Mewch Imageboard

How to use Mewch

What is an imageboard?

An imageboard lets you post text and images anonymously (without a name) about any topic - or no topic at all. Unlike forums, imageboards do not hold or store old content permanently and old threads are pruned as new ones are created.

How do I create a new thread?

Navigate to the board you would like to post on, fill out the post form, and click on "Post". You are required to upload an image to create a new thread.
No board requires you to provide a name, email address, or password.

How do I reply to a thread?

On Mewch, threads are ordered from newest (top) to oldest (bottom), while replies are ordered from oldest (top) to newest (bottom).
To reply to a thread, click on [Reply] on any thread on a board's index page or, from a board's catalog, click on any thread.

Enter your reply in the Comment field. Once it is posted, your reply will be added to the thread.

How do I reply to another poster?

Click on the number of the post you wish to reply to. A Quick Reply box will pop up automatically, prepopulated with the post number you are replying to.
Enter your reply under the post number and click on "Reply".

If you wish to delete a post you made or an image you posted, you can do so by clicking on the triangle on the left side of your post.
Board owners may disable self-deletion, so it might not always be an option. You can also report, hide, or filter other posts by clicking on the triangle.

What kind of files can I post here?

image/png, image/jpeg, image/gif, image/bmp, video/webm, audio/mpeg, video/mp4, video/ogg, audio/ogg, audio/webm, application/x-shockwave-flash, audio/mpeg, audio/x-mpeg, audio/mp3, audio/x-mp3, audio/mpeg3, audio/x-mpeg-3, audio/x-mpeg3, audio/mpg, audio/x-mpg, audio/x-mpegaudio, audio/wav, audio/flac, application/pdf, application/x-latex, video/mpeg, video/x-mpeg, application/epub

What is sage?

Posters may reply to threads without bumping them to the top of the index or the catalog by entering "sage" in the email field.
Usually this is done when a user has nothing to contribute to a thread.

How can I browse a few boards at once?

Instead of opening multiple tabs, you have the option browse multiple boards at once using the multiboard or the overboard. The overboard has a safe for work link as well. The multiboard can be used by entering our url following by the specific boards you want to view. Ex. to view /b/ and /wai/ at the same time. You can add as many boards as you'd like in that syntax.

What is "Bypass Check"?

The bypass check checks if a user needs to fill out a verification before starting a new thread.
Users posting from the deep web or from IP Addresses that are on our spam list may have to fill a verification out once every 24 hours.


To use a tripcode, add a # in your name. After the #, add the password for the tripcode.

The server will apply a hash to the password and display the hashed password.

To use a secure tripcode, add ## in your name and a password. A secure tripcode will generate a random text to be displayed that will only be used if your password matches.

Role signature

If you wish to display your global or board role when posting, you can put #rs in your name, like a tripcode, case insensitive. This will prevent you from using a tripcode.

You can also enable an always use role signature rule in your account settings.


When posting you can use some tools that will enhance its text in HTML.

Greentext and Orangetext

If you add a > in the start of a line, it will greentext the text until it finds a new line. If you add a < in the start of a line, it will orangetext the text.


">green text" -> >green text


If you write >> and then a number to a posting, it will create a link to this post in the board you are posting and add a tooltip with the post preview if you have javascript enabled.


>>50 -> >>50

Board link

If you write >>> and then add a board name between slashes, it will create a link to the board.


>>>/campus/ -> >>>/campus/


It is also possible to quote posts from another boards. Just add the posting number after the board name.


>>>/cancer/50 -> >>>/cancer/50


[spoiler]the game[/spoiler] -> the game

**this also works** -> this also works


!cow text -> cow text

''italics'' -> italics

'''bold''' -> bold

__underline__ -> underline

~~strikethrough~~ -> strikethrough

[aa] for japanese characters

[code] tags if enabled by board owner


If you post a url starting with either http or https, it will automatically be linked.

Example: ->