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Oekaki x
it's saturday night, drinking time for even non alcoholics
what is mewch's favorite cocktail?
just made an old fashioned with some Evan Williams white label, Fees bitters, brown sugar and a little peel of some unknown variety of rustled orange, was delicious
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IMO, Calvados > Cognac (though sadly, also a lot more expensive most of the time)

I'll be honest I never even heard of this but it looks damn good, love me some cider and this looks like a more potent version of that.
flavorwise, it is a cross between cider and brandy, in the best possible way

Sounds perfect, shame I won't be trying it out anytime soon lol shit looks expensive
slaving away in the retro pre-pixel mines just like makin a text based game.

double fisting: dark roast coffee to stay awake & Celis Raspberry Belgian-Style Fruit Beer. Not as gurly as i thought. would go good with some rum or vodka tho.
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Post lewds first
but then I don't have any guarantee that you'll keep up your end
me freedom rate
Danger Will Robinson.

That paper is not sterile.

Staphylococcus Infection Warning

[op has died of dysentery]
space kot.jpg
if you had a spaceship capable of reaching relativistic speeds and getting to even the most distant solar system objects within a few hours where would you fly it and why?
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>OP asked "solar system"
If I can't colonize the galaxy with my Slavic master race, then I will build floating sky-cities in the skies of Venus. At about 50km above the surface, the conditions are the comfiest and most earth-like in the whole solar system, you could even walk butt-naked outside for as long as you can hold your breath.

The carbon-dioxide atmosphere is dense enough that the ordinary air that we breathe on Earth acts as a lifting gas, making it capable of lifting structures. People will probably live on their own sky-ships and floating homes, which they dock to a sky-city trading hub. The cool thing about this is that people can take their homes with them to wherever they go, especially if one particular city turns to shit for whatever reason and they want to migrate to a better one, they wouldn't need to leave their land and their homes like how it's done on Earth.

>there are planets that have a high chance of being earth like pretty close by. one (proxima b ) is just 5 light years away, still gonna be a long ride tho.
I think I read about one solar system having up to four habitable earth-like planets on it. It would still be pretty badass to have a mini space empire of four planets all close together.

Titan is pretty cool, but the lack of gravity combined with all the other problems would make it a bitch to live on.
nasa conspiracies are usually silly but this one genuinely scares me
did not know this this would be bitchin
Why do they do this?
because if you read the description under that image on the official website where it was published it clearly says the visible light layer is taken from an older image
>reaching relativistic speeds
Well, you didn't really tell the speed and didn't define who's time, so...
Boobs or Butts? Let's have a serious discussion
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3, serious discussion.
Women with big butts or wide hips give birth to higher IQ babies. Big tits are just fun to play with, but they're pretty useless.
Bunda > Booberts

plus, small booberts are good
she's beautiful 😍😍😍
france atm
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lmao dumb thot broke
doing God's work dear fellow
me atm.jpg
me atm rate
what happened?
No Rozelli thread?
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😍 ily roz 😘
fuck off with those gay ass smilies, cringelord

Roz for 200k get
What is a cheap and easy way to off myself without too much pain or effort? I was thinking carbon monoxide poisoning nut I'm afraid of surviving and ending up with brain damage. Also how would I get the exhaust fumes from my exhaust to the inside of my car? I need some kind of tubing and some duct tape, I guess. What sorta tube would be best?
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Okay wise guy, then on what grounds should organ donation be "unethical", and not simply immoral?
>on what grounds should organ donation be "unethical", and not simply immoral?
organ donation concerns the ethical sphere because it is an actual medical practice allowed and encouraged in our society (in many countries the consent is tacit) and not just something i decided was right/wrong. Calling it into question means not only reconsidering its legitimacy for me as an individual but for society as a whole (ie. everyone living in it)
I get it, but I asked you why it should be considered unethical, because assuming no one should be able to force you to sell your organs, you are arguing that you own your self and your body, and likewise you wouldn't be able to decide for others whether they should sell their organs or not, because doing so would be unethical (as they also own themselves and their bodies).

If you don't believe that others own themselves and that you don't own yourself either, then it's a different story.
wee woo.png
>I asked you why it should be considered unethical
idk i-i asked it f-first in the hope of finding someone to make up my mind

i'm arguing that nobody should be allowed to donate/receive other ppl's organs regardless if that was me or somebody else
>you wouldn't be able to decide for others whether they should sell their organs or not, because doing so would be unethical (as they also own themselves and their bodies).
dude we have a shitton of laws telling us exactly what we can/can't do. specifically selling/buying organs IS illegal almost everywhere in the world

you may ask if a society allowing organ donation should also allow organ selling/purchase and make the organ market legal and "ethical"(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)
*organ trade
me rate
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I found some rare footage of The Unit in action. He dominates the competition!!!.mp4

>Eight players of the Iranian women’s football team are actually MEN awaiting sex swap operations
This is fucking hilarious.

Their sjw mentality is shitting in their own face.
mtf trannies vs actual women's rights
a war is coming
Shut up cunt

t. bruce jenner
went for a walk today. do you like my sign?
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You the ironic non-ironic cuckold.
I have never met a Jew I didn't like or ever had a problem with for any reason, lol.

Only one Jew from nyc who was a ragelord and a ne'erdowell but we were bros so it was all good.

t. homelessbro

>Only one Jew from nyc who was a ragelord and a ne'erdowell but we were bros so it was all good.

well, look at slovborg, he denies climate change and yet refuses to believe that jewish institutions have been evil-doing for more than 100 years.

Autistboy hasn't fucked since 2013 and wonders why lol
This. Actually one kindly old Jew helped me when I was at my utter worst and everyone else had left and gave me space to heal. If you're weak and vulnerable they'll take you under their wing

t. another homelessbro
I've never met a jew I liked, unless you count one jew that would join me in anti-jew rants online all the time, who also hated jews as much as me.
Post cool art anon.
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girl and cats.jpg