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Open file (106.65 KB 350x436 sheen_jimmy_neutron.png )
Anonymous 01/09/2018 (Tue) 15:54:15 [Preview] No. 30757
whats up its ur boy jimmy hows ur day going anons
Open file (35.33 KB 457x439 DTDv72OVoAAJ7ff.jpg )
My father fell for one of those phishing emails so now I have to change every password he's fucking entered because he uses the same password for everything.
That's not Jimmy.
Open file (18.11 KB 300x294 nichijoucancer.jpg )
Is it just me or does school suck allot more when coming back after a long break.
Anyway, I'm not ill anymore so just downloading some e-books, browsing chans and getting comfy for tonight i guess.

Also my best friend is more or less avoiding conversation with me right now and I don't know why so I'm having fun digest that.
excuse me grammar. It's been a while
Open file (910.20 KB 480x272 gnamui.gif )
Listening to muh favorite music.
on the interest. thats about it. neet
Open file (212.14 KB 500x284 carl.png )
i feel this sentiment very strongly, anon
i was living the neet life home for the holidays
working on some code projects that i actually cared about
not it's back to college bullshit
i can't stand how many people there are
i just want a little room where no one can see me
this is hell on earth
Open file (49.70 KB 322x318 nooooooo.jpg )
I'm horny and I want to die
there's nothin worse than being horny and lonely :(
Open file (137.95 KB 386x372 1503314736970.png )
I'm feeling good and chill
and then I try to move my legs and I am reminded today was jogging, squats, calf raises, and powercleans
it's all good
Open file (759.72 KB 638x440 yup.PNG )
I used to learn C# and HTML a while ago, now I just don't have enough time because of school so I had to stop.
I hope you're doing better anon, try the library. Tell me; is college really the scam people warned me about?
Was stuck at work for 12 hours and too wore out to work on my Kelly piece.

Maybe tomorrow.
(american) uni is a scam where you get a chance to network with the people who might have jobs

even engineering students go to uni only to network into associations; the pressure everywhere seems to be "nice to everyone superficially and hypersocial" in a parody of anglo culture
>(american) uni is a scam
Yep can attest to that.
Went to a German uni for a year. Besides failing because I can't into rote memorisation and exams were pretty much only that there, I also learned from an American guy I took a lab class with that he, at an American undergrad physics degree, actually learned less physics than another German girl in the same class that took a chemistry degree. This is also why American undergrad students, after graduating, are basically not qualified enough to go to better postgrad courses that everyone from abroad wants to go to, and foreign students outperform Americans.
Open file (1.05 MB 400x267 1327450025404.gif )
so you pay thousands of dollars so you might meet some people that might be able to get you a job if you're lucky.
This is why im not planning on going to college.
I was thinking about studying theology at college somewhere within the next five years.
Dutch college doesn't seem as fucked as the American one.
Still i can't deny that several thousand euro's to learn some fucking Arabic and Hebrew is a bit overkill.
See if you can get it for free somewhere in Germany. I think that most states cover tuitions for all EU citizens equally, but aren't sure what the terms to be eligible are.
Open file (18.95 KB 442x960 1515706669142.jpg )
College tuition in Germany is abolished in 16 states.
Living there does cost allot more tho and you have to pay 300USD per semester for administration.
Compared to studying close to where i life in the Netherlands.
Living would be free, i could be a beta fag and life with my parents.
Public transport here is free for students.
College is about 700-1000 yuros per year.
That's allot so....
Yeah then at home would win simply for being comfier.
But German chicks and beer???
German chicks are shit.
Eh I guess Dutch chicks are sufficient.
German beer however...
Only good Dutch is Heineken or Amstel
Ya I concur, Dutch beer is generally absolute pisswater.
but you have all of those Belge beers right next door

I would love to tour the area just for the Flemish Red and Oud Bruins tbh
My dad is 68 and he's been drinking unbranded cheap Dutch beer from the same store all his life. Don't know what the fuck is wrong with him.
I've never had Belge beer or anything but some of the stuff you get in the south of the Netherlands should be pretty close i suppose. We do tour the Mosel (river) area in German for some good Mosel wines every few years. We went there this summer, real authentic shit, it gud.


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