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Oekaki x
54m50n here, old fortune veteran and refugee. is this site worth staying on, and do you have room for an autist who's been banned from everywhere else? I mostly just post about trains, booze, and my misery
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forgot to take off sage
don't hangoverpost, people
debumping a me thread pcobs
vycmgu debumping a me thread nwyokbau
download (11).png
I wonder why afro americans are so loud and obnoxious. Where I live you can't want 10 feet without hearing on yelling on their cell phones.
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They seem to communicate well. If I was constantly screaming on the phone while it was on speaker phone I'm sure the other person would be able to hear me loud and clear. They rarely shout over eachother and if they do it ends abruptly with "fuck outta here nigga" or "you got me fucked up"
sure but you ever see a pack of niggers conversating all at once? they just all shout at once and nod and laugh as if they actually said something but nothing tangible is coming out and they're all talking at once anyway. im sure its the same on the phone. it's a strange context-based communication that i dont understand and dont care to
Yeah I agree when they are in a pack that is. I honestly just consider them to be attention whores really.
part of it is probably the larping as some big time business dude who has to be on the phone all the time but they dont know what to say so they shout random gibberish
they're mad we kept them enslaved so long
se lepää
me rate
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no voi
>clam up
Sleep or Nap.png

me rate
There is so much beauty in music. I think I am in love with some of the classics of Johnny Mathis and such. Post some new person or band you discovered itt.
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yes anon please do tell
It gives me a tingling sensation on my scrotum.
This song gives me a tingling in my ears
Ican't explain it anon. It just does.

How do the homeless/stray animals survive in such cold weather?
I saw a few on the way home from work today.
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kelly cry.png
They got fur but also this >>199635
i reckon animals hibernate and such and find places to keep warm...sometimes they hang around human settlements like mice or rats which hang around warm buildings

some animals of course migrate

i heard from this one person that some animals have very high body temperatures compared to humans

some animals like mammals of course love the cold


seems like there's not a whole lot of animals left...i am hanging out by this one mountain range in the desert and they said there's only a handful of wolves and a handful of mountain lions....maybe all the animals on a continent migrate to the less-inhabited areas
remember to donate and volunteer at your local shelter
>too many strays due to humanity's error
>sspca created to humanely remove them so they dont have to starve to death
>dont have the heart so now way more are fucking around fucking up everyone's shit
why dont we just eat them
cunt wars.png
I'm playing Cunt Wars AMA
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do you want to be a dad?
Hell yeah, life means nothing without children.
will they wear the underwear too?
Of course, nobody cared who I was until I put on the undies.

There are two pivotal points in a persons life. The day when a baby becomes a boy, and the day a boy becomes a man. The day you go from diapers to undies, and the day you go from undies to Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

This is also a good opportunity to go deeper into the way life comes full circle and how when you become an old man you go back to wearing diapers. It's a sort metaphor for the circle of life, life and death, and the metaphysical implications of your undergarments, but I'll save that golden tid-bit of knowledge for later.
for the love of three oranges.jpg
do you like oranges?
Where do you see yourself working in 10 years mewchnon?
neet uprising.jpg
either dead, still leeching off of my mom or homeless
based AND neetpilled
What did he mean by this
cexknpoq debumping a me thread qjdd
life is a meme
We've had nayeon, a h, travis threads. Why don't we get a dedicated sherry posting thread?
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ambphz debumping a spam thread tokc
mgruc debumping a me thread zxsempsw
Sherry is beautiful, but from the way she types I always get the sensation of an empty vessel. Has she ever said anything which would indicate she actually possesses a soul?
I stand with sherryposter
Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 9.43.41 AM.png
What a cutie
Wife gave me a serious erection doing this.
I wanna peg the shit out of her rn
It's actually quite beautiful
That's fucking sick man
Finding a naked baby beautiful.
Degenerate piece of shit.
me rate.png
me upon seeing a me rate thread

is that a lamp or 2 olives