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space kot.jpg
if you had a spaceship capable of reaching relativistic speeds and getting to even the most distant solar system objects within a few hours where would you fly it and why?
Out of this galaxy, I'd love to explore outside of it
directly into the sun
Okay, so I would pick a few thousand individuals with the purest Slavic genes and extract their sperm and ova. Then I would travel the galaxy to beautiful earth-like planets and colonize them with 3D-bio-printed Slavs, ruled by my children from my personal harem.

I will leave them many sacred texts, artifacts, and ruins which (borrowing religious authority) will instruct them on how to ideally run their societies, as well as teaching them many important scientific concepts to give legitimacy to the religion (my political ideology) and its god (me) while also kickstarting the development of technology.

Sooner or later they will also start flying out into space, spreading the Slavic race all over the galaxy and beyond.
I'd fly around the world, west to east
each time I cross the date line, one day back
boom I now have a time machine and I can go back in time and assassinate Muhammad
But then you'd get a bunch of nerds yelling at you for messing up the continuity
me sexual predator rate.jpg
I would travel to >>198791 planet with a few thousand male individuals with the purest low-iq BBC genes gnome tellm'bout and proceed to black the sh*t out of the indigenous female population

I will leave them many texts instructing them on how to impregnate the h'wite woman, sexual artifacts to subdue their preys, and testosterone supplement pills which will allow them to systematically rape every single living creature on the planet.

Sooner or later they will also use the indigenous technology to fly out into space and spread the African race all over the galaxy and beyond.
lmao, come at us little nig.
friendly visitor.jpg
tfw this is our future.

I'd probably fly to Europa and home in time for dinner.
>tfw this is our future
Damn right.
OP asked "solar system".
I see you have been brainwashed too. The earth is flat, you can't go around it like that.
leaving the galaxy would be cool but sadly i don't think it's physically possible. even going at light speed it would take millennia. humans will never get out of the milky way not matter how technologically advanced.
this is could actually be possible with the right tech. there are planets that have a high chance of being earth like pretty close by. one (proxima b ) is just 5 light years away, still gonna be a long ride tho.
i would probaly go to titan
Hey why do you think Concorde was cancelled? It was the only passenger aircraft that flew back in time while crossing the Atlantic.
Or well it would be back in time if the connection was Tokyo - west ccoast
see you space cowboy.jpg
>getting to even the most distant solar system objects within a few hours
so ~10 minutes to aphelion, a day to alpha centauri. at roughly 5 lightyears/day, 1000 years to andromeda (check my vague math)?
>few hours
>not few minutes
i fucked it
I would fly to Jupiter and tell the planet to stop Photoshopping glowing crowns on its old selfies and trying to pass them off as recent.

go on a diet bitch
i would fly to dysnomia to call it a cuck
>OP asked "solar system"
If I can't colonize the galaxy with my Slavic master race, then I will build floating sky-cities in the skies of Venus. At about 50km above the surface, the conditions are the comfiest and most earth-like in the whole solar system, you could even walk butt-naked outside for as long as you can hold your breath.

The carbon-dioxide atmosphere is dense enough that the ordinary air that we breathe on Earth acts as a lifting gas, making it capable of lifting structures. People will probably live on their own sky-ships and floating homes, which they dock to a sky-city trading hub. The cool thing about this is that people can take their homes with them to wherever they go, especially if one particular city turns to shit for whatever reason and they want to migrate to a better one, they wouldn't need to leave their land and their homes like how it's done on Earth.

>there are planets that have a high chance of being earth like pretty close by. one (proxima b ) is just 5 light years away, still gonna be a long ride tho.
I think I read about one solar system having up to four habitable earth-like planets on it. It would still be pretty badass to have a mini space empire of four planets all close together.

Titan is pretty cool, but the lack of gravity combined with all the other problems would make it a bitch to live on.
nasa conspiracies are usually silly but this one genuinely scares me
did not know this this would be bitchin
Why do they do this?
because if you read the description under that image on the official website where it was published it clearly says the visible light layer is taken from an older image
>reaching relativistic speeds
Well, you didn't really tell the speed and didn't define who's time, so...