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December 21th @ 8pm EST - Santa Claus visits Mewch.net! (Livestream)

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Oekaki x
Also GET
Joseph Mullen had reached his limit. It was now Mid-August which meant he had
been separated from Kelly for more than two months. Two months, and all he had
to show was three dog-eared letters and two very expensive long-distance phone
calls. True, when school had ended and she'd returned to Brazil, and he to
New York, New York, she had sworn to maintain a certain fidelity. She would
date occasionally, but merely as amusement. She would remain faithful.
But lately Joseph had begun to worry. He had trouble sleeping at night and when
he did, he had horrible dreams. He lay awake at night, tossing and turning
underneath his pleated quilt protector, tears welling in his eyes as he
pictured Kelly, her sworn vows overcome by liquor and the smooth soothing of
some neanderthal, finally submitting to the final caresses of sexual oblivion.
It was more than the human mind could bear.
Visions of Kelly's faithlessness haunted him. Daytime fantasies of sexual
abandon permeated his thoughts. And the thing was, they wouldn't understand how
she really was. He, Joseph, alone understood this. He had intuitively grasped
every nook and cranny of her psyche. He had made her smile. She needed him, and
he wasn't there (Awww...).
December 21th @ 8pm EST - Santa Claus visits Mewch.net! (Livestream)
Use this thread for chatting throughout the event.

The embedded stream link will be here shortly.
Can we all just agree that underwear boy is a tryhard child
hey MEWCH who was the greatest and most noble warrior in honkey history?
post em
>go to your room to lay down
>see this
wat do?
i bet bullying looks something like this.
Confess your sins
How are finals treating you anon?
"Shit nobody wants to watch" thread
Why are black people becoming more and more obsessed with anime? Is anyone noticing this trend
Got this ad while on YouTube, thought it was an interesting thing to postgiven that YouTube has had pornographic ads in the past before

The video is a song btw
[your country]
[your age]
[your profession]
[you want to die yes/no]
if you don't want to answer then don't answer.
i'm feeling lonely tonight.
well, not really lonely, more like that weird apathy that's basically next-level depression.
Where do you keep your chickens mewch? I usually keep mine in my bed room so that they don't freeze outside.
What are your plans for today?
Let's argue
Should there be an ideal body image? Or should we just fuck everything and look the way we want.
lets do it again
I just got spammed by you on my neocitie, LETS DO IT AGAIN

no jews
no betafags
make sure to post scat porn
hi everyone. I'm bacc and better than ever. how is mewchans weekend going?
Bible Study!!
Bible Study time in 15 mins Join us!!
What do you desperately want for christmas/hanukkah boys?
asses thread
amazing ass thread
Jesus of Nazareth 1977
Jesus of Nazareth 1977
4 day viewing starting tomorrow December 18th-22nd 5 PM CST(11 PM UTC)
Is it morally right to deny sex when a girl is offering it? I don't want to seem like a dick or ruin my rep. Did I do the right thing denying it?
hello frens, whats the worst youtuber in your opinion
Let's talk about rejecting girls, Mewch. Did you ever have to do it? When and why?

If only women who embodied at least half of all my favourite hentai tags would fall for me.
what is this
54m50n here, old fortune veteran and refugee. is this site worth staying on, and do you have room for an autist who's been banned from everywhere else? I mostly just post about trains, booze, and my misery
share a happy childhood memory
share a happy childhood memory itt
If we were to build an irl club house (boys club) how would we do it? what tools would we need and such?

I'll start, elmer's glue and carboard for the foundation
neocities raid
i was browsing neocities websites by most recently updated and i stumbled on this one https://samworld9000.neocities.org/. on it there's a chat room in which you can post anonymously and upload images (basically a chan thread). the owner seems to be a massive normalfag and is probably very easy to troll. do your best boys
Not quite finished yet. Not sure if I like the background.
I've read Nietzsche I'm an intellectual
How do you prevent boobs from sagging?
Boobs or Butts? Let's have a serious discussion
free high def soft core porn on a non-overly-scripted site where?
$100,000 to to Stay Off Smartphones

This almost had me interested, since I've never owned a smart phone my entire life, but then two things struck me:

1. If you're a company holding a contest as a publicity stunt where there is a huge sum of prize money, you're going to select contestants LEAST likely to win.

2. I'm fairly certain a cellular phone from 1996 would have no chance of functioning on any current network.

What do you want to bet it's just a fake scheme to sell Vitamin Water? I don't believe there's anything illegal about fake contests.
computar thread
post computer workstations anons
We should enable country flags again. Who's with me?
We should plan another vidya meetup on Christmas eve/day. Last one playing sven was awesome. We got a fully lobby. Anyone down? We just need ideas for games

Some of us use linux
Goodnight Boys Club
What do fellows think of an annual waifu wars game. Where maybe once a month or something everyone posts their waifu and I put them through some sort of simulator and the winner is featured in the bottom corner of the screen or something until the next waifu war where you have a chance to dethrone them?
me on middle rate
How do people deal with that dry taste from their mouths that comes with napping? Everyone I know naps at least once or twice a day. I see no enjoyment from it after waking up.
when we reach page 15 well be free
when i asked the mods why they didn't delete "me rate"/"se lepaa"/"no voi" threads they said that people write stuff like "me rate" in the message field because they just want to post an image without a comment but they're forced to add one and that those threads can still start serious discussion. can you explain to me in what way something like this isn't spam tho? what discussion do you expect to start from a video of a person with their face blown out? if you go on any other chan and you make a thread with spam in the comment field and gore as the image it will get deleted within seconds and you will probably get banned. i get why you don't want to delete the ones that are news screenshots or "funny" videos, but at least delete the gore spam ones.
Daed is Smashed
I had an entire bottle of white wine. Ask me anything.
Tomorrow departure to ameriica's warmth for a year and i have this retarded sum of 19.20€ left on my bank account, that i can't get out, i'll throw it on the first account that is posted on this thread.
>pph 2
>mewch isnt dead
I have just ingested 3 whole nutmeg. I ground them in a mortar and drank the powder with tea. I'm already feeling hot but that should be from the tea.
it's saturday night, drinking time for even non alcoholics
what is mewch's favorite cocktail?
just made an old fashioned with some Evan Williams white label, Fees bitters, brown sugar and a little peel of some unknown variety of rustled orange, was delicious
When will mother nature take back the earth?
There was a story an anon posted here that was really good, he is an akari poster and his story was about chewbaca and his friend on a quest to get food, they have to climb a tower and they encounter many obstacles and my memory is fuzzy so i dont remember much else but if someone could repost it here i would greatly appreciate it, i just really REALLY liked the story, it was really cute and id like to read it again, thanks in advance.
This is what a friend posted in his facebook today.

Delectable meals
me food rate
images of outer space
new images of jupiter taken from outer space

>I'm not saying me rate threads are high quality posts
>tfw will never be rich enough to build my own castle
Dentist said I need to get 4 teeth pulled (my top two wisdom teeth and the ones infront of them) cus of cavities...

Has anyone here had their wisdom teeth pulled before?

I don't mind much that he has to pull out my top wisdom tooths but the ones infront of them too!? I'm gonna have like no teeth when he's done. I'm worried it's going to negatively impact my facial aesthetics. What do you guys think?

I swear if he can save the two teeth infront of my wisdom teeth i will never drink redbull again.
How are you preparing for Christmas?
ITT: Boys club makes fake music albums

1. Pick a picture that would look like a cool album cover.
2. Come up with an autistic genre.
3. Name the band and album.
4. (Optional) Link to similar sounding music.
Where do you see yourself working in 10 years mewchnon?
No Rozelli thread?
get in here you wank fuckers
Make more Kellies!
Do you eat breakfast before class or work? I haven't had a normal breakfast in soo long
What kind of pants are most comfortable? people at my work are having a debate over jeans and sweats
girls of mewch pls hit me up i need someone to talk to

i am very lonely...wish i had some waifu to give me quarter
guys how do i download a big file from mega.nz through firefox without having to use their garbage addon?
is there a way to pull it into another site and download it from there?
i wouldn't task anyone else to upload it for me and i especially don't trust a single one of you. i'd ask the file's owners but the only way to contact these arrogant assholes is through the harrowing tedious rotten cunt of a website bearing the stupidly common name of "discord". their captcha is bugged out and i'm not spending another second on their so-called "uncomplicated" hellhole.
i just want my fucking file. why did these monstrously retarded people even upload their shit to this idiotic mega.nz shitepiece without a single alternative fucking download solution? all of it is on mega.nz and i hope that site dies so they're forced to upload elsewhere. there's not a single mirror in sight. fuck these bitches.
Where is Nek?
I miss him ;_;
Pls come bak
Whatcha upto
Hey mewch. It's cold outside. Make sure you bundle up! How is your day going so far? What plans do you have for today?
Post some cool stuff :3
I've purged myself of all Discord accounts, facebook, instagram, etc.
It feels good to be truly free.
No longer tied down.

Have you taken the purge pill yet mewch?
I wonder why afro americans are so loud and obnoxious. Where I live you can't want 10 feet without hearing on yelling on their cell phones.
There is so much beauty in music. I think I am in love with some of the classics of Johnny Mathis and such. Post some new person or band you discovered itt.
How do the homeless/stray animals survive in such cold weather?
I saw a few on the way home from work today.
I'm playing Cunt Wars AMA
We've had nayeon, a h, travis threads. Why don't we get a dedicated sherry posting thread?
Why are people so against body hair in recent years? Is a hairy pussy really so repulsive?
if: α{x ∈ ℝ : x >= 0}, α ≡√(x²).▮ then: 1+1= 2
We're going to the land of milk and honey. Hop on but first show us who you are and how many others are joining you.
1966 Batman mobile was the best car in any tv show hands down. Argue with me.
When it’s morning and you haven’t learned for your test yet and are horrible at that subject
These sweatpants elastic was all loose so I poked holes and ran a string around it. R8
uke time! :3
messages are mandatory here in FASCISTVILLE
I don't care if tik tok is cringey, she's beautiful!
What does mewch think of Nyannyan.

Let's make a truly random thread. Post anything anon.
Map thread anyone?
>domo doesn't know we hid an ip tracker in the cytube room
get fukt m8
Any more attacks and I drop his address desu
What is the best album of all time and why is it Tha Heart Attack by Fat Nick?
200k get is soon
What are your expectations?
this is the golden age of mewch
every chan i've ever been to is nostalgic of its early days, for the first few years the board was good but as time passed everything went to shit. these are the early days of mewch, our mods are based and our community is wholesome. we are fast enough to not be completely dead, but still slow enough to be comfy and for good threads to survive. whether you're satisfied with the current state of mewch or you think it's already dead one thing is for certain, it's all downhill from here. no chan has ever gotten better with time, so enjoy it while it lasts
This is Juden. He is awfully sick right now. Please pray for him to get better so he can continue fucking his tinder bitches on a daily. Each like will make him live another day.
Are you a cripple anon? Tell us everything about the disabilities and mental health issues you might be suffering from so others can avoid making the same mistakes if it was avoidable
Ironic autism isn't real
>What's wrong, Anon? Why are you being so quiet?
Post Nut Clarity
ITT: Were going to go over advice and help for dealing with non-shy guys and chicks IRL

(also general advice thread)

Always masturbate before dealing the sex youre attracted to. IE: going on a date ALWAYS masturbate as close as you can to leaving to meet up. About to go to gamestop? scared big tiddy goth girl at gamestop is going to pressure you into preordering call of duty 69 dorito warfare? P O S T N U T clarity. saves you stress money and embarrassment.
my bathroom stinks like shit so i shaved in the kitchen. half the beard is probably still there and im covered in blood
itt: devilish
>neighbors (Chad and Stacy) play jungle music on their stereo
>I can hear it in my apartment and it triggers my autism
>obviously they're not popping in a CD or whatever in their stereo, they're probably streaming it over their phones
>buy a device that can jam bluetooth signals and turn it on whenever they play their shitty music
>it works!
>sometimes I don't turn it on or turn it on just for very brief periods to keep them guessing
>tfw attention whore is finally gone
what happened to him? did he get banned for posting kiddies again or did he just leave
Post three random webms from your folder and anons have to guess what kind of person you are.
Why hasn't some crazy jap made a realistic porn game yet? or better yet, a life simulator that doesn't suck. VRchat and Janis VR came close but lacks graphics. Janis VR would be cool since it requires different servers to provide different rooms. Not everything is saved on one server.
Is it moral to have sex with a woman who has a child and a husband? This woman at work is giving me weird vibes that she wants some plowing
if you had a spaceship capable of reaching relativistic speeds and getting to even the most distant solar system objects within a few hours where would you fly it and why?
What is a cheap and easy way to off myself without too much pain or effort? I was thinking carbon monoxide poisoning nut I'm afraid of surviving and ending up with brain damage. Also how would I get the exhaust fumes from my exhaust to the inside of my car? I need some kind of tubing and some duct tape, I guess. What sorta tube would be best?
how was your day mewch?
went for a walk today. do you like my sign?
Post cool art anon.
>he's a boy browsing boys club and not a girl who's pretending to be a boy
what a loser
goes in...
Whoever can make the best shoop will get a steam key. Let's go boys.
Hey mewch lets play a game.
If you was to shoot up a school what would be your OST?
You can pick 4 songs

>Prepping the guns
>The act
>The police chase
>Your eventual suicide

hardmode no Pumped up kicks or linkin park
i have more fun shitposting on reddit than on image boards
reddit is like an untapped treasure trove of retardation and gullible idiots

im addicted i even got my self some rebbit gold for one of my le epic trolls so im officially a reddit pro

ive become what i hated
Testing my camera and pressure washing.
Should I read a long dirty story on asstr or should I play Elite:Dangerous?
Let's post some cool wallpapers. I'll dump what I have.
reminder to be nice to food service workers
I told the cashier "You're doing a good job. Keep up all your hard work, unless you don't feel like it. Don't burn yourself out." and I got a free sundae
ITT greentext stories
post cool shit that's going on
>chilling at home
>suddenly smooth jazz
>no band outside
>one of the neighbors must be blasting it
>it's actually pretty good
>go over to ask what they're listening to
>it's them
>they're jamming
>I am become pic related
i have €1185 i can spend on whatever i want. what should i do with them?
There's a qt at my workplace who I want to date but I don't know how to approach her. She's the autismo shy type. I already know she's a comp sci major so that could help. I talked to her all of twice because work has been busy lately.
Megamilk is asleep, let's get boys club to 200k by spamming in this thread.
pics with good energy
do you guys have any pics with good energy or you just like?