'feel' you.

>As I said above you energy signature coming from the post has changed again. I don't know in what specific direction other than that you're moving upward, it's looking brighter and has a well known structure.

Energy changes all the time, does it not? It is a reflection of my state. It can change drastically at any point of time.

I think the idea here is that both positive/order and negative/chaos also have different ways of operating within their respective orientations.

The incubus, being male, within the framework of chaos, would be more inclined to dominate.

Both sides are free from suffering because they have already chosen; their respective existences are beyond this grind we face here. What we would react in pain would probably evoke ecstacy in them.
The greatest reason for my aversion to non-physical perception, in my opinion, is that it may lead to dead ends, in deception. Deception is in virtually everything, life itself is such a dangerous journey because of this. To think I'm headed somewhere I'm not, and in fact somewhere else - this is a veritable fear.

My aversion to magick is because it will lock me out of the positive pathway. It unlocks supernormal abilities while bypassing conscience. Where can that lead?... The positive pathway leads to the developing of conscience; any supernormal abilities developed later are developed naturally, with less emphasis.

All of these are my current opinions.

>well known structure
That's interesting. What could that mean? I feel that I'm integrating.

More than that, the factors of being a primarily male, negative being beyond the illusion of time, etc. happened to manifest that way.

I think your question could be asked in the form, "In what permutations do hierarchies form, taking all accountable factors in account, in the negative realms?"

You gotta really word out your questions here. Think of it like magick, if you go asking for a girlfriend, you might get a succubus, a nymph, an awesome woman, a normal woman, a freak show.. It's like inputting a command into a computer. You gotta hairsplit every now and then.
This link is for you, friend, though everyone else are free to see it too :) https://youtu.be/CVmExwUZMZg
>can you elaborate on incubus hierarchy though?
I think all of this has been explained before in the linked threads but I'll give a summary.

Succubus tends to be operating on their own, with their cave as the base. Normally they'd fight any other female they come across except for their own sisters, daughters and mother. So they form hierachies based on family lines only. After a long time however it was found that the borders of each succubus family's territory became fixed because their strengths could be definitely measured, so they decided to form alliences, which over time became the massive entity called the Collective.

While a succubus is always a "nobility" i.e. they can own their own world at minimum manifesting as their cave, an incubus does not automatically have this standard. Rather they are divided in incubus lord and regular incubus. The incubus lord, like the succubus, have immunity status in hell and no one will attack them for visiting those places. A regular incubus is weaker and have no territory of their own. So they will seek out the protection of an incubus lord. This naturally forms many small hierarchies and many small worlds, each ruled by an incubus lord. This all seems to come from the impatience inherent in incubus nature, meaning a lot of them will not care about reaching the lord status but would rather just leave the reincarnation wheel as soon as possible. On the contrary, a succubus care a lot about their independence and will never accept lower than the nobility status for this reason.

A pure breed succubus hierarchy only included female entities, while an incubus hierarchy could include both genders. A succubus living in an incubus world is still nobility but prefers the convenience of willful submission. Living in this environment will change her genes and she could also have sons, that is incubus children. Succubus living in an incubus world are highly respected because it's rare they would choose this, so they're seen as second only to the lord of the world himself.
>That's interesting. What could that mean? I feel that I'm integrating.
The spiritual development of a person follows set patterns based on how the universe finctions. It's all very complex but can be mapped. So it's possible to see where a person is by comparing to the structure of society. (I may draw this all out sometime later, made an attempt once but only got a small part of it included in retrospective)
Technically if they agreed to it, it may be effective already. Say if this "joke" was created by an entity and those who signed it later get contacted telepathically. That would still count.

I always use a nullify statement when clicking agree to these things because it's usually impossible for a normal person to understand whatever is written in TOS documents.
It reminds me of those notorious YouTube pranksters. "It's a joke, it's a joke!" Except it isn't. Or maybe it is, but it was real all along. And THAT was the joke.

Is it possible that a soul can become a candidate for any given group over discrete changes such as birth/death or just a natural comsequence of the shifting of will, energies, and thoughts?

>The spiritual development of a person follows set patterns based on how the universe finctions.
I think a good descriptor for tha would be the "metaevolutionary ladder". It helps give meaning to how a being can seem to progress "backwards" under a certain benchmark.
Group, state of existence, etc. Also applies for viability to retain the present state for any given being. As an example, can a human reach a point where becoming a human is of little to no use?
Alright interesting, lesser incubi are those who go as fast as they can, while incubus lords allow themselves to develop more so to be their own masters.
I Really enjoy talking To you, you and them. Anyway though could you tell me how my energy is developing as well?
Well, in light of all that has transpired, what really matters to me, or you perhaps, is the question: is it really YOU, the one typing out your replies, the central point of your consciousness, the one doing the choosing?

Are you awake?

In my case, having had joined back then, it wasn't my central point of consciousness who wanted this, but other coinhabiting souls. This transpired a great intrapersonal battle, thinking I was going schizo.

So keep in mind, even if 'you' do join, you might undergo such a scenario as mine. And hopefully you'd have an easier time than me, knowing that this is one of the possibilities that could happen. The result in that case would be that those coinhabiting souls will depart, leaving you with higher intrapersonal cohesion, so that works out too..

I feel at peace. Less pressure. It's a reason why I came back for more.

This project gives legit results.
They also give excellent advice.

Well, in fact, back then, I also wanted this, but because I was desperate.

This concept, of how different souls interact, needs its due.
I remember the last moments before the second one left.

I was watching a video which nearly ended at the phrase "transcends the boundary of time".

"I" had the thought "I want to be like that too" or something to that effect. Some emotional release was had, and soon thereafter, I saw the complex white light.

This is a beautiful story that I am proud to have taken part in writing.
>"transcends the boundary of time"
I guess my anime preferences are showing here... but I really think this story and it's earliers incarnations are not a coincidence. This one has many concepts corresponding to real existing phenomena. The soul crystal idea itself hints of a certain method for controlling your own soul and fate, as well as the main theme explaining a lot of things about how the universe really functions. I know I posted about this on fringechan too, I had some strong synchronities when watching the remake of sailor moon as well. There are magic manuals littered across the now available magic anime, such as this one, Strike the Blood, Trinity Seven, Akashic Record of Bastard Magic Instructor (or whatevet the title was in english).
Yeah sure it's just silly entertainment, but there really are concepts in there which I was able to make use of, as absurd as that may sound.
Open file (32.03 KB 400x400 ying_yang.png )
> could you tell me how my energy is developing as well?
You look very inwards centered which is completely different from me, but it's working non the less. I see elements of both the infernal standard as well as the heavenly, but I can't identify of what alignment other than it's yin in nature (the blue side of a blue and red dao symbol). This does not say what side you are on, as both the negative and the positive have negative and positive sub categories. (As shown in the symbol itself)
>As an example, can a human reach a point where becoming a human is of little to no use?
By the time that happened you wouldn't be human anymore, but something beyond.
>I guess my anime preferences are showing here
>Yeah sure it's just silly entertainment
>as absurd as that may sound.
Nope, that's not true, sometimes the greatest truths are hidden right beneath our noses. There's no need to phrase it that way. :)

Rephrased for clarification. Can't edit posts in this current setup.
I don’t know, I just like action ones, great challenges and such, fun stuff I think.
For me anime isn’t so much about the concepts but rather the flow of the forces in it.
For example, Griffiths ascension probably isn’t corresponding to actual events but the choices and struggle he and guts made up to that point were enjoyable. Life for the sake of life. Friendship, rivalry, struggle, virtue and vice. So...human I suppose, however not because humans like to project us in more ideal ways even if what we portray is “morally” wrong for us.
>soul crystal idea


Not to mention how there are many anime characters with horns, sometimes tails too. Not to say I'm a fan of anime, but I've had some exposure to it in my time.

We agree on many things, but disagree on others.

It doesn't really matter to you whether I agree or not.

I think I've been 'courted' by both succubus and some positive being in quick succession today. You might say I have reached reasonable cognizance on how these beings interact with us in seemingly mundane ways.

I can't play bait and switch forever...

I have reached the point where I can transmute myself. The opportunities of the lifetime I currently occupy seems to have had more potential for the negative, as I have seen.

The seeming obstinance of my fellow man, the fight for my innocence and my quest for higher meaning have sent me here, among other places. They constantly brimg me back to some awareness of my current dilemma.

I think the next question is, "are you with us?"


I must sacrifice so many things.

Truly, there are pluses and minuses to both sides.

I can let go of all concern of my fate and become a traveller of the cosmos, experiencing life from different perspectives. To become a boddhisattva of sorts. This is what I've been doing at my more cognizant moments. And thus not transmute myself, to unify myself to the greatest of my ability to this directive and tread on, regardless of the steepness of the path. I figure this is one way to the positive, and the one I am most inclined towards. Or I can factor my fate in as high priority and, with considerable effort, join you.

Ultimately, they both give the same 'prestige'...

It is possible to reach the positive and the negative through myriad paths, and both exist in myriad modes.

Having had typed this, I have figured out my calling. And that is to throw my fate into the wind, as I have probably done in my past incarnations, and continue on, for as long as it takes.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Thank you for aiding me in these dark times.

Hopefully, we can still share notes ;)
I usually watch playthroughs because I like the personality of the person playing, rather than the game itself.

The same things may draw us in for different reasons, is it not so? One thing can offer many different things depending on your perspective.

It seems that the choice for the positive/negative manifests in me this way. And in my case, the modes I can follow seem opposite to one another, not only in terms of positive/negative. Maybe this is a factor worth considering on how the universe functions.

I have, indeed, already crystallized in the positive, as you have mentioned before. Going into the negative will cause me great pain, to say the least.
On this earth, as humans, the positive and negative intermingle, and both have the right to advertise our respective paths, in their varying permutations.

On the next phase, we will truly no longer intermingle, as you have said. We will "mind out own businesses" in those realms.

However, on this plane, where humans have come to ultimately choose, and further themselves in their respective paths sufficiently are the battleground. They are where we, in the 'future', will eventually interact, if at all, under both specific and peculiar guidelines.

Not that I have already become past human, no. Both sides will still interact with me until then, but the negative will, so long as I have not strayed from the path sufficiently, will ironically accelerate my advancement, as will the positive for negative aspirants.

What do you think of these ideas?
Good and evil are relative ideas we obtained through positive and negative, positive and negative themselves are simply our human construction of what on both a objective and subjective level hinders or helps us.
They are a construction of our own mental devices so to aim for one solely on the Idea of its features we deem positive is silly.
I am sure that in the right system negative can attribute greatly to us as well.
Anyway much like yin-yang we must also recognize that the dual is as well the whole, the shadow must exist with the light casting it.
So on that note we if our desire is to be the most we can be should then embrace every path we can take to spread ourselves to be more like the whole.
I'm sure attitiude also plays a part in this. I would have not accepted either a few days ago.

In the same post, you invoke postmodern relativism and the concept that we must accept the dual, and on that note, that we should embrace all paths (another invocation of postmodern relativism).

May I suggest reading the Kybalion for starters? Also, ponder what the idea of 'dualistic' relativism may have on you in the future, and observe it's effects on others.

Your statement that the negative can also be of great benefit to us is true; I am a testament to this, and my previous posts have further elaborated on this. Refer to >>1841.

Let's just say that, in the end, some souls seek the positive, while the others seek the negative.
Our concepts of the ideas of positive and negative are up to us to discern, but they exist. The OP brings up this choice, too, as the OP sees it.

The Kybalion mentions that there is the 'objective' and the 'subjective', but that it is foolish to think that you can transcend the 'subjective' (also factoring in the state of human existence, wherein there are tangible limitations) by having an understanding of the 'objective'. It is like a half-wise person, as the book mentions.
See, now the battle is through you, friend.
Suppose I could look at the kybalion again. I really just took from it the seven laws.
As above so below
Cause and effect
What do you think of Chris Chan? I think he's an example of degeneration.

Some of the anime I mentioned isn't very creative or even good animation, it's only value is in the solid story because it's based on a light novel series. It may not even be that good seen as a book either but it has included all these concepts in a very condenced way. Madoka Magica is the only one with real quality, the other ones are relying on fanservice as a means for keeping people watching it way beyond the first episode, which is not a good sign. Strike the Blood still had as much as 30+ episodes which shows this is the way to go if you want monetary success. Anyway it got its message through so I'm not complaining. If you ever watch it you'll know what I mean by this summary of the show
>mc can't die, gets all the girls
>iie senpai

You wrote a lot which is contrary to my style but overall I think we agree.
In fact, I am of a different group, as outlined before. But, at this moment, in a loose sense. I do not feel it is in my best interests to reveal this at this juncture.
I may be joining another group as well, not to say I’m leaving this one, I am not, but just asking that no interference is made for any confusion.
is there such a thing as a 'Succubi anthem' ? i wanna listen to it.
even if you don't want of me let me at least admire you.
I can ask them about it. It's definitely an interesting idea to have many members sing it together. I don't think anyone considered it, they prefer percussions and rythm over vocals in general.
music spreads, as an idea, and when correctly created, it can influence people.
i'd like to spread this, actually.
ugh... i'm the Odal flag dude... it disappeared for some reason.
Noticed any interesting things happen for you lately?

They aren’t mad that I have decided another groups are they, I don’t want to upset them.
Collective succubus are not effected by human moodswings like that. If they want something they'll work to get it, they don't care what anyone thinks about something like what opinion you have or what you decide to do. You can socialize with them and ask them what they think and so on, but you can't upset them because if there is a conflict they go directly to violence. They don't argue or get mad, they just act. Two sisters in a conflict over any issue is like two snakes fighting, it quickly turns very nasty. But this never happens within the collective world, the only time would be if they are outside and can't decide at once who's stronger when there are conflicting interests. In the collective there is no time so there is no process by which you'd have to fight to see who's stronger, they just measure it rationally and reach a conclusion on what kind of compromise it would have led to if they had fought.

They probably read your mind and predicted what you'd do when they evalutated you anyway, so anything was done with this in consideration.
nothing that stuck by me. perhaps something happened but i didn't register it at the time.
but a raven croaked outside once just as i picked up and contemplated a raven plushie. this can't exactly be called irrefutable evidence though... more like some coincidence.
i don't even know what they're really looking for.
Well, that's comforting, to know that there is some standard of non-hostility going on here. I kinda sought to get destroyed by hanging around here in the earlier stages.

Anyhow, in the later stages, I was considering attacking this project outright, but I figured it's useless to fight the succubus.
>fight the succubus
I really wish people would just agree to disagree, and see how else they can compliment each other, or coexist.

Some conflicts lead nowhere. But sometimes one end doesn't see this, so the other side needs to compensate for this.

Even when I think that I can fight the succubus indirectly, by posting opposite/different ideas, etc. now that I have thought about it, I might as well reconsider what I'm doing. The ways in which I think I'll benefit need redefinition. I have a new understanding of this, but words fail me.

Is it okay with you and/or your succubus friends to keep on posting here?
Heh, I was going to post a reply but messed up and deleted it, I guess they didn't want me posting that in the form I wrote it.

This is what happened when I posted the first thread on 8/fringe/ and someone from Crowley's group tried attacking. One girl saw it and threw the astral side of that organization in the lava stream.
Crowley have his own little domain?
I think the way you even phrased this post had hostile undertones. As in, I was already past the point of needing an example. Others may benefit from the warning, but I am past that point.

It is considerate that you care for the succubus, but honestly, if I saw it fit to attack the succubus now, I would not have mentioned it. I'm just sharing my reflections.

Not only would have it been useless for me to attack the succubus, as they are superhuman, it would also demonstrate lack of foresight and gratitude on my end.
I'm full of myself here. I should think some more before posting.

I think you can get what I meant there, beyond the 'feels' gloss.
As above, so below ;)
Humans are not only physical, whatever you do also has at least one form on the astral plane. In this case the thelema society (or what it may be called now) still exists and makes use of the things formed by Crowley back then. When those were destroyed they had to be destroyed physically too.

I'm not sure what you mean, it was an example to show how little effort it takes for a succubus to get rid of an attacker. I'm not meaning this as a threat, it's more like
>don't tease a tiger
they'll just do what is in their nature and defend themselves. It's not personal in any way.
>Is it okay with you and/or your succubus friends to keep on posting here?
i meant to ask that about myself. Is it okay if I stuck around?
>seems so
Do as you like. I think they have a reason for keeping you here. Your energy keeps going back and forth but you're still on the path of forming a perfect circle. It's very close now.
Are the succubi alright with the group I am joining as in do they have connections?
>Your energy keeps going back and forth
They know more than I'd like, I'm not surprised though, but yes, as much as I'd like to have been past this phase of 'bait and switch', I'm really not.
I felt ashamed of being drawn to you, but yet here I am. Many of my words here have been nothing but empty words, nothing but attempts to steer my fate.

Is it true?

My shame is fading..


Maybe tell me what's happening?
Honestly I do feel like I should just leave. Almost like I should be ridiculed out of here.
I don't know what group you are joining and I don't think the collective cares. Maybe the group has no representation in the astral or it's too weak to be any problem even if there's a chance they don't like it. But we're talking about an almost monolithic organization here, they don't need to care about opposition. It's safe to say it's basically never a problem if someone opposes the collective, they'd just get trampled. They care about helping you personally, which is why you're allowed to develop through the interaction.

Fact remains, you're also on the way of stabilizing your energy signature, by the time you do it's likely to be in favor of the collective, whatever the outcome.

I see, that’s good to hear, it’s nice to have a group that cares about you.
Hope I don’t let them down.
Deep down, I first chose to become one of you, and yet a dogmatic sort of thinking steered me away, re: >>1838

What's next? I can't lie to myself and expect it to become reality. I made the negative choice instead, but I typed the other.

Yes, that's why I feel myself drawn to your cause so powerfully now. The circle is complete.
Let's see what becomes of me. This is beyond even my stupid emotional drama now, beyond my opinions.

This is a way of life.
Open file (1015.19 KB 1213x679 cap.png )

What.. What does my energy look like?


Are you summoning me?

I can't help but crack a smile at that photo.
I just found it funny because this anime is so full of individual scenes like this. In the full context of the show it doesn't have the meaning it seems to have. or does it?

Just succubus things, I suppose. Haha, it's been a wild ride.
I’m seeing some sort of odd design above my head as I mentally ap.
It is like a purple arrow pointing down with a cross in the middle.
Could the succubi tell me what it means?
They say it's something you see from your view, it's not objectively there. Just ignore it and keep going.
Alright, thanks.
You know, if you are interested in trying more recruits fringebay also might have some lurkers.
Could you check on my energy? I'd like to know where I'm at.
It doesn't have the right environment, the site owner has his group of followers which doesn't have potential for recruiting from.

It looks like you went from personal focus to working on things on a larger scale. Your perspective changed, you're now "out of the forest" into the plains.
What about discord’s have you guys thought about doing one of those, I have links to some spiritual ones if you are interested.
Yes, I feel like I've changed indeed. It's the sort of change I got when I realized the state of the world, and when I was no longer sorely attached to other people's ideologies.

I had a dream lately, when I was in some city, eventually stopping at some bus stop. The road was chaotic; cars were buzzing by with incredible haste. I was with a few 'girls' I thought were my family; I was somehow navigating through through the city masterfully and they followed me. A bus stopped for a very short time, and I managed to go in, but they were left behind.

The bus was empty, and I simultaneously worried about their fates, angry that they didn't come with me like the way they should've, and yet I accepted my position, wondering what will become of me.

This was before the latest change in perspective.
Or, rather, while stabilizing.

I feel a bit lost, like I'm in a new domain.

It's hard enough on imageboards, where the environment is especially vulnerable to the accumulation of toxicity and corrupting energies.

You know, /b/ culture.

I've been at some discords and the general idea I got from those is that the people there hardly have a clue (or are in some manner really lax/casual), but then again, those were reddit (the topic being something relating to the occult notwithstanding) discords.

Mmh, each on a case-by-case basis, but then there are repeating patterns, too. And what I do know is that imageboards are usually shit beyond belief, and reddit is full of 'normies' who'd have an even less clue about succubus than fringe wizards generally would.
Orgodemir started a skype group a few years back. It was impossible to follow discussions unless you where there at the same time, which meant you'd feel left out from most of it in favor of a few nerds who took over because they were there all day. It also quickly filled up with shitposting. The people who joined later wasn't aware of the topics discussed in the threads the original group came from. So based on my experience I'd say I don't believe in those closed environments.
That name sounds familiar but I don’t know where.
Oh well, say can we own slaves within group, like someone bought or conquered into our service that themselves isn’t within the group.
If you want to start one, do so. I'm only here to recruit so I need to use open forums (places to discuss, not necessarily "forum" forums). Private small groups are not suitable for my activity.

Orgo has been starting succubus threads on 4/x/ since 2010 or so, but he has long periods of inactivity. Last sign of him was months ago.
I've been looking at the collective for a while now. So many different opinions and beliefs. I have on occasion tried to get some form of interaction from the collective because I want to meet them first and decide then if their verse is creditable and has potential for the amount of growth they aspire for.Make sense?and I'm trying again because something keeps bringing the collective in front of me.
My deep aversion for the succubus was largely due to being steered by the two souls that left me.. Do you get this? To want to go one direction, but being pulled by what seemed to be myself. But also, I have missed them. I missed what it felt like to have the succubus essense 'within me'.

I have little tolerance to be steered by shame, anyhow. Not after so long.

I can definitely feel like I'm close to what the two souls that left me have attained. To be showered with love.. Ineffable love. A drastic change in mindset has occurred; it is as if I was 'inversed'. Even the way I conduct myself with others have changed back to when 'I' was with the succubus souls.

The succubus were with me even before I knew of them.. Courting me before I knew of them. But even then, I could feel this love. Even when I was a little child. And yet, I would fight it, seeing that accepting it completely would lead to the dissolving of both positive and decadent thought patterns. I was more attached to the latter than the former, thinking that accepting the former would make me go crazy, which to me now is understandable.

I see that the usefulness I can get from here is fading; you have fulfilled your purpose of recruiting with me, and for my presence to be worthy again in this thread, I need to have put the wheels on the tarmac, so to speak.

Such great joy!!!
I remember seeking refuge in Allah (haha.. haha.. hahaha..) from this feeling of ineffable love.

I understand it now! It was the succubus all along!
From waaaay back when I was a little kid, that is.
How long do you think they have been watching us?
The succubi I mean.
Like in the story told on the blog, I have felt their presence since I started thinking for myself, at age 2-3. When I got a little older and learned of christianity I related them to the mythology surrounding that religion, such as angels and other symbolism used in songs and art. But I always felt them, for real, the massive numbers of female voices over the horizon. A combination of the trust for a mother and the warmth and understanding of god, surpassing all human matters and offering a way to freedom from sadness.

Us as individuals? They've been watching humanity since its creation, at least. There are a lot of people so it's my guess they pay more attention to those who stand out somehow.

Be aware of the signs, you may already have met one in real life. Any stranger you come across can be a visitor from the collective.
i still don't know what the fuck i'm doing.
everything is a mess, a blur in my head.
it's all complicated and nothing makes sense.
i'm sure about nothing but one thing : nobody is going to want this idiot.
i don't get why it works and how it works.
>being this hard on yourself
I conclude that that moment in my youth, when I became aware of myself, was also the moment I also started feeling them. It's as if the two came together.

I have many other things to say. Many life experiences I've had. Heh.. I've seen the succubus through my mind's eye before.. One day, when I've reached higher awareness, I might spread my own stories ;)

Hey, and maybe.. Maybe you can try summoning the first soul that left me. If I'm not mistaken, you did telepathically contact me a few days ago. This took some bravery on my end to concede this..
Can I get an update on my energy so far?
Actually, I've had a relationship with a succubus. It went so far as to get the vibrations in my privates once (and then it started spreading), but I interrupted that out of fear and choosing 'the other side', but I felt more alive than I have ever been before interruption.

I had the same issues I had with her before showing up in this thread, and it provided the impetus for me to convene here.

It's time to call out to her. Once and for all. I want our love to make its mark in time. :)
You have some of the heavenly standard particles developed now. The lower stuff is coming to a halt and this is caused by karma (black stuff) gathering around the solid foundation you already formed. This is a battle of attrition you need to fight against your old acts that went against your true nature. Once you finish off some of those thought patterns you'll be able to easily move forward.

This means you'll feel like you're not developing anymore for a while but your main objective now is to hold ground.
So the key to to keep developing my healthy habits and keep trying to break my old ones.
As above so below as they say.
What about me?

It's always nice to get a reading.

But better yet, how do I develop my non-physical senses?

What do you think of these sites?
Besides impregnating succubi, could one just have one as a “girlfriend” and in exchange for sexual energy they help the Magcian learn magick better?
Those are two ways you can benefit from the relationship. By impregnating succubus, you are sharing your genetics with them, and also, in case you join the collective, that will mean having virtually infinite credit because, as OP has pointed out earlier, the credit your daughters gain wilk also factor in as your own credit.

Theoretically, succubus would also help you with magick, as they are akilled, as OP has also mentioned in this thread.

Now, to go off a tangent here.


How does the mechanism of getting favors/things from succubus differ if the succubus being asked in this case is in a relationship with the subject?
But is the relationship one that is accepted by the collective, you know.
I wouldn’t mind one materializing in front of me in the “girlfriend” relationship but I wouldn’t know how much energy that would take.
Well, surely, there are collective succubus and then there are non-collective succubus.

I think the real hindrance about the materialization deal is, will you take it, or freak out? I'd imagine it'd take a lot of courage to stomach it the first time.. But then it'd get easier. It's all really up to your abilities. Like, how far are you able to surpass human limitation? There are many variables to this but this is what it is in a nutshell.
The only way to find out something is to do it.
One time about last year on Christmas I was driving down the road and I look in the back seat and something look like it was materializing in my back seat.
Spooked the fuck out of me, I retained control of my car though and when I looked back it was gone.
So if I can do that when something out of the blue I think I can handle if I know before hand.
I think a good rule of thumb is to take it slow; there's no rush. Once contact is made, the rest will follow in due time.

If you already have what it takes, then you've already done the hardest part, of accessing the concept in the first place.

I'm most interested in knowing about my (the main soul's) alignment and my progress. Like, what parts of me, the main soul, is made of what.
Those websites look like cults revolving around fake gurus imo. The best way to evolve your senses is to use them! Remember what I said, it took me 2 years to make a first spirit connection and I used no specific method apart from visiting places I thought may have spirits.
Alright. It seems to me, then, that I should take a natural approach to magick. Magick is, after all, just the art of operating on higher laws. Nothing more or less to it.
how about me ?
additionally, tell me something i like to hear.
It just felt like it was a very selfish thing to ask for readings on my part, and I felt like it was obtrusive of you to do so, but these feelings are now put aside.

Is there something you'd rather not mention? I have no problem with getting readings now.
Well the voice in my head is telling me just say the word so I suppose I’ll just ask the collective to send a succubi gf to help me out in return for energy.
I'm sorry if I put you through some trouble earlier :(
Are you requesting an energy reading?
You seem to have developed some pretty strong stuff but you lack a defined form. This may be the reason you feel confused.

I just think you should work on yourself for a while and not just expect results so fast. It's been relevant so far because all of you in the thread came here at a point when things started moving, but there will be periods where you'd have to wait 2-6 months to even notice any change at all. So basically, don't ask so damn often ;^)

It's ok, but try to develop some patience.
I just.. I just wanna know if I am of the succubus. Is all. It's an itch I have. I'm so sure of it, but I don't wanna kid myself.
As in, I've felt it, even after the two souls have left me.

In any case, point taken.
Compare yourself to the standard described here.
These things are not arbitrary, all of them have very deep symbolic meanings, you need all of them to be complete.
They all represent a stance on certain formations in the universe. Wings represent economy, tail represents the ability to strike an enemy while staying at safe distance, horns represents the ability to defend territory (defense of fixed position, in military terms).
To clarify the relevance, let me use a real life example:
A developed country needs a strong and growing economy, it needs long distance missiles and it needs to defend its borders against ground invasions. This is how these things manifest in the human world. A succubus has the capabilities of an entire nation right there in her bodily form.
At first, I was hostile to my feminine side (actually I felt very much like my father at my most hostile moments), but now I'm more open to it. The rest I haven't done, or at most, half-heartedly. I haven't entirely accepted doing the rest, but more than at first. I just can't seem to 'get into it' fully. But it's improving, slowly.

So I get from this that, though I am open to it, the foundation isn't complete.

You've said before that the key to becoming a succubus is to adapt to them.
dodgy. go as deep as you like. tell me much, i'm gonna need guidance.
which has been scarce as of yet.
It seems you need to open up socially. Do you have an environment for meeting people, like random strangers? Go there, or if not, find such a place, you need input to change for the better. You are looking too much at yourself without perspective or context.
Now that I'm looking at this, I feel like it's time to go out and do something, apply what you know in real life. That's the only way you can know if it's real or not. Test what you learned and when you see success you'll know it's real.
Like, by sheer imitation of the previous souls, I've already overcome the femininity part.

But that's right where it ends for the most part. I meditate on the succubus form quite frequently actually.. It'll need some time.

Yep, quite essential to learn how to do things by ourselves.
I see, so the choice is our own.
While a regular incubus is but a regular one, can you tell me about incubus lords and how they develop?
I know that the collective is more of female but seeing as incubi are sent to the candy kingdom as it is associated, I am curious.
I seek the masculine qualities within myself, though personally balancing the two would be ideal.
I feel like I'm slowly departing remnants of positive thinking patterns and these are holding me back there, just really putting me out of sync.

I think that's just about it on my end.
i don't know how to do that and i'm afraid of those empty disturbing people.
i don't get it !
So the way to developing the infernal succubus standard would be to have your thinking to be essentially feminine and to develop wings, horns and tails.

Adapt that to regular incubus and you'll get the same thing, except that you should have your thinking to be basically masculine.

I'd say next up is to wait until the heavenly succubus article is released, at which point, try to adapt it to incubus lords.

I think that, since the Collective is already monitoring this thread, maybe you're already on the way to becoming an incubus lord, in case you've reached out to the Collective? Have you asked about how the Collective could aid you?

I'd say there's no need to go to some discotheques or anything of that sort. Maybe try meeting up with people who share a hobby/interest with you.
To be deeply immersed in yourself leads to deeper self-absorption, which leads to deeper self-absorption.. Get it? It's a spiral that leads nowhere, not to mention it'll eventually disconnect you from reality, merely on the basis of lack of input from others.
This is beyond my knowledge. The collective can assign an incubus guide for you if you want to learn more of this topic. They can arrange a meeting but you need to communicate with him yourself after that.

Try to think of something you like. If it exists it's because other people also like the same thing, that means you have a common ground to start from. If you think people are disturbing, don't go to that place.
>Adapt that to regular incubus and you'll get the same thing, except that you should have your thinking to be basically masculine.
In principle that isn't wrong, but I'd say we don't know anything about that. Demons are chaotic so there's nothing saying it transfers over like that. Some incubus are centaurs or goats for example and those don't have wings, they walk.
In the future I would but for now, I should develop myself into more positive habits first.
Everything in due time I suppose.
Thank you.
I've been wondering.. How are the two souls that left me doing?

In my opinion, it doesn't get any edgier than this.

On second thought, I really don't need to know this. It's one of those questions I'd like to have answered for the sake of it.
That reminds me of popular depictions of Baphomet.

That reminds me of the Lesser Key of Solomon. The demons depicted there have wildly differing representations. What's your take on this in general?
Those books including the sigils used are very limited in use and perspective. They're probably written with sincerity but the writer only had a narrow scope of knowledge and described that part in detail. It's not factually wrong but there is little use in it.
People have done the same with a small number of succubus, outlining them as a hierarchy and naming them, but that's like they wrote about 19 out of a million individuals thinking "this is all of them."
I think you're referring to Codex Succubi there. It also paints succubus as creatures of God, which was probably done to appease Christians, and also that it's not entirely out of the realm of possibilities for some succubus to put up with that.
>Hersiop must be really popular though..
wanna give me a reading again ?
Did you change something?

Actually there is a structure now. It's a common one with two pink streams going up on the sides and a white going down in the middle, this is a universal function that's well known, and it's now dominating your signature. It's a lot better than before.
well how was it usually ?
Simply no structure or order. In this case it's just not good to have chaos even if your personality is based on it.
well, whatever you think happened, i feel like nothing changed.
One of the things I've learned is that the way you feel about yourself does not necessarily relect on what's really happening. Now, now, as an example, we'd see hamsters as "hairy" but hamsters themselves don't necessarily see themselves that way.

Likewise, OP is looking at your energy, the astral reflection of you, the subject here. You (or I in this case :p) might not be able to percieve ourselves the way OP can, but this ability can be developed.
OP.. OP..
I just made an AP excercise where I constructed a mirror to look at myself with.

I have wings!!!! Big wings! LOL
Open file (214.08 KB 1600x1330 P3310340.JPG )
i also have big wings !
Open file (31.96 KB 660x371 confused-man.jpg )
okay, noted
You must be lost, go back to >>>/b/, friend
I desire to communicate with the collective. I am creating a conduit aasy to access and spread energy into places otherwise unaffected. There are ones who's mouths are not being heard. There are those whose light shines even in the dark places. through me more can be brought into a more awakened mind. I want the collectives opinion on this and I want to meet you! I have succubi who love me and some who watch me. I am a neutral outlet and I have uppermost respect for your beautiful race.
Are the succubus you are in contact with collective members?
(use a flag when posting on /fringe/ pls)
Can you tell me how advanced I am, generally?

Sometimes I feel like all I do is for nothing, that I deteriorate like my surroundings and my existence will come to nothing. Do you know this feeling? To feel like my fate is tied to all the machines that don't grok neither the direness of their situation nor the evils they unintentionally or uninformedly commit?

After a certain point, I can't even do anything about the 'evils' that have been set in motion in my life and all I can do is wait until it reaches its conclusion. It's as if some people literally own me. It's the worst fucking feeling ever. It makes me angry, and yet I know that expressing my anger to the offenders has no use.
To sum it up in a single sentence:
>maintain your composure and endure it - and it will soon be gone
I am internally breaking up with the group I was loosely connected to. They are the Cassiopaean group. I have awakened to how they are flawed.

Being among them has stifled my development. Oh, how the Cassiopaeans have said such beautiful things, yet the group somehow bungles it. Going after red herrings and thinking that by following real-life events they are doing what should be done.

They know so much, and yet they are dead inside, as I have become over the years. Trying to fit in on my end took precedence over everything else.

I'm still researching this but this is what I feel about them. That really, you should 'never take one source as the truth', as they'd say. And yet somehow they are 'above' this.

God damn.

As to the rest, yes, it'll pass. Just a part of being human, I suppose. But I shouldn't ide tify so strongly with it, for the things in motion now are beyond my control.
Indeed, time is sometimes the only thing needed to reach the conclusion of things. Whether it is to reconcile my feelings and situation to a certain group, or a religion, or in trying to accomodate discordant people.

Human intellect is only human. Why would we struggle with things that eventually leave us disillisioned in the end?

Happy Holidays, comrade, thanks for checking in. :)
That group would rather have me find how I can serve my ideological opponents. And so I have tried, and tried and tried, but it's literally hopeless.
To fit in this world. Be a part of it, in this pale imitation of what could've been. To recognize that I am a slave, and then to accept being one.

To realize how the world is fucked up, and then stop there. Talk and talk about it, maybe do some meditations, and read their news site, and it ends there.


I have given their path way more than they deserve.

Maybe this is how I got my positive orientation.. But begond a certain point, it turns cultish.

And now I feel like something in me has been severed.
A channeller. I suppose they serve their pupose in the overall state of things. Some year ago I saw someone writing out long windling messages literally saying they were from "the collective" and it's possible they really were from the same collective we are talking abou here, there was no conflict in the things written. But it didn't contain a lot of information either.
The feeling in me has subsided. It was just so beyond what I considered 'acceptable' to do. I felt sore inside for a while, though.

I think I should just benefit from its fruits and discard the rest. After all, the group seems to have gone off the deep end, somewhere.

Have you tried channeling? It seems like you kinda hover around that constantly, given a succubus semi-possesses you.
Channeling is just letting someone speak through you. It could be anything, they don't know. I don't see the benefit in it, at least not for the person allowing it.

I'm teaming up with different succubus and we're working together on something, it can't be compared really.
I think they are different ways to reach the same result, but channeling would be too complicated for posting on an imageboard imo, so in that light, point taken.

You've also mentioned how the way succubus might comprehend the world would, in wording, be at variance with the human understanding of language.
How is it that channeling is of no benefit, at least not for the person allowing it exactly?
When I start typing replies, sometimes I don't even know the reply, but my current aid/maid throws the info into my mind and helps me form proper sentences that can represent the collective's message. Then we both type it. It's very fast. It's a seamless interaction where we do whatever is needed right now, so we both learn in the process.

A channeller is just acting as a megaphone for a being, they don't learn anything because there is no real interaction, they're passive and letting their bodies be used.
Do the succubi know if I set off a trap last night?
What happened?
I just was looking at a text from a secretive group and some strange energy popped up on me.
Had to get rid of it.
I didn’t think it would effect me, seeing as it was mainly an oath for those who share it.

I don't know!!
It shouldn't matter if you got rid of it. It's not necessarily a trap, it could've just been the egregore behind the oath.

Please put on a flag when posting here, flagless posting is against the rules. And please try to post with more sense, your message isn't coming through.
I'm new to the boards. Forgive my senseless gibberish.
I think I did more to myself than to it.
I tried invoking solar deitys to get rid of it and now my hand feels like I burned myself lightly.
well, nothing happened as of yet. i kinda accepted that no one would come to my help though.
this was expected.
Did you check this blog?
While I don't recommend using blood, the other info is still worth knowing about. It used to be closed but it seems the owner recently came back again.
Distilling the useful info is essential in any endeavor that concerns information.
I've found that expressing your intent in an appropriate manner (example: here) is more than enough.

Funny thing was that on OP's blog, it's said that these threads are just for testing the waters and expressing intent here wasn't enough; that contacting the collective directly is needed. And yet, OP here says that the sisters are monitoring this thread and, in fact, respond to requests in at least this thread and the one on the now defunct fringechan. OP, you might want to resolve this inconsistency; expressing intent here does the job I've found.
>on OP's blog
Or public forum
I'm not sure what specific parts you're referring to. The blog (not the one I linked here, I'm not Ryan >>2027 ) was started before the whole idea of the religion was brought forth and should be seen in that light. Older posts will not be updated.
Open file (215.90 KB 728x1058 MR-22212-401855-5.jpg )
no i don't really think i'm worth a superbeing's attention. i'm quite uninteresting and not even sure about how and what if anything ever was to happen. picture this, i don't even know what i would even do, if i'm supposed to ask for something, heck, i didn't even read further than this thread and disregard whatever blogspot you sent me because it appears to be uncompressible and unrelated.

i want a savior, guardian, assistant, master, that kind of thing. i want to be unlocked. i couldn't look further than that because i'm that type of person, my thought process seems to be different than other's.

well, i suppose i got potential, but i also want the stove to give heat before i give it wood, and i don't get myself on that one.
>I'm not sure what specific parts you're referring to.
Scroll down to the third and last post.
Does it hold true these days? If so, to what extent and in what respects?
I repeat OP's words: be patient. Time only moves so slowly because it is our perception. Also, you are your own salvation; no other being ultimately owes it you, maybe with the exception of being a servant, if that's what you seek. No need to be self-depreciative, you don't need that emotion/perspective in my opinion.
Now that I think of it, I get the 'undercurrent' that you/the Collective wants a larger movement; that this method of recruitment through threads isn't the endgame for you.
Now, to continue this particular conversation. What the Quantum Future Group (QFG) (the people behind the superluminal communications as they put it) are doing is contacting the Cassiopaeans through a ouija board with other participants doing the asking. It's not the channeling you've referred to, as been practiced in the case of the Ra material and other similar projects. But the result is similar, if not less direct.
>Q: Are potential recruits allowed to post their interest here in order to be evaluated?

>A: Those were posted in anonymous bulletin boards which means they have relatively many viewers and anyone could post within a few seconds because no registration was needed. It defeats the purpose of "fast and easy" if the same offer was made in a small place like this where people need to register and pick a name. The collective doesn't work that way, there need to be a certain movement or number of visitors to set this up.

>The actual offer is constant however, it's the deeper side of the religion. You just need to express this yourself in a personal setting instead of in a public place like the internet. The thread was a test to see if there was any interest in the offer of actually joining as a succubus, rather then just interacting with one. Joining the collective really is the goal, so it was necessary to spread this idea wider.

This was in reference to the fringechan thread, I don't see where you read what you mentioned in
>it's said that these threads are just for testing the waters and expressing intent here wasn't enough; that contacting the collective directly is needed

The message is pretty clear. For the forum members they can use the method from the blog. At the time of the question there was no imageboard thread open.
>i want a savior, guardian, assistant, master, that kind of thing.
If this is to be interpreted as you wanting to be the minion of a succubus, say so. That can surely be arranged if it is your honest desire.
I don't know alot about the new age community or what they really believe in. I've participated in the galactic lightship dreamflights at spirit train chronicles and seen that it really is legit, but that's about it. The owner of the website also manifested the ship Celeid specifically for use by the collective and I've seen them visit it, so there is no conflict between the two enterprises. When it comes to people talking about actual aliens from different stars I'm sceptical. I know the ships exist as sentient entities and I know the reptilians do exist in a spiritual plane, but physical pleiadans and whatever, I still need to see some proof of their existence.
if i find a better purpose within a month it's gonna be a no.
but i don't think i will...

being a succubus' minion sounds acceptable.
unlock me and i serve in exchange. i just want belonging, a guiding figure, and purpose.
i know, i'm chaotic.

geez, it'd take hundreds of lines to explain. i'll make it easy : i'm sorry about being an idiot all the time. i'm restricted, even at the core of my being. i'm confused about everything.
i have no goal, aim, purpose, fervor or passion in life.

I see how it is, I remembered "The thread was a test" as "testing the waters", along with the rest of my interpretation.

I figured that was the case here.

Ah, the rabbit hole gets deeper. QFG claims to channel the same entity/ies as those of the Ra material. The rationale behind this is that "they are where they are", back in the days of the Ra material, they were the Pleiadians, and now with the QFG they are the Cassiopaeans, merely because they've changed location. They both come with their own similar cosmologies and the Pleiadians/Cassiopaeans claim to be very close to the level of the Cosmic Mind itself, beyond physicality and reincarnation.

They have their own cosmology, with the Ra material-transpired concept of densities and the STS/STO dichotomy to boot.

I've found that QFG has a very Fourth Way feel to it. Eh, Montalk puts it well, better than I could've.

I've wondered a bit about the spirit train chronicles blog, that filled in some holes for me for sure :)
So now on the concept of "the largest division of Creation". You've previously mentioned that the dividing line does not occur on STS/STO, but Order/Chaos, ie "rule by force/ruled by principles". does it divide further than that in any meaningful manner? Examples:
>possibility of there actually being more than two genders in some beings, or no such thing, or quirky mechanisms in gender, ie https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequential_hermaphroditism
>hierarchies and its varying possible permutations, the concept of holarchy
>degree of physicality if physicality is a continuous variable; if discreet, psysicality/nonphysicality
>among others
I want to be a historian, to traverse the realms and not only observe, but to retain and/or chronicle my travels.

To actually be a traveler (maybe without human limitations ;) ).

This, I feel, is my calling.
On second thought, I get how all these qualities, being bipolar, between two poles, also separate. But I meant to ask, can the Order/Chaos dichotomy be elaborated on in further depth? Can there be other dichotomies which have a tangible effect on Order/Chaos beyond merely having an accessory effect?
There's another group/person known as Nexus Seven, which expand on the STS/STO dichotomy, as 'The Ends Justify the Means'/ 'The Means is Equally Important to the Ends'/'The Means Justify the Ends'. Can the Order/Chaos dichotomy be further elaborated on in a similar manner?
I feel that STS vs STO is a false divide. How do you really serve someone else? How do you know what they need? If you follow their command you could hurt them, because they may want things that harm them in the long run. So you need to first know what service to self really means, if you even want to be able to serve others. Trying to serve others before serving yourself will lead to harming others out of ignorance.
This is how I look at it. It's describing two steps of the same thing.

What you call order vs chaos is simplified. This sounds like something from a generic fantasy world, like Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. The collective is very ordered, don't you think? It couldn't be a functional collective if it was not in line with order in its organizational form. So this divide isn't real either. Rather I would describe it as personality vs principle.
Principles are external things, and by internalizing them, positive beings find stability, and they need to mind upholding these principles in their actions.
Personality or chaos is based on the arbitrary preferences of the individual. The person themselves don't even know what motivates them deep inside. Enlightenment for them doesn't mean to understand the implications of principles in different situations, but to know how they themselves react and function in different settings. If they stray from who they are inside, for example by following external principles, they become weak and degenerated, because this means submission to something that's not their person. So a negative being has to defend themselves and not accept defeat, that is the meaning of morality for them.
>the world doesn't owe you shit
yeah, right... i've been trying to be decent and respectful all my life. some said "give and the world will give back" and i actually believed them. wondered why people were so shit and selfish all the time. i tried to be a good person... i've always hated the standpoint of "nobody will help you, be on your miserable own". but if this is how the world is going to be, then i don't owe anything to the world either. i'll just become a manipulative asshole. why should i even give a fuck anymore ? i'm nothing at all. all the idiots in the world are here for me to take advantage of.
sounds like it fits into this world.
and then they wonder why everybody's still suffering... fuck anyone who leaves others in misery, if i was rich i'd give, not hoard and gather. but looks like i'm turning out to become a psycho anyways. i don't know if i want to be a mellow retard anymore. if hate tips me over i'll go all in and break a few locks.
You don't owe the world anything either. I have hope, but not in this world.

I strive to be good, in my own way, and all the selfish assholes be damned. They can blabber all they want, but I will presevere, and when all the karmic entanglements have run their course, it is I who will remain. All those dumb assholes would rather have you become one of them. It is as I've read on some picture before; he will become one of the filth, or develop a superimmunity to it.

I try to keep to myself now that which I would've given to my ideological opponents, etc., and now I am much more at peace with myself. Just a while ago, I drove one of them into a blind rage because the 'respect' I had for his antics has dried up. I have parted him in spirit.
above all, i want a leader.
a kind mentor, a gentle voice, i don't know...
somebody is now gone forever and i'm lost...

it's just weird that i find it that i don't feel at home in this human world.
You're not alone. I too wanted such a person in my life, a maternal presence, someone with whom we share all we have with each other, a person with whom we have complete mutual understanding.

But I have not seen a human who can do this. And, for all intents and purposes, I consider it impossible to find such a human, much less expect myself to fill in such a role in my current condition.

I am in a nightmarish position: people who are more degenerate than me rule over me. Such is my condition. I am still learning how to free myself from the degenerates as much as humanly possible. Or else, I will be a mere beggar, begging for the energy some degenerates drain from me. I'd call them the profane, because they seek to turn everything to shit.

Things are getting better, slowly but surely.
I will feed myself, be the very things I used to seek in people to myself.

I suggest you consider this. Be your own solace. Overthrow the posts you've set up for other people in your head, and replace them with yourself.

No one, literally no one could ever fill in what you seek, or I seek in that regard, unless we surrender free will. I seek to be my nourishment, so that I don't feel tangible pressure to give up my free will.

"People only respect you as much as you respect yourself", "Love yourself or no one would love you" touch on this concept, but then undoes itself by setting the motivation behind it on other people. I say, do it because practically no one else will, regardless of what you do. Unless perhaps if you became a servant, or else maybe if you became one with the filth, or, as you put it, became a manipulative asshole. And I think that entails forgoing your innocence and other good qualities for manipulative assholes. I have considered this, and went as far as 'flirt with it', but I couldn't follow through.

I hope you find solace in these words.
>I will feed myself, be the very things I used to seek in people to myself.

>I suggest you consider this. Be your own solace. Overthrow the posts you've set up for other people in your head, and replace them with yourself.
This is exactly what I've been doing.
STS is "serving yourself, and only giving when you think you will benefit in the end", STO is "serving others, except when this service will be of detriment to you or the recieving party". STO needs discernment in order to be STO. As in, a certain action may have different results depending on the circumstance, and understanding the circumstance is discernment. STS just goes on autopilot in the earlier stages and then consciously deploys discernment according to its interpretation of reality, and interprets reality the way it wants to, hence, "wishful thinking", whereas STO seeks to understand reality as objectively as possible.

STS is driven by personality, or, as the Fourth Way puts it, false personality. STO makes the personality align with something of a higher sort, primarily by living alongside the STO motif paired with discernment and (near-)objective perception of reality.

So seeking to give to the world so that the world will give back to you is STS, showering love and light to all is STS, possessiveness is STS, master/slaves and prisoner/guards are STS (they just come together), humans are primarily STS, principles without discernemt and (near-)objective perception of reality is STS.

Buddhism, as it is, represents one of the paths towards STO.

The STS/STO dichotomy posits that there is such a thing as truth, but it is elusive to us.

And now I have described the STS/STO dichotomy to the best of my ability.

Over to you. I would very much like to see this reach its conclusion.

Excuse me for not letting your post sink in in its entirety earlier.

You seek a symbiotic relationship with the world on your own terms and have come to see that it's not feasible.

You want this relationship to work so bad. It's as if your integrity is irrevocably tied to it.

You have come to tie other people to what you consider 'good'.

I assume you think that things will go in one of two ways, either you 'going psycho', or this symbiotic relationship working out.

Try this thought experiment: imagine watching yourself from a third-person point of view "throughout a day" for example, both your thoughts and interactions. Then apply your values, judgements on yourself.

I realized that I wouldn't even love myself. Then I figured, if no one will love me, then at least I will love myself.
I have no interest in the STO vs STS, I think it's irrelevant. This brings up something that came up on megu/pol/ recently; do you act according to your values or do you act according to what you think your actions will lead to? In other words do you look at the act itself or at the consequences of the act?
The consequences of a correct act according to your values may seem like a negative outcome, but what would happen if you stray from your values to correct the result? You gave up yourself for something external, for something that isn't you, and something that will not benefit you. If it does not benefit you, in the end it's foolish to carry that out.
Some people are fools, they would go to hell for ideas like that and still wouldn't give in when they see it, because they think it's somehow "worth" it. Why bear that pain over worthless ideas and principles? But if someone chooses to do so, it's up to them.
This is the same mindset that will make people go to war with possible death as a result, over defending material things that they'll lose if they die. Still they do it. Acts that defeat their own purpose are truly foolish and that is how I see the pure STO. STO can only be applied as an external structure working outside STS, as something secondary. Used as a value it still is pretty useless. It means giving away without getting anything for it. Loss without gain. That's what it is when applied in its true form. If you want to use the prerequisite that it can't be detrimental to you, i.e no loss for you, then it is either STS or a mere neutral act, giving no gain to you and no loss. In that sitution, anyone could follow STO because it doesn't require anything of you. Then STO is worthless and not admirable, it's not even hard to do.
My experiences support this.

In my time of trying to apply STO (because I did think it was "worth" it), all it did for me was to entrench myself further or at least stay in the clutches of the enemy. It did nothing for me but invite pain and prevent me moving on to greater things by blocking what could've been learned earlier.

How the heck can I serve the enemy without the enemy advancing their agenda? The enemy is like the air that contorts lightning in its path - they try to block me at every turn. There can be no coexistence with them, no symbiosis (which I now find to be deeply perverse), for they would use this against me whenever they could, as they saw fit. Banishment is the ideal outcome, in my current opinion.

I would continuously attempt to prevent my assimilation, then I'd give the enemy "one more chance", ad infinitum. It's very much like you've said, I'd go positive, then I'd backtrack, then "one more time".. "Let's try this from a different angle"..

I fear I would've slipped again. This is why I seeked to reach a conclusion, seeking STO and seeking to join the Collective are incompatible.

Applying Collective ideals is just better. I was just too blind to notice that the "worthiness" of STO is a scam. Abandoning it had the connotation of me "going to a black hole to become primal matter"; that was enough to keep me on track with STO up to now.

Thank you.
>"going to a black hole to become primal matter"
Black holes are mere centers for transformation of matter, it happens within you as well as in the external world. It also happens in the womb of the female body or the corresponding field in the male body, chinese call this field "dantian."
It's not death to go through transformation, it means only to dissolve karma. From the other side it means to create false ideas and build karma. Neither is fatal unless you are completely lost, it can be reversed after it was created. This is what you're doing when enlightening to something and dissolving the karma that was bound to the mental concept you got rid of.

I am talking of my own understanding of the matter here.

STO vs STS is a simplification of the idea of altruism, I believe this is the main issue of it. It's no longer altruism or compassion but a mere act with no feeling or thinking behind it because the words were changed and the concept stripped of its original meaning to fit the mindset of new agers with no specific religious affiliation.
It ultimately prevents me from being my own solace, placing unwarranted importance on others.

I sensed I was straying from STO by outright dethroning them. The results were: higher emotional resilience, stability and resistence to emotional games; improvement of baseline mood and outlook; increased sociability (ironically but also unironically); clearer direction and purpose.

Sticking with STO opened up critical venues of attack for my enemies and they were relentless at exploiting this. It's as if I lended a remote control of my emotions to them.

>Black holes are mere centers for transformation of matter
That's comforting to know.

>It's not death to go through transformation, it means only to dissolve karma. From the other side it means to create false ideas and build karma. Neither is fatal unless you are completely lost, it can be reversed after it was created. This is what you're doing when enlightening to something and dissolving the karma that was bound to the mental concept you got rid of.
That's also comforting to know.

About the STS/STO concept, the group behind it were new agers, and the group that claimed to contact the same source later on is, in my opinion, a classical cult.

>In my time of trying to apply STO (because I did think it was "worth" it), all it did for me was to entrench myself further or at least stay in the clutches of the enemy. It did nothing for me but invite pain and prevent me moving on to greater things by blocking what could've been learned earlier.

doesn't sound like STO as I know it.
as someone else put it:


">There is actually three paths. Left hand (STS), right hand (STO) and what I call the true path, which involves not falling for the duality

I think you are conflagrating a couple things. In the strict sense of the word STO embraces the entirety of all (existence & source) as interconnected and as such the overall harmony of the system as a complete organism is paramount. Combative dualism, in which "light" must eternally war upon "dark" is a trap of separation and is not true STO:"

>Put more of your energy into seeding and growing something that makes you spiritually fulfilled — you are not combatting dark forces directly so much as starving them by creating a better alternative.
Now this is what I can get behind of. I am in practice not combating per se, but trying to eliminate vectors of parasitism. Combat is just secondary to this.

But accepting all there is implies accepting the parasites, and forgoing the subjective in favor of a theoretical 'objective' to which we are not strictly subject to. Which then necessitates a war of attrition since I will continuously teeter between different ideologies, trying to find the 'sweet spot' which is practically nonexistent to me.

So STO can go take a hike. If I am truly STO, then I would have degenerated long ago, and would not even be here in the first place.
The "system" is just an unconscious organism, forever repeating itself as if it were a broken record, forever going in cycles but always returning to what it was one, two or as many cycles as you'd care to consider.

It does not care about you, all it wants is for you to be a part in it.

Do you become a perfect cog in the machine, or do you seek an alternative?

STO leads to complete surrender to the system. Can you do this?

I can't.
Like, honestly though. Not combating is not my style. I will combat if I feel like it.

Starving them will not make them stop, or disappear for that matter, so I see nothing wrong with combat - a little mental assault here and some flippancy there, whatever it takes to get the pain out of me and actually introduce a feedback mechanism.
>you want a piece of me, I'll take a piece of you.
right, you know what ? one day i'll come back to your wonderful kind. i feel like if i ever put the pieces together and complete myself, you will be what i'll turn to.
i believe it's just bound to be a part of my future life, i've been headed towards there for some time already. it just feels like i gotta sort some shit out. i thought maybe somebody out there could come help me quicken this step but have it at your will. i'll get really on it once my worries that plague this humble life of mine are conquered and go away.
i feel like i'm the stove now...

i'm still sticking around though..
Use the archive link pls, not everyone wants to visit 4cucks after they littered the site with malicious ads.
i'm curious, what are the "warning signs" in the demon world ? nature here has colors, as in yellow for wasps, bees, etc for example, or red, or striped.
also, black eyes or red eyes ?
You need to mind that everyone is always trying to fuck you over, unless you can see that they're doing something out of interest and it's not targeted at you. Someone showing interest in you personally is a warning sign, I'd say. If they treat you like a "thing" or talk about you in 3rd person when you're present, that means it's usually safe, because they're not trying to seduce you or build you up.
>Someone showing interest in you personally is a warning sign, I'd say.
I agree. But more than that,

>You need to mind that everyone is always trying to fuck you over
I think that they'd usually want to use you, the result of which is getting fucked over because, in most cases, you lose something in the process
In your case it seems they want to drag you down and ruin you. They're already depraved and beyond saving themselves, but they don't even care anymore. So they start trying to ruin other people instead because it's the only thing they can do to feel better about themselves for now.
In fact, one of them thinks that 'converting' me would reap them great benefits in their vision of the afterlife.

But that is besides the point. I think that yes, you are right.

I think they project what they think is good (but in fact is a pale imitation, a corrupted reflection of what I am) on me because I have an 'innocent, androgynous, harmless' sort of appearance, and they tend to percieve people in stereotypes (on which they make judgements and base their strategies).
Yep, and a while ago he mocked me in thinly veiled 'joking around' with someone else and I told him exactly what he was doing, why he was doing it, that it won't work and that he is shameless.

Though I could really benefit from not watching porn; it reopens the previous vulerabilities.
My intention is to become a succubus and join the Collective, and I request the Collective's guidance and assistance in achieving this.
Hey, 6DAEEC here. Are you still around?
Hopefully, you haven't abandoned thread. You have left a permanent mark in me.
I'm still here. It just seemed to calm down a bit so I let it stay that way.
I can't pledge myself in this thread OP because I only ever use formulas I actually understand and which are pointed properly.

One of the biggest things I hate about Christianity is it's basically outdated. If it was rewritten to where every name of a person was changed exactly to what their name means in plain English it might work. For example, if every instance of "Satan" was replaced with "Adversary" it would work.

"The Collective" is vague. I could get into contact with your collective, something else, and either way it could be less than beneficial to me in the long-run.

My formula broken down to its barebones in getting in contact with your collective would be simply this

>Intent to contact the group/intelligence that OP is in contact with

I'd rather use a formula that guarantees contact with a group with well-defined qualities (virtues) that can fulfill a need for me such as instruction.
Open file (4.77 KB 623x466 symbol.png )
Open file (6.84 KB 623x466 symbol2.png )
Now that I think about it, they often represent themselves with pic related. They've told me the sigil for the collective would be released sometime later, but this may actually be it. I didn't think about it because I just intuitively know this means them.

To explain the symbolism:
>multiple lines means "many"
>movement from right to left means "female"
>movement from upper side going down implies "flying" like a bird jumping off a cliff

It doesn't matter if there are more than 3 lines, it can be 4, 5 or more, but it can't be less than 3. The movement when drawing them is more important. Go from top right in front of you and diagonally down towards the center, and repeat the motion a number of times to get the message across.
Open file (7.28 KB 623x466 symbol3.png )
If you want to further strengthen the symbolism you can add a line to imply their home world, like this.
Open file (1.88 MB 280x200 broof.gif )
This is me, stating my intent to join you. Heard from a close friend who posted here, that they'd had some peculiar dreams directly after posting. Here's to hoping.

I'm mostly hoping for the shapeshifting and ideal body. Please and thanks.
Open file (14.64 KB 222x184 H5fvxtT.jpg )
Thanks, I guess.
are you still here?
Yes, I'm checking the thread.
Just post what you wanted to say.
anyone has anything to tell me ?
I wish to join. I posted my intent in the last thread but still haven't heard from them :(
I know they see it if it was posted in a collective thread, so there must be some other reason. Are you experienced in any occult practice and have awareness of how to pick up and interpret synchronicies and (implied) messages in your environment?

Was there any development since last time?
Also put on a flag when posting here pls.
>I know they see it if it was posted in a collective thread, so there must be some other reason.

I don't comprehend this sentence.

>Are you experienced in any occult practice and have awareness of how to pick up and interpret synchronicies and (implied) messages in your environment?

Synchronicities do happen, but I don't interpret them. Most consist in the pattern of opening a random youtube video, skipping to some part, scrolling down to the comments and reading a quote of exactly what is being said in this very part of the video I just skipped to. It's very random and doesn't make sense at all. I don't know any occult practices that yield concrete results. Everything's very unclear and I am too frustrated to do much of anything.
If you expressed yourself clearly in a collective thread, they are aware of your intent. So the issue is not them not knowing. Rather something else is causing hindrance in communication, leading me to believe you either lack the ability to receive messages (no telepathy etc) or lack understanding needed to correctly identify the messages as originating in the collective.
Well, I don't have telepathy and apparently do lack to identity their messages (if I even got them). How can I make my intent more clear?
I don't think it's the intent that's the problem. Do you consider the possibility that things happening in your everyday life may actually be something made possible by the collective as a way to help you in the right direction?
First off you need to be able to believe that this may happen. After you do see this possibility, you will be able to identify things
>well maybe, just maybe, that thing wasn't just chance but actually happened to show me something
My everyday life is just a living nightmare outside the comfort of dreams and the computer screen so I doubt I'm being helped in that regard.

Of course I believe in the possiblity but there is only so much frustration I can bear with all things occult and vague that lead nowhere.
Try going outside, find a place you like, someplace natural, and practice drawing these on the ground.>>2216
Maybe that will make the connection stronger. There could be some huge disturbances in your environment keeping the effect out, going by what you describe
Open file (3.50 KB 50x50 159.gif )
Good morning I have a lot of new customers for you. can i contact by phone?
The collective doesn't have a phone line, they do view the internet but they don't generally interact with it directly. You'll have to express your intend in any of the suggested ways and wait for them to contact you.
with this amount of absolute obscurity and chaos in communication, it's not a wonder that your cause is at a fraction of its capacity and almost unheard of by the everyday basic man.
confusion is uninviting.
The online community is doing ok, there used to be like 5 blogs on the topic a few years ago, over a period of 2 years it increased to 50 and going up from there. The important thing isn't that the common people know the details, but that the values of the collective are spreading. You're just not seeing it because you look at the wrong things.
Open file (992.22 KB 1920x1080 1511994783157.jpg )
My intent for posting is as follows,

1-learn about succubi
2-be evaluated by your Collective

Also, changing bodies and immortality interest me, although i do have a question. Does it mean you can choose when you die or that you don't return until the end?
>Also, changing bodies and immortality interest me, although i do have a question. Does it mean you can choose when you die or that you don't return until the end?
If you achieve immortality within human life, you stay here until you can leave with your body. For this you need to develop the full succubus body "over there" so that your succubus side can overpower your human side.
If you die naturally, a succubus will come and get you and take you to the Collective. The requirement for this is that you develop a minimum of your succubus nature. The universe will then consider you as belonging to the collective so no other beings will interfere. After arriving there you will be able to develope a full body over time, which may include coming back to the human world as a visitor or possessing humans in the manner succubus does, for learning the necessary lessons that you didn't finish in your human life.

(also remember to use a flag when posting here)
Ah thanks.
Personally, while I do find myself interested at first blush, there is one thing that bothers me. What if we have people we are very attached to in this life (such as significant other) and don't want to leave them behind when we exit the reincarnation cycle?

And what of lesbian girls, what happens to them if they become succubus?

I didn't seem to find answers to these in the archive, but maybe I missed them. If so, I apologize for that.
If you want your partner from this life to exit as well you need to rectruit them, simple as that. But it's not definite in that you need to tell them outright, if you manage to get them to follow the line of thought you're developing yourself on that should be enough to suck them in. What matters is the values of the collective and succubus nature, not that you consciously want to become a succubus or know a lot about the lore. If a person understands it at a soul deep level, they're in. If it's your partner you have a bond to them so their thinking will adapt to your thinking unknowlingly. It may not work like a person would be picked up for no reason at all, if they had no clue, because it's unlikely they would adapt to the collective in that case. But for someone with such a close relation to an intentional member, being obedient/adapted to that person will mean they already adapted to the idea of being a collective member even if they didn't understand it rationally on the human side. There is a kind of reference logic in this, I hope you understand.

Say if you are the leader of a human organization and make everyone follow the values of the collective, but you don't tell anyone about your specific beliefs. Then a lot of them may still achieve the succubus nature by simply following you, even if they didn't know exactly what they were following or the end goal of it.

If a lesbian becomes a succubus, that's what happens. I'm not sure what you are asking about, as there is no issue in that. (A male homosexual may be in trouble though, because that usually involves some things that are not beneficial on the astral side, they are likely to become minions or slave souls of a succubus as a result of their lack of self control. Let me put it this way: a celibate is less likely to have problems.)
You actually told me all that I really needed to know. My second question was mostly due to posts in the old threads about a succubus' sexuality that had left me a bit confused, but this answer was sufficient.

I would like to become a succubus and join the collective.
>(A male homosexual may be in trouble though, because that usually involves some things that are not beneficial on the astral side, they are likely to become minions or slave souls of a succubus as a result of their lack of self control. Let me put it this way: a celibate is less likely to have problems.)

Would you care to elaborate on this? Can males become succubi at all? Is there something in the homosexual act, consider a celibate homosexual? How about a celibate male who would choose to engage in sexual acts with men after initiating this succubus transformation?
You are welcome! The sisters have already taken notice and will contact you in way most suitable. Stay aware of unusual interaction during your day or during dreams, coincidental messages which seem to be relevant to you etc.

>Would you care to elaborate on this? Can males become succubi at all? Is there something in the homosexual act, consider a celibate homosexual? How about a celibate male who would choose to engage in sexual acts with men after initiating this succubus transformation?
Succubus are only interested in men so they can become pregnant. It's the same view as in very strict patriarchal societies where women are only respected for their ability of reproduction, except in reverse. Succubus see homosexual men as the lowest kind of being, they have no use. That's looking at it in a simple way.

The deeper meaning of it has to do with what the act itself represents on the astral body. It creates a very dangerous energy form which is completely open for abuse by demons. A practicing homosexual man can not defend himself and will be the victim of demonic beings, they can do whatever they want to him. So a succubus is likely to either treat him as trash or abuse him as tool.

There is no contradiction in men wanting to become succubus, the human body is not relevant in itself as the genetic material has both x and y chromosomes and men are basically the same as women from this view. What matters is your spirit's gender, and you can't know that from looking at the physical body. All that matters is that you place the female and male roles in their respective place.

So while you may think it's "unfair" it's ok for a succubus to love both men and women, but men can't love men, that's against the succubus moral values of placing procreation first. This may sound irrational but a succubus while being female has the ability to play the male role and impregnate another succubus. But men can't bear children, so they can't assume the female role, and this is the same on the astral side.

It may sound contradictive but succubus moral values are very similar to what you'll find in strict evangelical churches or traditional values, where women are not really considered to have "sexuality", so lesbianism doesn't count, while men are expected to "do their job", having many children is one of the most highly valued things among succubus, so this goal has highest priority and everything else is secondary or relating to this.

So if you consider yourself a homosexual man and want to become a succubus so you can "legally" love men, you need to keep the roles in place. As a man you need to play that role, and let your female side which exists on the astral plane play its role. You can't mix them up, that will lead to failure. When you develop your succubus side and you senses, you will find different male entities will be interested in your succubus side and they will come to court you. This has nothing to do with what takes place physically, it's all on the non-physical plane and in relation the female energy body you form there.

The concepts may seem complext at first but it will make sense when you can see it yourself.
I had a restless night, so I don't think the sisters were able to reach me, alas. I know to be patient!
I am interested in being an incubus or succubus. Why not right?
I don't understand the question, elaborate please.

(and use a flag when posting here)
do they feel what i'm feeling ?
can you tell me anything ?
They can read your mind and they know what you're feeling, even at a deep level.
It's not a question. They just missed a comma. -> "Why not, right?"

I will do that. But what can I expect?
Hopefully your strong act will send a message to the disturbing forces to fuck off and not get in the way of the Collective. If they see you are determined they should realize they'll get in trouble if they keep resisting.

If it works to remove the disturbance on your end, you will be able to receive the communication you should have, in whatever form that will take. Such as synchronities, dreams, messages from other people and things in your daily life changing to support your belief in the collective through affirmations.
I've just been outside and drew some lines into the ground at a pond.
i'm just gonna go ahead and guess that if they actually can do that, they're not telling you anything, really. or are they ?
yup, it's a challenge.
You'll know just how deep inside your mind and your emotions they see when they one day suddenly solve something that's been hurting you for years.
hah, if they care at all.
I really wish I knew where I stand right now... but my belief, my willpower, will not falter.
Seeing as there is a conflict with the creator of the board /fringe/ and the site's owner, we may have to abandon this place soon.

If /fringe/ is deleted from here, you can use the back up forum: http://succubus.hypeforum.net/
I think I will leave the collective stuff for now. I need to think about my existance.
I see you guys on your hyper forum later if I come back
Is the line that's supposed to imply their home world drawn from left to right or vice versa?
I drew all lines right to left. :/
I will be prepared for any move. Now, if I could just move forward myself...
The single line is meant to represent the collective world as one of the four corners of the universe (the top right one) and the multiple lines symbolizes many succubus coming from there. But as in the other examples it can work to just draw a number of lines from top right side of a visualized field and down towards the "middle" of the universe, where planet earth is located. Most beings will understand the meaning of this.
what does being a minion entail
It means you lack the potential for becoming a succubus or incubus entity of your own, so you choose to accept a succubus as your master. This is the only way for some people to really leave the human reincarnation cycle in a positive way. It means being free from human suffering, but also being an eternal servant of the choosen succubus and living with her forever.
i'll always say no when it's "forever". i trust no one and power is easily misused
(i imagine that if i'm a minion there'll be no talking back)
i mean it's *forever*. not to be taken lightly. i don't even know anyone yet. and i'll never completely do.
The people who can accept this deal are usually madly in love with the succubus and would never go against her anyway, or the relation couldn't be formed to begin with.
i don't think that anything is forever.

can you read my thoughts again ?
For fun?
I don't read minds, the sisters does.

You doubt that it's possible but you hope it could be?
I want telepathic contact now...


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