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Open file (368.73 KB 1697x947 Wew.jpg )
Anonymous 01/09/2018 (Tue) 19:48:32 [Preview] No. 30770
>Room is currently offline

oh also rozelli was online earlier
Open file (368.92 KB 1697x898 sexy.jpg )
/bestgirl/ is currently online, get in here or be a fggt.

Open file (362.50 KB 1694x899 wew2.jpg )
Or if one girl isn't enough, well, these girls are always fun.

that's incorrect tho
best girl is https://chaturbate.com/sherryshen/
That fugly mutt doesn't even show anything on public streams.
She's back on now.
Open file (284.70 KB 1665x905 melaniswan.jpg )
qt here, too bad chat is limited to tokencucks.

pucci bump
Open file (317.45 KB 1666x800 chaturb8 M.jpg )
Open file (8.88 KB 210x24 Untitled.png )
starting with the important questions I see
Open file (509.77 KB 2448x3264 bPjIYYi.jpg )
I see they're not like the other girls
Open file (228.94 KB 567x485 megamilk.png )
Open file (307.43 KB 800x450 5ch_animation.gif )
everyone probably
In women in eastern Europe tend to engage in western trends without understanding the context of what they're doing, they just do it because it's popular in America or Western Europe, it doesn't actually mean anything, it's not a statement, it's just fashion.
Yeah, but the model is from Latvia or something.
Why? She is a basic bitch. She is on the front page every day. She has god tier tiddies but thats about it.

This man has fine taste

Because she has class, unlike the thots posted ITT. When you get one of those whores to post on mewch maybe then we can talk.
Open file (16.20 KB 254x191 fapfapfap.png )
>Wew, get in here lads.
>That fugly mutt doesn't even show anything on public streams.
>She's back on now.
You guys do actually talk to girls in the real world too yes?
his face says "just fucking kill me" he's completely dead inside
Open file (2.41 MB 2060x2973 1516629696072.jpg )
To get a bj on cam for hundreds of other men with their dicks out, you either gotta enjoy the exhibitionism of it manically or feel nothing at all, I think.
Probably just for the money.
Open file (44.61 KB 510x383 Assassins.jpg )
tf an abled bodied man gonna go and get his dick sucked on cam for money
like get a job nigga hustle something smh
Hi sherry.
nigga m8 her titties are
かわいい でしょう
Lol don't remember naming the file that, must've been grumpy that day.

They are pretty cute, heh
I just wanted to share
they dont like lewding here
No, they don't like lewding sherry.
Which is understandable, don't want to make her mad again.

I just hope it was up long enough for some other anons to get my rare sherrys

>they don't like lewding sherry.
True, sherry is a symbol of innocence and purity. We cannot have that be tainted with lewds of her photoshopped to look naked.
Yeah, totally shooped
Based. Kelly is our one and only queen
Open file (6.93 MB 1280x720 sherrycuteface.webm )
Open file (42.20 KB 600x600 1503518611369.jpg )
This can't be real
>tfw you will never do this with her face
Open file (1.17 MB 1280x720 SherrySowwy.webm )
lel, thats what i thought looking at his thumbnail. Thought he was using distortion on his cam to distort himself or something.
woh, extremely cute.
>Ugly tattooed mestizo slut
Shit taste confirmed
>Can't tell that she's a disgusting mutt by her ugly frankenstein face
Wew lad.
sherry ugly af
At least you're honest.
shes a disgusting beast
A disgusting race mixed mutant freak.
>mixed race...

Yes, obviously, and a tattooed slut.
>>35243 wlhy dw utgod create sguture
>>35243 wlhy dw utgod create sg-mon)st orous creature?i didntdele,te th atdoes he knw no mercy?
(0_-) ssh
>>35236 shewhy so rude
Why would god create such a monstrous creature, does he know no mercy?
She is quite ugly.
>virtue-signalling /pol/ack
There's nobody here to congratulate your racism. You may want to fish for compliments elsewhere.
Sherry is aryan, she hates non-whites too.
Open file (5.09 MB 1280x720 leftypol goes outside.mp4 )
Found the /leftypol/
Sherry has a cute face but mental problems
Open file (1000.96 KB 1039x583 sherry know de whey.png )
why you say that? cus she has autism?
god damn I can't stop watching the moment of impact
y'know you can know it's /pol/ leaking but /leftypol/ doesn't bc there's only /pol/ virtue signalling
>l-lol we-I-I-I mean /leftypol/ d-dosn't gay!
Wew, /leftycuck/ confirmed, enjoy your obligatory dragondildo session you utter faggot.
Open file (322.88 KB 1654x674 Namnlös.jpg )
>Implying she isn't perfect.
Open file (140.46 KB 960x677 2.jpg )
Open file (140.22 KB 960x678 3.jpg )
Open file (141.90 KB 957x675 4.jpg )
Open file (145.07 KB 959x677 5.jpg )
Open file (159.44 KB 965x721 6.jpg )
Open file (132.08 KB 962x608 WHAT.jpg )
Open file (132.92 KB 965x829 princessa777 2.jpg )
Open file (127.91 KB 967x800 princessa777 3.jpg )
Open file (135.17 KB 964x830 princessa777.jpg )
Fuck off with this beta cuck orbiting
Suck my dick test.
not orbiting just sharing rooms
Open file (396.88 KB 960x960 varg.jpg )
>The autistic shitnigger Varg has this meme guys
Please record video of her, then upload somewhere like on Mega or Zippyshare. Please. Screencaps are not enough...
she smokes crack
Even if true, idk. I don't have to kiss her. I just want to fap to her in motion, I can't go on cam sites or I'm addicted and because my computer is so bad I can't record any of them myself and can't pay for their private shows (I wouldn't even if I could tbh) because then the government would arrest me, however I want to see these cute girls like this one. Recorded from cams is my favorite kind of porn.
>because then the government would arrest me
Are you American? I'm not. Here webcam sex is illegal, even more than regular porn. You won't be arrested for watching porn (though porn sites are blocked, it's easy to bypass) unless you do it in public, but for watching cams you can be arrested because you're "contributing to sex abuse and immoral behavior" even if you don't pay for it. It's not officially the law, I don't think, but law and reality are different things...
Why do you only bully people here?
wot u mean?
Such a thot whore smh
>explain that webcam sex is illegal
>you reply with a link to a cam site
>judging by the name "ts" it's a trap too
I saw you troll people in other threads too with Sherry icon.
it was a black trap lool

>I saw you troll people in other threads too with Sherry icon.
its only banter tbh
it's only illegal if you get caught
Open file (1.48 MB 480x270 tenor.gif )

Uploading 5 min clip of maria for you, its not very good but all i have. I'll upload some later just stay in the room.
>black trap
>its only banter tbh
Ok, sorry if I sound bitter haha. I'm just scared of the future and makes me worried about trolls as real if you know what I mean... There could be nuclear war if Putin, Kim and Trump compare penis sizes... Etc.
lol but the sad thing is, everyone is caught if they trigger something. I don't know how the system works but the government can see everything. They just don't care if it's not direct, this is how I think it works. People are arrested for giving attention to women online to "empower" them maybe, this is how it is, I don't know...
i think you might be schizo tbh
Is there any footage of Sherry?
I'll wait with my dick.
>doesn't worry about nuclear war
Do you have a bunker? I don't so I'm worried...
>233 GB of data of some camwhore
>calling others schizo
Wew lad
>calling sherry a whore
>fuck you faggot
Open file (4.91 KB 170x163 14654780482170s.jpg )
>233.51 GB
i love her
rulebulls smh tbh
She does NOT smoke crack, the sherrybot is just jealous because his girl isn't even white.
sherry has seized control of this bort, insult her again and face the consequences
How does it feel to be a sad beta orbiter cuck?
Open file (133.63 KB 650x800 chad.png )
i wouldnt know
Open file (162.40 KB 964x649 10.jpg )
Open file (306.83 KB 1660x724 11.jpg )
>Literally being a cuck for some racemixed south American cocaine whore mongrel
wew lad.

Anyway, Maria is online right now: https://chaturbate.com/maria398m/
we'll see who the real cuck is
>Says the guy who's camgirl will only do shows in private
Kek lad, stay mad.
>be mad because my gf isn't a whore
lool no, sherry likes me and i've never even tipped her. Maria only wants your shekels.
>This projection
Maria will happily chat with anyone, even if they don't have any tokens, and Sherry only stopped doing public shows because she was tired of people recording her and uploading the videos on other platforms, your girl is literally only interested in shekels, just like any cocaine whore would be.
you're so mean to me, i don't even like you anymore tbh.
i seen that livepost, make your mind up.
Meh, stop being a pussy. You started this.
you insulted sherry first cus ur a bully. you think maria likes bullies? think again.
No, I uploaded images of Maria and you started insulting her, you started this.

And all girls like bullies tbh fam
Guise, guise: they’re both worthless camwhores
Stfu retard your mom sucks cock
>Look at dis here bitchnibba
Only because your mom is a crack whore.
Why are you screen shooting my Maria?
Open file (1.17 MB 1280x720 SherrySowwy.webm )
It's alright fam, I'm just happy for the new picture tbh.
is this you?
Open file (3.13 KB 175x26 nickgurrs.jpg )
Yeah, and you're this guy?
yeh lol <3
Open file (144.18 KB 957x603 13.jpg )
Open file (322.88 KB 1654x674 Namnlös.jpg )
Nice dewd.
ur bitch is ugli
Open file (168.02 KB 965x651 14.jpg )
STFU you just jealous that I found her first.
>>39277 this is not me, idk who he is
It is a subversive troll fggt, probably /intl/.
She's a cute.

Should I make an account?
Sure, it makes it easier to follow when the model(s) are online. It doesn't cost anything either.
Probably, but i have to admit he do have good taste.
*But a lot of models don't let greys (like me) post, and a lot of those that do just ignore the greyposting, but not Maria.
i was in a room earlier and some grey posting a gif of a girls ass with shit plopping out of it.
Thanks for informing me.
She's lovely.
Open file (184.99 KB 1011x676 16.jpg )
she's the qtest
Post a pic without the wig.
Kek, makes her sound like a granny.
Why do you invent such accusations?
Why must you be such an utter cunt?
>wine-whine merging
kneegrows not welcome k
>protected by DMCA
Unsurprisingly, this thot is dumb af
I have no fucking clue what you're talking about

Most of the fucking chaturbate models have that retarded fucking watermark on their shit.
All right, now one without the makeup
Wew lad, this is from one of her paid albums? An earlier profile?
Open file (136.51 KB 736x1450 1517893905294.jpg )
I saved this pic because it reminded me of roze and I wanted to post it here. Seems like the time is right to finally post it.
Yeah, it kind of does look like her, just with only about half of the ugly.
Dang, that’s her.
Jules Joseph Lefebvre – La Cigale (1872)
Never mind, found it.
Open file (161.83 KB 964x649 Samantha941.jpg )
Open file (141.90 KB 957x675 4.jpg )
Jfl @ this sad beta cuck worshipping
>Implying I actually give a fuck
I just think she's really cute.
Judging by how much you're spamming this thot I'd say so yes
>Posting on chans
>Doesn't have a chaTurbatefu
rozelli doesn't have a chaturbate account :^)
Open file (546.21 KB 255x255 EBIN DROLL FACE.gif )
Open file (243.35 KB 1000x602 prostitution-copy.jpg )
She's probably a literal prostitute working in a brothel.

She's from Latvia.
i have seen a different, but similar map reflecting different data...

specifically with relation to the laws between britain and ireland
I can always fap to this.
Open file (152.57 KB 967x652 18.jpg )
Open file (1.83 MB 1920x1080 19.png )
Open file (1.73 MB 1920x1080 21.png )
Open file (132.05 KB 855x588 22.jpg )
Open file (1.67 MB 1920x1080 23.png )
Open file (554.00 KB 856x589 24.png )
Get a life already you sad fedora tipping beta cuck
Get a chatfu already you fucking normie cuckfaggot
Just tell me where she works so I can pay her a visit once.
Somewhere in Riga, don't know which specific brothel.
Open file (267.30 KB 964x919 mirrored_image.jpg )

it's really uncanny
oh the things I'd do to rozelli on that bed
Open file (79.25 KB 1011x700 roz_trueform.jpg )

she already did horrible things to me on my bed
oh god I wish that were me
I would punch her and cut her body open. Disgusting whore.
yeah same I would punch her cervix with my cock

You can't kill a succubus that way. You need mirrors.
Who, rozelli or the rape victim?
snitches get stitches tbh
ur mum of stuffed wif sneetchez tbh lad
Spk Englsh
How you guys not get depressed or disgusted by this stuff?
we do and we are
How is it like being a homosexual?

TBH it does make depressed to see it sometimes, and a lot of what these girls do is completely disgusting, like shoving things in their asses on camera.
Open file (106.56 KB 500x398 84669.png )
why can't they just do normal stuff like piss on camera
t. megamilk
Friendly reminder that chaturbate is an actual job. How Much Money Can I Make on Chaturbate? http://webcammodellife.com/make-money-on-chaturbate/
Open file (1.52 MB 1280x720 This is why I drink.webm )
Really, no one has any cams to recommend?
Nah, I was never interested in watching camwhores.
I'm willing to make an exception for some that are also fun to talk to, but then again I'm not in the stream for their camwhoring.
Open file (328.60 KB 640x360 eevie 911.webm )
She is super cool and fun to talk to. I called obama a nigger jew once, ive picked on her for wearing braces, she likes talking about conspiracy theories and stuff too. She's not super uptight about things either.
She disable grey chat though
Open file (11.28 MB 640x360 eevie pizzagate.webm )
Sad beta orbiting cucks. Kill yourselves
Because your life revolves around worshipping random internet whores who don't give a fuck about you. I know we all want love and validation, but trying to get it this way is just fake and very sad
Why are you projecting this hard anon?
>Because your life revolves around worshipping random internet whores who don't give a fuck about you.
This sounds like projection, why you assume dis?

Did a camgrill hurt you in the past?
Says the guy who posts and talks about his Maria chatwhore every other day. It's literal proof you are an orbiting beta cuck. Get a life, dude
Lol no, anyone can realize they're just whores who want nothing but your shekels. It's your own fantasy and illusions that try to make them into anything more than that
Open file (1000.96 KB 1039x583 sherry know de whey.png )
>rages at people for posting camgirls
>tells them to get a life
Why do you care dood? if someone posts pictures of pepe does that make them a frog orbiter? if you don't like memes get out tbh.
I'm just trying to meme a girl who's actually attractive.
And? Two can play that game; one can go in and not pay a single agora.
>It's your own fantasy and illusions
or maybe its your own fantasy and assumptions on thinking we actually think of these girls as something more than a girl camming for money?
That's called beta orbiting
Porn has more action
The fact that you're so obsessed with her and constantly post her makes me think otherwise
Sorry, porn disgusts me and I have no intention of watching another dude bang a girl that's more often than not not even hot.
>Posting things that I don't post is orbiting
Do you have any idea how massive of a faggot you are?
Lesbian porn
Completely not the point I was making. But I guess beta cucks just can't be saved
>The fact that you're so obsessed with her and constantly post her makes me think otherwise
is nek a cat orbiter? is mr lain a lain orbiter? Posting sherry is funny. Until you get someone so fucking dense (you) that they can't differentiate between satire, ironic, and serious posts. Why do you even post here?

If you dont like memes, satire humor, then why not just browse reddit? stop browsing imageboards tbh.
"lesbian" porn is awkward as fuck and still disgusting
>Has no problem watching camwhores, 'porn disgusts me'
Just lol anon
Hey, even reddit is capable of satire.
Spamming and beta orbiting a camwhore is not 'posting memes'
What you're trying to say is that anything that you can't understand is some for of orbiting, and that you can't in fact understand the nature of an imageboard or imageboard culture, you're simply revealing how out of place you are here, and that you in fact come from reddit.
You really fail to see how camwhores are a fucking goldmine of reaction pics and original content in general?
>you can't understand is some for of orbiting
>some for of
This is what happens when you don't proofread your posts.
Open file (457.99 KB 564x590 12.png )
Open file (1.73 MB 1920x1080 21.png )
Open file (132.05 KB 855x588 22.jpg )
>Porn has more action
Uhh i don't masturbate to sherry? we are saving ourselves for marriage. And also some guys prefer watching camgirls because you can talk and interact with them. It's sometimes more arousing to watch someone live that watch some video of a girl getting plowed.

>Lesbian porn
>jack off to what i tell you too
thats p gay fam

>Spamming and beta orbiting a camwhore is not 'posting memes'
>its not a meme cus i dont like it
You're the only beta here dood. Stop whining and telling other ppl to get a life when you clearly don't have one yourself. I post sherry out of fun, its entertaining to me. You on the other hand are posting out of spite, whining like a little bitch because you don't like it. Sherry is mine, you will never have her.
>Uhh i don't masturbate to sherry? we are saving ourselves for marriage. And also some guys prefer watching camgirls because you can talk and interact with them. It's sometimes more arousing to watch someone live that watch some video of a girl getting plowed.
Wow, you couldn't be a sadder beta cuck. I feel sorry for you
>jack off what i tell you too
No, I was giving him advice since he doesn't like to see dudes pounding a whore
>its not a meme cus i dont like it
You don't seem to understand what a meme is
>You don't seem to understand what a meme is
neither do you
>reaction pics of cam models is beta orbiting and can't be considered, itself, a meme
>reaction pics of anime characters is imageboard culture and totally not beta waifufagging at all
le seriously?
Open file (238.93 KB 1200x859 kys.jpg )
it's not even funny as a joke to post this kind of whoring. fuck off with this shit already and kill yourself you beta cuck
>I'm happy to send you pics, videos, and sext you and give you a girlfriend experience!

>send you pics, videos, and sext you
>a girlfriend experience

uhh I don't think she knows what a girlfriend is
Sending pics and vc is not a girlfriend experience, and your definition confirms it.
that said I'd be ready to take her out and pay entirely myself if she lived close enough
Open file (651.46 KB 1038x1177 151880725577575928-1.png )
I found FoKy a waifu! She's pure disney. That will trigger his autism. https://m.chaturbate.com/mobile/?b=shycinderella
Open file (175.42 KB 1080x720 1486874100420.jpg )
I didn't write it. Go complain to her if you have a problem.
why doesnt rozelli do this?
girlfriend experience means she will text you cutsie wootsie and pretend to be interested and love you sexually and emotionally.

idk who FoKy is but i seen her room yesterday, is pure autism tbh.
t. thirsty juden
Open file (86.94 KB 246x205 1418176039114.png )
FoKy is an autist from /4chon/. He has an obsession with disney.
Open file (57.34 KB 501x355 jorge.jpg )
check'd and kek'd
Open file (4.10 MB 426x240 aggie_bomba.mp4 )
Even though you didn't respond to any post I made, I'm still going to respond to you as though you did.

Eat shit and die already you worthless cuck.
>TFW I'm forced to resort to tripfagging to keep niggers from stealing my identity.
Open file (584.37 KB 1400x2700 6e6UFLc.png )
Open file (814.48 KB 886x594 1518898264768.png )
This birb has a goth gf and you don't. What's your excuse?
Open file (57.73 KB 1050x1200 vampirefreaks-pictures-1.jpg )
Sign up for a goth gf at vampirefreaks.com :) You're welcome!

Is this site even worth checking out if you're over 30? I always thought it was nothing but a bunch of teenie-bobber mall-goths twaddle posting.
Open file (46.32 KB 423x79 logo.png )
It's never too late to mingle with the weirdos!
Open file (196.88 KB 505x417 qt1.png )
Open file (157.88 KB 458x434 qt2.png )
>tfw no qt goth gf


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