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December 21th @ 8pm EST - Santa Claus visits Mewch.net! (Livestream)

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Oekaki x
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/v/ should have vidya nights the board that plays together stays together.what's something we all could play?
Saved from another thread
>expecting anything from this wasteland of a website
Laffin at yer life, buddy.
Age of Empires II
Lad this website is dead as fuck, the only people here are anons that try to relive the good old 4chan times but realize it will never be like 2006 again.

>ever good
it's a nice thought but all the oldfriends are dead
>tfw can't find any new chans because if a bunch of people know about a community it ends up going to shit
>but if no one knows about it it's dead
Dammit all to hell.
Sins of a Solar Empire, is always fun with my friends. We don't play competetively though, just build up huge fleets for two hours and smash them against eachother to decide the winner.
Just came here for the first time, it really is dead though!
A lot of these require a lot of people, a good game should be endlessly scalable so it's as much fun with 2 players or 60.
>open arena
what does it have over quake 3 or cpma?
>supreme commander
should also throw in brood war and warcraft 3, there's tons of great custom maps for them
my nigga
why not make a steam group for mewch?
>inb4 steam sucks
ok whatever
Most people have a steam account, so even if people don't like it, it might be the best plan
but what does a steam group have that the boards don't?
Table top RPGs are cool, and don't require a console or steam, etc. u can even play in a thread or IRC.

there's more than just D&D... I like Rifts because the conversion book lets you be anything from any other game: Have giant robots fighting along side wizards from D&D or Catgurlz from a Neko Dimension, etc.
Funny you mention that, I'm working on a Fallout tabletop rn but it depends a *lot* on the system you run. A game like Feng Shui works much better for single sessions than say, Shadowrun.
a simple interface to determine what games are being played by which users and an easy way to jump in on games being played by mewchanners and simplified setting up events and whatnot.

what should the icon be?
I'll create a group and sticky when it's done
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Post the rifts books anon