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Anonymous 04/16/2018 (Mon) 15:23:29 No. 69922
I saw a advertisement for a service that builds you a log cabin for a fee. Would you ever live in an alt home like an igloo or log cabin? Where I live they have these strange summer type homes that are very tiny. I've also seen on TV that people are starting to gain a liking to these new type of homes.

Personally I grew up in a smaller sized home and a nice comfy small log cabin or igloo would be ideal for me.
I'm partial to yurts myself. They have similar utility but their design makes it easier to pack it up and move it.
Some modern ones however are constructed more as a trend and they aren't made to be moved really. Well a yurt isn't a camping tent that you'll continuously move around, but still it's neat to go to a different place every summer.
The home of my childhood was an all wooden structure dating from 1910. The internal beams were salvaged from a large barn and as such dated previous to that. The outside of the house was cedar shingle. Had a potbelly stove in the front room which was pretty nice.

I sort of yearn for the same thing: very close to nature and less people around. One of these days I hope I have enough money for that.
My dream/plan is building a large climate controlled greenhouse, and inside of it a smol house made mostly of drywall and stuff, very easy to maintain, and since its inside of a greenhouse, doesn't need to be climate proof or even safe, just comfortable and nice looking.
I could just have my computers outside whenever I want, if I want to shitpost looking at the stars. And grow my food cleanly as well.
Here in the Alps we have an ancient tradition of maintaining summer time mountain pastures.
Those pasture homes look pretty comfy, but most of them are now used just as seasonal retreat, and only few herdsmen still use them.
How beautiful
Looks comfy af


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