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Oekaki x
se lepää
fin yourself
fucking kill yourself you massive faggot
Siellä se lepää
do you actually think these threads are funny?
Would you ever want to live in a different time period?
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space engis anime.png
this is comfy. i would take irl space engineers over life
Ultimately, no. I think I was meant to be in this time.
Yes, there are other time periods that were likely more fun, more comfortable, more comfy, more interesting. Hell, I'd bet there's one that you could even call perfect. But, given the chance to be reborn in one of those, I wouldn't take it. Although, I wouldn't mind going back to the time before the evolution of life. It must have been beautiful. I wouldn't mind dying in a place like that.
old earth 2.jpg
old earth 3.jpg
old earth.jpg
>I wouldn't mind going back to the time before the evolution of life. It must have been beautiful
idk seems kinda boring to me, it would just be rocks and water everywhere. there would also be no oxygen it the atmosphere and no ozone layer so you would be ded pretty quickly without special equipment. it would be like living on a different planet
Yeah, I know it would be boring as shit and I wouldn't last long; even if I could breath the atmosphere I'd starve to death. But I think it would be worth it, just to know what it's like to be truly alone.
>travel back into a land before life
>behold the beauty of the inorganic wastes
>begin sinking into pre-primordial ooze while asphyxiating while beholding
>as the highest point in the ocean, become the target of a lightning strike
>tfw as you disintegrate you have become the origin of all life on earth
i had to quit high school because we couldn't afford socks
dad would buy a sack of potatoes for a dollar
a dollar was a lot back then
its jewish
Clara (3).png
all the kids in the neighborhood would come to my house and eat
if you run out of oil then you put the more oil in
>when people say they don't like Christmas music
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Is it normal for people to enjoy things which are also famous torture techniques?

I guess you've never worked in retail.
i did for a bit but not on holidays and the only music they play was christian songs

Who is dat lady op
the desk.jpg
radio volume always accidentally gets lowered conveniently during the holidays. we have good management here
mewch drops the mic.mp3
>mewch let's write a rap song
Hey there, fellows, that's some pretty neat stuff.
Shut the fuck up faggot, pick the soap up!
Comfy-shit, mean-shit this is gonna ba
The best rap chans produced since 2013. /twenty-thirteen/
mewch lets write a rap song.webm
what's up
the hell is this Place
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I miss my cat.
me too
Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 22.10.17.png
>VPNs are still usable there though
Well, the full text says otherwise.
Screenshot 2018-12-02 at 14.35.33 - Edited.png
my vpn is working fine, try changing servers
or just have a minimum expectation from "anonymous" sites, and don't post there
Local Man Drops acid Mid-flight and comes to know later he is PREGNANT with alien-child who will soon operate and run an applebee's on Omega-3542-11
okay, here's what i think...
aliens abducted Albert Hofmann and put their formula for lsd into his brain

thus: lsd is a gift from the gods
Eco, wat druggs you on boi? wat they put u on?

for wat purpose

I can't focus for more than 15 min did it help?
i once worked at that applebees that guy/alien is fucking crazy
burritos, remember

We should start namefagging or ppl will confuze us
Who snug here? I used to be an insomnia kinda guy but now I sleep at around 9pm. What happened to me? Am I becoming an old man? is this normal?
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im in downtown austin. there's literally like 10 bars down the street and im straight ""chillin""

(because i dont feel genius/manic enough to do genius/manic things atm)
black beans.jpg
i dont know what you just said but cool beans
those r black beans... not cool beans
Black beans are cool.
spiderman see this asshole gets it point.jpg