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Oekaki x
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hola MEWCH

Homelessbro here wut up....i took a trip down to el paso for the winter...hope to do some fun desert stuff like be afraid of snakes in the wild
Really cool town, actually. Great people. Pretty good food.
ayy you migrated, ebin
lol watch MEWCH or the euro fails try to put a hit out on me so we can have some good old fashion bedouin-style catfights out in the desert....thinking they can buy their way through life or thinking they will gain through wickedness
ty for facebook reset code homies, i needed it

I only hang around here on this website for your sake

Beware the demiurge
so paranoid

Just like any nigger who fronts
Nice job calling in a bomb threat on a mostly hispanic school.....sounds like you really care about "the people"
Have fun my Mexican friend haha
Enjoy some spanish food while you're there.
Facebook reset code?
Homelessbro do you still love us? I get vibes that you don't at times. I mean this is a humble way. God bless.
hi homelessbro just wanted to say ur cute and god loves u
Sorry about this thread, guys....i'm such a pos
Yeah i love you guys (real MEWCH) but i'm just a rogue and maybe something akin to a bandito....i think that's what God is trying to show me

I'm a bit strange I must admit...i try to keep myself away from others who are innocent and pure

El paso is kind of a nice little peaceful place....sorta feels like Hollywood or L.A. but way more livable like affordable property
J/k about "the hormone center"

If you are an actual trap you probably wanna do some soul-searching or take it seriously or something with all that....otherwise the devil could make your life into an easy win for satanism

(Pic unrelated) Here's a cool picture of a river out in the middle of the desert
fyi I opened a >>>/nomad/ board that's supposed to be for outdoors and travels and survivalism stuff
ty...perhaps an admin or moderator can move this thread to /nomad/