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And one day you’re going to give yourself a chuckle
I hope that is one day soon.
Do you know when would be that day?
Why the fuck worship Satan when you could just worship Yahweh instead? Satan is supposed to be the principle of evil but giving knowledge to people, challenging them with temptations, and various other roles Satan plays aren't evil. Yahweh on the other hand just fucks around with people, orders them to cut up their dicks, his chosen people are completely wicked and incompetent, etc.

Trade in the pentagram for a star of david, the real symbol of evil.
This is a silly thing to say, do petty people know no bounds?
Bible Study in 30 mins!!!

12:20 CST

I do this daily!
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Bible Study ~1 hr 1PM CST (6 PM UTC)
Lords Prayer
Exodus 25-26
Four Ways to Savor Jesus More by Desiring God
The Sun Shines Down on Me by Daniel Johnston
Mark 1
Why is Christianity right? by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Alison Krauss Lay My Burden Down
Exodus 27-28
Lords Prayer
Bible Study ~1 hr 1PM CST (6 PM UTC)
Lords Prayer
Exodus 29-30
A sudsy debate between two Christians. by Wretched
Joni Mitchell - Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free)
Mark 2-3
On the Wrong Side of History? by The Gospel Coalition
James Taylor "New Hymn"
Exodus 31-33
Lords Prayer
Bible Study ~1 hr 1PM CST (6 PM UTC)
Lords Prayer
Exodus 34-35
On 'Sexual' Morality by C.S. Lewis Doodle
Ready to Meet Him - DMX
Mark 4
How will we respond to the coming social justice firestorm? by Wretched
Alison Krauss & Union Station - "Two Highways"
Exodus 36-38
Lords Prayer
Bible Study ~1 hr 9:30PM CST-US (2:30AM UTC)
Lords Prayer
Romans 15
Dr. Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes
Eric Clapton - Holy Mother
Romans 16
What Will Submission to My Husband Look Like? // Ask Pastor John
You Can Tell The World - Simon and Garfunkel
1 Corinthians 1
Lords Prayer
Bible Study ~1 hr 1PM CST (6 PM UTC)
Lords Prayer
Exodus 39-40
Are We Fighting Against Sin or for Joy? // Ask Pastor John
Joan Osborne - St. Teresa
Mark 5 - Psalm 90
Destination: No Science, No Logic and No Morality - Atheism by Apologia Studio
Reba McEntire - Back To God
Leviticus 1-2
Lords Prayer
We may be persecuted by the secular satanist sicko in chare of this here forum but GOD owns this !
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I am one of the vampires. Can I still come?
Glad I'm not the only one who watched some mudfossil videos. The dragon one really impressed me but others seemed very far fetched. Everybody whom I told about it just flat out ignored it or laughed at it but I found musdfossils videos quite interesting. Maybe there are some serious gold nuggets in there
ok. as long as you dont spread your vampire aids.
I'll try. Thx
Everything in this world is a big fiction. The economy is a jewish fairytale. So is politics. I don't know when it all stopped being real but I guess it's when they sold the people a lie they could be "free" and nothing has fundamentally changed it's all just new terminology and new setting but pyramids will always be pyramids. The very word freedom comes from a rootword that meant one who owns... like a lord, a landowner, that kind of thing. A freeman owns himself and others, a slave is in bondage, working off a debt. In past centuries men got sold into slavery regularly to pay off debts and they'd work it off and then after however many years they'd be free again assuming they weren't the type who just loved their slavery too much, taking on more debts, and being like that the rest of their life... or they'd end up as slaves because of crime. Slavery never was hereditary but it might as well be. It's literally theatrics and glow in the dark manipulation to keep everything running smooth so everything doesn't fall apart. Keep everyone busy and stupid so they can live it up seems to be the motive at least on the human level. Most everyone is happy with this system, as happy as can be, but I am unfit for wasting my life. I got a mission that is much more important than merely living a life.

The grounds for stripping people of this lie is already being laid and I am very conflicted about it. On the one hand not everyone can be free, humanity is largely meant to be subservient with some notable exceptions, which are always allowed to ascend the ranks anyways. I like the American narrative and the ideas the ancients had for this continent but low IQ morons basically ruined it just like when they ruined the Bible and like how they ruin everything that is too abstract for them.

Why we don't just kill off the deadweight of humanity? The answer seems to be that we're human farming, looking for new genetic aberrations. Then again it's really much more sense that drama and suffering is psychic fuel.

Today is a sad day for me but my whole worldview changes drastically on a regular basis. I stare into a big broken mirror shards and I see something subtle and horrible and then I decide to put something into the mind that is nice and ever so subtle, something I can't even see but it comes in all the same, and I like myself again... but it's a big effort. It's not my resting place. I don't rest well. I want to put to death so much. So much that clings to me, I fucked up so hard. I need to be reborn.

Such cases.
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I guess the reason that all posts aren't as descriptive and detailed as this one is because we are using skateboard websites instead of forum websites.
The club is probably some faggot sh*t.
Steve Outtrim (born 1973) is a technology entrepreneur from New Zealand. He is best known for his success in the early "dot com years" of the Internet, as the creator of Sausage Software and its flagship product, the HotDog Web Editor. He has also founded software company Urbanise[1] and environment solutions company ekoLiving and is the former owner of nutraceutical company Aussie Bodies.

I have never heard of this dude.
Hello Mr. Shadow People. I was wondering if you could tell me what your day to day is.
Also, is it true that you exclusively follow methheads? Thanks and please.
Glory to the Wiccan religion now and forever!
I hate to speak but this board needs an injection of knowledge from an actual adept to create some activity that will help it serve its purpose in facilitating the spiritual conscious development of the users herein. So here we go. I will ask the questions myself and answer them myself and you will read and appreciate it.

Q. Who is in control of America?

A. America is under the control of a highly competent military dictatorship that runs political theater and many layers of organization that keep the whole show going providing the setting which you are to live your lives in. Everything is under control and well managed, margins of error are nominal. By extension the whole world is likewise under the control of this elite.
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Not if you won't tell me what you need help with.

Why is this being posted here is there something you're trying to communicate to me?


So you're just dumping random whores in the wrong thread?
Hey, I’m and adept too. Nice thread.
Whoever posted tiddies woke me up and urged me to visit at 5 AM. Thanks too.
I need concentration and more time/energy in my day
Full disclosure thread - Go!
fully believe whatever the outcome of death would be is fully your choice insofar as manifest content (whatever it may be) is based upon your subjective well-being at the precise moment of death.

Reflecting upon a past life... would you be satisfied? If you would say yes, then heaven is at your fingertips. Heaven, that is, such as would be a reflection of whom you have ever been corresponding to the culmination of what you have accomplished.
Victory to God, to the righteous and to Ryan O'Malley against the corrupt "shadow government" and all of their affiliates.

Power to the people.
I too would like a full disclosure on what ever schizo existential questions that I have
Screenshot from 2018-10-21 00-35-32.png
>tfw no quantum physics GF

Found this from an image results thing while searching for pythagorean symbolism, lectures on ancient philosophy, and indra's net.
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>if you are going to orbit a science girl better get a chemist one.
chemistry is just better
i am also very prejudice against these quantum physicist after finding out how much a an easy field it is
just a bunch of concepts and maths
with chemistry you have something solid
you have actual visuals
its like playing curling vs playing basketball
though i believe i am being a brainlet in my prejudice and analogy.
also fuck anyone who using analogy's to make their point
i also believe i am using the word analogy wrong.
you are alright ub.
i understand. you convinced me by force of argument to prefer chemists gfs.

you just reminded me youtube reccomended this by the way. this girl reminds me of you because you are 15. she just a faggot like.
wtf is she even takling about
lol fourth imendson oh fuck off

she should have done chemist tbh.
then she would be gf-able
This is true
How would you imagine the Principle of Mentalism?

For me I imagine Indra's net: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indra%27s_net
Hello, you are welcome to participate in this experiment.

Have a good day! Bless!