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There's a qt at my workplace who I want to date but I don't know how to approach her. She's the autismo shy type. I already know she's a comp sci major so that could help. I talked to her all of twice because work has been busy lately.
All women are cockthirsty hoes anon just ask her like any other girl
She doesn't seem so slutty/thotty

So what you telling me she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night craving dick?
tenor (1).gif
I knew girls who wouldn't masturbate at all because of God and shit.
its batman.png
>hi anon wanna go out sometime

Man just ask her out FFS Hey u seem like a fun type of person and I'd like to hang out with u sometime if u want to its not that hard boi
protip don't scream it
Don't listen to this beta, screaming it will make her wet.
the virgin talk vs the chad scream

Or if it's a nervous shout she'll atleast find it cute
You've got to put your soul into it if you want to get a gf, trust me I'm a professional virgin
only if you want it to be a decent relationship
Thank you <3
Good luck fren, I believe in you.
there is a girl at work that sits diagonally to me so when i look at my second monitor it is very close to looking at her so i dont ever use that monitor and just have stuff like top running on it to make it look like im using it
oh man fellow i know what you mean
back in the day i'd have a fucking panic attack if i was looking within 5 degrees of a girl or even fucking swallowed near one
kek I know that feel
There has to be a solution to that...like maybe if girls wore some kind of full-body covering and a hood-thing over their heads with a mesh they could see out of but you couldn't see into or something.
tbh it is no longer a symptom of mental disorder anymore but rather the only way to avoid jail time
I see her tomorrow boys. Wish me luck
inb4 rape accusations
Is that game what I think it is? Age of Civilizations
How it gone?
no thats an album cover
what album is this

bones - theartofcremation
I see a cow on the left. What's that blue thing on the right? Is it an animal?

Doesn't seem like it.

>Doesn't seem like it.

its a dope song tho isn't it