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What is a cheap and easy way to off myself without too much pain or effort? I was thinking carbon monoxide poisoning nut I'm afraid of surviving and ending up with brain damage. Also how would I get the exhaust fumes from my exhaust to the inside of my car? I need some kind of tubing and some duct tape, I guess. What sorta tube would be best?
Jump off a building
Bind your arms and legs and jump into the deep end of a pool in the middle of the night
Yell "nigger" in East St Louis or Detroit or Chicago or West Atlanta or Baltimore on the middle of the night
Stab yourself in the neck
Google Elliot Smith and do what he did
Jump off your bed and land vertically straight up and down on your head with your arms bound to your waist
Offend a yiddish individual
Jump in a woodchipper
Chug bleach
Sleeping pills but a whole lot
Threaten a drug dealer
all shit advice
Walk on to the highway in the middle of the night
Lay down on train tracks
Kiss a dude in the middle east
Jump into a jets engine
Put yourself inside of moving heavy machinery in a factory
Jump into a furnace
Douse yourself in liquid and stay outside on a ~-10°F night
Stop drinking water
Stop eating food
Plastic bag over head
Eat a few razors in a sandwich or something
Punch yourself as hard as you possibly can right in the temple
Shatter your Adams Apple
Chainsaw accident
Light a cigarette after spilling gasoline everywhere
Start grabbing exposed wires at a electric substation
Feel free to show me how it's done
I might take the train option. Will really piss my girl off because she works on the train.
>I was thinking carbon monoxide poisoning
Jesus fucking Christ, why do you retards try to do this complicated shit and fail all the fucking time, when it's so easy to just hang yourself?

If you're going to off yourself, do it in a way that doesn't spread poisonous shit everywhere.
You can get cyanide from apricot seeds. If you open the endocarp there's an almond-like seed inside, which contains about 1.4% amygdalin (touted as vitamin B17 by quacks who try to sell it as cancer treatment).
>Amygdalin is hydrolyzed by intestinal β-glucosidase (emulsin) and amygdalin beta-glucosidase (amygdalase) to give gentiobiose and L-mandelonitrile. Gentiobiose is further hydrolyzed to give glucose, whereas mandelonitrile (the cyanohydrin of benzaldehyde) decomposes to give benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.
Now some maths - you get one molecule of hydrogen cyanide from each molecule of amygdalin. A molecule of hydrogen cyanide weighs 27.0253 atomic mass units, and a molecule of amygdalin weighs 457.429 atomic mass units. 5.9% of amygdalin is hydrogen cyanide, so overall 0.000826% of apricot seeds is hydrogen cyanide. Lethal dose (extrapolated from values for potassium cyanide) is about 100mg, which is equivalent to 120g of apricot seeds.
Forgot the last step; since one apricot seed weighs about 0.4g, 120g of apricot seeds is 300 seeds.
My cousin did that. He had "anti personality disorder." Hell fucking no. I't sounds fucking shit. I no do that.
My mother takes these because she and her husband are retarded enough to trust quacks. (PS stage 4 cancer for her). They taste so awful. You have no idea how bad they taste. I've tried some. Also I'm not sure it would kill me. I'm pretty sure cyanide has to be extracted somehow and no amount of seeds would kill me
Fill all the forms needed to make you a donor then go into a hospital and shoot yourself in the head.

If you decide to off yourself, please don't waste your organs.

an Anon who wants to live and is waiting for a transplant
Nah there are recorded medical cases of people getting poisoned with that. The extraction is completed in your digestive system.
and yes I know they taste nasty, t. tried before
What? Hanging himself? It's much better than putting other people in danger by having them walk into a room with carbon monoxide.

This is a much better option.
Poisonous apple seeds i thought were a meme
Nigga I can't get a gun. And hanging is too painful. My cousins eyes were popping out when his mother found him and he was purple. And why would I give a fuck about other people?
Hanging is not about running out of breath and dying from asphyxiation, your cousin was a fucking retard who couldn't even kill himself properly. It's extremely quick and simple.

Although seriously, I can't understand why you would kill yourself, when you can just die doing something glorious?
exactly, go shoot some jews or niggers and become an hero.
they're just about as poisonous as apricot seeds but way smaller you'll need a shitload more
You only need about two hundred apple seeds to kill you.
huh? literature values for amygdalin in apple seeds are about 0.6% or even less than apricots. But on other hand if this value for apple seeds is correct this means maybe as little as 20 apricots might be enough.
I don't man, I don't kill myself on a daily basis.
>If you decide to off yourself, please don't waste your organs
why isn't organ donation seen as something unethical and dehumanizing?
t. single digit IQ

>an Anon who wants to live and is waiting for a transplant
I'm sorry anon, what organ?
>inb4 penis
Give better advice or lead by example
Do you know what ethics are? Maybe the word you're looking for is "immoral"?
ethics are shared values (morals)
so since the idea of organ donation is a shared value in our society me thinks it's the right word
>moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity

>me thinks
kys reddit.
>moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity
that's literally google dictionary shitty definition
morals are personal principles on what's right or wrong, ethics are collective moral principles shared by a group of people or society as a whole

when i used the term unethical i was asking why organ donation isn't seen as something wrong not only on a personal level but as a collective moral code in our society

<kys reddit
no u
Okay wise guy, then on what grounds should organ donation be "unethical", and not simply immoral?
>on what grounds should organ donation be "unethical", and not simply immoral?
organ donation concerns the ethical sphere because it is an actual medical practice allowed and encouraged in our society (in many countries the consent is tacit) and not just something i decided was right/wrong. Calling it into question means not only reconsidering its legitimacy for me as an individual but for society as a whole (ie. everyone living in it)
I get it, but I asked you why it should be considered unethical, because assuming no one should be able to force you to sell your organs, you are arguing that you own your self and your body, and likewise you wouldn't be able to decide for others whether they should sell their organs or not, because doing so would be unethical (as they also own themselves and their bodies).

If you don't believe that others own themselves and that you don't own yourself either, then it's a different story.
wee woo.png
>I asked you why it should be considered unethical
idk i-i asked it f-first in the hope of finding someone to make up my mind

i'm arguing that nobody should be allowed to donate/receive other ppl's organs regardless if that was me or somebody else
>you wouldn't be able to decide for others whether they should sell their organs or not, because doing so would be unethical (as they also own themselves and their bodies).
dude we have a shitton of laws telling us exactly what we can/can't do. specifically selling/buying organs IS illegal almost everywhere in the world

you may ask if a society allowing organ donation should also allow organ selling/purchase and make the organ market legal and "ethical"(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)
*organ trade