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Anonymous 01/13/2018 (Sat) 01:50:44 [Preview] No. 31397
Finalchan.net says hi
Open file (285.26 KB 523x459 ^~^0.png )
Oh I remember you guys. Hi.
Open file (847.75 KB 480x464 frensssszzzza.gif )
we're frenz now
Open file (51.85 KB 298x159 that image name.jpg )
Heh, that's okay.
I lurk finalchan sometimes, I like you guys
But why you gotta collect IPs?
Open file (26.98 KB 706x375 finalchanprivacy.png )
You guys collect ips
Open file (184.17 KB 1142x1200 1515694934082.jpg )
This is first time i have friend.
What do i do now?
What are friends usually doing?
Open file (30.80 KB 853x480 anim ^~^.jpg )
Open file (149.02 KB 250x254 anim mad confuse.gif )
i is confuse are u from finalchan or mewch?
wtf is mewch
This is mewch its here
how can we be here if our eyes are not real?
but I prefer my humans alive. I'm no vulture
Oi fuck you, reply to my OP I want your gore folder
Open file (784.46 KB 498x278 anim old meme.gif )
I feel like i should know what ur talking about.
A reference to something.

uh... every website you connect to collects your IP.

It's how the site knows where to send the requests to.
Yeah but not every site stores unhashed IPs
Open file (313.33 KB 480x320 1498886474737.gif )
Open file (1003.24 KB 500x310 anim ^~^~^~^.gif )
Thats alot of characters just to say hello.
Open file (1.05 MB 1280x720 Shinobu Laughs.mp4 )
Open file (1.63 MB 416x414 1503949947506.gif )
Actually being able to read that is so rewarding after spending time learning moon runes. For some reason it's making me feel more like an adult.
Open file (64.89 KB 1280x720 anime afrai.jpg )
u again!
wut u wunt? `-_-'
Open file (118.39 KB 200x200 1492545243373330930.gif )
hello from wykop.pl
Open file (104.83 KB 500x500 bump zielony.png )
pl.vichan.net says hi
Wow u guys wernt on me shill list
Welcome frens
Open file (41.53 KB 300x100 Pac banner.gif )
So we can ban spamers really. Your IP shows up next to your post to a mod. They arent collected in a list or everything. Id almost guarantee your mods see the same thing.
Thats adorable ^^
I feel the exact same way.
Nope, even the site admin can only see the first three digits of a poster. Mewch is the most privacy friendly imageboard out there
Of a poster's IP address*, that is
Open file (24.25 KB 500x375 admincat.jpg )
This is true. And I can only see it when I'm logged in, which is only when I have to take action.

I have no interest in knowing anyone's IP.
this is why mewch is /comfy/
>he doesn't browse exclusively through mod.php like all reputable mods
Open file (105.20 KB 1363x768 anim ^~^point.jpg )


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