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>>/wai/9825 >>9824 ywnffh
>>/b/104397 | an hour ago
>>/b/104396 >>103844 Thank you for that, I was simply sharing for those anon who shared the same delusion I did prior to learning through li
>>/b/104395 i give the cuddles
>>/wai/9824 I can't watch this show, Too frustrating.
>>/b/104394 >>104389 Коммунистен? Скорее всего нет. >>104390 Первое время будут ошибки делать, ну за это простить можно, по незнанию-то.
>>/wai/9823 >>9822 I take it the tap water is decent where you are and not full of fluoride and birth control pills. Is that Karlie?
>>/b/104392 >>104388 you misspelled *my
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