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A place of milk and honey
>>/b/59165 >>59127 >>59128 even better when it is a blue moon
>>/b/59164 I like summer because of the heat, but hate it because of all of the goddamned sunlight.
>>/int/250 Good riddance. No more tranny mods.
>>/int/249 >>248 I guess this pic will come in handy again
>>/int/248 >>246 Ernstchan-mods are more kc-mods than kc-mods.
>>/int/247 >>246 ernstmods seem worse than the worst kcmods I'll stay here instead
>>/b/59163 >>59127 >>59128 >believing the moon is real
>>/tech/423 devuan minimal netinstall or arch, funtoo if you like ~~pain~~fun