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Anonymous 01/08/2018 (Mon) 14:29:37 [Preview] No. 30559
How do we get more people to post on Mewch?
Create more oc and drama.
In order to achieve that we need more people though.
It only takes 5 contributors to run a large fast board. This became clear after the april hack when megu/pol/ was started, a few of the people who left 8ch made most of 8/pol/s oc and started most of the effort posting threads. Someone observing the current state of that board said it seems all effort OPs are made by one poster because they all have the same writing style,most of the board is now taken over by shitposting.

So basically what you need is
>a few OC contributors and creators of decent OPs
>general knowledge of the board's existence to bring in the clickers and sharers who make up most the userbase
>It only takes 5 contributors to run a large fast board.
Yep another study case; /sp/ortschan.
Simple. Mewch needs dragonfights. Once you have dragon fights, you just call faggots from 4cuck and 8chong to help kill it.
spam 8/b/
I told people in a shitty discord server to come over to basedjews.com, did it help?
This. Someone should lure anons from that place
Open file (88.49 KB 682x1024 IMG_20180108_233827_044.jpg )
Come here
you just made my imagination go wild.
What if we had like some sort of mini game that would need people to take some sort of coordinated effort into taking down the dragon.
The dragon could only be taken down by teamwork and by proving your knowledge about chans and meme culture. It would also take knowledge from different boards. Forcing boards to work together to solve something.
We could make it a once in a year event/.This way people wont walk away because it's very special. And we still get to keep allot of traffic throughout the year.
>Mewch needs dragonfights.
> that would need people to take some sort of coordinated effort into taking down the dragon.
That's what different incarnations of /pol/ have been doing for years.
ehrm,... what do you mean?
/pol/? taking down virtual dragons?
No, "dragons", it's a term used when describing monolithic organizations, large media corporations and so on. Also like pic related, if you just take the time to look at it, this dragon is communism and zionism.
I like how active Mewch is today. Good job anons
I'm working overtime shitposting from work ;)
I've been replying to a bunch of threads today, there seemed to be more interesting topics.
oh yeah we definitely need to do that here on mewch.
How did 76chan first become relevant? Participating in The Fappening leaks of September 2014, they raided TYT in retaliation for biased reporting. It was only partially successful but they still managed to obstruct and annoy TYT faggots.

We may be small in the grand scheme of things, but with enough coordination we can still be one massive faggot.
Which site do we raid?

Probably something relevant would be best. It's easy to create spam scripts on sites without captcha.
We should rather be ready and wait for a controversy where we can show our merit.
Make the onion address faster.
We need MegaMilk to do livestreams on the actual site (that would be dope) and do massive raids live.
Nah, that would just get us more pedo's and other degenerate scum. Rather fix that shit with the js so we can post on Mewch via older shittier browsers. Like the Nintendo DSI Opera browser. I tried it and Mewch is barely functional on there.
Go eat an onion.
(The onion is as fast as the site, is might be your connection through the Tor network possibly?)

I see a thread with a few real-time posters working. What exactly would I do in the livestream? Maybe host a group chat or something along those lines.
Also oddly enough, a small percentage of users on this site use the PS3 web browser to post on this site. This site is pretty barebones. But maybe blocking the mewch.ru domain and shutting real-time can speed up the site.
>PS3 web browser
That is what Dragon fights were newfag. They were insanely popular on 4cuck /b/.
The premise was simple:

A thread on /b/ was created to link anons to a website with a minigame that tallied/tracked the dragons HP, the thread, and damage history of anons posting the dragon fight thread. The website was given the address of the active thread on /b/ dedicated to the fight.

The website would track the user IDs to assign the anon a fighter class such as fighter, mage, ranger, healer, and dragon knight or some rare cool classes like Dovahkiin (for posters who got 00 digits in the thread ID)

It would track the thread post digits for damage, or healing/reviving other anons.

So when you post on the thread in /b/ the fight basically progresses as users shitpost.

And only one thread would be tracked by the site. Also it would be tradition or courtesy to post an OP pic of a dragon or some funny image to flag users of the dragon attacking /b/.
wait... a small percentage as in more than one?
Yes, I'd say like a good handful. It's like some sort of weird PS3 cult.
You can't post. It literally shows you that your browser shitty js doesn't allow (?somethingsomething?) requests so you can't post replies and start threads
Why did they stop doing that? Why doesn't mewch have this yet, this is amazing! We could add a couple features and it would be our little thing. Like a tournament or something?
Mewch Nintendo DSI cult when?
Nigger I have made posts here with disabled js.
Actually to post over 16MB I found it necessary to disable it.
Pic related, doesn't post with js enabled.
I know you can post with disabled js. Problem is Nintendo DSI browser doesn't have any options to disable the js and I have no idea on how to do it manually becuase I'm a nigger and it's a Nintendo c'mon..
Ah y'mean, you got js but it's outdated as fuck.
Most of the troubleshooting stuff I found was pre 2009 and even then people were complaining about the shitty outdated js.
I could try something with dsicade but it's sounds like a hassle
What type of people are you looking for
People like us I guess
>Well Dressed and well groomed
Open file (1.06 MB 919x720 1515130877696.png )
8/b/ is in another state of disrepair, i say we spam the shit out of them again
Good idea, but only gentle classy spam. Glad I left that place tbh
It's beyond shit rn, good idea.
We need to be sure we don't bring in the pedo's and spammers though.
There isn't much that sets this site apart from others, so that's one issue. I mean, I guess I'm kinda selective about my boards, so there isn't much to attract me, especially since the /leftypol/ here is dead af. Still, I like that it seems chill here, so I dunno. I'll stick around, I suppose.
the liveposting is pretty neat, you'd have to admit.
I do like this
I've got nothing to lose. What do you mean by liveposting?
Nvm, figured it out. Fuck.
Dragons are such a beautiful creatures to refer communism and zionism. I'm kind of triggered.
Open file (33.61 KB 1366x742 shills.png )
I been shilling
If /pol/ is annoyed enough to consider communism its enemy again, I guess we're doing something right.


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