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Global Rules

  • Please read the "Disclaimer" portion of the about page located here before using this website.
  • Nothing illegal in the U.S.
  • Please read board specific rules.
  • No flooding
  • (If board creation is open) Boards on may be removed by the staff for a variety of reasons. The following types of boards are subject to removal, at the discretion of the mewch team. These are a few things that increase the likelyhood of your board being removed:

    1. Your board hosts illegal content. Illegal content isn't welcome on; if your board is dedicated to the distribution of illegal content, it will be removed immediately. However, as a board owner, you are responsible for your board. Do not depend on global staff to remove illegal content for you all the time. Report it to us so we know that the incident occurred. Use IRC, Discord, or E-mail to do this. As a board owner or volunteer, you are responsible for your board, and should be capable of managing it yourself.
    2. Your board is very inactive, and you have not logged in for a very long time. These boards may be removed at the discretion of the mewch administration, simply because they take up space and resources that could be put to better use. Don't make boards for the sole purpose of abusing the file size limit or other such nonsense. Your board should serve a purpose and you should be there to moderate it. If you are making a bunker board, that's fine. But please state so somewhere easily visible so your board doesn't look like a board that was made for no reason.