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December 21th @ 8pm EST - Santa Claus visits Mewch.net! (Livestream)

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Oekaki x
Joseph Mullen had reached his limit. It was now Mid-August which meant he had
been separated from Kelly for more than two months. Two months, and all he had
to show was three dog-eared letters and two very expensive long-distance phone
calls. True, when school had ended and she'd returned to Brazil, and he to
New York, New York, she had sworn to maintain a certain fidelity. She would
date occasionally, but merely as amusement. She would remain faithful.
But lately Joseph had begun to worry. He had trouble sleeping at night and when
he did, he had horrible dreams. He lay awake at night, tossing and turning
underneath his pleated quilt protector, tears welling in his eyes as he
pictured Kelly, her sworn vows overcome by liquor and the smooth soothing of
some neanderthal, finally submitting to the final caresses of sexual oblivion.
It was more than the human mind could bear.
Visions of Kelly's faithlessness haunted him. Daytime fantasies of sexual
abandon permeated his thoughts. And the thing was, they wouldn't understand how
she really was. He, Joseph, alone understood this. He had intuitively grasped
every nook and cranny of her psyche. He had made her smile. She needed him, and
he wasn't there (Awww...).
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At what age did you realize you had the gift of foresight?
if i had that foresight i would be $20 richer
he got pinned because he got the 200k get

Apart from your circlejerk no one fucking cared about him dude, is that too much to get in your autistic brain?

It simply is not funny, period.
Good job Trevor
Happy Holidays Mewch
kelly santa.png
December 21th @ 8pm EST - Santa Claus visits Mewch.net! (Livestream)
Use this thread for chatting throughout the event.

The embedded stream link will be here shortly.
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Fucking kek
this boi is on a whole nother level
>tfw will never be rich enough to build my own castle
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stop rudeposting
what is so rude about an African country?
oh, i thought you were saying nigger nevermind

Me too but I think he was having a funnies with the name of said country: Niger
Hey mewch. It's cold outside. Make sure you bundle up! How is your day going so far? What plans do you have for today?
์˜ฌํ•ด ์ œ์ผ ์ž˜ํ•œ์ผ ํ‹ฐ์ € ๋‚˜์—ฐ 2.gif
I had to go to an interview for a subpoena. They told me I didn't have to show up today at the end of it. I wanted to be like, eh optional subpoenas huh.
It feels colder outside than what my phone is telling me it is...
Where do you see yourself working in 10 years mewchnon?
neet uprising.jpg
either dead, still leeching off of my mom or homeless
based AND neetpilled
When itโ€™s morning and you havenโ€™t learned for your test yet and are horrible at that subject
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She has a stronger jawline than many men
personally, I prefer thicc over sticc

She looks weird, like she might be 15 or 30
>thicc over sticc
This nigga knows where it's at.
We've had nayeon, a h, travis threads. Why don't we get a dedicated sherry posting thread?
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mewchSHERRY - Feb2018.jpg
Mewch Oktoberfest - Oct2018.jpg
I can get behind this.
gamers rise up.jpg
I stand in solidarity with sherral posting

Poor newboy just wants to be liked and loved
sherry police.png
sherry police 2.png
sherry i hate mewch.png
girls of mewch pls hit me up i need someone to talk to

i am very lonely...wish i had some waifu to give me quarter
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Smiley used to have an alias named czaks when he ran 8ch.pl
quick rundown.jpg

>Smiley is literally the perfect fall guy / boogieman for everything. Just copy his writing style, find a Canadian proxy if it's a board with country flags (if you can't it doesn't matter, he's known to use proxies constantly anyways), save some images that are associated with him and use same filename, mention loosh or magick or whatever, and you're set. It takes very little to convince someone you're him and he takes the blame for everything his impostors do.
>if you are able to contact him (I'm not sure he's alive anymore, maybe he's dead or in a ward or prison or he just stopped posting on the internet) you can't tell for sure that's really him, he never uses a trip. It's as if the whole Smiley persona was made as a mask for people to wear, so they can act under his name, and never be discovered for who they really are. Anonymity by proxy.
>People seem to literally believe Smiley posts on like 20 different boards, 24/7, day and night, all the time, and is behind every controversy. Truly a god-tier troll. The guy is hunted literally across the whole internet, all the chans, etc. there isn't a single imageboard that doesn't know who he is and complain about him all day. He's notorious boogieman that the hotpockets and triggeredfaggots see behind every post. A lot of random anons can all attest to having been called Smiley at least once.
>He doesn't even control any boards btw because globals keep trolling him and random obsessed stalkers do too. His /fringe/ board is controlled by another poster from /4chon/ called Glittersnatch. His /ask/ board I don't know who controls it. Also there haven't been any new pics of him in a LONG time now which suggests the new FringeMagick guy is actually an impostor.
>https://mega.nz/#F!qlgUCZxD!l5MB38_2eYMk7fgT-RZJeg This package is used by Smiley and probably created by him and is certainly well associated with him, and he's been sharing it on various chans for many years, and whoever actually uses it of course gets called Smiley when they post. Very useful.

Oh and besides that...

>he talked regularly with Rockerz88 before he knifed a Sikh in a Tesco and got life in prison for attempted murder
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Nice face hbro

Thenk bby ;) wanna hang out?
Lmfao you're the best this is too funny
Do you eat breakfast before class or work? I haven't had a normal breakfast in soo long
You got mad wrinkles are you sure your not the teacher?
I will end you

please do
usually don't eat much for breakfast, just toast. sometimes with avocado, cheese, jam, honey, any variety of toppings, but usually with just butter and a little salt
I ate raw garlic and honey for breakfast
Just boring spam.
Nothing of value was lost.
I appreciate the help but I wanted those threads up. Two had 37 replies, the spam/duplicate threads were already deleted. You deleted 72 posts of serious discussion, many made by much users not trolls.