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Oekaki x
Spoil all pornography and no pornographic talk about girls under 18.
Lauren Southern - DlU7SnMX0AEvdB8.jpg
pets of waifuist thread
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Jodelle Ferland - tumblr_pf90syFbhu1wltz3jo1_640.jpg
This is how a brazilian conservative girl looks like:

Unlike american thots, she cleans, goes to church and enjoys that. Better than the slutty teens you guys keep waifuing No warranty on faithfulness
slutty teens are life
>half her insta pics feature her bf
how do u expect me to waifu that doc
gabixpantoja - 41274655_174773030030839_4161528823904708745_n.jpg
Obviously conservative girls tend to have bfs. But you are supposed to come here and marry one, not waifu through instagram.
please does anybody have rare kellys
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For reference for anyone tuning in, in order to get the full quality image from an Instagram page, you have to (in a Firefox-based browser):

bring up the menu box on the webpage of the image that has been focused (because you cannot click on the image directly and do "Save Image"), and activate "View Page Info".
Then, you have to navigate to the "Media" tab in the following window that will open.
Once that's done, you will be able to scroll for the full size image amongst the many that will pop up. What you're looking for is usually near the bottom of the list. When you find it, you'll see information that shows what the resize you're looking at is, and the dimensions of the original image alongside that. Save that image and you have the full quality.
>just bitches on insta
you are right about this.
>I don't get mewchans craze with her she isnt really cute
her look is one of a kind.
can't recall seeing anything like her before or since.
as for their reasons, she's edgy and anime-inspired
she must not had realized that she is tone deaf
images (3).jpeg
You never learn, anon-kun.
Don't open this link.
It's a virus scam.
Enough Kelly threads, let's get a mavra thread
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At least post some pic of her that you got so we know you're not bullshitting
tfw people think someone will really lie about being a FRIEND of some girl

She know about this thread and I don't want any problem.

Think about another way how I can prove. Pic isn't a option how I say.
A sfw pic cant possibly get you in trouble
He already said no, Fuck off sand nigger
based and redpilled
y u no do dis
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Who is the girl on the left?
She's nearly perfect.

No he wasn't. That was propaganda to make him look good.

I will inform you once I find out. But my source is the /fa/ archive at Warosu, so you could locate it yourself. That website doesn't do image search, so you'll need to use quotations from the image to search for mentions of it until you find a thread where the picture was posted. From there, you can choose to "View Same", which only shows posts where the image was posted, and trawl for answers as to what her identity is.

Again, I plan to do this at some point myself, but if you hate waiting, here's the DIY solution.
37744528_358722177999011_8774900343604510720_n (1).jpg
images (3).jpeg
Oi, Deny prestes
Shut the fuck up faggot she's legal in brazil and in my country
Does anyone know her name? I've seen her photos all over Internet but i can't get her name
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hey!         another 1.PNG
another one.PNG
>Listens to Cocteau Twins

I think i've just found the woman of my dreams guys
haha look at him go 4.gif
woah woah! she better be 18 buddy
where is she now? where was she last seen? is her discord still up? i'm an avid orbiter.

please post every single one of her nudes and lewds in your possession.
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Did you actually pay D*** for those, Avery?
>implying i'm that autistic kellyshill boy
posted on an old instagram account that was titled sunnylewds at the time or smth, no connections to these autistic groups/wasn't send them directly rly
Real Kaya
more pls
I think in a perfect world MEWCH would be something like this movie

I guess Megamilk would be the psychiatrist or something

I would be the Monarch
Tell us more about the movie
Pretty good mobie, actually

It's got Angelina Jolie and Wynona Ryder

...and Brittany Murphy