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reminder to be nice to food service workers
I told the cashier "You're doing a good job. Keep up all your hard work, unless you don't feel like it. Don't burn yourself out." and I got a free sundae
you are nice : )
honest, think about it. for most people the cashier is nothing more than a quiet mechanism that you insert your cash into and receive change from. a passerby, not giving much thought to that living soul. many times when i see people like that working away to only receive a small paycheck at the end of the day, slaves to the green paper, and the ones who own the green paper. i feel sorry for them. i try to be kind to them and make their day better, but they hardly pay any attention, i suppose they are used to being treated like inanimate object, so when someone tries to be kind to them its weird. in your case he would give you a fre sunday.

thats what jesus did, he cared about people.
i worked as a cashier for almost 2 years, if you really want to make a cashiers day.. just say there name. they usually have a name tag. just saying thank you using there name is so huge. its awfull how desensitized you get to customers (in the same way they get desensitized to you) please they are people use there name.
you should report the cashier for giving away free food for no reason
I've worked the same but the last thing I want is people saying my name. Any time someone says my name I hate it and it makes me fearful that some chink filming me at the wrong time (there's always chinks recording stuff on their phones every day) will catch it and I'll get doxxed. Fuck names.
this but also when people talk to me at all
best customers said nothing
i could look at a nigger and know what he wants on his sandwich
I reported you for being rude
autist spotted in the wild
Who gives a fuck. They should have paid attention in school or not have been born stupid. Can't wait until they're replaced by machines. Already happened in mcdonalds.
I jokingly said to a Little Caesar's cashier once that they need to speed things up a little bit and he gave this death stare.
I thought he'd get the joke cause you just walk in there and grab the pizza there's no wait times or anything.
Anyway yeah, don't be a dick to service people. It rarely gets you anywhere.
drink the mayonnaise.jpg
this tbh
if i ever end up a depressing loser one of those jobs with no hope of having value to the world just euthanize me
keep the neets though pls i like some of them
it's only the difference of being nice to the cashier or nice to the manager/owner. one happens to be my people, the other yours apparently
Honestly, this whole thread is shit and most of you haven't worked in service before.

It's always creepy for those kinds of random weirdos to show up every now and then to say my name out of the blue and try to make some small-talk just to boost their own ego by thinking they're doing good making me feel like I was "more than just part of the system" or some shit.

If you want to help service people, just pay your fucking money and go, no one even expects a thank you from you. You are a BOTHER. Being forced to pretend to be friends with you is the most annoying part of the job and they could spend time doing shit on their phone instead.
Some service workers aren’t antisocial autists like yourself and they do actually like people.
>slaves to the green paper, and the ones who own the green paper
It's their way of feeding themselves and their families. It's not easy, but it's all they've got for now, and you're only making it more difficult for them.

>i try to be kind to them and make their day better, but they hardly pay any attention
Because in addition to the other labour they do, you're giving them more work by making them interact with you. You only see them as easy targets with which you can boost your ego with, because unlike any random person on the street, they won't tell you to stfu for being a creep.

No, whatever you do, do not say their names. Names are very personal, it's not something you want to say just to manipulate someone into liking you.
People go to work to make money. Not to entertain passerbys.
Agreed, but some of them do enjoy interacting with people. I never initiate conversation with cashiers precisely for the reasons already stated - they’ll probably just be annoyed - i try to get in and out as fast as possible. Some cashiers initiate it themselves though, which I like, it makes them more human than machine and I tend to return to that store/whatever rather than going somewhere else.
>Being forced to pretend to be friends with you is the most annoying part of the job
this and the wanna be do-gooders
yeah there are people who enjoy conversation regardless, usually female, usually older. reminder there are people in this world who actually enjoy being asked about the weather (aka mentally ill)
leave me alon
yeah, robots couldnt take over menial wageslaves' lives sooner.
bitch I'm passionate about the weather, I check the weather charts at least twice a day, I sure as hell like discussing that. But don't you treat me into the same but as the mouthbreathers who like talking about what they see looking at the sky and shit.