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Open file (2.84 MB 3072x2304 Nice_Cup_of_Tea.jpg)
Anonymous 03/13/2018 (Tue) 02:19:57 [Preview] No. 54562
Comfy tea thread
What's your favorite?
*favorite kind
Open file (201.47 KB 1340x840 2014_08_08_05_001.jpg)
I like chai, but I never drink enough milk to make it worth it

Schopenhauer was right
I love it!
Earl grey with lemon for me.
chamomile and poppy tea are comfy.
Anything gingery and recently I like teas with some licoricy (anise, whatever) flavor even though I don't like licorice itself.

I'd like to get a nice pot that keeps the tea really hot so that I can make a bunch and drink it slowly. My problem right now is it's a constant stream of boiling water, making tea, waiting for it to reach ideal temperature, idly gulping it down, and repeat.

I've never seen poppy tea. Do you mean you grind poppy seeds or is it something you buy as a tea?
Open file (1.61 MB 1500x868 LLL_lg_0.png)
Lemon Lavender Lane. I drink a cup before bed every night to help me relax.
It's illegal to make since it's morphine/codeine. But certain brands of poppy seeds have opium latex coating the outside of the seeds. Just shake the seeds in water for a few minutes and strain it.

It can be dangerous because the dosage varies widely.
Open file (38.22 KB 480x480 moroccanmint_large.jpg)
this is the tea i drink, im not fancy with loose tea and whatnot although i would like to branch out. i love this tea though
redpill me on tea
green tea master race reporting in
I seen you liveposting getting ready to redpill me on tea, wtf happened to your post. Post dooder, i am ready to take the tea pill.
stop watching me
i watching
Open file (254.53 KB 1500x1500 ltheanine.jpg)
green tea squad assemble
>non-green cucks don't know about the positive qualities of l-theanine
Sorry, I realised I don't have time to finish my post. Coming shortly.
White tea has decent theanine as well fyi.
Open file (168.12 KB 1600x1061 DSC_6690.JPG)
All right. So let's start by making clear that there's tea tea, and various herbal teas (infusions) where you can use a shitload of different plants (examples: peppermint, yerba-mate, coca...).

Tea itself is prepared out of mostly leaves, but also twigs or buds of the plant Camellia sinensis (and sometimes also closely related species such as taliensis), sometimes with addition of other herbs for flavour. The plant is a shrub that can be easily maintained at height below 2m for easy harvesting, and is grown in rainy subtropical regions – the plant requires a lot of water and deep soil. Tropical highlands are also suitable (Kenya, Ceylon). While majority of teas derive from Camellia sinensis, there are two main varieties being grown – var. sinensis in East Asia, and var. assamica, with larger leaves, mainly grown in India and other places where the British started plantations, but also deriving from southern China. Tea can then also be divided by regions where it is grown, but let's not go into too much details here.

What's more important is that there are different ways of processing the leaves. Green tea is dried in a pan or steamed quickly soon after picking, which prevents the leaves from fermenting (rotting). Some Japanese green teas are shaded – the leaves are covered while growing, which changes their chemical composition (kabusecha, gyokuro) White tea is processed in a similar manner, but drying is done usually by sundrying, so it is done slower (but presents less thermal shock to the tea) – white tea is usually prepared only from immature leaves and buds. Oolong is processed by withering under sun more strongly after partially fermenting the leaves. Black tea (and red tea, there's no real difference aside from region) is produced by again letting the leaves ferment for longer in warm humid rooms, exposing the leaves to pine smoke during this process produces lapsang souchong. Pu'er is also fermented, but after drying by pressing the leaves together, and exposing them to microbial fermentation in controlled humid atmosphere for a long period of time. A special type of tea is also kukicha, which is green tea produced from twigs. Tea can also be powdered (matcha, in Japan from green tea) and used either in recipes or dissolved in water or milk and consumed this way, or eaten as leaves (lahpet, in Burma).

What are benefits of tea? General health benefits are unclear, but it seems to have positive effect on cardiovascular diseases and slowing down progression of Alzheimer's.
Clearer are tea's psychoactive properties. The main substances found in tea are caffeine (around 3% of dry weight) and ʟ-theanine (around 1% of dry weight, higher in shaded teas). ʟ-theanine is more sensitive to oxidation, which means that in order to extract it one needs to use lower steeping temperature (around 70-75°C), and that black tea and other more fermented varieties contain lower contents. A cup of tea (250mL) will contain about 60-80g of caffeine and 20-25g of ʟ-theanine, of course depending on steeping time, amount of tea used, kind of tea...
Caffeine is a stimulant and globally the most widely used psychoactive substance, chemically it's a xanthine; I will not discuss this much as caffeine is well-known.
ʟ-theanine is an aminoacid derived from ʟ-glutamine. It positively reinforces serotonin, dopamine, glycine, and GABA, along with stimulating some specific receptors. As a result, ʟ-theanine causes relaxation (both physical and psychological), countering the most unwanted effects of caffeine, while increasing mindfulness, concentration, and cognition. Personally I'd say that ʟ-theanine "high" is the zen state of mind – sharp, focused, yet calm. For that reason, ʟ-theanine is commonly used as a nootropic – for increasing productivity, especially when learning.
A bit less wanted side effect is that tea is often grown in soils naturally rich with fluoride (South China and India have geological history of volcanism while East Africa and Japan still tectonically active – which brings fluoride to the surface) so consuming a lot of tea is basically the same as drinking fluorinated water. South China and Japan have generally lower fluoride concentrations so those teas are safer in this regard.

Besides that, the whole custom of brewing (and sharing) tea is a good method to relax your mind.
This sounds like drinkable cocaine
Open file (167.01 KB 695x492 Coca-Leaf-Tea.jpg)
Nah, that would be coca tea (mate de coca).
Yes, you can steep coca leaves in hot water, same as you would prepare tea.
>A cup of tea (250mL) will contain about 60-80g of caffeine and 20-25g of ʟ-theanine
holy shit that's like 9 times the lethal dose for a 70kg person, I can't believe I'm not dead yet
whoops you're right that should be mg obviously :^)
Perhaps a commentary on dosage. Threshold for effects of ʟ-theanine is at around 50mg, and optimal dosages are in 200-300mg range. For caffeine it's 10mg and again around 200mg. So tea is kinda suboptimal because it contains too much caffeine; this is exactly why gyokuro is specially prepared to maximise ʟ-theanine yield. I haven't looked into it yet but there might be an easy extraction method that lowers caffeine yield...
The actual effect is so miniscule that I can't feel anything until I start looking - and then there's confirmation bias. I just drink green tea because it tastes the best
None because tea is fucking gay

Drink coffee without shit and soda
Open file (167.44 KB 1300x810 1445260824483-2.png)
anything but black currant tea is good
please leave namefag
all you do is shitpost LIKE THE EBIN BREBBITTOR you are and you dont even contirbute
Nah drink coffee black and energy drinks are shit

Only pussies drink tea (Ex: British)
If it was nman actual issuee the than megamjlk would force anonimity kiss my fucking ass you faggot and choke on a dick
>he doesnt add milk to his coffee to allow the casein to bind with the tannins so this process happens before entering his stomach/on his teeth
neither do i
just don't reply to name faggots, they'll get bored and leave eventually
Ignore nanotek posts
Hide nanotek posts
Do not reply to nanotek post
Open file (133.54 KB 797x1000 rize_turist_1kg.jpg)
I drink 3L of big black tea per day
feels good man
t. future kidneystone
Now that's the good stuff right there
>tfw you consume copious amounts of all three
I may have heart problems in a couple of years.
Yeah i was bored and i saw a post on 8gag about mewch and i came back

Megamilk is a namefag maybe hell get bored and delete the site you know maybe???? :^)


Ill ignore urs
I have just impulsively ordered 100g of theanine since I saw it was on sale
I hope I'm actually getting the shit and not some placebo powder
did you order from a reputable lab?
me on the right
I have absolutely no idea lol

I guess I'll see soon
this, green tea all day everyday.
Currently drinking green tea with mixed berries and acacia honey


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