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Open file (52.21 KB 716x540 1523797101898.jpg)
Anonymous 04/16/2018 (Mon) 12:41:30 No. 69901
Comfy Monday thread
We seem to be back to comfy speeds, I like it.
Open file (456.90 KB 704x706 sleepkitty.png)
Comfy Monday ~_~
I am catching up on IRC backlogs from when I was out sick.
Currently at April 14 11:00am PST which was a little before the livestream.

Simbala is sleeping next to me purring up a storm.

Comfy Monday ~_~
Yeah big storm over here too. Lots of flooding. Stay safe king.
>back to comfy speeds
Hear hear
Open file (68.53 KB 432x575 painting water.jpg)
looked out the window and there was rain and stuff and a nice pretty bird
sleep schedule is working out a bit sleepy but maybe
music listening on cytube while work on stuff
I plan on napping a bit today too, stayed up pretty late last night


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