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Open file (11.25 KB 1331x171 thisisunacceptable.png)
Make /b/ great again Anonymous 04/16/2018 (Mon) 16:13:05 No. 69937
We can't allow this, /b/. These beta orbiting waifu boards are beating our home in PPH. We must shitpost more!
>hey guys please take posting quality down so this place becomes more 8gag tyre
Open file (1.20 MB 765x1157 judenayfkm.png)
>implying more posts automatically mean less quality
We can have both
nah the problem here now is rather, where did we lose half the user count since yesterday
>implying /b/ doesn't have its sacred waifus as well
Besides, some us do shitpost on /b/ too.
Yeah it’s back to the forty-something users we used to have. I think we had a lot of 8ch refugees during the past day but apparently they didn’t want to stay around except for one very special shitposter
Open file (34.15 KB 805x669 face.jpg)
>it's always the shit users who stay
Open file (11.85 KB 1313x188 thisisacceptable.png)
We did it, /b/!


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