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Open file (596.14 KB 5312x2988 1518480616007406084773.jpg )
Rozelli 02/13/2018 (Tue) 00:10:37 [Preview] No. 42491
Ok for all of those who were waiting for this whore down moment here we go.
For some reason the greek cyber crime department closely follows me and notified my lawyer father that I'm a camgirl. Mind you this isn't illegal but I have installed tor (they claimed my address was sending unusual signals and that I was weirdly tech savvy, I'm not) and a bunch of greekfags hate me so maybe they snitched idk but it's still creepy and I'm encrypting my shit .they showed him everything, he is disgusted doesn't understand how it works, thinks that I have a pimp and wants me to stop.
After crying for hours I got z chance to go online, he wants to limit my online time and check me regularly.This was my only chance to save up and get away . I am really shit rn I will probably end up homeless. Anyone in Athens willing to help without taking my virginity
Ah fuck.
I'd love to take your virginity and I'm not in Athens, so sorry.
>thinks that I have a pimp
I'm quite sure most popular camwhores do.
Open file (667.19 KB 5312x2988 1518480405617416037549.jpg )
>covering the 8ch part with her hand
Serves you right you worthless bitch
>weirdly tech savvy
nowadays this p much means "doesn't browse mostly from smartphones and uses mac/win10 as operating system"
> Anyone in Athens willing to help without taking my virginity
Ask here
Open file (700.60 KB 5312x2988 15184830534181144395715.jpg )
Ok after hours of crying, I kno I'm pathetic but if it works I earned some time

I tried extracting more info on why z cops targeted me from my dad but he won't tell plus it's kinda hard listening to how he is so regretful of once watching pron and how immoral this pimp site pornhOOb is etc

I think z main reason why z pigs targeted me is cause of z money my bank account has received. Money transfer is pretty restricted here due to the shit economy
Just tell him you're fucking lonely and that guys don't give you enough attention irl.
Technically you do have a pimp.
Your pimp is whoever the admins of MFC are.
Tbh I would recommend leaving Greece for somewhere like Russia, Serbia, Poland or some Slavic country
If you can make at least 500$ and then 250 a month than you can get a comfy apartment in Russia
Fuck off juden
Nah, Slovenia isn't nearly as cheap as your typical slav shithole.
We have a nice network of cucks though that you could easily exploit, esp if you play a refugee. I'm not well connected with them though as they're commies and I'm a facist sexist pig.
Open file (29.79 KB 600x909 d63.jpeg )
>I'm not well connected with them though
I was kinda active as an anti-commie in student politics. I probably know whom I should contact for help, but fuckers hate my ass. I also got some acquaintances from other activities that go to the same places that are known to be anarchocommie and assorted failing students dens.
Unless I'm underestimating how cucked the fags are, and they'd actually be willing to help me out, just to show off their superior morals.
>Anyone in Athens willing to help without taking my virginity
Seems you don't understand how female privilege and pussy pass work. You see that sweet ass and vag gash you have? Well you need to stick dick in there. Specifically dick that has money.

Guys don't have access to female privilege, and have to work hard and save to get that money so you spread them ass cheeks wide for the cock. They do those shit jobs you don't want to do and eventually work their way up.

Till one day they say "sup babby, want to mooch off my cash? You got to mooch on my cock." Kiss your virginity goodbye, nigga. You livin the ho life nao.
What are you all from, let's see if I can guess it
Of fucking course
It's always fucking americans
Open file (2.91 MB 640x360 1518262409330.webm )
This whole thread reminds me of this
i cannot understand him but i still feel sad. reminds me of listening to a radio show. I wish I understood
It's an old man telling a prankster about how wisdom will bring you suffering and loneliness
Sorry for the lecture but
You dwell in your comfort zone, but 5km above you athmospheric pressure lowers and space begins, which is like another world to your everyday life. Whith completely different scales and stuff. Like, if you go full intellectual, you will discover that you are just a dust in the face of the univerce, your life matters no more than a cocroaches life and stuff like this. It hurts to know, so people will run from it into consuming, praying and thinking they are a big deal, whilst no one ever is a big deal and you will most likely never find a soulmate to share this with. Just quoting the guy
And now I'm depressed again

>finally find a camwhore worth watching
>disappears after one sessions, because of greek Stasi


Seems like athens should be big enough to have a commune with lesbians you could go to.
>camwhore worth watching
nigga please
All right, here's my 2¢.

First of all; you said your dad doesn't exactly understand the whole thing. I'd add that anyone that uses the term camwhores doesn't understand it. After all, whores sell sex for money (for example, in a brothel); what you are doing is closer to what were once strip shows. And as now, when we have beta orbiters willing to throw away cash for a cam show, people in strip clubs would often generously tip the strippers to get what they wanted to see.

Secondly; yeah, I don't think anyone, other than lesbians or male feminists would be willing to help you out without wanting to take your virginity. But I reckon both already hate you for stripping on the internet for men, so there's that.

>>42507 is kinda right. What does the pimp do? He directs girls to customers, taking part of the profit. This is exactly what the camming sites do. They allow customers to tip to the models, while they take part of the profit (for running the site yadda yadda). But they're doing exactly what the pimp does.

But I think the most important point here that even if there's a thin line between stripping and full prostitution, you're firmly on the former side. You got this in your favour. I've been in your streams twice; I'm not really interested in camming shit tbh but honestly, most of the content that wasn't you talking to us (the main reason why I even stayed in the stream) was spanking and occasional flash. Is this really some hardcore whoring to your dad? I'd still advise you to take a break for a while, even if you don't need to.
>For some reason the greek cyber crime department closely follows me
bs it was probably some LARPing anons
>installed tor
If you are actually being "followed" by such an organization, the fact you installed tor after hearing of their interest in you will raise red flags good on you for actually starting to care about such things though

In regards to your situatuion, that really sucks but I can't really feel much empathy for you if you think camwhoring is your only option?

I mean fuck I had a monopoly on fake yugioh cards in primary school, and was selling weeds to the seniors in my first year of high school. It's not hard to make bank, just reinvest and save all of your money. There's a million ways to make cash. Steal Android phones, factory reset them power it off and then hold down the power/home/volume up buttons then scroll down to factory reset, keep in mind you are selling tracking devices here so get that shit off of your person ASAP.

>he wants to limit my online time and check me regularly
You're 18, he shouldn't be treating you like this. However, I would be pissed if I had a daughter showing her pussy to anons for cash, mainly because I know anons are disgusting people like myself, also his house his rules : ^ )

I guess her dad is one of those who even feels bad about mastrubating and porn is hyper hardcore stuff for him, like scat bukkake porn with horses.

Also how about actresses getting nude on stage/film? Are those just glorified strippers?


She lives in greece and I guess is a NEET right now. Camwhoring is the easiest and safest way to make money online. Unless you are a good writer. But if you go on like MTurk, you'll maybe get 300$ a month for 200 hours work.

Best thing she can do is going to study and do camwhoring on the side. I read somewhere that she wanted to do camshows since she's been 15, so here we go.
As someone who used to live in Athens i can confirm that the Greek police are a bunch of faggots
These, sell the xanax, loose anything they can track you with (yes the police can track your phone while it's on airplane mode), if you leave your home at all make your movements unpredictable (take the long way) stay away from police cars other than that isolate yourself seeing as NATO states are police states with the police occupying the country like an invading army it's best to avoid being seen, if you are forced to leave than cross the border into a non NATO member country, seeing as you live in Greece i would recommend going through Montenegro and into Serbia from there stay in Serbia and then catch a plane to Belarus and cross the border into Russia
>he unironically believes le police state meme
Cmon you really don't see through it? It's a way to make tinfoilers, who'd otherwise actively cause trouble, into subduing their activity.
>Also how about actresses getting nude on stage/film? Are those just glorified strippers?
Depends. Is stripping the point of their show? Or is it only included because it's needed to be there as a plot element?

Anyone seen Preljocaj's choreography for Le Sacre du Printemps? For the last scene, where the pagans strip the virgin to be sacrificed, I don't know, even though she's completely naked it doesn't look at all like a strip show. The irony is, for me it's probably more arousing than a strip show whose purpose is to arouse. I guess I got a thing for casual nudity.
>selling xanax

not worth the time
they are cheap af and most doctors prescribe them faster than ritalin
valium on the other hand…

Also she's able to move freely within the EU(Schengen), why bother with russia?
because muh police state, muh interpol

Yeah, because she didn't pay 10% camwhore tax for the 400€ she made thru mfc, lel. I guess some larping idiots really contacted her father and he just believes them as the "internet police"
Open file (720.31 KB 5312x2988 151853656271079153236.jpg )
I made this post for ya guys tbh
I really want to keep camming but I'm royally fucked, Idk cause if I would leave I'd have to go someplace where I could presume my job
Yeah I had to hear him go on this whole tirade about how he used to watch porn but he is deeply regretful since the consumption of it benefits the producers and how he will never accept whoring as a job cause sex is sacred Yada Yada. Yea when I say pimp I mean he thinks that I am not a freelancer doing this on my own but there are a bunch of spooky illegal pimp criminals behind me controling me etc

He was even eavesdroped on z last stream hearing z tips
He even mentioned swissboy
kill me
Yeah I suppose I have to take a break but the more I cuck out to em by not working the more time I'm doomed to spend in their house which is killing me.
Yeah camming is the safest and most profitable option I have so idk. His house his rules that's why I wish a greek anon helped me escaping cause this is hell.

I don't have access to xanax, and unfortunately can't afford to leave Athens
stay strong rozelli, the sun wil come out tomarrow
>I had to hear him go on this whole tirade about how he used to watch porn but he is deeply regretful since the consumption of it benefits the producers
youre the producer, youre the one profiteering here with your pimp the MFC taking taking a share
oh well, apparently combining apostrophes of formatting and of possessive isn't a good idea
Open file (105.30 KB 500x446 2b9fqpxu5v801.png )
>He even mentioned swissboy

lel, now you father knows me. What a sneaky bastard. But even if its bad, I wouldn't trust some random greek.

Could you just move out anyway, or would you have to sneak out in the middle of the night?
>He was even eavesdroped on z last stream hearing z tips. He even mentioned swissboy
>tfw daddy didn't mention me
well damn, I'd recommend waiting it out

Btw. but do you still get too keep the money you made? And still get when someone buys your stuff on manyvids?
open a patreon lol
Open file (21.01 KB 474x349 suck it.jpg )
Well that sucks, good a time as any to go full pro though. Remember not to get BLACKED unless you are totally out of options.
vampires are real
Open file (341.11 KB 717x480 493.png )
>she uses traditional banks
>for money of questionable sources
>in a cuntry that is assraping everyone for tax evasion now
you deserve it girl. Should have accepted payment only in BTC then find some guy on localbitcoins to exchange them for cash.
Κοίτα Rozelli, όπως σου έχω ξαναπεί, αυτή δεν ήταν η καλύτερη λύση στο βιοτικό σου πρόβλημα, και με τον έναν ή με τον άλλον τρόπο θα σου ερχόταν boomerang.

Από την άλλη βλέπω ότι δυστυχώς απέχεις ελάχιστα, πάνω στην απελπισία σου, να ξεκινήσεις να κατρακυλάς σε ένα slippery slope χωρίς επιστροφή.

Τέλος, όπως ανέφερα στο παρελθόν, μάλλον αρκετά γρήγορα θα χρειαστώ την συνεισφορά σου σε ένα ερευνητικό έργο που εξετάζει διαδικτυακά φαινόμενα τα οποία έχεις βιώσει από πρώτο χέρι.

Εάν μπορείς να κάνεις υπομονή μέχρι το τέλος του μήνα, από 1η του επόμενου μπορώ να σε φιλοξενήσω στην Αθήνα, μέχρι να καταφέρεις να μπαλώσεις την κατάσταση στη ζωή σου κάπως. Αν ενδιαφέρεσαι let με know, ώστε να σου δώσω κάποιο throwaway mail να τα πούμε.
In better times...
I really want those gummy candies. What brand are they?
>There go my teeth
Probably something Greek off-brand
Open file (1.06 MB 500x281 Anfio1J.gif )
If they fall out or something happens to them... I'll just get new ones. Dentures, screw in teeth.. idgaf.
я бы не рекомендовал, чтобы увидеть, как стать лабораторной крысой, эксперимент, является самым низким, который действительно может пройти. также нет нормативов Reeeeeeeeee
Ejga, ni te blo tuki ko ji je prvič povedu za zadevo; ne tkole na prvo sodit ker takrat se m'je zdel da jo rabi bl zato, ker pozna zadevo od znotri.
Was zum Teufel hast du verdammt noch mal über mich gesagt, du kleine Schlampe? Ich werde dich wissen lassen, dass ich in der Klasse der Navy Seals meine Klasse absolviert habe und ich an zahlreichen geheimen Überfällen auf Al-Quaeda beteiligt war, und ich habe über 300 bestätigte Abschüsse. Ich bin in der Gorilla-Kriegsführung ausgebildet und bin der beste Scharfschütze der gesamten US-Streitkräfte. Du bist nichts für mich, nur ein anderes Ziel. Ich werde dich mit der Präzision, wie sie noch nie zuvor auf dieser Erde gesehen wurde, genau abwischen, meine verdammten Worte markieren. Denkst du, du kannst damit davonkommen, dass du mir das über das Internet gesagt hast? Denk nochmal nach, Ficker. Während wir sprechen, kontaktiere ich mein geheimes Netzwerk von Spionen in den USA und deine IP wird gerade verfolgt, damit du dich besser auf den Sturm, die Made, vorbereitest. Der Sturm, der das erbärmliche kleine Ding auslöscht, das du dein Leben nennst. Du bist verdammt tot, Junge. Ich kann überall und jederzeit sein und ich kann dich auf über siebenhundert Arten töten, und das ist nur mit meinen bloßen Händen. Ich bin nicht nur im unbewaffneten Kampf ausgiebig ausgebildet, sondern habe auch Zugriff auf das gesamte Arsenal des United States Marine Corps und werde es in vollem Umfang nutzen, um deinen erbärmlichen Arsch vom Gesicht des Kontinents abzuwischen, du kleiner Scheißkerl. Wenn du nur gewusst hättest, welche unheilige Vergeltung dein kleiner "schlauer" Kommentar über dich bringen würde, hättest du vielleicht deine verdammte Zunge behalten. Aber du konntest es nicht, hast du nicht, und jetzt bezahlst du den Preis, du gottverdammter Idiot. Ich werde dich wütend machen und du wirst darin ertrinken. Du bist verdammt tot, Kleiner. Dies ist ein Copypasta. Ich nehme an, dass etwas in der Übersetzung verloren gegangen ist, weil das, was du gesagt hast, nichts mit meinem Post zu tun hat
>inb4 I didn't know it's a copypasta
Točn tko; google translate je totalno neuporaben, ker sta dve slovenščini – ta govorjena, pa ta knjižna.
her friend is cute, more pictures?
she should move in with her an camwhore togehter, yes?
This actually sounds like it could be a good idea
Ugh, she has a boyfriend.
Open file (786.57 KB 5312x2988 15186072471561155429053.jpg )
Wait can you dm me on Twitter are you legit?
Are you legit?

You are hero, my friend.
Omg tenk ;~;
οκ, σβήνω το παραπάνω ποστ για να μην με spammaρουν.
Finished Rozelli's piece at >>43045
Hopefully I finished it in time for her to see it before she gets herself into a bad situation.
What was this post and why was it deleted? >>43012
Contact info meant for rozelli personally, I presume.
>οκ, σβήνω το παραπάνω ποστ για να μην με spammaρουν.
Ah ok, thx. I hope he's trolling\planning to rape or murder her. She doesn't deserve *anything*
Can you please fuck off to 8gag with this edgy attitude? This is a wholesome imageboard.
Open file (203.71 KB 3198x1799 RageFace.jpg )
>Ah ok, thx. I hope he's not trolling\planning to rape or murder her. She doesn't deserve this

Open file (29.92 KB 375x500 rawww.jpg )
Thats a horrible thought anon...but if said event would have to take place i am sure anon would live stream and take suggestions...
Roziii. How is the normie life going for you so far?
Rozelli a cute
Pls respond.
>without taking my virginity
how about a business deal.
I offer you mine and you offer me yours.
sounds fair on my book.
t. economist
all right niggers

I call dibs on rozelli's cherry
fuck this ugly kike whore, she's disgusting and has a shit personality
ur way too late
>fuck this ugly kike whore
I would tbh
Open file (706.59 KB 5312x2988 IMG_20180216_014830.jpg )
Now I hurt myself with a zipper
Daddy wouldn't like it if he knew you were exposing yourself online again
thx for info but I think your daddy would be better to help you with that here right now tbh
Open file (219.87 KB 852x609 rozelli_lingo.png )
He's a big guy
For you
Meh I'm just lurking freenet
Omg tenk ya 💗 <3
Lmao cute job King I'm honored <3
Stop camming if you want to continue on in Greece, in your father's house, stop camming. If you don't and continue; and eventually get kicked out you will receive nothing short of the treatment one who lives as a whore gets.
You will be passed around like a peace pipe between Indians and at the end of the day you'll have nothing but shame and regrets.
Should you find this greekanon or someone capable of helping you it will be for the sole purpose of screwing, with the exception of some females who browse these boards but at that point you've hit the demographic jackpot of Greek, wealthy, not a dyke/trap, and an anon.
I'm not all too familiar with the fine details of your situation but I think you have a hard decision and you're in a place that is punishing mistakes.
I'm not going to say go get a job because I know Greece doesn't have those. If you're the rebellious type go throw in with some of the folks prepping for SHTF the way Greece is going it seems to be coming soon.
But I imagine you're going to stall and wind up staying in the house if your father is not a genuinely assertive man; of which he seems weak willed but loud, but testing him is still foolish.
Or you get kicked out for playing a whores game.
You can not have both, money and freedom or your home and family.
>You can not have both, money and freedom or your home and family.

I know some guy how has both.
He's a happy fella
>tfw roz used your shitty paint net image

Her father is not telling her anything wrong I would have have thrown her skank ass out of my house. Shes lucky and her moaning here about how,
dadddyy wont let me be a whore and is forcing me to study
is fucking retarded.
Oh shit I just realised what Rozelli should do –

>actually go study art
>volunteer to be a nude model
>make decent amounts of money posing for being study subject

Seriously. You seem to know how to pose expressively (you might need to expand your repertoire though), but this way you can pose nude for money, without your parents being pissed about it.
Open file (33.77 KB 524x274 IMG_2617.JPG )
>muh can't have Family and money
begone fake natsoc, pic related
However you are right that he seems like the all talk no action kind of person
Opinion discarded
Open file (213.77 KB 500x728 nothing personal kinda.png )
Fuck of Satan.
Rozelli needs to kill herself. Ugly talentless whore

why would you write such mean things?
He's probably from /4chon/, that's all anybody from that board does.
He's telling the truth though.
I'm trying to find pics of rozelli where she doesn't make silly faces and just looks cute
Open file (326.64 KB 474x354 kidroza.png )
Trips of truth
>you need to be 18 years or older to use this website
I stated from her position faggot.
She is a woman and the two sets; wealth & freedom or family & home, unless by miracle of inheritance and birth are mutually exclusive.
I just explained what is likely to happen to her and how this is going to turn out depending upon her choices.
Of which no one here is capable of is going to genuinely help her unless she puts out. Unless this girl wants to put out for one of the neets here and live with his parents she's just going to have to face the consequences.
See above where I mentioned she's a woman. How many women with a functioning family life and wealth are there in the world?
The outlier is not the mean.
How many women have either?

There's also many ways to have both family and freedom; however those usually don't allow for much wealth, and require an adventurous husband who's willing to live an unsettled life. Nomadism, if you wish.
This could be a good idea, then again I also thought that giving my former roommate the refrigerator key
>Remember not to get BLACKED unless you are totally out of options.

Suicide is always an option and much preferable to that.
We need to kill beta orbiters that give camgirls money.

I'll never stop giving money to camgirls. If you kill one of us, three will replace him.
There is literally nothing wrong with interracial relationships.
*triggering intensifies*
Open file (1.78 MB 5312x2988 dogwithqtfriend.jpg )
Open file (978.76 KB 5312x2988 qtfriend2tbh.jpg )
Her friend is a qt
Open file (1.78 MB 5312x2988 dogwithqtgf.jpg )
Hey Roz , got more pics of your friend?
>crossing out rozelli
ugh, she has a boyfriend
So what, relationships never last most of the time. She will be my waifu some day
Open file (233.78 KB 691x625 image.jpeg )
He can help her out, you can hold the camera or something.

oh lawd so you're on both freenet and tor then I guess?

What do you think of freenet's fine selection of CP?
FSB is on free net
And FBI is on Tor
Tor is better tbh but I'm not into cp
Open file (79.83 KB 400x816 IMG_20180106_091109.jpg )
Open file (68.30 KB 450x610 gf.jpg )
Day 14 since last camshow. ;_;
Open file (192.79 KB 479x343 IMG_2615.JPG )
Hopefully it doesn't get up to 80
Stop being a fucking dirty whore and breaking your fathers heart. Fucking dirt phh
Dad litterally called me too literally retarded to make my own choices and entertain anyone online without taking of my clothes
tell your dad that I wasn't even interested in camwhores before you
lel, classic dad behavior
Open file (105.26 KB 900x600 gvhhgv.jpg )
Well...was he wrong?
This is one of the few times where my advice is not "call him a пидор(faggot)"
Also aren't we all a little retarded tbh
>when u nut but she keep succin
Smart man.
>hfw I insert my cock and it's girthier than she imagined
Does she camwhores?
Did u get any sweeet sugar daddy offers yet ?
How is your home situation atm? And did you find out how z cyber police got you yet?
hope u doing okay rozelli, sry 2 hear about ur pops getting angry with you
contribute some meaningful content next time you whore
She's just being an aphatetic emo goofball, especially after being dadded by daddy
Open file (1.95 MB 1280x720 1519391162398.webm )


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