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You've reached the club, now here's how to get in. Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 04:03:21 No. 87709 [Reply]
Step 1, In order to get in you must read the rules. Step 2, Remember to keep posts/threads comfy.
Now you're an official member of the Boys' Club. Give yourself a pat on the back chief.

Anonymous 05/28/2018 (Mon) 06:57:55 No. 93607 [Reply]
Come lie down, anon
eco play league with me
i will play ONE game
Open file (667.05 KB 1024x464 ecoleague.png)

Anonymous 05/28/2018 (Mon) 02:50:50 No. 93517 [Reply]
Where the FUCK did everyone go?

Do nek and the bois even browse here anymore?
All of my friends have abandoned me, only sherry remains.
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Bitches are either deniers (they deny having sex) or justifiers (sex is no big deal). Tats are a sign of a justifier. As well as the fact she's a cam whore.
>using jewgle chrome
I mean, it's not like SJWfucks is any better, but at least it can be configured to spy a bit less.
shit thread
Open file (26.25 KB 300x100 mewch2.gif)
regulars are talking on cytube/discord, or ip range banned, or got posts/threads deleted for no reason and left, or got fed up with spam. any spark of life is snuffed out in a slow avalanche of beta orbiting / spam. /fur/ was delted to attract normies due to user testing. the mewch i once enjoyed is out of reach

Anonymous 05/27/2018 (Sun) 04:32:47 No. 93179 [Reply]
would anyone be interested in watching a draw stream?

I have slow net so its pretty laggy, and i cant figure out how to get music to play for you guys. But maybe we could play a game where you guys have to guess what im drawing, or i can do quick sketches of things you guys request?
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Open file (79.79 KB 600x652 crispy christmas.jpg)
Open file (45.78 KB 595x594 crispy55.jpg)
Open file (750.77 KB 601x601 crispy27.jpg)
looks more like that one singing jewish girl more than crispy at this point.
Open file (240.81 KB 768x738 agatha3.jpg)
i wouldn't mind being hugged by agatha tbh
I'm gonna go to sleep im tired. Not a very fruitful stream tbh.

I will try to make you a good crispy OC tomorrow.
fug i missed it holy shit

Open file (1.09 MB 1700x1700 apu_kelly_.png)
kelly is a bitch Anonymous 05/28/2018 (Mon) 07:04:23 No. 93611 [Reply]
i don't give a shit about kelly. she's a boring random thot and there are many like her. i wish she would kill herself already but she loves being edgy and getting attention from beta orbiters like you too much.

Anonymous 05/28/2018 (Mon) 06:01:41 No. 93603 [Reply]
Wat da fug is this :DD

Mega has an unauthorized vidya? They stealin his identity yo lets rate?
Saw it too. It looks really intersting

Open file (23.96 KB 487x487 nice-weekend.jpg)
Weekend Anonymous 05/26/2018 (Sat) 08:21:12 No. 92675 [Reply]
What are your weekend plans?
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Open file (407.96 KB 1328x747 20180525_174329.jpg)
Open file (537.11 KB 1328x747 20180525_174315.jpg)
Open file (310.18 KB 1328x747 20180525_204413.jpg)
Here's what I did during my amerifag long weekend.

Went on a hike huge of broken tree. Just snabbed in half :DD
Open file (351.02 KB 747x1328 20180525_185358.jpg)
Open file (153.32 KB 747x1328 20180525_185351.jpg)
Open file (238.89 KB 1328x747 20180525_190604.jpg)

Since its murica there's many shotgun shells everywhere. Even some brass casings.
Open file (212.56 KB 747x1328 20180525_191531.jpg)
Open file (146.46 KB 747x1328 20180525_190639.jpg)
Open file (600.44 KB 1328x747 20180525_185901.jpg)
Found a multi-tool, the brass casings were from a .308.

Annnd, I found a creepy structure in the woods. Wanna see wats inside?
Is there a dude living in there?
Open file (434.92 KB 747x1328 20180525_190033.jpg)
Open file (342.01 KB 747x1328 20180525_185920.jpg)
Open file (307.07 KB 747x1328 20180525_204450.jpg)
Sadly there wasn't. Checked it out and hung out for a bit then set my fire up and went to bed.

Fun overnight tho.

Open file (402.96 KB 2592x1944 1303177262.jpg)
Anonymous 05/28/2018 (Mon) 01:23:38 No. 93493 [Reply]
Fireworks general?
They are the coolest things and have bad-ass names all the time. Let's share some good ones.
Open file (179.91 KB 612x868 fireworks derp.jpg)
the winkle tinkler
the butt stauncher
general tsao's night delight
ding dong big bomb
you lightem we brightem
my friends visited and all i got was this stupid flashlight
the "bomb"
krystallnacht 2
the "dongbomb"
the straight and narrow
the skypuncher 9000
the skypuncher 9001 (in green)
the big pew
god's wang
Open file (575.90 KB 238x211 giphy.gif)
This fucking reply

Open file (87.83 KB 388x441 1141865583803.jpg)
Anonymous 05/28/2018 (Mon) 03:15:48 No. 93534 [Reply]
Cracky is catharsis.
Cracky chan?

Anonymous 05/27/2018 (Sun) 03:58:32 No. 93167 [Reply]
Is losing sleep entirely bad for you? I've been getting about 4 hours a night and I'm starting to not feel tired anymore.
there is such a thing as too much sleep but yes there is also such a thing as too little sleep, also irregular sleep is bad
I feel like very little is known about sleep needs. I hope in the near future they'll have really figured out how to optimize sleep.
noone is interested in funding alternate sleep stuff
the one guy got funding and discovered 48 hour sleep schedule works fine but got cut before he could do much
i did 48 sleep schedule for a week and it was pretty boss but id rather sleep all day since there's not much to do
You need to see a doctor.

no cookies?