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>>>/b/159796 >>159792 based
>>>/wai/24866 https://www.instagram.com/p/BoH979En34r/?taken-by=lorenaxguedes | 2 hours ago https://www.instagram.com/p/BoH1VLkg6tP/?taken-by=
>>>/b/159795 >>159794 Let the lord bless you and bring her back
>>>/b/159794 >>159791 I have '''faith''' she did. And just like are Lord Jesus Christ, I believe she will return one day. She is already min
>>>/4keks/1317 >>1316 they're also very progressive... Spanish people were completely impressed by how Germans dressed back in the 1940s, peopl
>>>/b/159792 >>159788 Magamilk is off making America great again, in the absence of a competent cac
>>>/b/159791 >>159787 brazilian? She's super cute. She posted here?
>>>/4keks/1316 >>1314 I don't get what you mean, the Nazis didn't actually fight, they won an election, whereas Franco completely massacred Spa
>>>/c/23 Post cute lolis
>>>/mu/1 Can I post about my vinyls here? :3
>>>/b/159789 also haven't seen him posting lately either
>>>/b/159788 has he lost his mind? he seems a bit mentally unstable. drinking excessively and such
>>>/4keks/1315 **UN**JUST #mythotwife
>>>/b/159787 i am waiting for redhead cutie to show up again **she is my wife** **she does not know it yet**
>>>/b/159786 >>159785 Woah
>>>/b/159785 >>159782 Having a >pic related
>>>/4keks/1314 >>1292 you can't compare, tho, the nazis lost, but franco won, that alone makes it a completely different scenario and the more
>>>/wai/24862 >when youre rostered at 8am but theres nothing to do till noon
>>>/wai/24860 >>24790 Damn, lili getting mogged. Maybe I'm used to her standing next to that brown girl all the time.
>>>/b/159782 What are you doing comfy-kun?
>>>/4keks/1313 >>1311 I kno, she's just entering her thot-years, it's kinda hard to watch, but she's doing alright for the most part thank god
>>>/4keks/1312 >>1291 >actually, the opposite of that, barcelona is about 40% right 60% oh wow, pretty close then, interesting >thing is the
>>>/4keks/1311 >>1310 that was the perfect balance between cringy and cute xd
>>>/4keks/1310 >>1305 kekekek, no, I'm also known as "mr jade", after my old cunnyfu, jade weber vid related