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Oekaki x
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what if headcrabs don't 1HKO gordon because he wears glasses?
What effect would the glasses have?
I know you're talking about a video game because I recognize the term "headcrab" but still some context would be nice 👍.
I think OP is asking why headcrabs don't "One hit knock out" gordan and if it's because he wears glasses. Not sure what he's going for either.
I understood all of that but again for those of us who aren't familiar with whatever game he's talking about providing context is important, it'd be like if I posted a thread asking

"Why is Pinkie Pie so hyperactive, is it because she eats too much sugar?"

Without explaining who "Pinkie Pie" is or what she's from, would you know what I'm talking about?
This heckler was banned: Being a horsefucker is bad, but being a tripfaggot is against the rules.
I was going to tell you what obvious shit the op is talking about and even give you some suggs on your request based off of fatal fury but your disgusting namefag ways have pissed me off so fucking bad instead I will not pay anything on this board for two months instead you horse fucking faggot
headcrabs attack the face
goggles protect the face
does this really require explanation
I was using a Buddhist prayer as a tripcode, it was supposed to keep me from getting in trouble, probably safe to say it didn't work eh.