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Oekaki x
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Hello there, I am the Board Owner of this board.

Voices in my mind (claiming to be God or Jesus) have asked me to let my colleagues and imageboard friends know a few things about me so that they are not jealous or envious of me or think that the Universe has given me things unfairly while they yet suffer. I understand that this is a common fault amongst the upper classes.

In my 20's, about mid-20's after several years of homelessness and madness and fighting invisible demons and fighting perceived gangstalking....i eventually was diagnosed "schizo" and began reveiving social security money from these United States (and health insurance) so as to try to survive and escape the cold nights on the streets

Between the ages of 24 and my present age of 28.....

.....i decided that i wanted absolutely nothing from society and that i was gonna go live as a hermit out in the woods by my lonesome

I even went as far in the past as seeing if i couldn't give up the world and retire to working in a monastery such as the many Greek Orthodox monasteries or Roman Catholic monasteries in amerikkka (or go amish)

These sorts of ways of living are incredibly plain and actually appear sort of boring or strenuous when you perceive them as an outsider

Just want to say that I will not be competing with y'all in business such as Japanese cosplay stardom or moving to Los Angeles or Internet Marketing or music or entertainment or other sorts of various business enterprises which friends like to compete with eachother about

Hopefully you guys will rest assured knowing that i expect most of my life to be very humble, downtrodden and poverty-stricken if not outright dangerous and dealing accident-prone catastrophes as well as probably a bit dull and boring
Homelessbro how do you post here? Is it through laptop or a phone? I notice wherever you are you always seem to have access to internet. Just curious.
posting on my ipod connected to wifi so poor
I also cannot get rid of my mustache....that is the Universe sending pain for having a mustache
It's no shave november dude. You're fine.
I think that God is satan in disguise.

If God tells you to do something it could very well be some sort of evil deception whether or not it is the Christian Bible or some voice coming to say "in the name of Jesus Christ".
That actually makes ALOT of sense. I've always thought of a similar idea to yours as a child. Who knows what's coming from God and what's not. It's almost impossible to know. Do you agree?
Yes, and that is actually "coming close" to the teachings of Abrahamic religion, much of which is concerned with abstinence and 'fighting off' the Devil.

I do not have evidence that God is evil, though. Nor do I that He is righteous.

The Bible seems to imply that "God is righteous" but also that He is beyond duality and that His 'darkness' is the greatest 'darkness' there is. I thunk the Kybalion has a similar sort of narrative regarding God and duality.
If you go to /christian/ i think that most of 'em will conclude that they believe that "God is higher than or beyond duality"
Some voices in my head request me to post this Teal Swan video....she is one of the spirituality YouTubers i pay close attention to...