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Open file (62.67 KB 726x720 instagram.jpg )
Anonymous 01/11/2018 (Thu) 20:48:05 [Preview] No. 31186
I have an instagram now.

Fuck it was hard to come up with a good username.
Also it's fun posting images on instagram from a laptop.
Fuck you smartphone apps.
Oh no OP. What did you do?
I got instagram when i was a degenerate little normie that just wanted some sauce. Haven't got rid of it ever since. On the other hand instagram is how I got into imageboards.
Oh shit gotta follow Kelly.
What will you post on your IG?
Selfies, food, photos from my outdoors trips. Basically what I've been posting to mewch anyway.
Open file (104.90 KB 720x720 dube on b.jpg )
I got one too but it's mostly for spying on my family members so I feel better about myself.
all right I got two followers now: milk man and dddude man
everyone I know irl apparently just ignored me
This is were all the cool kids hangout.
Open file (697.46 KB 960x1280 a.jpg )
Open file (220.53 KB 960x1280 b.jpg )
Open file (158.61 KB 960x1280 c.jpg )
okay some spic thot added me
Congrats on giving up the rights to your pics.
Don't I do the same when I post pics on an imageboard?
This makes me sick.
The guy with the instagram, you have achieved nothing, you've wasted more of your miserable life.
The guy who got into imageboards through instagram, you are piece of lowly filth, scum of this world. Your presence contaminates this place, makes it more akin to 4fun and 8gag and every other piece of shit board nowadays. Its all gone to shit. So much human waste. You are pathetic.

Having a bad day. Still doesnt detract from the fact that you should be ashamed for being so petty and simple minded... fuckass.
wow look at this virtue signalling faggot who thinks imageboards are somehow magically different from other social websites
That anon was a faggot and a sperg.
But I mean come on, >>31194 got here from instagram.
Who would have thought, someone got into imageboards from an image sharing site.
I guess the memes were too dank.
Oh come on anon,
You know what instagram really is
To be fair, when I was first introduced to 4fun I was around nine, so I've been exponentially more cancerous than some instanormie
I was 12, I think? One of my friends played WoW and he knew about the place. Took a couple of years before I actually started using the website and not just checking it up occasionally to feel edgy, though.
Lol, do you remember gaia online being cool?
Ayy yeah, even had an account for a while before I got bored
At least it doesn't revolve around ego boosting...fucking nigger.
Explain tripfags then.
Open file (1.45 MB 480x336 1513822781.gif )
>ego boosting
Well, (You)s are an equivalent to upboats/likes.
Thank G-d we don't have (You)s on mewch.
I'm just glad I'm over social networks.
Mewch is the only one i still hang out on.
You can't defend the other two. They were never great, just better. Chaotic (((shitholes))) that people got attached to.
I gotta admit normales made the place subsequently worse.
They're not to blame, the jews are.
You would know
Welcome JIDF
I gave up on Facebook when I was a liberal because I noticed that ads were getting shoved into the newsfeed as if they were published by a friend. I noticed where the trend was going and got off the boat.

I went back a couple times just check on the facebook API and now the ads are in people's pictures.
Can you explain what you mean by ads being in peoples pictures?
I haven't been on fb for a while, but I find it hard to believe it's STILL getting worse over there
Come hang out at arisuchan.jp sometime, pretty comfy over there too. Assuming that you're into cyberpunk
I been there before
It's not that they stick ads on their pictures. Just people taking pictures of themselves consuming some product ifykwim
The site looks really nice i gotta admit.
There's a substantial amount of posts too.
And yes, I'm into cyberpunk but honestly I don't have that much time for it anymore.
This chan might help me get back into it but it's so fucking slow on Google Chrome and I'm too lazy to use Tor or Opera tbh
Open file (52.48 KB 600x531 Cc_h7GWUAAAzmxJ.jpg )
>Google Chrome
Open file (28.85 KB 600x397 privacy-vs-google.jpg )
>Google Chrome
Open file (205.86 KB 2048x854 google_new_logo.jpg )
>Google Chrome
Okay jesus I know.
I'm in the progress of switching, it isn't as easy as you think.
Open file (38.50 KB 800x600 negberd.jpg )
I'm using Palemoon compiled with GCC

it seems to use 670MB of memory + 10MB per new tab in addition to any media content
10MB per tab is not bad, but 670MB for the base process is quite a lot. It's hard to find a good, lightweight browser that doesn't rape your privacy and also supports extensions.
>CFLAGS="-march=ivybridge -Os -pipe"
it's quite a bit smaller than either current firefox or chrome but it's still a big nigga even without much added to it (noscript and adnauseam)

browsers in 2018 are really macabre
Palemoon looks like an alright browser. An alternative the Tor Browser which is becoming ever so privacy invading?
GCC looks too complicated for a fag like me. What is it?


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