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Oekaki x
This board is random and has no set topic.
download (3).jpg
sry for my harsh words against the blacks on the /wai/ board...

i am just a rough position with being targeted by black people all the time so unfortunately my less than noble tendency of hating them because of how much they are always troubling me betrays me to be a racist

hopefully once the bullsh*t stops i can heal and i can also recover from being a racist to learning how to love black people instead of hating them
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Asia: 17.2M sq mi
Africa: 11.7M sq mi
yet your map shows them the same size
>unironically using the imperial system
>muh progress
ew, "liberal" "progressives" need not apply

>yet your map shows them the same size

No it doesn't mr. emoji poster it's just africa is longer and it gives off that impression.
which brings me to one ironic point about this retarded projection; it distorts shapes outside of Europe and US
Mercator doesn't do that
WS invite2.jpeg
Come watch baseball tonight
if you want
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it's the fall classic bro give us your unwashed masses
When is goatbro gonna make an /sp/ on mewch?
goatbro is otherwise occupied
He raising a child? Cubs rule btw
Hobbyist has his collection destroyed.

Humans are disgusting.
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anyone gonna sum up the jewtube links
all i see is some autist who plays with legos crying
nice board.png
rudeposters out pls
Welp there goes the thread lol
they broke into his house and broke and stole his lego collection, it was his hobby and there were a LOT of legos
ha ha look at him go
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mega sleep.jpg
>you wake up in the middle of the night
>feel something hard poking into your backside
>roll over and see this
wat do?
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why does everyone use that shitty version, here's the other "closed hand" version
man you had such a shitshow about that
false rape accusation
Blow my load on his face.
based and thotpilled
Which holiday do you like/hate the most?
i hate all of them because i hate all days in general tbh
You okay budy?
i've given up on reality.jpg
Use this thread for advice and ranting. Let it all out Anon.
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absolute state of college tbh
Good thing I come here because this site is better than any therapy session
I despise faggots but I've been having gay thoughts about Stephen, advice?
state of therapists too tbh
pondering suicide would be more productive than talking to one of them
Lol I had to take a history and english class. It's literally to make you spend more money. My classes are $300 each.
i learned what html and css means (already forgot)

im comin for you faggot ass coders ur done here
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Check out the book "Code, the hidden language of computer software"...

Also check out a book, "The Pattern in the Stone".

Both really excellent works of lit for understanding coding...

t. noob coder
Nice, I'll upload the PDFs if I can find
I'll start: I use reddit
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literally why is this even a crime
Because if this girl told she wanted you to succ you, you'd be all over it.
I can't believe this girl is 31

sauce ?
Kelsey Michaels
anon is leaving.png
Do you care if the rulecuker leaves?
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t. projecting
From now own posters referring to other posters as "rulecucks" must post illegal content or admit they are pussies and accept that we all depend on norms and rules for society to function.
fucking this
pretty much
if some fag calls me out for posting gay shit im not gonna rage and call him a rulecuck
you instead embrace it and accept the fact that you are a faggot