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Oekaki x
Vintage Anime thread? Vintage Anime thread.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Gundam Wing.
Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Princess Tutu.
Kode fill this thread with love
Did anyone watch this webm?
I WAS going to ban him bcz I though it was tik tok, but it seems like I was mistaken. If it was tik tok, it would've had the logo.
Everyone who posts in this thread and hasn't watched Urusei Yatsura is going to get banned. Thank you for understanding.
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What color do you read your manga in?
Hey mewchnon are you busy?
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No not busy.....am listening to podcasts...
i haven't been busy for months
Sup OP?
I left some crumbs out on the counter for you.

You don't have to run when the lights come on, you know.

You could join my harem.
It appears most foul.
what if Rei's a clockwork orange?
what if that's the point?
Favorite anime of 2018?
Oh yeah just recently I fou--
>pic related
It's hard to pick a favourite for the whole year. Last season I really enjoyed Jashin-chan, this season I am quite liking the slime anime, the maid one and the vampire one.
Unfortunately, when Trigger makes something I rate it favorite of the season. This is because they are Alchemical Occultists who embed tons of esoteric symbolism into their shows, and it's not just lol randumb symbols, it's actually a multi-layered cohesive cultural commentary.

many shows, like Steins;Gate, suffer due to trying to pull off the same. EG: S;G is telling u about IRL phone microwave tech & conspiracies in science, but they screw up the pacing and make multiple redundant characters to represent the many dualistic aspects of Mercury/Heremes/Thoth, and the plebs miss most every reference to the ancient legends in the episodes that don't advance the main plot.

Darling in the Franxx is a cultural commentary about the real levers of power... I usually wait for occult anon to put together a thread about it, but they're absent. Maybe I will someday.
For example: the infographic with The Magic Silver / Mercurial Mirror in it has what look like Holly Berries on the back, representing fertility. But the occult esoteric understanding is they represent the poison forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. In one interpretation God said don't eat that tree... that's because it's deadly poison. The mortals are only fully illuminated as to life and death when they experience death, so Satan "enlightened" Eve by having her eat of the tree and she died. Adam finds his love dead, this is how she gives him the fruit, he takes it from her dead hand, so overcome with sorrow he eats it himself to follow her into the underworld. How human life continues beyond this Garden (thought / Thoth's) "experiment" (god, magic, tech, different biology, ayys, etc) determines one's magical sphere of thought. Eg: Isis & Osiris are Adam and Eve. Osiris eats of the poison bush first, dying, he is cut into 14 pieces (pieces) his pp eaten by a fish. Isis eventually puts Osiris back together, makes a golden phallus, brings Resurrects Osiris and has zombie sex to get preggers with Horus.

These red fruit are poison Yew berries, used in witchcraft for all of history. Japanese Yew are immortal, some are over 1000 years old, duality of life & death.

Another understanding Eve/Isis takes the semen of the only man's dead body and puts it in a golden tube to inseminate herself, then uses tech to freeze/preserve Adam/Osiris's brain and later bring him back to life as an immortal.

The Generative Force and Union of Opposites is central in most mystery religions. This is a Generative force to unite Male + Female, Klaxsaur + Man, Ancient tech + New tech, etc. is central in Darling in the Franxx. That mirror has an occulted form of the Compass and Square, and the female ovaries and birth canal. The feminine sex is one symbol the Freemason version of the compass and square invokes -- but you only see that secret if you know what's inside humans (anatomy / opening cadavers, etc).

The fact that the mirror is silver / mercury and gets broken, it's given as a gift, etc. all play into another part of the story, but I'd be writing a whole script in a post, so I'll stop.

See also: Little Witch Academia, a Magnum Opus + magical witchcraft initiation. It has the initial wisdoms you teach to little witches + a cultural commentary with the occult symbolism juxtaposed with the surface plot.

Sorry, if Trigger makes something, it's usually seen as appealing to entry-level anime fans, but it's actually just that Trigger is so skillful they put multiple stories in their plot AND still make it a good show.
Screenshot (2173).png
Shit Art Online is the most popular anime this season...
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I mean is any of the other tripe on that list really any better?
>There's a rumor about a mysterious phenomenon called "Puberty Syndrome".
>who is Sakuta's upperclassman who is also a famous actress who has gone on hiatus from the entertainment industry.
moe was a mistake
taken the sao pill
Kirito is the real black swordsman
Asuna > you shit waifu
"The plot is totally sound bro"
a more respectable list
I'm currently reading 13th volume of ranobe and it is still good. Anime adaptation is fail or I just have shitty taste?
Untitled design (1).jpg
MY HERO ACADEMIA! AIZAWA IS DEFINETLY THE TRAITOR!!! And perhaps he was working with Pro Hero Midnight as well! We all know the normal story: Deku meets All Might in his last year of middle school and the two train for ten months in preparation for the UA High School Entrance Exam. Little did you realize My Hero Academia or for the weeaboos - Boku No Hero Academia - has a spin off manga entitled Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.
are ppl actually watching this?
I read the first volume of Vigilantes, it's by a different mangaka than the main series. I only read the first so at the moment I don't know how far it will tie into the rest.

I am. It's alright.
we all have that one anime. the one we refuse to accept that it will never get a continuation. tell me /a/, which is that anime?
for me its panty and stocking
>panty and stocking
Yeah that was one I really liked alot. Wonder why they cancelled it. It seemed to have a big following.
scanty and kneesocks here
prison school
highschool of the dead
if the answer isnt hajime to ippo you are basically a fag and shit
mewch toonami.webm
Let's make fake video edits in this thread.
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I gotta say the musics cool
Ever watch beebee?

music in op pls
No idea man
Boomerang - Favorite Color Fridays promo.mp4