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>>>/survey/44 mewch is comf-tier
>>>/survey/43 mewch is comf-tier
>>>/b/168023 >>168022 >longer which brings me to one ironic point about this retarded projection; it distorts shapes outside of Europe and US
>>>/tmbl/815 Had a bunch of her old pics and vids on my phone, it died a while ago so I lost mostly everything
>>>/b/168022 >>168016 >yet your map shows them the same size No it doesn't mr. emoji poster it's just africa is longer and it gives off tha
>>>/wai/31466 >>31464 >half the thugs in black hoodies are female god bless slavic women
>>>/wai/31465 >>31375 >>31375 >>31375
>>>/b/168020 >>167948
>>>/b/168019 >>166958 KEK
>>>/b/168018 >>168017 >muh progress ew, "liberal" "progressives" need not apply
>>>/b/168017 >>168016 >unironically using the imperial system
>>>/survey/42 Y'all seem to put a lot of effort into it it's admirable
>>>/b/168016 >>168014 Asia: 17.2M sq mi Africa: 11.7M sq mi yet your map shows them the same size 🤔
>>>/0/45 My dog died recently and I've gotta say something to all of you. Know how dogs are known for ripping off the chain and going loo
>>>/b/168015 >>168012
>>>/b/168014 >>166131 Fun Africa fact: because of the mercator map and political reasons europe and usa are portrayed as being much bigger t
>>>/b/168013 >>166185 based and thotpilled
>>>/b/168012 >>163888 >88
>>>/b/168011 >>168008 He raising a child? Cubs rule btw
>>>/b/168009 >>165576 Blow my load on his face.
>>>/b/168008 >>168007 goatbro is otherwise occupied
>>>/b/168007 >>168004 When is goatbro gonna make an /sp/ on mewch?
>>>/b/168006 >>168005 nah
>>>/b/168005 >>168003 You okay budy?