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>>>/b/201943 >>201941 thank you.
>>>/b/201942 >>201926 Shut up slov zionists like you are cowards
>>>/jokie/230 no yozam
>>>/4keks/4323 >>4319 >she could might as well look like barbara palvin at 12 for all we know I don't think she'll look Hungarian. I think Anna
>>>/4keks/4322 >>4318 >I'm literally hitler+dawkins+hemsworth
>>>/4keks/4321 >6am already alright, my metaphorical niggers catch you guys later xoxo
>>>/4keks/4320 >>4317 >Rude, she's not poor, she's just not oligarch tier like many of the others. dawwww, we should probably start a hashtag,
>>>/4keks/4319 >>4317 >Anna might become the one smol to rule them all at this point. well, she's the next kpim in terms of power that being


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