Mewch or ChanPink is an English speaking realtime imageboard. Originally created for students on college campuses, this site is used by many and is aimed to be a mature medium of discussion compared to other imageboards and forums that tend to be less mature. Mewch was made on August 9th 2017. We offer a Radio server, Public File Server and a great amount of support and user interaction for our userbase. We are not associated with any other website and stand independent with our culture and values. The site was created to create a stable hub for imageboard users to post and have fun! Mewch is aimed to be as loose as possible with restrictions.


Mewch uses Lynxchan a blazing fast software.

What is your privacy policy?

IP addresses are hashed and obscured from being seen to board owners. IP addresses are not stored when a post is deleted and Tor IP addresses are not recorded in any way. We use piwik for analytics and IP addresses are obscured as well, making it impossible to track a user (ex. An IP that is would be on piwik. We use nginx as our webserver access and error logs are stored by default, these will only be shared with US law enforcement at their request via a legally executed warrant. We use no third party services hosted by other companies on Mewch!