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ΔN^2 04/16/2018 (Mon) 14:44:44 No. 69915
>from man making flame by friction taking a day.
>to man rendering it on a pair of computers, with mega gpu and taking 5 days.
>where anon...where did we go wrong.
Open file (1.32 MB 1280x720 fire.webm)
5 days it took me 5 minutes
Well fire on a computer can't warm you. The real transition is from fire to light bulb.
>warming yourself on a lightbulb
but it can provide light
I don't think that's how fire works
>not knowing fire can be made using firewood
>thinking gas fireplaces are real
That animation shows anything but fire being made with firewood
cause its made of non flammable polygons
Open file (495.46 KB 746x1070 eg.png)
now we need a fire girl, how will she be. and ya, maybe a poison girl... hell bring all the elementals to the harem
Is poison one of the classical elements?
Open file (676.92 KB 1600x1576 africa elements.jpg)
in africa they only have 3 elements
Open file (219.63 KB 1600x1083 uYuA5lO.jpg)
Women's Extreme Wrestling
nope, but it does not matter

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Open file (18.47 MB 480x480 hump.gif)
where do girls like this exist?
Why is that gif so big?
cause its true
Open file (394.59 KB 842x1191 2015-05-26-tintenfisch.jpg)
i just realised its a splatoon girl, kinda
Open file (529.26 KB 1000x1414 2015-06-01-splatoonx.jpg)
Open file (530.64 KB 1000x1414 2015-06-01-splatoon.jpg)
forget 2010 pewds(hes way better now anyway), but the old shadman was best while vintage
from her hair, idk if its maybe a slime thing
Open file (11.95 MB 960x540 sam set fire.webm)
ehh... we solved much tougher problems but we also had much less questions. I guess the mantra at our uni really is study hard, not study a lot.
dam you schooling mit?
nope, but people graduating maths or physics at our uni are very welcome there
i think at 0:30 she explains why
didn't listen, just looked at the provided pdf
am busy with other stuff


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