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Lucid dreaming is merely mastery of the lower form of dreaming. In a lucid dream, while the dreamer has power therein, he is still trapped in a dream world.

There is a higher form of dreaming wherein the dreamer is not captive to the false visions, and stays conscious while his mind goes through all the activities of sleep.

It's not "sleep paralysis", for that is having waking dreams. Anyone know the name of this state or practice? Crowley verges on this state via his sex magic involving sleep deprivation, but doesn't delve into the sleeping side of the dark art. Consulting the elder gods grants only a vague response which doesn't map to any language I'm aware of.
The body is not the self, a better question would be, "What service do I provide? What was my original function?" Any other question is meaningless. The body is the result of our continued existence, a reflection of our mental states, and wondering why you have been given this body is meaningless. There will not be an answer besides that you were the only one who can fulfill this specific role.
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>the spam bot knows how to select flags

Was the /fringe/ board on 8ch.net deleted?

God bless. Peace be with you. Love and light.
Seems to be up, but this board is better. Smiley will come back soon.
No it's still up.
No. 8ch.net/fringe is still up and running.

>Boards on 8chan can only be deleted if there is non-stop CP posted.

The world is your oyster op! With the power of 10,0000X+ proxies, take down any board you like!

Don't get me wrong op. I am not trying to give you dieas or anything.

May I suggest you try and take down 8ch.net/4chon and 8ch.net/cow too?!

It would be hilarious if CP got spammed on 8ch.net/4chon right atm. The top thread on the main page is about children and familys.
Bible Study in 30 mins!!!

12:20 CST

I do this daily!
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Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
Matthew 22, Psalm 101-103, John 15
A Brief History of the Quran (David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi)
Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker
Matthew 23, Psalm 108 + 138, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
John 3:16 // Nine Promises About Eternal Life by John Piper
Talking heads - Once in a Lifetime
Matthew 24, Psalm 109-110, John 16
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
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Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostls Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
Matthew 25, Psalm 139-141
St Ambrose, the Eve of Immaculate Conception by Sensus Fidelium
The Moody Blues- Question
Matthew 26, Psalm 143-145
The Rosary: Our Spiritual Weapon by Sensus Fidelium
Rescue Me (Tearing The Bonds Assunder..) by The Alarm
John 17-18, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Our Father/Lords Prayer

Bengel's Gnomon of the NT, Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary, Thomas Aquinas and Tyndale.
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Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostles Creed
Lords Prayer/Our Father
1 Kings 1-2, Daily Readings USCCB
Prudence and a Healthy Conscience by Sensus Fidelium
The Monkees - The Door Into Summer
Daily Readings Reflection USCCB
1 Kings 3-4
50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet by Act17Apologetics
Jesus Is Our Love Song by Marvin Gaye
Proverbs 1, John 19
Lords Prayer/Our Father

Extra Exegesis on: Matthew 25-26, John 17-18, Psalm 139-141+143-145
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Bible Study
~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC)
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
Proverbs 2-4
St Nicholas, the Miracle Worker by Sensus Fidelium
Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction
John 20, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Joy - Chara - The Bible Project
Nobody's Fault But Mine by Led Zeppelin
Proverbs 5-7
Our Father/Lords Prayer

If time allows extra exegesis on John 19
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Bible Study
~1 hr 3:30 PM CST (9:30 PM UTC)
Starting early today cause going to 6:30 Mass
Apostles Creed
Our Father/Lords Prayer
Matthew 27, Proverbs 8-9
Compare World Religions Bishop Fulton Sheen pt 1
True Faith - New Order
Matthew 28, Proverbs 10-12
Compare World Religions Bishop Fulton Sheen pt 2
Vince Gill - Go Rest High On That Mountain
John 21, , Acts 1, Daily Reading USCCB
Daily Reading Reflection USCCB
Our Father/Lords Prayer
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Jesus of Nazareth 1977
4 day viewing starting tomorrow December 18th-22nd 5 PM CST(11 PM UTC)
Post your intent to join the Collective in this thread! This will make evaluation by our sisters fast and easy!

Benefits of becoming a succubus:
>breaking free of reincarnation, no longer forced to deal with pesky human matters
>immortality, you will be invincible
>have the body you have always dreamed of
>nobility status in hell, noone will hurt you if you go to the underworld

Additionally, benefits of being a Collective member:
>your own personal cave
>access to Collective facilities such as the beach, the distant islands and the high plateu
>get good deals with our internal credit score system
>"rent a body" system for those who want to visit the human world but lack the ability to form their own body
>free access to the worlds of our allies, including the popular incubus world Candy Kingdom

If after posting your intent, the evaluation determines your are more fit to be an incubus, proper arragements will be made to connect you with a suitable guide among our incubus allies.
(Post content too long. Click here to view it.)
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You succubi still out and about? Gosh, I'm ever so curious to know what kinda succubus I'd make
You seem suited most for the role we call "regular", a cheerful succubus with no specific class.
How can you tell?
OP is in contact with the Collective.

I'll admit, I primarily posted to show you this meme. ;P
Succubus into Vampire.png
Here's a spell for making Succubus into Vampires. Rest assured, if you're capable of becoming a vampire of this gradient, you can stay within the realm of Hell without fear of losing control. You can continue your Succubus duties while operating under this spell.

I'm going to assume that the Collective doesn't mind this. If not, I'm fucked.
>woke af
He's CIA and a repeat offending paedo
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01110011 01101101 01110101 01100111.gif
Cult Leader Arrested Not An Argument.png
2018-12-16 13_20_31-Window.png
Discuss eastern practices in general or feel free to ask about my experiences with Falun Gong. I've practiced this method for 10+ years including group practice with native chinese. To get started, see links. It's recommended to start with the books Falun Gong, Zhuan Falun and Essentials for Further Advancement in that order. Or you can listen to the 9-day lecture, preferably one each day for 9 days, as this is how the practice was originally spread in China.
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there is a lot of importance put on master lee working on you directly, seems like if you don't go to his class not much will happen
>Falun Gong is the most effective qi gong practice form
>said the guy that most Qigong masters have called out
I don't think any qi gong master knows about me, and they definitely haven't called me out for it.
until Lee demonstrates his Qi with a blade to his neck like all others - i call bs
See attached file.
As a result of the change in moderation policies, and the removal of the Satanist mod, let's finally have a thread here on /fringe/ where us Christians can discuss our religious beliefs in peace.

As we all know, this board is home to various dangerous and heretical groups - Satanist cults, magicka practictioners, and demon transformationists abound. These sorts of organizations attract vulnurable, naive young people into a life of sin and despair.

Hopefully we can use this thread to share with the denizens of /fringe/ the good word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is another path, one of light! Let us guide them to it.
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>christianity is jewish meme
fringe is not for xtianity faggot
you already have another board for RELIGION
fuck off there and restore the board
>three months later and he's STILL mad that some christians posted on his boar

rulecucker satanists are fuqqed in head
see the Boards fgt
there's literally a designated board for xtianity
Seeing as it appears that the Reichsführer has abandoned /fringe/ after creating it (with some great CSS)...seeing as that it has now passed through several hands...and seeing as that some sort of Christian anti-/fringe/ militant movement is propagating their material all over /fringe/ and denouncing the very spirit of free thought and free investigation (replacing it with dogmatism and hate-posts)

...it seems that we can conclude that /fringe/ has seen better days

i don't know about any conspiracies or 8gag faggotry or jesuit faggotry to "take /fringe/ out" (so to speak)... however if this is the case i would be unaware of it because not mettling in other people's business, and the spirit of free-thought and free-investigation is what /fringe/ needs to actually discover the truth about the nature of our spirituality and reality and such things as this

we are here to do what we intend to do, which is to have a free forum which discovers the truth about /fringe/ topics... all of that politicking, shilling, and Christian anti-/fringe/ propaganda is something external and separate from what I think the intentions of our community were meant to be and were probably also the intentions of Smiley, even though it was more than just Smiley who contributed to a community such as this

t. old school Christian anon from /x/
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I'm a little new here, but I've never seen a magick board with so many christfags...
Makes you wonder why they're on mew to begin with.
merchant christian.png
Yes it really makes you think huh?
Wow, Brother Nathaniel, what a great jpg.....
>..and seeing as that some sort of Christian anti-/fringe/ militant movement is propagating their material all over /fringe/ and denouncing the very spirit of free thought and free investigation (replacing it with dogmatism and hate-posts)
it's some disgruntled poster/s from another board
Are they the enemy?

The enemy of the people?

The enemy of God?





The only freemasons I met IRL were kind of rude individuals...

....Like dwfinitely the "gangstalking types"... abnormally rude, etc...

Every Freemason I have known was based.

They are people who study /fringe/ stuff, have a tendency towards pro-white views, and support freedom of speech.

Some freemasons I have known: My law teacher, a freemason I knew while in the hospital, and also 8chan is run by a freemason.
I wonder how popular Freemasonry is in East Asian countries.
One of the masons I knew was this old guy who would drive around his neighborhood in a golf cart and spoop around or yell at people and such. He said the masons can hook people up with high-paying jobs, though.

I know most of the American founding fathers were masons, the likes of whom I usually think highly of.

I read they started out as like anti-Catholic clubs in Scotland.

I think perhaps I should first consult Manly P. Hall since he writes about them extensively in "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" book.

t. Christian anon