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Questions Anonymous 10/10/2017 (Tue) 05:35:14 No. 1 [Reply]
Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead.
Edited last time by fringe on 10/18/2017 (Wed) 14:17:27.
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So, this is the new fringe, or just a spinoff? Anyone know what happened to fringechan.org?
For the first exercise in IIH (remembering everything for 10 minutes) am I supposed to not think about it at all and then try to recall it, or am I supposed to try to imprint it into my memory or stop and think it all over every few minutes?
Cheers to MEWCH /fringe/ for having 'Theosophy flag'.
how do you beat a lack of conscientiousness, a lack of consistency and mental resistance towards doing what you should be doing.

Open file (50.53 KB 640x426 model-3003651_640.jpg)
Vampire thread 4th edition - Report and discussion 𓆏 05/05/2018 (Sat) 00:21:41 Id:7c40b8 No. 2952 [Reply]
Links to archive of old 8ch threads:

Repost of the first OP:

You can get the magic from the occult tradition that gave birth to the vampire myth right here, in this thread. All you need to do is contact me telepathically, or express clear intent in your mind, and the automated function I set up for this purpose will cast the spell on you. It includes a few different adapted versions of the original magic as well as a back up spell for enlightenment along the path I walked myself before making this discovery.

Historical background

A number of years ago I was contacted by a spiritual being, or so I thought. I interpreted him has the being behind the vampire myth. At the time I thought there was only this one being, and that there were no physical vampires. I got a demonstration of his strength when he helped me defeat four strong demonic beings. After this I didn't see him again.

Jumping ahead a bit I started realizing my first understanding was wrong. I noticed I was being stalked by someone and through a series of events found the real existing community of physical vampires. They are all very old and experts in their own field of occultism. By "very", I'm not talking along the lines of what is described in pop culture. After connecting with their minds through telepathy and being allowed to look into their pasts, I found them to be 1000s of years old. By their tradition anyone younger than 1000 years is considered a "hangaround" and not yet a full member. This is the result of a number of failed versions of the original magic being passed around, all resulting in the person dying at around 1000 years of age. To distinguise between the real deal and the fakes, they made this rule.

The creator of the tradition is the spiritual being I first met. He left the physical plane around 180000 years ago and lives in a library he created in the 9th physical dimension. He passed the magic onto one follower who also left the physical plane but who didn't get beyond the 3rd dimension. The current matriarch of the community is around 130000 years old and can move freely between dimensions but hasn't yet found a permanent residence in a plane beyond the human world. The same goes for all newer recruits.

The original spell used came from a line of warlocks all working to achieve this same goal of immortality. At the time the world was different from now, so the spell used at the time was adapted to that state. This lead to a restriction which wasn't visible at the time but is quite problematic today. It only works with the bloodtype dominant at the time of its creation. Because the original tradition hadn't been passed on to new followers and was forgotten in the long years passing since the original spell was cast, they relied on using the blood of the community leaders. For a long time, science was primitive in this area and blood types were unknown, so the magic failed most of the time. After identifying this problem a number of warlocks made attempts at creating a spell for all blood types, but this resulted in a diluted version which failed to lead the target person to immortality. Instead they died at a certain age, but no one lived much beyond 1000 years.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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See ya blood anon, one day I want to make a thread about things I have learned but the time isn't right.
I have missed obvious things about magic before, that's why everyone says a journal is important. A good one, like you will forget everything when you wake up tomorrow.
Synchronicity, a matter of frequency. Even vampires have a frequency, you tuned yourself to it. If you follow it and try to understand it then the chances are good you will run into a vampire at some point, then you can just ask them what's what. I can't say it has much to do with OP's spell though, but it could in a roundabout way.

If anyone wants to contact me telepathically focus on my posts and lightning. If i'm not busy I will answer. If I am busy you might get my subconscious which likes to go on about things with people, without me realizing.
Open file (34.19 KB 560x423 caroline.jpg)
Thanks for spending so much time with these threads and hopefully freeing some of us from reincarnation. I hit the 6 month point today and I'm a bit disappointed I won't be able to know for sure now whether I'm "through" or whether to try again if I don't get a NDE this year, but I'll live (hopefully for many thousands of years heh). I look forward to meeting on your island, if I do make it.
Lol you all have failed, nihilistic thought has conquered you and given you mental illness. Fringe=cringe
If anything, the spell made it really easy to do nofap and Ive been racking up the streaks like nobody's business, which makes me feel great requardlless if I'm immortal or not.
There is only one way not to fail and it's attaining enlightenment/immortality. If you fail to do this then it doesn't even matter what you do and what philosophy you entertain. Be a feminist, mgtow, soyboy, alt right, bullshit occultist, larper, tradcon, leftist, chadbro, nihilist, stoic, new ager, satanist etc...it literally doesn't matter. You end up exactly the same as everyone else. You are just as cringe as everyone else. You're dead kiddo, stop pretending you are better than others and stop pretending that you somehow not fail, because your post already tells that you are clearly a failure.

Jesus 𓆏 11/08/2017 (Wed) 08:47:29 No. 1110 [Reply]
All my experiences with Churchtianity is them being ignorant of any genuine spirituality or power and them loving Jesus more than God.

I cringe at everyone who says some vague cryptic Jesus shit I don't understand like "have you accepted Jesus"? Like what the fuck does that even mean?

I don't care about or like the figure of Jesus very much in the way he is understood and presented by priests and random christcucks.

The only people who seem to talk intelligently about Jesus are not the kind of people who call themselves Christians. They just know the religion and have a good grasp on things. If they identify as anything at all, it's probably as a Hermetic, or a mystic, or a gnostic; but usually they don't have a strong identity and yet know very well the subjects they speak on. Jesus also features as a minor detail in their overall thought about God. If they are to expend a lot of time on the subject of Jesus, it will be as "the mystery of Jesus" and what his life meant.

I feel that Christians are blinded by Jesus. They fixate on getting lip service out of people, getting people to say weird shit like "I've accepted Jesus as my lord and savior", and they just end up disgusting me or making me feel sad that they will not and have not ever experienced any phenomena of the genuine spiritual life.

Jesus worship gets in the way of anything of real value.

Just look at this post. "I found Jesus while high". It's right up there with the shit I've heard from women and idiots. Just another little PSA to stay away from drugs or you might develop an undue and overbearing reverence for a figure you don't even understand but develop a strong emotional connection to.

Oh and another gripe I have with Christianity is how many of them have emphasized to stay away from the occult, read only the bible, and disregard everything else. They have no interest in Plato, in Hermes, in Satanism, in the various deities of paganism and the mysteries connected to them, etc.

One should always understand their enemy, understand their own religion, understand and investigate everything. It is my nature to do this, to know and understand and appreciate and evaluate everything for what it truly is.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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well fug they disabled hidden text didn't they. I guess I'm gonna be banned for telling the truth now probably just like the OP probably did. It's been nice knowing you all.
take it before I get banned. It's too late for me now. The mods here are compromised.
Mewch's energy is pretty disgusting.
The letter J is for Jesuits.
The letter J is only 500 years old or so (Roman/Jesuit Empire)
It's an obvious giveaway in plain sight - like Michael Obama - believe that you can be deceived and have humility.

YHWH is immortal consciousness >>2582
The flesh is you + the consciousness.
Will you Christ or Anti-Christ?
Jesus is cool though, maybe one day you will be tired of separating yourself and gain some real love in your life.
Wew lad, you cannot be helping right now

Open file (105.81 KB 1280x1024 a8jgXUl-1.jpg)
Wicca 𓆏 05/20/2018 (Sun) 01:09:55 Id:f9d0a0 No. 3134 [Reply]
Do we already have a Wicca-gen thread?

What is the significance of the pentagram in Wicca??
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ty for lengthy response
>Lower Left Point represents Fire,
isn't that earth? or at least that's what I saw from the lbrp where you start from the lower left
I wouldn't trust Wicca for anything. But Earth being in the lower left is what I'm used to too.
How do you guys feel about Wicca?
I just came back from Wiccanfest here and was discussing with some witches of a coven near me about their Gardnerian tradition.
Wicca seems cool enough after doing some surface investigation, it's just got a horrible taste in my mouth from being sold side-by-side with basic bitch new age books and babby's wicca book of shadows.

There's little information on the pantheon they use besides over-encompassing archetypes for the masculine and feminine principle (Horned One and Moon Goddess), nor of any specific, illustrious patreon deities used in a coven.
I thought it was supposed to be based off Celtic mythology, is the pantheon not Celtic-based in Wicca? I've actually been exploring Celtic myths and folklore lately. It's interesting. There seems to be many different variations of Wicca though.

Open file (132.24 KB 1920x1080 maxresdefault (2).jpg)
The Buzzer 𓆏 06/17/2018 (Sun) 00:26:12 Id:a9feeb No. 3679 [Reply]
The Buzzer („Жужжалка”)

Station Summary
This Station was first spotted in the late 70’s and is known for its constant buzzing (1.25s buzzing, then 1.85s pause). The buzzing tone acts as a channel marker to keep the frequency always in use for emergencies, and it can also be used for propagation measurements. The Buzzer used to have the ENIGMA ID S28 although it is not a numbers station. From February 18-26th, it used a temporary night frequency (assumed) on 3216 KHz.

During the years of activity the callsign has been changed. It was known first as UVB-76 although incorrectly as it was UZB-76 (УЗБ-76) as noted in recordings. In 2010 it changed its callsign to MDZhB (МДЖБ). On January 2016 its changed its callsign to ZhUOZ (ЖУОЗ).

http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ under Freq 4625.00

Can we post more unusual stations ITT?
Edited last time by n3wb on 06/17/2018 (Sun) 10:58:04.
This doesn't really feel like a /fringe/ topic at first glance, but let's see where this goes for now.
Also no need to break links here.

I listen to this while I study.

Open file (770.24 KB 3400x3400 logo2bc.png)
Christ Consciousness 𓆏 03/16/2018 (Fri) 13:48:00 Id:84aaf8 No. 2582 [Reply]

Christ is not a person but a consciousness.

Christ is a choice. Free will.

The proverbial evil is determinism.

To choose to do what is right, rather than what is wrong is the teaching of Christ.
Open file (231.13 KB 1000x1303 6rosegar.jpg)
to choose.
some people choose themselves and their ego but most of that is not their free will but the will of evil hearts of tricksters.

the christ consciousness is awake in this new age where our enemies were supposed to bring us to the 'anti christ' timeline through Hussein and HRC.
follow the rabbit in the sky - it points to the new age of awakening.

what is the ultimate desire?
Divine Desire
We want to be ___

Open file (24.93 KB 464x357 noplsno.jpg)
Curse 𓆏 04/20/2018 (Fri) 18:35:43 Id:a479ad No. 2842 [Reply]
Guys i am not joking or larping.
There is someone very very evil who will not leave me, and i do not know how to stop them. They hurt lots of people and they would like to see me dead.

Tell me a way to actually curse them. I do not want any faith curses or shit like that. I need something with actual results, please i am begging you with all my heart. I don't care if it damns my soul or gives me negative karma, i need to do this for the sakes of my frens lest this person will take them all.

please help me
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No one said it has to be a physical copy.
Open file (65.58 KB 414x572 satan_with_bat.jpg)
>Tell me a way to actually curse them
>I need something with actual results
>I don't care if it damns my soul or gives me negative karma

You asked for it. Here it is. This is the real thing.

Wait until the cursee is asleep. Then, take an aluminum baseball bat (aluminum conducts the tremendous energy of this curse very well) and go to town on the blanket that whoever is on the receiving end of the curse is under. If you want the curse to kill the cursee, direct the ritual more toward the end of the blanket where the cursee's head is because that's where the auric center of their spirit energy is located. If you want the cursee to live but to never be able to go to sleep in the same house as you again, focus the curse's ritual more on the center and the end opposite-ish the cursee's spirit-center (roughly where their knees would be).

Curses are real, and this one's a doozy. It will mess with your karma a fair bit and you'll probably have to deal with some evil spirits in suits and ties for awhile afterward but if you carry out the ritual it will give you real, tangible results, guaranteed. You can also practice the ritual outside on an old log or barrel or the cursee's car if you want to try it out and get a feel for the curse's power first. Good luck!
888. A pure energy is at work here.
888. A pure energy is at work here.
I misread your post. I thought you were cursed but if others are I can only advice stocking up gallons of salt. The more the better.
Submerge in the salty beach then pray to the water. Also burn sage and if your place is haunted put salts on paper or plastic cups and put them on any room or door/window entrance.
>all these technical and special advice
My advice is to have the most positive emotion.
Is that hard?
This way your soul will travel into the most positive multiverse and logic doesn't do shit here - it is your emotion.
Your emotion is the variable that can alter reality more than anything else. - Anon

The fact that you are here means you're lucky because Trump got elected in this (1)universe and I am also lucky as my country's president miraculously won when his enemies have rigged the voting machines and ballots.
Just trust in others because everything is you but sometimes you have to accept that even the evil men is you - only ego separates you from others or them from you so believe in hope - new borns are always innocent but you have to secure the big picture which is the world.
would you let a new born face a corrupted world? we have to fix this corrupt world.
Your problem's not really a big deal. I mean other world lines are fucked up badly like having no Sun - you'd want to save them and your other selves dying from the multitude called universe - consider yourself lucky for being in this stable realm.
Stay positive but don't imagine the + sign because that is where the knights pull energy from mass symbolism that + means good (first aid symbol, positive stock, math). the highest ranking cabal uses this plus as their symbolism and they made the blasphemer religion with the symbol of crucifixion of savior.
Stay -in- the positive timeline by choosing your best move.
I hope this influences you in a positive way.

Open file (718.01 KB 1754x1252 hollowplanet.jpeg)
Hollow Planets: A Feasibility Study 𓆏 03/27/2018 (Tue) 07:02:22 Id:19227a No. 2638 [Reply]
Ok folks lets get real for a second; I know hollow planets just sounds like another offshoot from flat earth stuff, but it's not.

An inner world is a theme that has existed since the dawn of mankind thought numerous folktales mythology, and anime, only now do we perceive it to be bullshit due to what we have been taught in schools all of our lives. In this book a computer scientist goes through the science of the topic in an unbiased fashion to see if it is feasible.


He brings up amazing studies and facts that are absolutely astounding, one, that completely changed my outlook on the world, is the fact that when a vortex of matter exists in a vacuum, unaffected by gravity it makes a HOLLOW TORUS/DOME shape.

Very good read. Recently however, the author, who lives in South Africa has changed his focus to political matters, mainly white genocide and and misconceptions in history.

Here is his website:
>He brings up amazing studies and facts that are absolutely astounding, one, that completely changed my outlook on the world, is the fact that when a vortex of matter exists in a vacuum, unaffected by gravity it makes a HOLLOW TORUS/DOME shape.
Yep. This is also why fast-spinning planets are of flattened shape (see Saturn). They're in intermediate state between gravitationally-bound and unbound.
Torus results if material has cohesive forces, but no gravitational (so only short-range interactions govern the shape).
Not to detract and go off topic or to make light of OP's subject, but I think David Icke's most recent book claims that the moon is a giant contraption manufactured by aliens and inhabited by aliens.

Really crazy because IMO, David Icke is a pretty respectable fellow.
>David Icke is a pretty respectable fellow
he's not and you know it, he's an entertainer
now don't detract op
What's that script on the OP pic?
Looks like a mix of runes and cyrillic.
It's greek.

Open file (900.41 KB 714x1000 1510532465500.png)
𓆏 11/13/2017 (Mon) 03:49:43 Id:e49097 No. 1174 [Reply]
Is kratom greenpilled laddos? Why or why not
21 posts and 10 images omitted.
does canada have protection from gangstalking and the black panthers organizations which are contracted by the U.S. government?

this is what i think is going on right now, which is why america is no longer a place where democracy is the order of the day but rather something more heinous....they seem to be militarizing or else something stupid like individualist vendettas and stuff of this nature where they target certain members of the populace
black panthers are soft
I've tried it. I start low and slow with new substances, so it took a few times to get the dose high enough to feel much. When I did, it felt pleasant but minor. I stayed up all night reading a book.

But then, the next three days, I had a terrible, splitting headache. Whenever I tried to sleep, I had moderately lucid dreams, but with a weird sense of terror where I couldn't focus the lucidity on anything but trying to wake up, which seemed extremely difficult, although in reality I would only sleep for short periods at a time.

If it weren't for the headache, I'd give it anther try to see if I could get control of the dream part, but the three day headache was totally not worth it.

My reaction was the most extreme of anyone I've personally talked to. Most people just feel kinda good, some people get kinda sick, and some people get headaches, but they're usually short-lived, not the three day fuckall I had to deal with.

Oh, also, I've heard of shitty headshops selling spice (synthetic cannabis) and calling it kratom, which is dangerous and crap. Make sure you're getting the right thing. It should be a bitter powder you have to choke down in some liquid. Online and IRL herb shops should be fine--it's pretty well know these days.
Is there anything like it that's less mainstream?
tfw I take many psychedelics and want to create the fourth reich
war is not desired but it is necessary

Open file (80.25 KB 544x767 Ai.jpeg)
Succubus Collective Recruiting Thread - Rerun 𓆏 10/19/2017 (Thu) 10:52:21 No. 99 [Reply]
Post your intent to join the Collective in this thread! This will make evaluation by our sisters fast and easy!

Benefits of becoming a succubus:
>breaking free of reincarnation, no longer forced to deal with pesky human matters
>immortality, you will be invincible
>have the body you have always dreamed of
>nobility status in hell, noone will hurt you if you go to the underworld

Additionally, benefits of being a Collective member:
>your own personal cave
>access to Collective facilities such as the beach, the distant islands and the high plateu
>get good deals with our internal credit score system
>"rent a body" system for those who want to visit the human world but lack the ability to form their own body
>free access to the worlds of our allies, including the popular incubus world Candy Kingdom

If after posting your intent, the evaluation determines your are more fit to be an incubus, proper arragements will be made to connect you with a suitable guide among our incubus allies.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

295 posts and 24 images omitted.
What about becoming an incubus instead?
If becoming an incubus is your wish, contact an incubus world or guide directly. If it has a male demon as ruler, it's an incubus world, what you need to do is be clear that you want to be one of them and not just a common member.
What is a common member? How would I contact one?
hey there, im a little confused as to whats going on ITT, but im very much interested. is there anywhere i can go to read more on what this is about? it seems the archive of the first thread is toast.

is becoming a succubus/incubus determined by ones gender? i want to be a succubus, but im not sure if i can cuz imma boy. wat do?
The spoilers didn't work in the OP, remove the asterix and it works.
There is also this thread from Ryan's forum:

No, your human gender has nothing do to do with it, it's your soul's gender which determines compatibility. While female in nature, some succubus are also bigendered, so it's not divided along the lines drawn up by humans.

no cookies?