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A place of milk and honey
>>/wai/2015 >>2013 not exactly a traditional dish in argentina but we do eat pasta with cheese sauces often and they're usually pretty good.
>>/wai/2014 >>2012 good meme
>>/b/72431 >>72429 I've gotta sort stuff out involving applying to colleges. How bout you?
>>/b/72430 >>72428 Do you want to talk aboot it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgkGogPLacA
>>/b/72429 >>72424 What do you plan for today?
>>/b/72428 >>72425 i’m just browsing some sites and getting ready to sleep after a horrible day.
>>/b/72427 >>72424 >>72425 i know dem feels. stay strong guys, you can do it [spoiler]or not[/spoiler]
>>/b/72425 >>72422 Musing over my own mortality. hbu