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Oekaki x
Index Catalog
>attention whore
Shower me with attention
>attention whore
Miss me?
akari hi.png
oh shid you're back, hi fren
>attention whore
Greeting from the satellite of love
Hi bei
>attention whore
Burger. Mayo n mustatd..
why do you keep posting pedo shit on every single chan you go to if you know it'll get you banned?
>attention whore
I see nothing of the thing on this thread
not in this thread but you did post it a few weeks ago, that's why you got banned
>attention whore
That was an impostor. He used to do that on 8ch /1/ dubs checked
then why did you get banned?
>attention whore
He did. I took time off cause of kinda fight with me and discordio. I got jealous his new BF kept him from giving me attention. I got away from the chans till me jealousy went away. Kek
Fat fuck
shocked and mad.png
>attention whore
Chunky lover
And im pretty in my pink tutu
>attention whore
Nica nica
do you only have 3 images on your hard drive? you've been posting the same pics for months
>attention whore
Nah. Just pics i like
>attention whore

>implying a fan or a lurker
>attention whore

Happy Halloween
B tards

A h loves u
>attention whore
Except Discordio. I hate him. The fucker dead to me
>attention whore

Whats /b/'s plans for Halloween tonight?

Look in the background. Can see my pink tutu lol
pretty cool dude
>attention whore
Hey why do you hate me now fag?
Dont u have some some fucking boyfriend you need to be with right now??????????
Stay with the fucker
Dont give a h attention. Ill never go to travis2k ever again
I'm just a little more busy than usual, that does not mean I forgot you.
Oh come on, I'm here right now, there is no need to behave like this.
2018-10-31 16-20-41.png
2018-10-31 16-16-00.png
>attention whore
Cool pics.
Perfect for Halloween
>attention whore
So, thats gonna be my costume today. Gonna hand out out candy to brats n cuties
>attention whore
I guess

Im jealous
2018-10-30 21-20-36.png
2018-10-30 22-48-27.png
2018-10-30 21-47-34.png
I got trapped and was trying to get help with euthanizing me.
Cool pumpkin
>attention whore
What game is that?
I used to be quite the gamer. My first mmo was FFXI Online.
>attention whore
A h
Halloween check

-middle school aged wearing a witch costume.
Happy Halloween to you Ah
>attention whore
Thanks bei
>attention whore

Im hungover
>attention whore
Look at me
We see you, fatty.
>attention whore
You're so fucking fat how could anybody miss you.
>attention whore
Lurkers and ppl who love cringe
That's not what i mean, you dumb fat fucker.
>attention whore
U do. U cant stop posting on my thread
A h
>attention whore
My hair up in a topknot
>attention whore
liquid akari.gif
get in here fren
>attention whore
I iz hungover
Maybe next time
>attention whore
didnt know you were based fat man
guess its time
>attention whore
>attention whore
>attention whore

Good morning B

I had a rough night

this thread needs your attention
good thing I ignored this thread so I only have to see your stupid ugly face in the catalog
Post your cock with a "cum for me nanoarchiver" sign. I want to print it out and cum tribute
>attention whore
No /cozy/
>attention whore
>attention whore

>Post your cock with a "cum for me nanoarchiver" sign. I want to print it out and cum tribute
are you doing this for me?
>attention whore
>attention whore

Look at me
Behold how good and how pleasant it is: for brethren to dwell together in unitie.
But he giveth more grace, wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proude, but giveth grace unto the humble.
>attention whore
For they that are after the flesh, doe minde the things of the flesh: but they that are after the spirit, the things of the spirit.

6 For to be carnally minded, is death: but to be spiritually minded, is life and peace:

7 Because the carnall minde is enmitie against God: for it is not subiect to the law of God, neither indeed can be.
>attention whore

>attention whore

>attention whore
Whats up

vote Trump 2020
A h

Loves megan ward
>attention whore
>attention whore
>attention whore
Bad dog. Cat furries rule

I am your biggest hater and even I know that what hurts you the most is being starved of attention.

First and last interaction between us.
>attention whore
So noted
I still love you
>attention whore
Why so much hate?
>attention whore
>attention whore
>attention whore

Hamburger helper 4 dinner
>attention whore
>attention whore

The second MMO i ever played was star wars the old republic.
The first few years i was into role play.
This link is to my reports i posted on the forum as me as a war reporter

>attention whore
Loshrom was my pre attention whore years
>attention whore

Shower me with attention and ask me questions
>attention whore

Im gonna post alll day
>attention whore
Is gonna make breakfast soon
>attention whore
Classic breakfast

Sausage links n toast
do you shower daily? how clean is your home?
>attention whore
Im kinda a slob. I sweep but rarely mop
Ill send a few webams
>attention whore
>attention whore
And here my room but i dont sleep in it
My room is my messy closet but look for my pony playsets
>attention whore
I shower weekly
>attention whore
I used to shower daily but after a house fire and living in a van for 2 years, showering became less important to me i guess
Just don't end up like
>attention whore
Im into shit play. She looks fun
When i was married, had wife that would shit on me
What happened?
>>attention whore
Fun looking scat girl
>attention whore
Various shit play. I was the beta so i was the toilet
Hello Ah!
>attention whore
How are you doing?
>attention whore
Dubs checked.
Did some house cleaning. Gonna watch impractical jokers on TV. Wearing my tutu.
>attention whore
Im good, besides this meanie.....
lol, your tutu is really ridiculous.
Take a pic of yourself wearing the tutu and your cool glasses.
>attention whore
Attention hoar join the K-Pop fan club i think they are looking for supporters right now
>attention whore
Sorry, no. I like Japanese girl bands.
>attention whore
Goof all ya want. I love my pretty pink tutu
>attention whore
I meant that in a playful sassy way
I know.
>attention whore
Lunch was cheese fries
>attention whore

Been watching Babylon 5. Widway into season 2 and keeps getting better.
>attention whore
Time to brag about my little pony stories ive either written on. Paper, type or post on chans..

The sands of fire
Hard days night

The canterlot riots series: part1, the canterlot riots. Part2, mean streets. Part3, hard hearts. Part4, the coldest sleep. Part5, the crystal mountains project. Part6, mountain of my fears. Part7, manehattan melodrama

The reign of the two sisters series: part1, the year with no color. Part2, i can hear a rainbow. Part3, the minotaur scandal. Part4, the pegasus/unicorn wars. Part5, tomorrow's yesterday

And a half done one thats a mash-up of fallout, my little pony and odd squad

All neat stories. Ask about any.
>attention whore


Brown gravy over fried rice with sausage and stuffing
>attention whore

Watching chips,
That 80s cycle cop show
lol, no one comes here to lurk, what's wrong?
>attention whore

Of course they do.
I dont trust links, they are worse than penises.
attention whore you want to rock the f*ck out hang with me

we will form a survivalist group and we will form a union or something

we need to have mercy on those who are less fortunate than ourselves and help eachother through acts of charity and such things as this

perhaps it is that you are too weak to go on and too weak to survive?

i've been to communes where the people there help the elderly....social security when it first came around was actually a program to help the elderly

have hope for righteousness and have faith for righteousness

faith can do you harm, but it can also do you justice
>attention whore
Your death avatar reminds me of the black spy from spy vs. Spy.
if you are an american they will try to make you look bad

there are also forces in the universe which will try to make you look bad

there is all kinds of crazy sh*t going on in the universe...i am a person who prefers to have mercy on others in a sea of insanity and a sea of iniquity

i am also the only person i know doing what i'm doing and doing it effectively
>attention whore
Thanks for a generous offer. I gotta stay and take care of me mum
i use an upside down cross because i reject dogmatism

i am not lucifer, i am only one single soul trying to do the right thing

if you are trying to reach out in the world, i can sense it... i am also trying to reach out for certain things and many people on the internet do the same things it's not all that weird

there are many different ways of living and many different facets of the universe which come into play in a person's being

there is good still yet if you look for it, but it is floating in a sea of iniquity
>attention whore

real talk sometimes some people can't survive....sometimes you can only do the best you can do
It's a plague doctor.
you can try to put them out of their misery or take away their misery until their spirit finally passes on

one thing that seems to always exist for humanity is unknowing

all i say is only conjecture...i do not know your personal life and i also do not have evidence for all things that i speak of
if by your ability you can conquer than so be it

but sometimes we are not able to conquer, though we expend all of our ability

if you can find it...there is still good out there in the universe
>attention whore
Pretty deep. Im worthless but happy
here is my personal opinion on suicide, this is just how my life works:

we are not guaranteed a noble death

hell, that is a lucky and blessed person who is guaranteed life

but it is better to have a noble death, such as a death in battle (which is what i prefer) rather than to kill onself

however, this is only what i think is right for myself

i personally would never commit suicide, but some people of course do which is why i bring it up
All of that reddit spacing.
and then other people are totally different like my mother for instance... i think of her and i realize she is the type of person who, if she was to die, would absolutely not care at all whether or not her death was "noble" or not

i guess all people are different when you really consider it

you might say "man is God writ small", in that respect or that "man is made in the image of God"
>attention whore
>attention whore
Im not really a deep thinker. Sorry
A h
Loves u


>attention whore



Give me attention

I gotta go shopping today
do people in public treat you like a strange creature?
Probably not because not everyone thinks like a 12 year old girl
>attention whore

Is at walmart
take some creeshots and get on the local evening news for harrassment!
>attention whore


Holy fuck you look like shit dude
>attention whore
I live in a very liberal city. Ppl dont care. Ive worn skirts and catears shopping and bank. I never got weird looks
>attention whore
I was half asleep
>attention whore
My hair was too wet to put up in a topknot
>attention whore
Cool pic
Im a military history buff
Of course u r

And i'm a sissy wizard
>attention whore
Red mage? Gray, black, white?

Shopping done
>attention whore
For a few dollars moar
>attention whore

Can i have some bitcoins
>attention whore
My fav pony story has to be the reign of the two sisters series.

About a young celestia and luna early in there roles of leadership. Insecure, unsure and slightly explain the rift between the sisters.

Part 1, the year with no color is about skirmishing between diamond dogs and minotaurs. Luna agrees to mediate the problem. She used excessive force and is rude to the minotaurs, leaving bad blood.
Celestia deals with a problem with the unicorns. Long story short, celestia fails to help the unicorns preform the rainbow ceremony. Luna is disgusted thinking her older sister is bowing down to unicornian politics and law. The failure of the rainbow ceremony means for a year, all color is washed away to black white and grays

Part 2 to come..
>attention whore

Reign of the two sisters part 2, I can hear a rainbow.

The year with no color was traumatic for all around the globe. The year passes and the rainbow ceremony is properly preformed. The 3 pony tribes agree that this must never happen again. The sisters have an idea about building a rainbow factory to automate rainbow creation. The 3 tribes agree and construction begins.

Early in, lots of trees need to be cut down for all the railroad ties for a train system for the project. Labor ponies are sent to everfree forest to chop wood only to be chased away by minotaurs still angry at lunas rudeness.
The minotaurs demand full citizenship rights.
Most creatures agree with the idea except the unicorns. The two. Are age old enemies and queen daisycakes hates the idea of minotaur citizenship.
She secretly approaches the sisters with an offer too good to pass up.
The cost to finish the build of the rainbow factory is well into 100,000,000 of bits. The sisters figured years of taxes would pay it off. The unicorns, filthy rich, agree to pay the rest of cost of the build, if, the idea of minotaur citizenship is never talked about again.
The sisters agree and use magical force to drive the minotaurs from everfree forest. The rainbow factory is finished.

Part 3 to come.
>attention whore

Reign of the two sisters part 3, the minotaur scandal

With the rainbow factory finished and things return to normal, gossip about why the idea of minotaur citizenship being forgotten becomes widespread and the sisters need to address this. Luna has the idea to give them what they want and double down.
Instead of just minotaurs, other creatures will be considered for citizenship. A grand world wide census will be taken.
The sisters spend a year gathering data from around the world and a list is compiled.
A day before the results announced, pony news drops a bombshell of a story.
Hard evidence presented says the unicornds have altering data negatively for minotaur opioion so the vote for minotaur citizenship would be denied.
The minotaurs hear and become enraged.they impose a blanket embargo on the unicorns. All along the unicornian boarderlands, minotaur checkpoints are set up. Any coming or going are blocked, chased away or attacked. Unicornia is isolated.
Queen daisycakes uses powerful unicorn magic to send the minotaurs fleeing.
The world was watching and think the unicorns acted too harshly.
The proud unicorns feeling shamed, go into a state of reclusion and isolationism.

Part 4 to come.
>attention whore

Reign of the two sisters part 4, the pegasus/unicorn wars.

With the unicorns in isolation, bizarre magical oddities began to randomly happen around the world, progressively becoming disruptive and dangerous.
Celestia, luna, starswirl the bearded and discord travel into the magical plain. They understand the unicorns isolationism is causing the disturbances. Unicorns need to travel and use magic. All the magic in one spot is causing havoc.
Spies for the minotaurs hear this and have a great idea how to use the information.
The minotaurs know queen daisycakes and queen cloudskipper never liked eachother. The minotaurs tell the pegasus its the unicorns fault for the magic disturbances and propose an alliance. The pegasus agree and form an alliance and declare war on the unicorns.
The war isnt long but dark and very intense.
Pegasus controllers of weather unicorns magically adept.
From miles away looks like hell on earth.
Pegasus created fire tornados, burning hail. Unicorn magic missiles, dark arcane magic. An endless nightmare of terrifying magic and weather. Craters scarred the land, the clouds seemed to weep blood. Lava hurricanes..
The end of the war was anticlimactic. All the magic being used restored balance to the magic plain.
All understand magic is healthy for the magic plain. A truce is made.

Mostly the end. The next part is about things i didnt explain in part1

Hope ya like.
>> 172210
Why would you pay to stream an ancient movie? let me tell yu about the world of internet piracy.
>attention whore
I dont pay to stream, kid. Im old school. Thats my TV with a plug in antana. Picks up broadcast signals free. I havent paid a cable bill in years. In a year saves me 1000$
Hello Ah I'm really high,lol.
>attention whore
Read my mlp stories
discord_doodles_2_by_smashedatoms-d6ji8h8 mod 1.png
where are they?
>attention whore
Here. Same page.
that's an awful wall text.
>attention whore
U will like.
About young celestia and luna, failures as leaders
Do you consume drugs via the anus?
>attention whore
Lolololol. No...........but...

in second grade i experimented shoving a tampax up my ass
I have heard that people ingest cocaine thru the anus.
ALso I dont think you can smoke weed thru the butt.
>attention whore
No i dont

Btw. Watching charlies angels on TV. I love jacklyn smith. In her 30s and flat as a middle s schoolgirl
>attention whore
Come on bro. Like my stories???? Its mostly cause if u i dont have inspirations to do EQG fanfiction...
>attention whore
If i did, would be lez porn, but i dont have exp writing erotic porn.
Want to hear about my first experiences un my first dungeons and dragons group? It ends in. KEK
Ошизел совсем.
>attention whore
CRH says hello
>attention whore

Earing a late dinner.
Salisbury steak baby!
>attention whore
Kitty intruder
>attention whore
I think about u
U can hate me. I will think about you.
->attention whore
what the fuck is wrong with you have some respect for your elders instead of showing them off like animals
>attention whore
Read my pony stories
A h
wow nice to meet your mom.
Give me attention
I saved the video of your mom.
Sometimes we don't get what we want.
>attention whore
>attention whore
>attention whore

Shower me with attention

Get off the internet fat old man
>attention whore
And good morning to you too.
Im hangover

You look like youre made of trash and piss
>attention whore
Ive been called worse. Kek
Thats how i feel. I got fucking trashed last night
I woke up still drunk
>attention whore

Reply if you wanna know how i got my handle, attention whore
>attention whore
Too bad.

So. My first post on a chan was 8ch /pone/ i posted that if i got a reply id hump my pony plush.
Someone said, if I wasnt whoreing myself for attention, i am now.
That was when i became attention whore
how did you discover 8ch?
I wonder what your mom really thinks of you Ah.
>attention whore
Dunno. At the time, 4chan was too salty for my taste. Back then the big haha kek was animal abuse vids i just knew about 8ch. I made /1/my home for years my golden age of attention whore.
My thread had over 1000 posts and 800 images
>attention whore
Hi D
Mum wuvs mee

Oh that's cool you've just proven you're a stinky shit in the outsife and inside
Screenshot from 2017-03-13 06-35-15.png
When was your last Travis?
Say something next time plz
>attention whore
Yup. Ya got me.
Months ago. /travis2k/ doesnt give me enough attention
I forgot that board, existed.

Do you shit outside?

It's been awhile since I've found you somewhere and asked questions.
>attention whore
Not lately but when i lived in a van, i did. Felt so naughty
>attention whore
That pic of twi is beautiful
Screenshot from 2017-03-13 06-43-57.png
Back in apartment?
She sleepy
>attention whore
Yea. Found a place.
I might have to fap to sleepy twi.
I love twi from mlp eqg with those thick glasses and plaid skirt
this one.
Screenshot from 2017-03-18 12-44-04.png
Is that your boyfriends ass? I saw that you had one.
>attention whore
Thats not me travised.....retry
Damn shes sexy
>attention whore
discord_doodle_by_xscaralienx-d4kg1jk mod 3.png
lol, nope.
>attention whore
Image saved.
Twilight is life
Will you post a picture of it?
Fucking sexy
>attention whore
I love ur twi pics.
No. I have no pics of a bf cause i have no bf
Do you have a bf or gf?
Tempest Tub Scat-Eating 2.png
>attention whore
Human, no. Plush, yea. Pinkie my wife, fluttershy my gf, twilight my mistress and rarity i snuffed.
>rarity i snuffed
discord_doodle_by_xscaralienx-d4kg1jk mod 1.png
I doubt it, things aren't going well with my BF, that's why I'm hanging out with Ah.
>attention whore
Someone here may have pics of it. The destruction of rarity. I pissed on her. Shit on her. Cut off a leg. Stab. Then i cut her head off