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A place of milk and honey
>>/b/74148 Хохол высер wew
>>/fringe/2858 >>2844 My suggestion: remove the "dead space" areas, you can reduce the size of the image just by condensing it a little bit. Al
>>/b/74146 >>74144 are you fucking with me rn
>>/b/74145 Блядь, мені облом писати англійською. Створюй українську іміджборду - тоді поговоримо.
>>/b/74144 >>74137 that was so punk
>>/b/74143 >>74106 I remember ShoopedLife https://hooktube.com/b-1BmZAbicE
>>/wai/2804 >>2803 There's still a chance brynn can be saved if she reads the philosophers i keep recommending her. Summer is smart enough
>>/wai/2803 >>2801 first brynn now emily too, is anyone safe? aren't the other two just as bad, they're all involved with (((michael)))