It's all just data in the net. But we're just getting started.

>>/b/3366 >>3164 >nanotech was banned because I caught him spamming /b/ the day after all content on every board was pushed off by similar
>>/b/3365 >>3164 No I was the original spammer **and now I'm a mod :^)**
>>/b/3362 >>2195 That guy was me. I wasn't staring at you, you're just in my line of sight and are too self-conscious.
>>/tech/143 >>142 I meant more of this
>>/tech/142 Oh no...
>>/tech/141 >>69 Blackphone by Silent circle
>>/b/3361 >>2001 yarmulkes
>>/tech/140 >>139 oh no, anon
>>/tech/139 tfw mom found my programming socks
>>/b/3360 ▲  ▲ ▲