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>>>/b/165337 >>165333 For the same reason you posted with a three hundred thirty three >>165329 >>165331 samefag!
>>>/b/165336 >>165331 >damage control at max level
>>>/b/165335 >>165328 like i said i forgot how to do it
>>>/b/165334 >>165326 i would say that is incorrect 2 sides of the same emotion are often separated only by context. a sleepy, comfy mindfuln
>>>/fringe/5201 >>5190 You can become any entity compatible with your inner nature, so if you signed up for goth loli and you have it in you, yo
>>>/wai/30123 https://www.instagram.com/p/BpC86MdFIiC/?taken-by=luunaby | an hour ago https://www.instagram.com/p/BpCqi1th5Za/?taken-by=yinfen
>>>/b/165333 >>165310 why did you rewrite it in such a way?
>>>/b/165331 >>165329 Fake!
>>>/b/165329 >>165315 Oh fuck, I'm exposed.
>>>/b/165328 >>165294 That notation is just wrong. Wrong because of the way you assume you can multiply/divide different units. I mean you j
>>>/b/165326 >>165319 some emotions are objectively more comfy the others being sad is an uncomfy emotion in all cases.
>>>/b/165325 >>165324 forgot the anime
>>>/b/165324 >>165322 good luck loser
>>>/b/165322 >>165320 Time for a ban
>>>/b/165320 >>165317 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
>>>/b/165319 >>165307 having emotions is comfy sitting and feeling the feels while you are safe and snug enough to handle them
>>>/b/165318 >>165305 a-anon...
>>>/b/165317 >>165312 Next person who posts anime gets it...
>>>/b/165315 >>165313 Mega because of>>165306
>>>/b/165314 Who's trying to emulate whom?
>>>/b/165313 >>165303 really? who am i?
>>>/b/165312 good luck feller
>>>/b/165311 >>164545
>>>/b/165310 >>165308 fuck fixed who am i