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TOR thread Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 15:35:27 No. 68385
do any of you use the deep web? if so, post cool sites that you've found throughout your adventures
inb4 people post CP please don't do this
i am really interested in learning how to use torbrowser or torbutton on my android phone....i fear that it won't work anyways because i think android is a honeypot
I only use it for CP so I guess I can't participate in this thread.
Tor on Android is very simple. You just need to install Orbot and Orfox and off you go.
Open file (41.40 KB 1280x800 Tails-OS.png)
there are some cool linux operating systems based on security or anonymity

tails of course, as advocated by American Hero Edward Snowden

...i've heard people say kali linux is good...i want to try Qubes OS based on fedora

awesome...ty anon
website with a shit ton of links. a lot of them don't work though
does anyone know of a good link site that actually updates frequently? almost all of them suffer through the same problem.
qubes OS is just like sandboxing everything on the OS

...it seems pretty efficient

when i tried to install it back on my IBM laptop back in the day it kept mysteriously failing and i thought i had a lot of heat on me at the time so i came to the conclusion that maybe the KILLUMINATI was preventing me from using Qubes OS

i've always used fedora and it always works pretty well but perhaps there are backdoors of course for govt. spying...just not for a whole lot of security loopholes
what a faggot
stop being a sick nigger
Open file (306.54 KB 800x600 Richard_Stallman.JPG)

introduction to TOR


introduction to the "darknet"


TOR security concerns and considerations


TOR Browser to View Deep Web Sites and Protect Privacy


introduction to the deep web


Question: Is I2P Better than TOR?


Question: Is Tails a More Secure Way to Use TOR?


VPN - Virtual Private Networking
does anyone have a link to any forum/imageboard that actually works? none of the ones I try going to work
in what regards

i think GNU and the open source community has a reliable branch somewhere within...probably based around fedora/redhat and the founders of gnu

i go to computer hope forums for my computer advice....specifically computer hope IRC which is really good for quick easy computer help...but they might be KILLUMINATI or american military

perhaps the gentoo community regarding gnu founders?

not sure because you must try it and experience it for yourself

perhaps group found within the bay area region of California or Europeans such as those in more libertarian countries (there are also local I.T. scenes throughout the world...probably a bunch in europe)
for the very brave perhaps they might seek out the Chinese world of information technology for assistance....they have all their own tech that westerners probably don't even understand except the military i'd reckon
I mean like galaxy2, except you know, to have them actually work.
lol idk

wut is galaxy2?
stop judging other people
it was a free speach forum. probably the biggest one in all of the deep web. it went down for good not too long ago unfortunately. every link to some forum or chan that I try going to never works
this was for >>68411
fuck you
wow yeah, that's cool

i think i've heard of it actually but it shut down a while ago

i don't know too much about the deep web tbh
nntpchan kinda works
what is nntpchan?
Yes, make an onion address instead of using a domain name.
Don't have to use privacy unfriendly dyndns providers/buy a domain, don't have to broadcast your IP address to the whole world, don't have to open incoming connections to your home machine...
it's a decentralized IB with nodes on Tor and i2p
the node I was using was oniichanylo2tsi4 .onion/ but it was taken down recently, I can't find a working one rn.
Onionshare is another very good use for it, if you don't wish to upload your stuff to sketchy file hosts.
If you want decentralized instant messaging but don't want to let others know who are you talking to, RetroShare with Tor is a good solution https://retroshareteam.wordpress.com/2018/03/13/release-notes-for-v0-6-4/
The official Debian services: http://5nca3wxl33tzlzj5.onion/
always wanted to try retroshare, seems it has forums and channels as well
never met any user though
Tor is full of scam sites
No shit Sherlock
Somebody needs to come up with a chat platform that’s available for all the same devices FB messenger is, but encrypts all the messages so it’s impossible to spy (unlike fb messenger which spies openly and blatantly). I’d gladly put in the irl work of convincing all the people I care about to switch to it.

The problem is nothing like this exists today (discord is spyware)
there was Signal, but if you follow the CIA tech vault7 being opened, they have practical attacks against most types of encryption
That’s not really a problem since it would take a massive amount of processing power to crack encryption (unless the service is run by a cucked company who puts in a back door), which just isn’t worth doing unless you’re trying to spy on a specific suspected criminal or something. It wouldn’t be worth it to try and spy on regular people’s communication.

Also holy shit is this site a huge fucking pain in the anus to browse on mobile. The banner on top fucks up the site’s width, making inertial scrolling not work.
There's quite a bunch of alternatives already. People online often mention Matrix, Wire, Signal, and XMPP+OMEMO but nothing really comes on top at the moment. There's always a feature missing, or all the clients are shitty or something. On the long run I'd bet on XMPP but its features seem a bit lacking for the average user.
Although I didn't follow the whole vault7 thing, I don't know to which extent everything is affected by this
you can browse it with overchan forked, it works okay. theres a plugin for dashan too iirc
security and convenience are mutually exclusive
I have to defend Tor here. The ratio of scam/non-scam sites created is much higher on the clearnet. The difference is that they get removed and delisted in the results of search engines.

>FB messenger, but encrypts all the messages
Facebook messenger already has that feature: https://www.facebook.com/help/messenger-app/1084673321594605/

>I'd bet on XMPP but its features seem a bit lacking for the average user
It's in the name: extensible. What features does it lack?
Good read btw: https://xmpp.org/about/myths.html
fuck you, off this site now and then off yourself
then stop watching child porn you fucking mongoloid
Go back to 8ch ffs
>what features does it lack?
I only tried conversations, installing it and finding a server is retard proof but for instance it doesn't translate youtube/wikipedia links to their titles and it doesn't embed GIFs in the convo. If I have to choose I rather have more privacy than such features but tbh it's hard to find anyone under 30 that doesn't mind when you see the shit you can do with telegram or discord
>Facebook messenger already has that feature

Didn't know about that, tried it and it turns out you can't use it for group chats and you can only use it in the mobile app - > useless
>and you can only use it in the mobile app - > useless
you can run mobile apps natively in chromium
>using facebook

Thanks for the info, but I'm not gonna be able to convince all my friends to do that just to be able to send allegedly encrypted messages where's there's really no guarantee that judenberg doesn't save everything you say anyway.
I would drop out of university if it weren't for facebook (sharing studying materials), so at least for the time being, I am stuck with it
What's with you people and your 8ch obsession?
it's just one guy hint hint, his photo is posted in this thread
Pretty weird imageboard software
how cute


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