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I thought I would stop in and let you know that this sub has a new moderator. Don't worry, I don't intend to change anything. :)

I usually hang out at VRchat anyway. Check out this vid of me and my new super-awesome VRchat hardware. :3 You know you're jealous! :D

The only new rule is that you have to respect individuals with trans-species dysphoria (ie. "furrydom" etc), as some friends from my reddit Discord will be coming here to discuss paraphilia-related magick, and engage in ritual yiffing. Join us!

Have a great day

>The only new rule is that you have to respect individuals with trans-species dysphoria (ie. "furrydom" etc)

will boycott
lol fucking disgusting
>you have to respect
you and all your furfag friends are niggers and i hate you all
Oh i get it. You're trying to ruin this board so badly to try to get smiley to take pity upon this place and take it back. I'm on to you furjew and megakike.
ghost stories english dub.webm
t. Smiley
Suck a cock furfag
kek trololololololol

Be looking for a seriouspost introduction soon. Long & short: I'm not changing anything. It looks like you all have it under control.

btw, if i take away the no creepypasta rule, will that be a problem? i mean, are we really going to be overrun by creepypasta kiddies without the rule? I only ask bc i like having as few rules as possible -- only what's necessary
Creepypasta is made up, /fringe/ is for real. If you're going to allow it, just rename it /x/ and don't sully the name anymore pls, we'll get newfags who don't know what /fringe/ is on the other boards and you're going to do the entire community a disservice.
ebin sense of humor, friend. You're a funny guy.